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  1. Oh, I did neglect to say that a we also have a fairly big vinyl collection, and we fully intend to keep adding to it when we have the right space to do so. There’s definitely a difference between having a collection and storing random stuff. If you’ve got some tapes and discs that are more “collection”, bring them out of the closet! If you don’t use the rest, but they are going to be a future project, what about putting them in deeper storage, like a safe bin wherever you store seasonal items? That gives you back space where you need it every day. (And anything you won’t be converting ca
  2. Depending on when it happened, maybe. My son left in November. My sister was a sahm who left an abusive partner last year, so no on-paper income change. Again, I’m just using them as examples. I can only imagine how many other variables other people have in play. I don’t want to see them fall through the cracks.
  3. So, TECHWIFE, lol, what about switching over to digital? Dh and I have gone through a very slow, long process, but my music collection is down to just a small handful of CDs and 2 or 3 cassettes that are meaningful to me. DVDs and VHS are almost entirely gone now. Dh does have a disc binder for his more plentiful “keep” stash. I thought I would feel regret, but there hasn’t been a single bit.
  4. It completely depends. Sometimes I’ll get up and do chores right away and absolutely not want to wear those clothes again. Other times, maybe I’ll hardly wear them at all and do that multiple times before they go in the wash. My kids, otoh, might wear multiple pajamas in a short period of time and throw them in with dirty laundry, forcing the need to be washed, or I may have to threaten them in order to get them out of a pair of pajamas after 3 solid days.
  5. Going back to stimulus for a minute... I haven’t changed my mind that I’d like to see future hypotheticals be more scaled and targeted, but I was listening to some of what Janet Yellen was saying the other day (yesterday? Time is meaningless to me lately) and she did point out an important demographic that I tend to forget. People, generally women, who have left the workforce to take care of kids and schooling. They’re not eligible for unemployment + boost. That’s a big hit to a family. It got me thinking about other situations that are difficult to account for. My son hasn’t gotten
  6. I have a tiny little dog. He has teensy tiny feet. He lives in PA but his humans are from NJ.
  7. My aunt blocked me because I had posted about my grandmother’s death A WEEK after the fact, after I made sure it was okay with my mother. And the obituary had been published. But I didn’t check with her first. Whatever, lady.
  8. Zero, thank goodness. And that’s why we got it. I’ve spent years debating whether or not every single issue required medical care (and that was with an $1100 premium) and it caused me so much heartache. We still have some copays and coinsurance, but they’re lower than what they were. Therapy is now $20/pop instead of $170-240 indefinitely due to giant deductibles.
  9. Got my $64.61 groceries today and $34.89 in gas. I was supposed to pop into Lowes to check for plastic storage bins, but realized I had left my card in my pants pocket at home. Oops. Putting that off until next week now.
  10. My premium is $1300/mo, and ain’t no emergency fund gonna cover that! That’s not including dh’s portion of his company plan. Just me and 4 kids. Before any bills.
  11. It makes sense to wait instead of getting and quickly moving a cat. I do think it does a powerful man good to step in the occasional wet hair ball.
  12. I meant to check in yesterday, but things got away from me. I didn’t actually meet my tiny little goals for the week, but I did make progress towards them. More exercise than the months before, and better eating than the months before. It counts, even if I didn’t check all the boxes! I did lose about a pound. I’m not a fan of living by the scale, but it was nice to see a little affirmation. I have some highly motivated days and some #%& it days, and I think that may help me through the latter.
  13. I like to read a wide range of things so I can pick up what makes sense and ditch the rest. I’ve found that SO MUCH out there can be pretty toxic. Even at a nice income, I’ve yet to find anyone with a “system” that really accounts for high medical costs. I was struggling to figure out why it still seemed so hard as our household income increased and eventually realized my giant (post-tax) insurance premiums (plus dh’s pre-tax insurance premium) didn’t really fit into their pretty plans. It was almost a relief to finally figure that out. I leaned heavily on DR’s snowball system to get ou
  14. I’m 99% sure it’s illegal in every state, so I have no idea how that’s happening. I would think it would also cause issues with the eventual appraisal... which I’m keeping in mind in case we make an offer, lol. Those two rooms would make great flex spaces!
  15. I think names can be both overthought *and carry bias, lol. I know that, when I’m in a teaching role, I prefer to be called Mrs. Lastname, but I don’t require it. Most of the students I’ve had have been through multi-layered relationships where using my first name seemed more natural. For some, especially younger students, Miss Firstname was more in line with their family culture and experience. But I did have ONE student who used my first name in a way that made me very uncomfortable. It had much more to do with overall demeanor than the name itself. Intent matters, but then some
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