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  1. Yah! I have said before Dh got every job he has from referrals
  2. I agree it probably had to be done. Crazy times we are living in.
  3. That is creepy. Sad about the poor minks though.
  4. Thank you.....that is what this prestige leather says it is. I hope we can go see it this weekend.
  5. Or have some knowledge? I want a leather sectional but wow, it is expensive. I do not even want 'leather' if it is that bonded stuff that peels off. But I found a set that said 'top grain' and then one of the reviews said it started to peel after 2 years. Does that mean there is a low quality 'top grain' that won't hold up? And finally I found a set that says it is genuine Prestige leather. It looks fabulous in the pic....but I can't figure out if Prestige is a brand or a type of leather. Does anyone know?
  6. No. I have only been around him maybe twice in the 19 years our parents have been married. He lives 2500 miles away from us.
  7. He sure was a fighter. He has been in a nursing home for several years. He had a vascular condition of some sort that caused him to lose both legs and get dementia. He was not expected to live near this long....and earlier this year he even survived Covid. My (step) sister was with him so we were glad of that....you just never know what they know and I am glad he did not have to die alone. I have known him since I was a little girl but I have never been close to him. Our parents married just 19 years ago so we weren't raised as siblings. I am very close to my step sister though. S
  8. My poor step dad.....he and my mom are still recovering here at my house from their accident a month ago. He cried so hard. :(
  9. Depends on how bad I needed it! I don’t think it would hurt anyone but might be stale.
  10. Scarlett


    No one is trying to stir up drama.At all.
  11. I saw this article....so cute. Who knew. 🙂
  12. Really? I had no idea. We are careful to take them away from her once she starts pulling the out layer off....but I guess now we can't let her chew on them at all. She does like to chase them.
  13. Not much has held up to our pup. She goes through a couple of tennis balls a week. She does have a kong frizz bee that has held up well for a couple of months. Frozen apple slices and frozen bananas are some good treats to keep her occupied for a minute. apples or peanut butter stuffed in a kong too.
  14. Scarlett


    I don't know that I would be. I told her I didn't know. I told her I wanted to think about it and not be rash. And the next morning I told her she should absolutely invite him if she wants. She just knows I have had a very very bad year and wanted to be thoughtful toward me.
  15. Scarlett


    It is the bride's mother...but yeah I do question the judgment of them having a big wedding right now. And no one is trying to 'manage' me. They are just trying to make sure I am ok with it.
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