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  1. It was not about money. Before her mental health crisis she had asked to go eat lunch with her friends and was told no because she was too saturated in the tabloids. She said she had left the house twice in 4 months. The had her passport, her keys etc.
  2. Correct. She asked many people in The Firm, including HR for help. They would not allow her to seek help. HR said she was not a paid employee so they could not help her. Security was cut off with little wearing.
  3. So weird, I see her as very real.
  4. Lol, well, I meant Meghan but both.
  5. I am watchittow.I missed the first half hour or so.
  6. Find other people who have used that builder. And not one he refers you to for a reference.
  7. Oklahoma seems to have plenty of vaccine and a fair amount of appointments. All three of us have been vaccinated with first shot. I know a ton of people who getting it here. Native Americans have their own facilities so a bunch of young people are getting it there that might now qualify for current tier. In AR my critically ill friend (the one who almost died last fall) is not eligible....not even close. Apparently in AR they haven’t even started on the over 65 group, much less those with underlying conditions. Seems like some states just aren’t managing it as well as other state
  8. Just chiming in to say @Murphy101's experience is similar to mine. A lot of America is locked in their own little bubble. And it is not just rural either. I have cousins who were raised in Philadelphia and they are as uneducated culturally as they come.
  9. Oh I see. Yes in that case, just ask for them to revise the estimate without the things you will be doing later. No need to even mention you will be doing it. For all they know you just can't afford it all. I am sure that happens all of the time.
  10. I don't know but I saw a cartoon once about this subject and the contractor told them the price would be double if they helped. LOL In all seriousness, I doubt they will be ok with that. It is hard for them to guarantee a job when the home owner is in the middle of it. I think if you say you want to do the finish work...painting etc they might be ok with that.
  11. I was wondering about that. Because more and more I am seeing that fathers who ask for it get half time. So this will be interesting to see how it plays out. Especially with the age of her son.
  12. I don't think you share too much. Honestly, even though I get beat up here sometimes, I do appreciate that the majority of people here are insightful and knowledgeable and kind and helpful. It is definitely my go to forum.
  13. My Cabrio leaves this weird streak of light brown on any light colored shirt. So I image it is also on other color clothes but goes unnoticed. Ugh. My thinking is that it gets dirt lodged into an area and just rubs it into the fiber. No water is being saved at my house with this stupid machine. I do every load in deep water and I re do at least 50% of all my loads.
  14. Yeah well good luck with that.
  15. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio 5.4 cube capacity. I hate it. It is only 2 years old and just last week I had to spend $315 to repair it. I tried to get the repairman to 'buy' it from me....honestly I would have just given it away to him but he doesn't do that sort of thing. I would have just junked it but the thought of getting rid of it and then having to buy another machine was more than I could deal with at the moment. I just want a simple machine. That actually cleans clothes.
  16. Scarlett


    Same. But I have come to realize that most of the (few) people who asked were operating out of confusion and love. I am not sure it was fair to present basically a lie about my marriage to my loved ones. Sure all of the gory details aren't anyone's right to know...but I got better when I could be authentic with my closest friends.
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