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  1. I'm in Australia, so we're a few steps behind in our vaccine roll out. Covid vax for 12-15 has just started this week, and I've snapped up the first possible appointment for my daughter. I'm sure this question has been asked and answered in other threads, but I don't know how to search for it. What are the current recommendations regarding exercise after the Pfizer vax? Nothing intense for 24hr? 48hr? I've even seen a week mentioned somewhere. Obviously, I'll ask at our vaccine clinic for their recommendations, but I'd love to hear what you all have learnt. Thank you 🌻
  2. I know our bubble could burst at any time. I hope all of your loved ones recover quickly and fully.
  3. I can't even imagine. My whole state has a total of 7 deaths for the whole pandemic. I'm so sorry you've all lost so many people πŸ˜•
  4. Those figures are absolutely shocking. I don't know anyone who has even had Covid. No one I know knows anyone who has had it. It's like I'm living a different reality to all of you. I'm so sorry things are so bad in so many places πŸ˜•
  5. Same. I'm excited and nervous to finally get my 15 yr old done. I'm in QLD, and I can't see which vax it will be. Pfizer? Moderna? We'll take whatever is offered, but so far the online registration site keeps crashing. I hope this means there are millions of families all registering their teens.
  6. I'm no help at all, but algorithms do go wrong. I sometimes wonder if a neighbour's wifi is glitching and our data is mixed up. I've recently been getting articles about large dog breeds, German salads and European motorbike holidays. No, no and no.
  7. This looks like it will be very helpful ongoing - thank you!
  8. I've got impending lockdown vibes. QLD, Australia. Our lockdowns here are fast, hard and heavily policed.
  9. MCV reflects the size of the red blood cells. Larger than normal is called macrocytosis, and smaller than normal is microcytosis. Our two latest blood tests have had the MCV just above the upper end of normal. 102 and 101, where normal range is 80 - 100. And our RCC (red cell count) has been just below normal, at 3.7, and the normal range is 3.8 - 5.8. So, our numbers aren't wildly off, but they are off. Thank you again for your insights and kindness. 🌻
  10. Thank you, Katie 🌻 That's all very helpful and much appreciated. Yes, B12 has been supplemented, but has now been stopped due to the level being so high in the latest blood test. The original assumption was that the high MCV would be due to low B12 or folate, but that seems to be ruled out. Celiac is worth looking into, thank you. I know there's a full metabolic panel planned for the next test, but I'll have to check if Celiac is included. I'm not sure if it's considered metabolic, but I'm guessing not. If the blood tests are showing good iron levels, I assume absorption isn't the issue though? An odd thing about this latest test, with the low protein and low glucose, is that it was only about 2hr after a meal. The doctor asked if she had fasted, which she hadn't. Prior blood tests with normal protein and glucose were after fasting. So odd. I'll discuss your protein idea with the dietitian - thank you. The protein intake (actually intakes of everything) should be okay at this point in time, because it is a very controlled diet now for about 5-6 months. I don't know the numbers, because scales would be a bad bad idea, but I would guess that about 8-10kg has been regained in that time. And to complicate things further, there is intense high-impact physical exercise daily. So, not only is there a high energy usage, but there's no fatigue. And while I'm thinking out loud, I'll also add in that this person gets purplish cold hands and feet very easily. It doesn't have to be actually cold, just a bit colder than it was. I've always assumed Raynaud's, but maybe it's related to something else. Thanks again for your insights - much appreciated!
  11. Thank you @Kassia 🌻 It's reassuring to hear about your blood results, and I really appreciate you sharing, but I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. I'm sorry if I was misleading, but I just want to clarify that it's not me with the eating disorder. I'm the primary support person. I hope you find some relief, and I hope your next lab results are okay. Thank you so much for being so kind πŸ¦‹
  12. I'm wondering if anyone has any wisdom or experiences to share regarding wonky blood results while in recovery of an eating disorder. Refeeding has been going on for about 5 - 6 months. None of the blood results are alarming, but the doctor says the overall oddness of the results may reflect the eating disorder and the refeeding. Some recent results include low RCC, high MCV, low ferritin, normal iron, low random glucose, low total protein, high B12, normal folate. We're working with a GP, dietitian and psychologist, so we're well looked after, but any extra insights might be helpful.
  13. Not sure if you're referring to my husband or to V, but either way, yes!
  14. @SKL I'll lend you my spare if you promise to be really really really careful with it
  15. It is seriously fabulous. I love seeing his face looking up out of my washing up bubbles. πŸ˜„
  16. Yes, Tupperware sorting is impressive. Allowing a new kitten is impressive too. My husband got me a mug for my birthday that has Taehyung's face on it. Not only did he get me that, he also got me a spare πŸ˜„ If you know who Taehyung is, you'll know this mug is very very special. @SKL maybe you'll appreciate this πŸ˜‰ #nevertoooldtobeafangirl
  17. You certainly haven't failed. You've given your daughter the time and space and autonomy to spread her wings when she's ready. All of your years of togetherness doesn't just disappear. Those experiences and memories will always be shared. And the bond you've nurtured over all the years of homeschooling is such a loving and solid foundation for your relationship as she transitions to adulthood. My daughter spread her wings this year, after 9 years of homeschooling, and while our days look different to those of years' past, our relationship is better than ever. I wish you and your daughter all the best 🌻
  18. Absolutely no judgement from me as to your choices or anyone else's, but I can tell you that I absolutely would not eat it. I've been vegetarian for about 35 years. I have zero desire to eat any meat products, and I doubt my gut would know what to do with it even if I did. The rest of my family eats meat. We just do our best to either make close-to-correct portions, or we freeze things. My husband isn't at all picky about leftovers, which helps us reduce waste.
  19. I was thinking $15/hr before I read any other replies. So we're all in the same ballpark. I'm in QLD.
  20. There are a few things that lead me to think it's Australian - two dollar coins, Centrelink, CBA (Commonwealth Bank of Australia), Salvos, RSPCA.
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