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  1. I can see how some might. Some tazer have the shape of a gun and are carried close to the gun. But regardless this really points to some seriously shoddy training of cops. The taser should be in the opposite side of the gun, and they should do so much training that muscle memory helps avoid this. Also. I don’t even understand tasering someone for getting in their car. There’s no evidence he had a weapon and there were at least 3 cops there. He wasn’t going anywhere.
  2. For practical reasons that wasn’t an option for me when my oldest kids were all little but once I could I did and I felt zero guilt. What example of motherhood and adult woman do you want your daughter to have? Personally, I want all my kids to know that being a mom doesn’t mean women stop having interests and friends and that they shouldn’t feel guilty about that.
  3. I had my 2nd moderna yesterday around 3ish. By 11pm I had a terrible headache and was cold. By 3am I could not stay in bed despite being utterly exhausted bc my head hurt too bad and every joint in my body felt like my jabbed arm and I was freezing even under electric blankets. Intermittent nausea too. I still feel all of the above. I’m alternating passed out a asleep and hydrating with hot Korean plum tea and Tylenol in the bedroom recliner. I’ve had some hot coffee but it made me a bit queasy (typical for me when sick) Hoping to feel better by Sunday. I’ve felt worse at times in life but th
  4. I think some people are looking for an excuse not to get it. IME they have all been antimaskers and anti distancing covid is just a mild flu let natural selection have its way kind of people. So yeah. I just change the topic and move on. Literally if it’s an option. 🙂
  5. Oh I wasn’t saying you should not have spoken to her when she is obviously wanting to chat about it. What a lovely communal exchange! I chat all the time about it these days bc it is pretty much THE topic everywhere currently. When do you get it and how was it afterwards and so forth. Just saying *I* am not arguing with anyone to try to talk them in to it. 🙂
  6. I keep only books that are grand babies worthy. Even though I’m not done homeschooling, there’s only some things I’m keeping at this point. There’s 3-5 year gaps before my youngest 3. There’s items I love that I’m sure I’ll want to use for them but I’m not keeping the apologia chemistry for 6 years. I’ll decide what chemistry to get for that kid when I get to them. Sometimes I like to upgrade because the newer version is more teacher friendly or just better overall. I keep a lot of books but the hazard of books well-loved by 12 people over 20+ years is that get really ragged. I’ve sorted so ma
  7. I’m not stressing over telling everyone they need to get vaccinated. A gal I work with said she wouldn’t get it bc it might cause infertility or birth defects. I’ve met several younger people who say this reason. I mean on the one hand, I don’t think it will. And on the other hand, I had no idea so many people actually wanted kids anyways. Seems like the majority of people under 30 that I meet do not want children. I’m not pressuring any of my kids to get it. They aren’t at high risk for adverse response to either the vax or the covid and I strongly suspect covid will need repeat shots s
  8. She should pull her credit report and see what’s in it. Sometimes people say there’s a debt but they are phishing. Or they simply took a chance that she is who they are after and it’s someone with her name elsewhere. (I don’t know how common her name is.). Or like previously stated - someone is just using the phone number.
  9. Something very normal pre covid we did today. 4 yr old is miserable with a head cold or severe allergies. I am leaning towards cold as it’s progressed today. Headache and very runny faucet nose and tired with low grade fever. Being her primary source of cuddles, I now have a huge headache and just took a 2 hour nap with her (she is still sleeping). Dh got the other children in the van for mass and is attending mass like we would have before covid, only we are attending the mask required mass with social distancing. Dh and I are vaccinated so I feel safe with this plan. I
  10. I never felt comfortable in crowded spaces to begin with. Sports arenas and concerts and Disneyland have always seemed like a circle of hell to me. LOL I’m kinda thinking of Covid like a really scary flu. I don’t care if everyone is vaccinated or not. I care if vulnerable people who are at risk and want to lessen that risk can get the vaccine and can get access to medical care. And I expect that every year we will need to vaccinate again to handle various variants. We are currently tentatively thinking that we will wait 2 weeks after Easter and then start back to as normal as possibl
  11. Pretty darn soon. I get my second shot next week!💃🏝 Praying hard it is reasonably affective against the variants too. Eta: I don’t know if any of my kids will get the vax. My young healthy teens and 20 so things seem iffy about it. I don’t feel a need and some trepidation about getting it for my young ones a covid vax at this time.
  12. I’m trying to not be angry any more. I just quietly give business and smiles to the good and frown and avoid the bad. Mostly I think it’s just sad. But sometimes people say things so... off I can’t not call them in it. Like last week when someone said, “I just can’t get on board with blaming and making healthy people accountable for the sickness of others.” I just looked at my beloved fellow Christian friend stunned and said, “Riiight. To hell with Jesus on a cross for us. How could we ever get on board with the strong being held accountable for the weak.😳🥺😒” so.
  13. This is why my name is listed on their cars as “son/daughter or my name”. BUT none of them have a car loan for those cars either. It’s owned outright so they can list the title anyway they want. When they decide they want to get a loan and I’m not on the title bc I won’t co-sign then they get their own car insurance. But they weren’t living with me or listed as my dependents when they got to that point so far. I don’t know that I agree with you that it is presumed the result is the same. Even for my young drivers that I do list as my dependents - I do not mind them getting
  14. I have no idea. We have some life insurance and a small bit of retirement (causality of contract work for over a decade is no benefits and really the pay usually isn’t that great either). If the economy can hold as is or improve - the house will be paid off and we won’t have any debts other than stuff like utility and medical bills. But seriously the reality of our life in the United States is bankruptcy every 10 years may very well be the only way many people including us can ever cover the ever rising tide of medical bills. I worry about that a LOT. As for my ideal wants? I’d
  15. Ugh. So both Dh and I went straight from our parents homes to an apartment. And my mil was so ticked off that in the 2.5 years we were engaged - we slowly bought stuff or asked for items for birthdays and Christmas. Like towels and dishes. We got the most useless stuff for our wedding. Like four crockpots. We were two full time employed 19 yr olds. It would be another 3 years before we are a crockpot worth of food for dinner. LOL my mil was like don’t buy anything until after the wedding! And both Dh and I were like, “what? So like for how long are we supposed to wait to buy all the stuff?!
  16. Meh. So wealthy people can buy access to more privacy with hush money? Like... since forever everywhere? Color me not even slightly surprised. I’ve no issue with H&M suing the tabloids. Good luck to them. I can’t tell if you are ticked off bc the BRF has been paying hush money to the tabloids or if you are ticked off only when they don’t do it when you personally think they should. People get hacked every day and most can’t afford to do anything about it.
  17. It seems to me the BRF is willing to treat H&M the same as all the other royal family that are not acting in an official capacity to the BRF or the UK govt. And H&M don’t seem to think that is good enough. While I might be willing to help for the sake of helping, I don’t think anyone of any station or income likes to feel manipulated or used just for their personal banking services either. It seems to me the firm has been used by BRF as a method of separating finances from family. Most likely specifically to avoid such strife. Seems to me, H&M are just pissy about having to
  18. It would not surprise me if it skips over Charles to William. Well they seem to be planning to make sure they stay in the spotlight - so apparently. But if that’s what they want to do - fine. They can do it on their own dime. I do not blame Canada or the USA or UK or The Firm for not wanting to foot the security bill for people not functioning in an official government capacity. If Harry and Meagan were too stupid to see the valid reasoning if that, despite being told repeatedly, that’s on them. And while I’m sure there’s plenty of racism all around, I do not think that decision on
  19. I say I/my/mine mostly outside the house. Partly bc I don’t tend to advertise my large family to strangers. I don’t want hear about their vasectomies and how much they hate their kids and wouldn’t ever want more stories. I call our room/bed both mine and ours. There’s plenty of walking advertisement that it is Dh’s bed too. Dh and I also speak in what we call the Royal We when referring to us or the family. “We need to mow the yard this weekend.” No one misunderstands that this means the kids who have this chore are the ones mowing. It’s a royal we declaration. We need coffee. (Th
  20. I just bought a Honda Odyessy and the package came with the tv thingy in the back. I’m thinking as a special road trip treat - I’d like to figure out how to sync my iPhone12 to it so that my phone will both stay charged up front with me and stream netflix or whatever to the tv. For the life of me, I do not understand how to do this. I got my phone synced to the vans Bluetooth. But I can’t figure out what else to do. Does anyone else know? TIA.
  21. Well for all anyone knows he did do more more damage and how repairable is yet to be determined. But beats dead or further injured nephew. And way out there he was probably in “dad” mode and thinking more about getting nephew to the nearest emergency care - of which there really isn’t much in rural Oklahoma. And what little there is near her consist of mostly trying to stabilize to fly them to Tulsa. If it’d been my kid - I’d have made the same decision he did. There’s really not a lot of emergency medical options in rural Oklahoma. And in that kind of high adrenaline situation, I bet h
  22. We have quite a bit of refugees in Oklahoma for some odds reason and I have never once heard of anyone co-signing them any kind of loan for anything.
  23. That would be worth the risk of covid to get a plane ticket pronto to check on if my parents were being taken advantage of. And I’d go in presuming they are bc much as I love my own dear children - I don’t see me ever co-signing something as large a mortgage. And if I ever did, it wouldn’t be when I’m so old that I can’t reasonably financially recover. Tell you mom you know a lady who had 8 kids in a 1000 sq fr house and survived. Those others will too.
  24. Okay. So I got this all sorted but I gotta say TAN made it way harder than it had to be IMO. Via email - At first they were willing to give a credit on my account but dudes. I just spent over $700. I really do not want or need another $100+ to buy more. No response to that other than to try talking to someone via the chat messaging on their site. Via chat messaging I’m told I should have gotten an email with a link to each vol. Well I didn’t. Just like I never got the 20% off. They suggest maybe it’s in my junk folder. No I know it isn’t. Trust me. I’ve gone through all my emails
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