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  1. Yes! @Not_a_Number I am way more laid back with my last for sure! She is still getting a strong education, but it is filled with more joy and margin. I can think of good things my first got that she didn't (particularly when she was young), but there are things I've learned and maturity I've gained that really benefit her. I know it's not a given--but if you want it to be, it can happen. Let yourself grow and mellow.
  2. Maybe it would help if you give yourself an "allowance." Like you could say that you will count 1-2 days a month as school where there was just reading and creative endeavors. How old are your children? If they are young, remember a lot of school is what we might consider play at home--listening to stories, baking, physical activity, crafts, nature walks. I remember, a few years ago, a mother crying because her six year old was having a hard time sitting for 5 hours of school. She was so relieved when we explained that six year olds in school do not sit for intense one-on-one focused s
  3. This totally happened to me after reading this thread for the first time. I'd hardly noticed mine for weeks (which is why I knew it didn't get worse after my vaccine). Then the night after reading this (a week after vaccine), it was really loud. The next morning and now it is back down low. The more attention I give my tinnitus, the worse it is for sure.
  4. I live in an 180 school day state. The answer, for me, is dependent on a lot of factors. For reference, I taught for a decade before I started homeschool. I taught first and second grade mostly. Not every day of the year had every subject. There were field trips and assemblies and parties and field day and.... In general, if we finish a text before the end of the year, we drop the subject. (Now, my sixth grader just finished her math for the year and we will do other things because I don't want to take a quarter off of math.) But if we finish the grammar text in mid May, we won't r
  5. Would it be your fault if he didn't get it and died of Covid? It wouldn't be your fault either way. Disease carries risk, vaccines, in the case, less risk;driving has risk.
  6. I think we will have an outdoor open house. I am getting ideas for food from here: https://www.catchmyparty.com/blog/dont-miss-these-21-social-distancing-party-food-ideas So, we will probably have some type of individually packaged food rather than have servers. I don't know what our guest cap will be. I think right now it is 25 people. I am thinking it will be bigger in June. Probably everyone except my youngest will be vaccinated by then. I actually don't really want to do anything, but dd has been looking forward to this for a long time and already missed a much looked forwa
  7. My brother got his first shot of Pfizer this weekend. He called it his "origin story." In the ten days since my first Moderna, I've often thought of those armies of white blood cells mobilizing ang growing stronger. So, you are not alone (or at least you have my family to hang with!)
  8. For math for the third grader, you could have him/her work on khan academy for 20-30 minutes to reinforce whatever they are learning that week in math. For reading for the first grader, you could have the child read aloud or do something like Reading Eggs.
  9. (Kind of off topic, but when we are in the middle of a subject that feels like a slog--in my house usually spelling--and I can tell the child is feeling discouraged or I am feeling out of sorts, I have been known to grab chocolate chips and give some to the child and some to me as sort of a change the way things are going type of thing. I know this totally makes it seem like all we do around here is eat chocolate chips LOL. Really, I don't do it that often, that's the magic of it. I also don't tie food as a reward as my go to motivator. There is more power in the every once in a while rewar
  10. Uh.. yeah. I mean I figured I needed the chocolate if I had to deal with attitude! The candle works like a charm. It’s so visual and sensory. I only used it once with any child, but it really worked.
  11. I've had tinnitus for years and years. I got my Moderna last Tuesday and have had no change. It usually gets worse when I'm tired or sick. I has tayed at low level.
  12. One of the PA homeschoolers teachers offers paid access to his course through his website for less money. You pace yourself. https://www.physics-prep.com/index.php/how-these-courses-work
  13. Another thing I did is move some subjects off Monday. For example, we do grammar 3 times a week, never on Monday. I might skip spelling on Monday or handwriting. Basically, any subject you don't have to do each day or only do a few days a week, move it off Monday. That gives you more time to be leisurely and a mom with less stress tends to transfer to less difficult child behavior. And I do like @Lori D.'s ideas and agree they would be the first place to start 🙂
  14. Oh, and I would just ignore it at the other times a day. (Actually, I would probably hand him a potato, but that's my weird family.)
  15. Oh, the Mondays! Both my boys really struggled. Number one thing that helped is me just expecting it to be hard for them. I am less frustrated when I don't have a high expectation. I would also ignore passive aggressive and find a way not to engage verbally with it. But I would expect compliance. One thing I did at that age, with that type of behavior is to buy a candle with a 7-8 hour burn time. I would light it at the beginning of the work period and blow it out if whatever behavior I was trying to exterminate happened. So, in your case, I would say, "Mondays are hard, I know. It
  16. If she is writing a ton on her own, I would just let her write. It sounds like you've done plenty of guided writing. My sixth grader is really into writing fiction right now, so I am just reading Writing Magic to her and having her do one history paragraph a week. Otherwise I've let her write for the past month. At your dd's age, with what you've done, I would just let her write. When I taught second grade, some children were still struggling to write at all at the age. She won't loose a bit from what you have planned.
  17. Has anyone had an ice pick headache from the first Moderna? I have never had them before, but had a few seconds long ice pick headaches the first day or so after my shot, then they went away and started again yesterday. It's not constant, just once in awhile for a few seconds. I was interested in the comment upthread about Moderna side effects going away and coming back a week later. Today is my week from first shot. I do have irritated sinuses from my seasonal allergies, so it could be a new symptom related to that, but I thought I'd ask.
  18. Could you have had covid, but not he? It seems like the folks who I know who had covid have had symptoms from the first.
  19. She is second or third grade? I would do that. I would then have one or two days a week for her to do Freewrites of some type or another. If you look up Friday Freewrites on Bravewriter there are ideas. You just set the timer for however many minutes matches her age. Have her write. Then she reads it to you. (If she is a struggling writer, I would probably do 3-4) I wouldn't take them through all the steps though.
  20. Yes, and no. If both children are fluent readers, then having them do free reading the two other days would work. If not, a child learning to read does best with at least 4 days a week of instruction and practice. 5 is better. I would say no with math unless you plan to go through the summer. Math needs 4-5 days a week. Longer sessions don't work as they are exhausting. Spelling depends. My children struggle is spelling and need at least 4 days a week. Writing and history three days a week would work okay at that age. I have seen 4 days with a day for co-op work.
  21. Oh, and I would think you could put a latch to lock the breaker box, couldn't you? It would be a pain if the breaker trips, but mostly once you get an idea of how your system works, that shouldn't be a problem very often.
  22. I've always had homes with radiators or floor heaters. They don't get so hot that you would burn yourself. They are warm to the touch.
  23. Yes, I agree. Private businesses can require vaccines as part of their freedom in a free, liberal society. Folks can say they will only attend concerts, go on cruise ships if others have the vaccine as part of their freedom. Whether venues do that is going to be based on profit analysis, I am sure. But no, I doubt the DMV will ever require a vaccine. People will have freedom to choose, as they do in our country. But freedom to choose does not mean there are no boundaries or consequences. Rarely in life is there any choice that doesn't carry risk, boundaries or consequences. I
  24. I know how you feel! For me, though, it felt a bit unreal up until I got the shot (last Tuesday). It is very exciting. I'm so glad you'll get to visit your family overseas!
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