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  1. @soror yes, I need to walk round the garden once an hour. New habits. I'm missing my sit-stand desk. Before I got that I used to take more conscious walking breaks.
  2. European robins, bluetits, greattits, coaltits, long-tailed tits, blackbirds, hedge sparrow, dunnock, various thrushes, tree creepers, bullfinch, chaffinch. Sometimes goldfinch. I'm useless at identifying calls though. I know that robins and blackbirds have pretty songs. We have geese fly over but not settle. Jays, crows, woodpigeon and woodpeckers come through too. And we have a pheasant who lingers hopefully under our bird feeder. Occasionally we have a sparrowhawk, which scares off all the others. European buzzards nest locally. We hear owls, and I have twice seen barn owls.
  3. Mine is similar too. I tend to have oats, yoghurt and berries for breakfast. My lunch at the moment is veggie silken tofu 'cream' soup. This evening was chicken drumsticks with lemon, spring green and cannelini beans. I was sore this morning. Too much sitting at a desk and not enough yoga. So today was stretchy yoga and a gentle walk. Tomorrow I hope for longer yoga and a hill walk.
  4. Fifteen minutes of Kegles per day (set up by a specialist nurse) plus a cube pessary for prolapse works for me.
  5. The university where I work is closed through the summer. There haven't been any announcements about September. It may come down to money. If overseas students don't want to come, then they will keep everything online. They are likely to lose massive amounts of money through this period of closure - they are refunding all the accommodation for this semester and won't make any money during the summer conference season. I can imagine losing my job.
  6. Loo roll and disgust
  7. Husband's family in Texas: Eulah Beulah Orion Marion (male name)
  8. We had planned a visit to (possibly) the Peak District in early July. We hadn't booked anything because we are also trying to sell our house. We assume now that we aren't going anywhere.
  9. The people I know who have been forced into School at Home are being confirmed in their fear of educating their own children.
  10. This is being broadcast tonight UK time and will remain available for seven days, I think. James Corden is in it, it had brilliant reviews and is meant to be really funny. Just what I need, I think. The NT is releasing back catalogue weekly for the next while, so there should be more good stuff to come:
  11. Not on top form today. Just a cold, I think - snuffly nose and feeling a bit lacking in energy. So, today I'll just take a short walk at lunchtime, do some cleaning, and call it good. I made a good 'cream' of mushroom, celery and cauliflower soup last night with silken tofu, so I'll enjoy having that for lunch.
  12. My mother, born in 1924, complains about everything. For 35 years from when I left home to when she moved into her new care home, she complained to me about my father, her former husband, pretty much every time I called. She talks still about how much she hated her school, WWII food, fishing for mackerel during the war.... I can't imagine that she didn't complain at the time.
  13. Lovely picture, @wintermom. Sorry to hear about the pinched nerve @Monica_in_Switzerland. @soror I'm glad your sleep is still good. Only managed a walk at lunchtime. Felt quite tired after work and ate a lot. Talked to a friend on Zoom, which was nice. We normally walk weekly together, so it was good to catch up. Tomorrow I hope for a five-mile hike after work, so maybe I'll just do some light yoga at lunchtime.
  14. I've told before about my father being evacuated to Canada in 1940 with his younger brother. The next evacuation ship was sunk with all on board. The distant cousin they stayed with burned his books and wouldn't let him go to school, because he was brighter than her boys. When it was time to come home, he lied to his brother that their mother was very ill, and finally had to drag his brother crying onto the train, because the little boy had bonded with the awful cousin. My father was 10 when they went to Canada and his brother was 6. My father cried about it on his deathbed, feeling guilty for lying. He was always an extremely reserved person who shied away from emotional attachment. He functioned, but I don't think he was fully well.
  15. My birthday was last week. I made the cake (we normally buy from a good local baker) and we celebrated with my eldest on Skype. I enjoyed my day of cake, presents, time to read and a good walk. Husband made a good dinner and I had a gin and tonic.
  16. There's also the extent to which people really believe in the existential threat. For my mother, born in 1924 and accepted to Oxford in 1942, there wasn't any point in her mind in going to university at that stage. Instead she volunteered to work in an aeroplane factory and spent time in Bristol checking the electrical circuits on bombers. I remember one of my children describing her as a hero, and her replying that there really wasn't a choice: in her mind there wouldn't be an Oxford to go to - in effect - if she didn't join the war effort.
  17. The classic British comment on these times was, 'Mustn't grumble'. Which makes me think that actually people were probably pretty grumpy. The black market was enormous too during WWII rationing in the UK, I believe. And people who had large estates could shoot game on their own land with no obligation to share it. There were luxury air-raid shelters under the Dorchester Hotel in London, with silk sheets.
  18. No. I clean my hands after the shopping. I washed all fresh produce and chilled packaging. Everything else was just left in the car for three days. I'm not bothering with sanitising the car because we are only using it once a week, and viruses die. Same with wallet, handbag, keys and credit card. On the other hand, we bleach the front door handle daily after the postie leaves the letters in the porch, and treat the post with care.
  19. Lost my post! Brief version: I plan to alternate days between short hill hikes (5 miles or so) and finishing my Empower yoga programme. On yoga days I'll also go for a brisk two-mile walk, and on hike days I may also stretch. On yoga days, I'll have time to cook supper. I'm still working 9-5 from home, so I have to work around that. I hope everyone has a tolerable April. Keep safe!
  20. @soror I hope it's okay that I started a new thread. For continued fitness support. All welcome!
  21. Grocery shopping on Saturday. Walks every day.
  22. I ended March with another good hike in the woods. I'm thinking about April plans and will write tomorrow about them.
  23. Our one specifies outdoor exercise, for example walking, running or cycling, once a day. I walk from home every day and am lucky enough to be able to walk responsibly to an area of extensive woodland.
  24. The hand is getting there. I got in a good number of forearm planks yesterday while avoiding bouncing on my knee and putting pressure on my hand. The knee is just one of those facts of life. So long as I exercise regularly, it doesn't bother me most of the time. Sometimes I stress it and then it does. My physio says that I'll need a knee replacement at some point, but staying as fit as possible until that time makes the operation more likely to be successful. Kayaking sounds great when it's possible! And I love finding areas that are too dense (often with stinging nettles) in summer but that open out in winter.
  25. My brother gave me a tip: if you have a shopping cart, put it behind you, that way you can maintain distance in front of you and the cart maintains (some) distance behind. You will probably want to sterilise/quarantine your purchases anyway.
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