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  1. If I was in your position, I would definitely apply through a staffing agency, and I would not limit myself to legal positions. You need to get in the workforce, get current experience/new skills, and advance from there. I don’t know where you live, but unemployment is high across the United States, and we have had a glut of law school grads for quite a while. I’m guessing those law school grads or recently unemployed lawyers/paralegals are first in line for openings.
  2. I would take an annual calendar to my boss and summarize the days like this: # paid holidays employee A # paid holidays employee B # work days employee A # work days employee B i would propose each employee should have the same amount of holiday and work days, and I would propose Friday’s are the days that switch from one it the other to make it balance. Both employees already work Fridays, so that seems like the logical day to use.
  3. Kids in public school and college get a 0 on assignments that aren’t turned in in time. Wouldn’t that be the logical consequence for a homeschool student as well? If you don’t feel you can give a failing grade, then I would outsource all their classes to someone who can give the grades they have earned. ETA: Kids in public school must meet elibility requirements to participate in extracurriculars. Seems like that could be a logical policy for a homeschool student as well?
  4. Our Thomas sets are in plastic totes in the rafters of our garage. My youngest doesn’t really care for them, but my older two boys spent so much time with them. I am not willing to give away any pieces; they would be crushed. I am certain we have thousands of dollars of Thomas gear. No way would I keep a crib for my kids. Safety and style will change by the time my kids have kids, and every new mom wants to buy her own crib. I would have been crushed if my MIL had saved a crib for us since I would feel pressure to use it. My parents wouldn’t do that to me, but if they did, I would ha
  5. Agreed. My teen girls’ bodies changed so much from year-to-year, even after they stopped growing taller. I wouldn’t have purchased suits in advance. We spend $50-$100 per suit for teens, and we usually have two suits/person.
  6. My kids attend a tiny K-8 Parish school. Tuition is about $2,000/year/kid. All the teachers are certified, and the ratio of advanced degrees is the same or more than our public school (varies each year as staffing changes). When we hire at the parish school, we are not legally allowed to inquire about religious denomination, just like any other employer. Not all of our teachers are Catholic, but they would have an edge if the hiring committee knew. Our teachers generally choose Catholic school because they feel called to it as a ministry. They certainly aren’t at the school for the
  7. It’s been so long since they were in fashion, I couldn’t even remember what they were called. My oldest dd has a couple pairs, but fortunately, they ran their course very quickly here. My 12yo wouldn’t have any idea what they are. We live in MN, and leg warmers are not a thing on any teen girls. They do love hats, fleece blankets, coffee, hit chocolate. So many blankets! The blankets aren’t just because, though, they are usually gifts from friends or boyfriends.
  8. I wouldn’t have much tolerance for the managers’ behavior. Fast food jobs are a dime a dozen, and they generally don’t have good managers. I assume he’s already gotten the best he could out of them. I would tell him to quit, and I would I have him send pictures and a strongly worded letter of explanation up the chain. Part of growing up is learning when jobs aren’t the right fit. This job and work environment aren’t the right for for OP’s ds. If ds needs the job, then he should pound the streets and quit after he has landed another one. Assuming he doesn’t need it, though, I would q
  9. My 18yo dd wore those years ago. Haven't seen them in the last few years. The ones she wore, back then, weren't actual socks. They were fashion items that peaked above the boots.
  10. I'm the one who mentioned parental support upthread, and I did not say anything about uninvolved parents. I said, "In my observations, the kids who are making the unhealthy decisions don't have the same type of parental support at home as my kids." Some of the worst offenders with unhealthy weight management behaviors are the most involved parents. I hope this has gotten better over the years, as I hear stories from adults who wrestled decades ago under weight management practices which would not be allowed anymore. Dh and I have never supported those behaviors. In fact, we have made choices
  11. This is the idea I wanted to add to my post, but thought I would be blasted on here, as I have been before with this topic. I, also, would not want my girls wrestling a high school boy. The only saving grace could be if your daughter was in the 106/113 Lb weight class, because then she would probably be wrestling prepubescent boys.
  12. No disagreement. It’s a risk we are willing to take, and I assume the OP is as well since she asked about wrestling.
  13. I think it definitely depends on how strong wrestling is in your area. My 14yo was a state champion in kindergarten. I giggle just thinking about it. He had no idea what any of it meant at the time, so it really meant nothing. My 16yo started in 1st grade, and he finally became state ranked last year. He’s weighing his options for college wrestling. Not sure if he will go down that path, but he has bodacious goals. We live in MN which is a top five high school wrestling state.
  14. The wrestlers are not wearing masks, but everyone else is. They have the prescribed precautions taken at our F2F schools - temp checks, Covid survey, social distancing when not wrestling, hand sanitizer, etc. at the tournaments. My son wrestles less than 10 kids, so his true exposure Is with those >10 kids. His exposure is probably less at the tournaments than at school. Dh is working out of the house, and my other kids are going to school too. Every family decides their own level of risk. I know our level of risk is higher than most people on this board. I also know our level of risk
  15. I have two wrestlers. In MN, parents control how much weight a wrestler is allowed to lose. At the beginning of the season, doctors measure the level of fat on each kid's body. The high school league will not allow kids to go below a certain body fat %. I don't remember the amount off-hand. The doctors determine how much each kid could lose and stay within that fat %. The range between kids can be large because the kids' body compositions range widely. Those measurements are shared with the parents, and then we have to sign a medical permission slip showing the weights we will allow our kids t
  16. Had you not discussed this with college kid before he left for school? my oldest is living in a dorm on campus. We told her if she tests positive, we expect her to quarantine on campus so she doesn’t bring it back to us. I also told her we would bring her food and meds and support her however we can. Her symptoms are likely to be minor, so fairly easy to handle away from home.
  17. This is our exact experience with online college classes. My kids take dual enrollment in high school, and now my dd is taking an online only from her dorm room on campus. Online college classes are a complete rip-off. None of the classes, from multiple colleges, have included actual teaching by a professor. Dd dropped one of her online only classes this semester because she didn’t want to have to teach herself. I am definitely side-eyeing any online degrees at this point, and I can’t imagine our educational system moving to online access.
  18. We are in a rural area with low community spread. Our schools are opening with full F2F learning as our county has had 0-9 cases per 10,000 residents over the past 14 days (MN rules). My kids have been seeing friends since our state went into level three. Most of their friend time is outdoors, but they have had overnights with one close friend each. They also participated in sports this summer - baseball, softball, weightlifting (indoors in cohorts), football, wrestling. Their mental and physical health is light years better than when we were in lock down. Also, my college freshm
  19. I wouldn’t do this at our public school. Our principal would not be pleased. He holds grudges, and this plan would put us under his negative radar. Whatever small benefit we would get from homeschooling the beginning of the year would be more than offset by the negatives for the remaining years (and the years from siblings). I would do this with our parochial school. In fact, it was my plan for 4th grade if we started virtually. ETA: would this serve your child well? Are you using the same materials and teaching the same classes he/she would have in the Public school? The
  20. I need some guidance on how to start DDPY. Can someone offer DDPY for dummies info? Where do you recommend to start? Is there a beginner level? I’m not crazy about following on my tiny phone screen, so do they have a computer screen option? I really want to use my muscle and work on flexibility. DDPY seems worth a try. Thanks!
  21. I have a passionate wrestler, and wrestling will be the last activity we will drop. He’s a rising 11th grader, top ranked in the state in our division. I don’t know that he will wrestle in college, but he does want to create the best opportunity he can for himself which means he needs to keep moving forward. Our team has mats set up in a shed outside of town (rural farming community). Ds just started attending tournaments, wish we had him competing all summer long. We will probably be looking at a club in the big city before long, especially if the high school season doesn’t happen. Other tha
  22. I agree. We have taken on part-time jobs for experience, fun, to help others out, and/or to make a little extra over the years. I would be very disappointed if those opportunities were eliminated because minimum pay was pushed too high. We’ve also taken on employment where we didn’t want a career or to sustain our family on it. We just wanted an easy, low-skilled job with commiserate pay. Those are the types of jobs my teens are currently interested in, and jobs I dream about having after my kids are out of the nest. I would be very disappointed if that type of employment was eliminated
  23. It’s not fraud to claim unemployment for which are you eligible. My 18yo claimed unemployment for about a month. I wish we had applied sooner so she would have collected more. She wasn’t able to work her normal summer jobs, and she did lose income due to Covid. She will be the generation stuck with paying back all this debt, and I expect she will have trouble with employment opportunities for the next couple of years. She is much more deserving of the unemployment payments than I was of deserving the $4900 check I received from the government. Many people made more money on unemployment
  24. Usually bankruptcy allows the filer to keep certain assets, which includes a vehicle up to $x value (state laws discrete the rules). Assets sold before bankruptcy for less than full market value definitely would be considered fraud, if discovered. You need to have these conversations with a bankruptcy attorney in your mother’s state of residence.
  25. My lifeguards don’t mask because they can’t blow their whistle and jump in the water with a mask on. They are trained to jump in with whatever is on their body - seconds count when saving lives.
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