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  1. That is hilarious. It can really mess with your mind...thinking of them crawling all over your dishes and all over your counters.
  2. I will attest to the fact that kids leaving home can cause all sorts of emotions to come out. So if she had been suppressing anger while raising kids, maybe it is just all coming out now. Personally my son leaving home only made me want to be closer to my dh, but I do hear it goes the other way. And some people can never be satisfied and thus they are always looking for the next thing.
  3. You are hilarious. I do hate mice too, but your reaction had me LOL.... Dh goes overboard with the traps. If we see one he sets up 10 traps. We haven't seen any since we got our cat. Oddly enough the first night we had her she caught one....I had not even realized a mouse was in the house! I went looking for signs and found nothing, so I wonder if he unluckily got into our house the first night we had a cat.
  4. I would, unless I knew for sure the preparer was unsanitary. Or unless they were dirty looking. I know even that is not 100%, but I try to not go through life freaking out about who prepares my food. Otherwise I would never eat out. I have worked in restaurants.
  5. They say both partners are super sweet.
  6. Funny MIL (who just lost her beloved dog) says her neighbor told her about a litter of pups half lab half Pyrenees! My SIL told her 'we don't have room to raise an elephant.' LOL.....
  7. I would go. Edited to add---Oh Man, I didn't read about the visitor until I had already posted. I am still inclined to say go though. If it is possible to go Friday evening and spend the night that would be my vote. Delegate the big stuff to your kids and dh while you are away Saturday. And then do a run through Sunday morning to be sure things pass your inspection. It is a lot.....but our elders really depend on us for representing at times like this.
  8. SIL says both parents are about 50 pounds. That is bigger than my Brittany was. And like someone mentioned that dad looks muscled up. Probably a bigger dog than I want.
  9. I had a Brittany and I agree. She was the sweetest dog ever, but man was she high energy. For the first few years we had her xh insisted she be an outside dog unless she was in her crate. But she just dug holes, ripped up trees, dug under the fence and ran away constantly. I remember my XH saying to me so scornfully, ‘you can’t even watch the dog while you are home all day.’ I remember thinking 1) you are an ass and 2) there is no keeping up with her while she is outside in the back yard and I am inside taking care of our son. She would do much better inside her crate with the door open.....which eventually led to her being out of the crate and as soon as xh moved out we moved the pup in the house. By then she was 5 and much calmer, but would still run like the wind at every chance.
  10. She definitely is sweet as honey. I don’t recall ever seeing a pup so sweet and calm at 5 months.
  11. I don’t know. They are 4 hours away! I want to go see them!
  12. I don’t understand the question.
  13. Doggy dna test is a great idea!
  14. I don’t think you are understanding this situation at all. My SIL is showing me a liter of pups her work mates have. She mentioned how cool it would be if we all had liter mates. She hasn’t even mentioned it to her mom. So that’s is up to her. I really didn't post to discuss what is best for my MIL....I just wondered if y’all could identify this breed.
  15. Actually the moms face looks like that too!
  16. Yes! That is a bit of what I saw in his face. I am not against pit either.....especially a mix. Stupid people have ruined the breeds reputation though.
  17. Good grief. If she wants a puppy she will get one. If she doesn’t she won’t. She is capable knowing what she wants and what she can handle.
  18. Ah ok. I was thinking that was maybe just dirt! LOL
  19. Yes it is mind boggling. Very hard to deal with, especially when you are family and emotionally involved....The last time I saw FIL he asked me if I was pregnant.
  20. Hmmmm....I see what you are seeing I think but I am pretty sure it is just a tag on his collar.
  21. I never said we were going to get her one and certainly did not say we were going to surprise her with one!
  22. Hmmm I can't really see brown on any of the pups. A couple look solid black from what is visible...
  23. My MIL is 74 but very very active and healthy.
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