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  1. I've completely messed up the Nordic Walking for the weekend: appointments when the tide is low, free time when it's high, very little daylight to fit everything in. Oh well. I'll walk the dog today, then do yoga at home later. Tomorrow, if I wake up early, I'll NW in the early morning, but then I'm going to a Christmas market at 10 (it gets too crowded later) and talking to my eldest child at 2, after which it's high tide. Otherwise it will be yoga at home and dog walking in the dark. Husband has just bought fresh tuna for supper, so that's yummy. I might manage to swing my shift to take long lunches and walk then this week. I'm considering moving to a more expensive place for yoga classes. The one that is run by my place of work doesn't work with my schedule (it's mostly designed for students and academics) and there are long stretches of the year when there is only one class that I can kind of make, and not always with a good teacher. Cheap isn't cheap if it isn't what you need. I'm looking at a place that has small classes (10 students rather than 30) and costs more, but has better class times and (I hope) more predictably good teachers. I'll see what the new schedule for my current place is like when it's published in January, and decide from there.
  2. I have sofa regret too. When we move, we might get new covers for our old sofa and either donate the newer one or use it less (depending on how much space we have). I thought I wanted a big garden/yard. And I enjoyed it for a long time, but it was also stressful keeping up with it and it gets in the way of doing other things. New house will have more manageable outside space. I don't regret the breadmaker, and I still use it for special occasions, but I regret the kilos I put on when I used it all the time and had to lose later. I use my Soda Stream every day, but just to make fizzy water, not flavoured.
  3. Hope the yoga goes well. Don't forget that you can tell the teacher at the beginning if you have any physical restrictions, so that they have the chance to give you another option for relevant poses. I've done step challenges at work a few times - it's a good kick-start, but by the end I start to crave other forms of exercise... ---------------------------- I did the same yoga session at home again last night - it really stretches the bits that I need to stretch. I'll keep that in the rotation with strength sessions. I'm going to a yoga class this evening. Errands at lunchtime, so some steps but not that many...
  4. Read this yesterday about bikes and women:
  5. Did a short yoga session. Really felt good for my back and hips. I'm still not pushing it, as I'm not back to full energy. Getting there though. Hoping to get to a yoga class on Thursday and to NW on Saturday.
  6. Big bowl of soup, made in advance. Probably vegetarian minestrone or something. I'll probably pull out the bread maker and we'll have fresh bread too. I'll probably be making Coq au Vin for the next day, so that Christmas day is relaxed.
  7. Of the people I know, only two have killed themselves: two elderly women (my grandmother and a neighbour) committed suicide, one with prescription sleeping pills, one with helium. My grandmother had recently lost her sister with whom she lived, having earlier lost her husband, and (aged 80) didn't want to go on. The neighbour just didn't want to experience the loss of independence and dignity that she was starting to see. I also know one other elderly woman who has attempted suicide. As guns are fairly rare here, I don't know of anyone who has attempted suicide using one.
  8. I think the ad was odd just because the woman seemed so fearful. Maybe they chose the wrong actress or she was badly directed. If she had seemed really happy to receive the gift and delighted by her progress throughout, then there would have been nothing to question. Instead she seemed distressed all the way through and then only happy to have been 'changed'. Perhaps the advert makers were trying for too much of an arc, and the distress came over too strongly. It's not anywhere near the top of my outrage list though.
  9. I'm anti-Oxford-comma (most Brits of my generation were taught this) but I wouldn't bother to change a headstone that had one.
  10. Just getting over a cold. Felt pretty rotten but doing better now. I missed the last yoga classes that taken place at a reasonable hour - not much to go to now until late January. So: onwards with the home yoga. And back to brisk lunchtime walks. High tides are at lunchtime this week, so no chance of going in my lunch break to NW. I'll try to go next Saturday while the dog is being clipped. Lots of dinners to go to as well, so I need to be getting in some exercise.
  11. An interesting moment today: I was carrying a six-pack of oat milk into the house under my arm, when I noticed that it weighed almost nothing to me. I'm pretty sure that a few years ago I would have automatically used two hands to carry six kilos.
  12. The Huawei Honor Band 4 got a good review from a UK consumer choice magazine. I don't have any personal experience though.
  13. My life is incredibly humdrum. My normal day is, went for a walk at lunchtime, fitted in/did not fit in yoga, killed time in the carpark before work by meditating.... ETA autocorrect wanted 'killed Tim'
  14. I had a fairytale book when I was a child that had a character who wanted to eat 'rape'. I had no idea what it was. I think now it was rapa/brassica.
  15. I find the taste of coconut oil really overwhelming. If I use it in a dish, I cut it with two thirds rapeseed oil.
  16. I agree that long walks would be good - there will be very little traffic, so it's a great time to explore London on foot.
  17. Northern Europe is oat-growing country (eta as well as cow grazing country). Almond milk has horrible air miles, but the oat milk I use comes by ship from Sweden. I look forward to Scottish oat milk - it would make sense.
  18. I use oat milk. I need the oats to keep my blood work healthy. And I like the taste.
  19. FWIW, I find that my arthritic knee doesn't hurt so long as I do yoga for two or three hours a week. This allows me to also Nordic Walk.
  20. I can understand that experience completely. It's just the word that doesn't sit right with me. But people have different reactions.
  21. It's just that it assumes that anything that doesn't fit into a particular interpretation of correct nutritional behaviour is 'dirty'. Edible food isn't dirty. I've no problem with it being described as '(In my opinion) unhealthy'.
  22. I had a look at the CFC website and there looked to be some good recipes. I can't get past my vehement reaction to the phrase 'clean eating' though.
  23. People who live in the Scottish Highlands and Islands usually have to pay extra shipping too. Given how small the UK is, that does seem extraordinary. Cairndow, in the Highlands, is only 50 miles from Glasgow, which is a city of 500,000 people, and yet Cairndow people would be charged a supplement for shipping...
  24. Not that often, as far as a straight repeat. We might have roast vegetables twice a week, but different vegetables differently seasoned, and once with soba noodles and once with beans. Lentils might be twice a week too, but once in a soup and once in an umami-heavy dish with mushrooms and soy sauce. Absolute duplicates, maybe a roast chicken once a month?
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