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  1. This is the one she bought me.
  2. Yes, I ran it for just an hour or so and I couldn’t believe the dust and cat hair it picked up.
  3. I wondered that too about the gin ad. I don’t get it, I guess.
  4. Robot vacuum......and I love it. I don’t even have enough stuff unpacked from moving to get the full effect but it is looking like I am going to love this thing. My cat is little traumatized but I think she will get used to it eventually. How often do people run it? I don’t have little kids and only the one cat.....once I get used to it I will probably run it when I am at work which is only three days...
  5. Well, sure but that would have been a long would be a good project though.
  6. That is because they didn’t have an actual year to make the commercial.
  7. I say beige. It a huge room with lots of light. I kinda like that dark brown furniture though. I mean, I doubt I would purchase it, but I certainly don’t think it is hideous.
  8. It kind of makes me want one. 😂😂 Unfortunately I don’t have a big enough window to station it in front of.
  9. And one would think that she would lead with ‘if you can supply proof of on time payments from your former service we can waive the deposit’. Instead of telling me ‘ everyone has to pay a deposit’. Which is obviously not true.
  10. So I go to the public works for this town. They supply electric, water and trash pick up. Scarlett— hello, I called a few days ago and I understand I can’t put the bill in my name until I close and have a copy of the deed.. Employee- correct Scarlett—ok, well, may I go ahead and fill out the application so we can have that out of the way. Employee - yes ( she then shoves a 3 page application at me and asked me who all we be on the deed and then tells me Dh will have to sign as well and she needs our drivers license, too). And has anyone given you a deposit quote yet? Scarlett ( who hasn’t paid a deposit in 35 years) noooo. Employee— (after I give her new address— clicks on her computer) $400. Scarlett— (blinks). Why do I have to pay a deposit Employee— everyone has to pay a deposit. Scarlett- (blinks). Really? Employee— yes well unless—-well where did you move from? Scarlett - North of town Employee- oh so you had xyz electric? Scarlett yes Employee well if you can get them to write you a letter of credit saying you were never late. Scarlett ( thinking that is not what a letter of credit is, but not sure). Ok, so I have them send it to you? Employee —. Sure. ( offers no details of where, how, to whom exactly. ) Scarlett— do you want it faxed to you? Employee— sure. Scarlett leaves banging her head figuratively in frustration at the entire exchange.
  11. It is a bit small for 3000 sf, but not impossible. I wonder if this house was added on to? Or does it sit as originally designed and constructed. Our master in our new house is 17 x 13 which feels like a dream to me. And the house is only total 1850ish sf.
  12. School asked you for money? Or an individual?
  13. Thank you both. It is my DIL. She broke her leg at age 17. Down low near her ankle. She has had nothing but trouble since then and that has been 2 1/2 years. She kept having pain, so they took her hardware out. She kept having pain and another doctor said she had a pocket of infection and bone chips in there, so they cleaned that out. Shortly after she stepped in a hole and re injured it...not horrible, .but it has just never been right. They have told her since after that surgery where they took out the bone chip that it is CRPS and they want to do the nerve block. It comes and goes so she keeps debating whether to try it. The risk seems low but it makes her nervous because it is so close to her spine. And yes the cold causes it to flare up. It has really negatively affected her life. She can’t walk for exercise.....she can barely function from the pain at times. I feel terrible for her.
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