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  1. I'm looking for an economics game or simulation that I could use for a co-op class. This would be for 7-10th graders. Ideally, I'd like a game where kids would choose a business, plan a marketing strategy, make advertisements, and then have real-life scenarios thrown at them so that they would have to make business decisions. I'd like them to understand about paying insurance and taxes, and dealing with employees and customers. I've seen some that are completely on-line, but I'd like something that we can do in a classroom without access to computers. TIA.
  2. My dd makes protein balls and adds chia. They're delicious.
  3. Google maps. It's been reliable and I like the way it links to my calendar so that when I have an address in my calendar, I only need to click that.
  4. Looks like fun. Good for you!
  5. No, not unreasonable. I agree with the others. Your house, your rules.
  6. That sounds frustrating and exhausting. I'll pray.
  7. I am likely over-reacting and being too sensitive because I'm feeling melancholy about some other things. I am the only one geographically separated from my family and I'm the type of person who works overtime to make sure that everyone feels included. So it stings when I feel as if I'm being deliberately snubbed, but it's possible that isn't the reality of the situation.
  8. Maybe most of you have already left Facebook. I just made the decision to log out and I'm sad. It used to be a good way to stay up-to-date on family and friends, but now it just makes me feel lonely. I never post anything political and only try to post things that could not possibly offend anyone, but I have several family members who won't like or comment on anything I post because we disagree politically. Maybe I'm overly sensitive, but you can't even like a picture of my grandbaby or my flowers or the sunrise? I always comment on what they post and I can see that they comment with others who they agree with. I feel ostracized.
  9. One of mine was an escape artist, especially in shopping carts. I used to make sure that she had on shoes with laces and I would tie her shoe laces together as soon as I put her in the cart. She could still move around, but you can't climb out with your shoes tied together. If anyone thought that wasn't kind, I would posit that it was kinder than giving her the opportunity to fall out -- which she already had.
  10. That would be a hard no. Ditto for kids in school doing fund-raising so that they can go on field trips, etc. I am willing to contribute for genuine needs, especially when I see that the kids are willing to work for it, such as doing chores to earn money. Simple hand-outs for non-essentials? Nope.
  11. I put between $300-400 per kid. Of course, that doesn't include buying the shoes, equipment, apparel, etc and it certainly doesn't include the gas. (Wow, the gas!!) I also separated out some of my estimated costs because I'm willing to allocate a chunk of it for PE/ school. It helps that several of my kids are involved in the same activities.
  12. Can anyone recommend a good Civil War documentary that isn't a gazillion hours long? 🙂
  13. I'm looking for recommendations for biology lab videos. I haven't decided which program we're using for biology yet, and I'm sure we'll do some labs ourselves, but I'd like access to a video program where we can watch some of the labs so that we don't have to do them physically. I know that I came across such a thing once, but now I can't remember what it was. Help?
  14. This recipe for Chicken Schwarma is one of my favorites. I usually change it up and just throw the chicken in the crock pot instead of baking it. There is a link to a tabbouleh salad. I substitue quinoa for the bulghur wheat in that one and serve it all together. The garlic sauce is amazing. Here's the link:
  15. Our basement hang-out area has a sectional that I picked up on craigslist. It's one of the more compact ones -- not big and fluffy -- so it can seats lots of people in a fairly small area. We have a round table situated at the center of the sectional so kids can use it for eating or for games.
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