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  1. If you've used Route 66 Bible Curriculum, could you tell me if I need the TM? I've looked at all the samples I can find of both the Student Workbook and the Teacher's Manual and still can't figure that out. Does the TM give you the info to teach so the child can fill in the workbook? Or is it just the answers and extra information? Thanks!
  2. Hits: Cozy Grammar Misses: Writing & Rhetoric (1 & 2)
  3. My 6th grader just finished Cozy Grammar which is aimed at the middle school age. It starts with the basics-noun, verb, etc, but also goes into more complex like types of nouns (ok, that's not really complex, just all I could think of at the moment). It's watch a video then do a worksheet. Actually, I found a used DVD version, but now, I think it's all online, though with 3, that might be kind of expensive, I haven't looked for awhile. It's an older lady who talks about it and gives good examples who teaches it. There are only 27 or so lessons, so we did one lesson a week, and it didn't even take the whole school year. But this is my child that doesn't need lots of review, so that part of it might not fit with your kids.
  4. My 6th grader has finally learned all the cursive letters, even though it took a good school year and a half to do so. However, now, he needs practice, as he sometimes forgets formation, is still working on writing smoothly, and can only write a little bit at a time. So, I need ideas as to what he can write to get that practice. There's NO way he'd be able to do all his written school work in cursive-though that's the goal...eventually. But he's so very done with cursive as a separate subject with separate pages of extra writing. He's a reluctant writer anyway, so I'm trying to combine this with another subject, without starting too big. So, if your middle schooler only writes a small amount of cursive each day, what (subject?) do they do it in? I know the popular answer will probably be just have him start his writing assignments in cursive until he gets tired and changes to print, but I'm just checking to see if there are any alternative ideas out there that might work better for us. (Math is the subject the majority of his daily pencil work is in, and that's not too conducive to cursive) Thanks!
  5. Write on ( was recommended to me. It wasn't quite what I was looking for then, but I think it might be soon. It plays with language starting with words and then moves to sentences and paragraphs. It's a lot of creative writing type things, that looks fun, but keeps kids writing.
  6. Hmm, I never thought of it that way. Maybe I'm going about things backwards?! Thanks for all your input and links, I'm off to research!
  7. I'm looking for a study of famous poems. I guess kind of like a literature guide for a book, but for famous poems. Does this exist? I looked at Art of Poetry, but that has very few well-known poems (at least by me and my teacher parents. I am planning to use Grammar of Poetry in a few years, but that seems to go more for the stanzas and patterns than thinking about the actual famous poems. Ideally something for late elementary, middle school. I've searched past posts, but they either focus on the writing of poems (which is great, but not what I want to cover), or anthologies of poetry (again, great, but they have no questions to think about the poems deeper and many are made up by modern kids or authors) Suggestions? Thanks!!!
  8. The Children's Homer by Padraic Colum was recommended to me. We're just 2 chapters in, but so far, they're loving it!
  9. Can I ask what you moved to that was more "forest"-like? Thanks!
  10. The abacus was used to review place value with the historical asian way of doing it (the history). The bottom row is tens, 2nd row is hundreds, 3rd row up is thousands, and so on. They were asked to add large numbers this way (adding on). They do not continue it through the book-maybe 1-2 reviews here or there, but really, just the one section for reviewing place value and adding or subtracting large numbers.
  11. As a sewer, those look great! The projects are great ones that are fun and easy. It seems to teach what you need to know in a way that's easy and step by step. I think you've found what you need. I also have 2 boys and they would really like most of these projects.
  12. We just started this about a month ago. And we like it. As smfmommy said, it has a lot of historical information and some review, but not a lot. For the time being, I read it to my son as he's behind in reading to begin with. But he takes the workbook pages and does them all on his own. He likes that it's only a couple pages each lesson-usually, and he finds it really interesting. But as we only started a month ago, we're still in the review portion-I think somewhere in Ch 4, so haven't had any new concepts, yet, just new ways to think about old concepts. But it's fun, and doesn't take much time (if I read it to him). However, he's one who doesn't need a lot of review, so it works for him-not sure it would work for a child who DID need a lot of review, though.
  13. I really like Grammar Galaxy but haven't used it because my youngest would only get the last level. But I have looked at it multiple times online and hardcopy and really like it. THey read as story-part of an adventure each day, then do some a worksheet sort of thing. I'm not too helpful because it's been a few months since I looked at it, but really liked it when I did.
  14. Wow! You guys are full of ideas! Thank you SO much! I will begin making plans to implement pretty much all of these. Thanks! Wow, I never thought that read alouds would be for more than a good story. But it totally makes sense-thanks for bringing that up! Thanks for the book suggestions-I have most of those on my list, but my list is long, so I'll move them to the top. And I love your ideas about how to deal with the tense situations, because I know he needs to be able to read and deal with those in the future. I have to admit-when I read a book, I get totally into it also, and when I'm done, it's like I have to get back to normal life, so I understand what he might be feeling. And going back to the tense part after finishing the book-EXACTLY what we need to do, as that's how he watches movies-has to know how it will end first. And I don't suspect any vision or learning disabilities. We've had his eyes tested for years since both his dad and I got glasses about kindergarten age. Thanks! So, so much!
  15. I need some suggestions for how to get my currently 6th grader (boy) to read more independently. There is no way I can assign him to read books that are suggested at the 6th grade reading level such as Harry Potter. We have 2 issues going on here. First, he has always been a sensitive child, so when anything gets climactic, it needs to be resolved fairly quickly, or he gets agitated and scared and has nightmares. We've been working on it, but is still not going to read "scary" books. Second, he prefers books he can read in one sitting-so the shorter ones. He CAN read books like the Who Was series, but prefers books such as Mr Putter & Tabby. If it's too long or doesn't have any drawings, he just puts it right back down. (I'm not sure what books would be the next step up from the Who Was series-anyone know?) He reads aloud well and with feeling, and his comprehension has always been superb. We read aloud every day, and this is where I try to get into slightly harder topics of books-for us that is books about orphans, or suspenseful mysteries-we're reading the Boxcar Children next. But I'm hoping by high school I can assign him to read some classics and we can talk about it-like Treasure Island or Kidnapped. But how do I get there? Maybe I need to find a test to figure out what level he is actually reading at-are there any free ones online? And then choose appropriate books from there?
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