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  1. A mini sewing kit is not a bad idea. DD20 got one for Christmas from one of her aunts. She had never sewn anything in her life but was able to figure out how to use it when her orchestra pants tore in the crotch seam an hour before a concert (yes, they had concerts this year, but we could only watch online).
  2. I have only read two posts for far, but what I read made me want to read more. I will get back to the rest sometime soon, hopefully. At some point, I would like to share my daughter's explanation of how she figured out long division on her own, and why she struggled with the traditional algorithms. She included it in a scholarship essay three years ago, so I will ask her if I can share it. She is working at a summer camp right now and is not reachable until the weekend, barring emergency.
  3. @Not_a_Number, I started reading your math blog and I'm really enjoying it!
  4. I think kids really pick up a lot from random conversations! What is it they say about how many words kids hear before a certain age? And how kids whose parents don't talk to them as much are at a huge disadvantage? We should not underestimate the effect of just talking with our kids. Also, I love it when kids make the connection between a general life concept and a math concept!
  5. I think it's not actually that surprising that a five-year-old knows what an even number is, especially in your house. I feel like this is a term that many people use in everyday speech without thinking about it. So she must have just absorbed it through general conversations. However, she didn't realize that it was MATH!
  6. I love the way she makes the distinction between math and real life. As if they are completely unrelated...
  7. Looks wonderful! I love that there is plenty of natural light from those big windows!
  8. I love it when it works out this way!
  9. This is what my daughter and I refer to as the "parallel tracks" phenomenon. You are not alone!
  10. My daughter and I refer to this phenomenon as "parallel tracks." It occurs when we have two separate thought streams that each make perfect sense on their own, but we aren't realizing (initially) that these two ideas do, in fact, conflict. And that the trains are not, after all, on parallel tracks; rather, they are on intersecting paths and are about to crash!
  11. Recently my husband went to pick up one prescription for our son and one for me. They asked him our dates of birth to confirm he was legitimately able to pick them up. He fumbled on our son's birthday (was one day off at first) but then got it right. They gave him that prescription. Then he got my birthday a day off also! Granted, my sister's birthday is the day after mine and his sister's birthday is the day after that so this is somewhat understandable. But the pharmacist replied. "Nope, we don't have anything for that name and date of birth." The story came out the next day after I picked u
  12. Oops. just realized the thread got back on topic somewhat before I posted. So my comment was really irrelevant by this point...
  13. Singapore Math is one of the best things that ever happened to my daughter. And she is now only a year away from becoming a math teacher 🙂
  14. Thankfully, the school district where I work clarified over the weekend that everyone will be required to continue to mask through the end of the school year. We have been in-person since late August of 2020 (except for when all high schools in our state went virtual from Thanksgiving through Christmas break) and our superintendent has done a great job of putting out consistent messaging about the need to wear masks. I have been very cautious yet have felt comfortable working in person with the many precautions our district put in place.
  15. Moderna is also 4 weeks in Michigan.
  16. My fear is that the vaccinated will continue to mask in public while the unvaccinated will not. ETA: I mean those who are unvaccinated by choice, not those for whom it is contraindicated or as yet unavailable.
  17. I found this: As of May 12, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported 84.0% of adults 65 and older have gotten at least their first dose and 71.9% have been fully vaccinated. So my county reporting 73.6% fully vaccinated would be a bit above the national average.
  18. This. It was easier when we were all locked down and the rules were more clear...
  19. When I was little, we had a couple of different batches of kittens (at different times). It was so, so special 🙂
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