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  1. Explain to your kid what the process entails. No one explained to my 18yo what the procedures were, and she had a panic attack before sedation. Then, afterwards, she was crying and struggling and asking for me. They couldn't get her blood pressure under control, and they not only wouldn't come get me ,but they told her I was unavailable....for hours. I had absolutely no idea. I told the orthodontist she was traumatized, and he didn't seem to care because the surgery itself went well. I was in the waiting room the entire time, as they require. I am still very angry, and we won't be going back
  2. We were fortune with the first round since we qualified due to a weird fluke with taxable income deductions. We shouldn’t have qualified, but we did. We won’t qualify this round due to high income. I much rather have our income than the stimulus! I am envious of those who don’t qualify for the stimulus on one income. Other than inheritances, all our money goes into one bucket. That bucket is then used for all our needs and wants. Inheritances will be different b/c They will come from my family, and I want to keep them separate for my kids.
  3. The kids are loving playing together on the Switch, so clearly a hit. The best gift though, was a cameo from ds’s hero. Ds is losing huge opportunities during his junior year sports season which will likely change his college sporting options. All the states around us are open for sports, and we sit here watching his dreams go down the drain. Anyway, my straight-A, popular, state ranked, tough 16yo cried through the cameo. Just showed how much stress and loss our teens are carrying around even if they seem Ok on the surface.
  4. We have been through all the combinations - SAHD, SAHM, PT work for dh, PT work for me, and FT work for both of us. I was a SAHM for eight years because I wanted to be home, not because it was a smart financial choice.
  5. I saw this time regret playing out when my oldest left for college in the fall. I work FT and I would have dearly loved to be home with the kids FT, but I have the relationship that I wanted with her. Dh, however, would probably like a redo on some items. Having her home a lot more than expected this freshman year has been good for him.
  6. I have a four year accounting degree, and I passed the CPA exam before college graduation but my CPA is not active Before I was a SAHM, I worked in accounting for a couple Fortune 100 companies. This career choice suites me perfectly, and I have always advanced quickly. All companies need accountants. While I have lived in large cities, I have also strategically chosen employment in rural locations which have divisions of large companies. This allows me to have the benefits of LCOL but with higher salary potential. We live in a rural community of 1400. I commute ~10 miles to a town
  7. I snipped this comment, but I agree with your thoughts. I transitioned from homeschooling to FT career when my oldest was in 6th grade. It was a rough transition, and I believe we all prefer homeschooling. However, we also prefer the financial stability and luxuries two FT incomes provide. While our house is messier and our meals are simpler, my connection with my kids is no different than when I was at home FT. I have a very high need for financial security. I can't handle living paycheck-to-paycheck or underfunding retirement. I need a large emergency fund, and I want to pay for my kid
  8. Anyone have suggestions on easy to use software to help plan a remodel? I want to play around with my ideas before having the contractor draw anything up. The remodel may be fairly extensive - new garage, new living room, moving kitchen, and landscaping. Thanks!
  9. I agree with these sentiments. We are responsible for our own decisions and minimizing risk in the ways that make sense for us. Our decisions will be different than other family’s decisions. I cannot make decisions for other families, just like others cannot make my decisions. Seems like some people have the expectation that everyone in the country stays indoors 100% of the time for 1+ years. That’s the only way to be perfectly safe, right? Only then there would be no deliveries, no supplies, etc. A huge range of safe, safer, and safest activities are possible between 100% isolation
  10. Since our state only allows two spectators/athlete at high school sporting events and masks are required at all times, I am certain protocols are being followed. winter sports haven’t been allowed to start yet, but many of our wrestlers are practicing in barns and garages. My son has a practice partner, and they practice in the same garage as another Practice partner set. It’s not a perfect situation, but this is the decision we made, given our specific situation.
  11. To add to the health screenings, mats are disinfected after every practice and competition. Wrestlers shower immediately after every practice and competition. Our coaching staff washes the singlets after every match. I think Wrestling is the sport the other should emulate. I can tell who my kids have wrestled at every match since 7th grade (recorded on Trackwrestling for anyone to see), and our youth wrestling coaches tracked every match from PreK-6th grade. Wrestlers have dealt with communicable skin diseases since the beginning of time, so the sport has already put into place most of t
  12. Wrestling matches last a maximum of six minutes, with they are 1:1 contact, and every match is already contact traced. If one wrestler has an exposure during competition, only two people are Potentially impacted, assuming other precautions are taken...although the exposure period is far less than 15 minutes of close contact. At our practices, Wrestlers are separated into 2-man practice partners, and then two sets of 2-man practice partners are combined into 4-man pods. Both sets are predetermined by the coaches based on weight, skills, etc - so 100% traceability. An exposure at practice would
  13. Somewhere a while ago I found my way to a site where the owner had book lists of quality books to read, and I forgot to bookmark it! Anyone have any suggestions on sites with premade reading lists?
  14. Sorry, we do not have experience with the hairband.
  15. Teleties are $10 and in demand by my 18yo and 12yo, so they span the age range for girls with long hair. My teen boys are all about food.
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