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  1. Firstly, remember that the days will be short. Check online for daylight hours. What do you and your kids like to do?
  2. Yes, I know that LBS is older, but the edition I read was from my mother's childhood in the Thirties. It 'disappeared' when we cleared my mother's house, along with the coffee table made from the foot of a baby elephant shot by my grandfather.
  3. I don't mind finding bugs on veg; I assume that means lower pesticide residue
  4. I grew up reading my mother's copy of Little Black Sambo, published in the 30s. I also knew that you should never call anyone Sambo. I somehow didn't connect the character's 'name' with the racial epithet at all. Mysterious. I don't remember people dressing up in blackface or brownface when I was a child in Britain, but I wouldn't have been surprised by it. I know I was made up darker (inaccurate anyway) to play in The King and I in around 1973.
  5. A stiff cup of tea helps this mum when her leaves are droopy.
  6. Twining is a decent ubiquitous tea brand. Dark chocolate digestive biscuits - nicer than they sound. Twiglets for fun - Marmite flavoured snacks. Definitely oatcakes - savoury oat crackers.
  7. The week is going better than recently - I'm busy but not having to do overtime, and I'm sleeping better. I've taken brisk walks at lunchtime on Monday and Tuesday, went to a yoga class on Monday night, Nordic Walked on Tuesday night and have a Pilates class planned for tonight. By chance I also had medical appointments on Monday and Wednesday, so that was an extra hour of walking-as-transportation. I've also been doing fairly well at taking walks every hour at work. 12, 000 steps on Monday and Tuesday; at least 10,000 today. I've done some mindfulness but not as much as I might hope. No weights yet. My weight is up a bit, but still in range - my brother and sister-in-law were staying at the weekend and we celebrated my mother's birthday, so cake and fizzy wine were consumed.
  8. I thought this was interesting. Early days, but some statistics suggesting improvements:
  9. I was actually wondering about the mechanics of oxygen masks and evacuation. As far as I remember, on the airlines I used to take, you had to have one adult per under-2yo. I'm surprised that there aren't rules for slightly older children.
  10. Exercise was really important for me, both in managing mood and in reducing hot flushes. A good 40 minute brisk walk every day plus yoga twice a week and more serious aerobic exercise twice a week.
  11. One adult is allowed to travel with eight 2-11yos? That's a lot of oxygen masks.
  12. I work at a university. I do think it's somewhat unrealistic to expect an 18yo who is dealing with all the normal stresses of independence to also, from a standing start, get the evaluations that will allow the institution to put necessary structures and accommodations in place. At the very least, it is likely that many tests and essays will initially take place unaccommodated, then there may have to be a difficult appeals process. More likely is a leave of absence while things are sorted, then a later return, which is very disruptive and potentially expensive.
  13. Laura Corin


    For me, it depends how such statements are phrased. I'm perfectly fine with 'I believe that gay marriage is bad for society'. Without the 'I believe' it seems in itself to shut down other points of view.
  14. I didn't mean to make it sound as if peri-menopause was easy as far as weight control was concerned - I gained the weight during it that I have now lost. When Matroyshka said 'before I'd hit menopause' and 'after' I was thinking about actual menopause (when the periods stop) rather than the peri-menopausal stage. Crazy busy again this week. Managed my lunchtime walks, one good Pilates class and some small sessions of mindfulness. I'm hoping that the coming week I'll be able to start getting back to normal. Next weekend I'm driving Hobbes back to University, but I'm hoping to do some hiking in Yorkshire on the way back.
  15. I didn't have periods after age 37, courtesy of the Mirena. I'd definitely have been really tired of them if they'd still been going in my mid fifties.
  16. Yes, they can do a blood test for menopausal hormone levels. Levels can fluctuate though, so you need two spaced tests for it to be definitive. For what it's worth I lost around sixteen pounds this year and have kept them off for almost six months. I didn't find it unusually hard. I'm five years post menopausal.
  17. My husband used to give me birthday cards from the common store of cards that we keep in the house. It really hurt me that he didn't bother to choose me a card, but instead gave me one that I had picked up while running through a charity shop. Once I told him, he never did it again - the issue had not previously occurred to him, but now he knows it matters to me. He has a calendar entry to remind him to buy a card.
  18. Do you have something like Borrow my Doggy there? A friend borrows a dog regularly for long walks.
  19. Remember that if you want to be tested for coeliac, I believe you need to keep on the gluten so as to not confuse the tests.
  20. Yes - a muscular 120 sounds amazing to me. I am sitting at 128 pounds at 5'4", which is fine for now. I'm broad in the shoulders - however thin I am I can't go down a size in tops, because they are too narrow. I'm on the cusp of the 'middle-aged-looking-thin-in-the-face', so I think probably getting stronger/fitter at this weight is good. First Pilates class last night. It's 7.30, which is pretty late for me, but it's a good class. I really like her as a teacher (she's been covering one of my yoga classes recently) and she started from the beginning with careful set-ups, whilst still giving scope for advancement.
  21. I walk alone through the woods and mountains. I take paths but they aren't necessarily waymarked trails. I don't worry about it. Sorry about your dog. There isn't any scary wildlife here.
  22. No, unfortunately not. A nearby university has a sports science degree programme though, so I should look there.
  23. I get notice of studies being run by the medicine and psychology depts at the university. I watch out for studies that include free scans, etc, but so far I've only seen ones for people under 40. I'll keep looking. This week hasn't been bad considering how busy I've been. I've been sleeping poorly: stress about the house being on the market and also about the beginning of the new university year. I've managed one yoga class, one Nordic walk, one weights session (I'll do another when I've finished this, so two for the week) and daily brisk walks. My meditation has not been good though - I've been dashing into work. Tomorrow I have to be in work early, so not much time for anything, but I'll try later in the week. Food has been okay, not great. Weight is steady. There's a new Pilates class starting this week that I think I'll attend. I already know and like the teacher, and I want to work on strength more.
  24. I schedule my yoga classes, and I try to schedule in Nordic Walks (because I have to check tides and preferably weather). I put them in the family calendar. Lunchtimes I just walk - I just do it every day. Weights I am doing quite randomly, just before bedtime.
  25. Wow, how warm are the dorm rooms kept? Pumpkins are presumably for Hallowe'en? My boys have appreciated coffee cards.
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