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  1. When I was breastfeeding during a visit to the US, and Urgent Care gave me an antibiotic that they wouldn't state was safe for my son, I called my usual doctor in the UK and got advice. Could you call your doctor?
  2. A friend had a mystery noise that turned out to be a plastic water bottle getting scrunched under her seat.
  3. Yes. I have separate ones for the bank and Google.
  4. That's interesting. The IT guy at my work said it was fine, because it's very unlikely to be a human comparing passwords. Instead it will be a simple computer check for duplicates. There are so many people using identical passwords across multiple accounts, that these will be the ones that will be cracked. I'll do some more research though. ETA this article recommends something similar
  5. You need a system. Here's one. Choose a nonsense word, say idbibble. Throw in some capitals and an odd character, iDbibb!e. Add a nonsense set of numbers, 1066. Now think of an element of each company name that you will use, perhaps the second and third letters. Insert that into your nonsense. Amazon might be miDbibb!e1066a. Target would be aiDbibb!e1066r. Nordstrom would be oiDvibb!e1066r. Each is different, each is memorable, each is nonsense.
  6. I go for medium thickness for yoga. Too thick and it's wobbly underfoot for standing balances. You want something non-slip. I have this one
  7. Primitive folk art or American folk art.
  8. I don't think I hate anyone, but I think my emotions are not very intense in general. I suspect that if the range of possible human emotion intensity is 1-10, I probably run at around 5 or 6.
  9. I'd make ahead if you have enough fridge space or can use a friend's, a one-pot meal that you just need to serve with bread or whatever. Perhaps this or this of this?
  10. Secret lying and laying traps is immature behaviour. But the snoopers are not fulfilling their role as adults in a communal relationship with other adults.
  11. I make myself a proper pot of tea with loose leaves from a local traditional tea merchant each morning at weekends - and drink the whole pot-full myself. I recently broke the big teapot that we had had for thirty years (it was just a cheap one we bought in Taiwan) so I now have an enormous new one and have ordered a new tea cosy to fit it. For the rest of the week, it's a bag in a mug. I like my tea milky with no sugar; I use oatmilk, which is not at all traditional, but I like it.
  12. @YaelAldrich I'm sorry you are going through this. FWIW, what looks like internet addiction can sometimes simply be a way of avoiding all the things that are difficult. That's what I've seen in a young person close to me. He can function without it for a period of time, but that wish to escape becomes stronger and stronger. When the opportunity presents again, nothing else matters. In our experience, tackling the reasons for needing the escape - which a bright child may be able to hide quite well from family and doctors - allows the internet to become a useful tool for self-regulation, rather than a seeming obsession. Best wishes.
  13. I think bodies are refrigerated here. There was a long gap between my dad's death and funeral.
  14. Embalming and open caskets are unusual in the UK. My dad had a green burial, where embalming is not allowed for environmental reasons.
  15. I like flying on my own. It's a time when I have absolutely no responsibilities and no one can make demands on me. I find it peaceful.
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