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  1. We loved the Tetons and did lots of hiking there. We had a 2 year old at the time who talked non-stop, so that kept the bears away. 🙂 Seriously, just keep making noise. They do try to avoid humans, although we did end up running across one on the trail. It just waddled away. Read up on the precautions that are posted and you'll be fine. The only place that I visited in Jackson Hole was the laundromat. My dh took the older kids rafting. They had fun. We're pretty low-key on vacation. Hiking, fishing, more hiking and the Tetons are great for that.
  2. The murder was true. It happened near me, but it was a murder/suicide and I'm not sure it was related to the virus. Sad though.
  3. You must be in my co-op!! Yes, it's all the co-op moms sharing it. (sigh) I listened to it, evaluated it, listened to counter-arguments posted by trusted sources and then shared those. No one wants to read the counter arguments -- so frustrating.
  4. Sorry if someone already said this.... I don't have time to read all the comments; but do those people buy insurance? Life, health, property, etc. ?? If they follow the same logic, they shouldn't buy insurance either. They should have faith. They also shouldn't have any money set aside for an emergency. They should have faith that God will take care of them. Did they get any vaccines? Do they seek medical treatment when they have a health problem? At least be consistent.
  5. We have a dog and three cats PLUS two extra cats that have appeared and hang out in our barn eating all of our cat's food. 😞 And, we added a baby bunny during the SIP.
  6. I sprinkle moth balls around the plants that the rabbits are likely to eat and they leave them alone.
  7. I went to Walmart on Saturday. Trust me, I didn't want to. I had avoided all public places for the previous 16 days, but my dh developed a medical condition that necessitated me picking up a prescription for him. THEY HAD TOILET PAPER, which was funny to me because I've been trying to add it to my on line order for the last two weeks and they wouldn't let me. They had plenty in the store, but did limit it to one package per customer. I actually felt better about everything after shopping in the store. All the things that I had tried to add to my cart on line that they said were out of stock, were actually there at the store. I figured as long as I had already immersed myself in that germ-infested place, i was going to buy absolutely everything that I could think of. It felt like just a touch of normalcy. So, while I don't advocate going out unless you have to, you may be able to find the things you need if you're willing to go into the store.
  8. I don't buy into the conspiracy theory idea that is was released purposely as a bio weapon, but do you think there's any substance to the thought that it could have been released accidentally? I haven't looked into it extensively because I flat out don't trust any news source to be completely factual, but there does seem to be circumstantial evidence -- Wuhan has a level 4 bio lab and it's close to the Wuhan wet market. Is that information true?
  9. I just received my first Instacart order from Aldi. I did have to order five days in advance and they didn't have some of the things on my list. I was disappointed that they limited eggs and milk to two even though they didn't inform me of that when I ordered. Two dozen eggs barely gets us through one breakfast here. 😞 Also, the delivery came five hours later than I ordered it. It was fine -- I'm not going anywhere. 🙂 They did keep me informed about when it was going to arrive.
  10. Because blowing up a hospital is a great way to help right now.
  11. I LOVE my Cutco knives. I've sent mine in for sharpening and they have sent me back completely new knives for some of them. For example, I had one with a broken tip, and they sent a new one. Mine have survived a house fire, so one of the white ones had smoke stains. They replaced it. Great knives. Great customer service. Highly recommend.
  12. So sorry. I imagine there will be hard times for many.
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