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  1. I prefer option 1, followed by 2, and finally 3. at risk of derailing, when do you think is a good age to begin clarinet? I’d given up on instruments for my DD because no great zest for them and nor can I support practice at home (meaning I haven’t had a music lesson in my life), but she is being taught clarinet in public school in France and thought she might want to continue…I wonder if it’s too late to do it on any serious manner. (Because dabbling we are masters of here already)…
  2. Just look when you have to take the tests, timing was earlier than I thought.
  3. It’s not odd people received their scores yesterday as 10 days seems to be the norm. What’s odd is that our kids haven’t yet and that their 3-8 week score report estimate is past November 1 ED deadlines.
  4. September. And a great many people received their scores yesterday (10 day mark), so I’m not sure what to expect now…
  5. Covid-wise, France might be easier for a vaccinated American than the UK! She already has a German covid pass which should work in France (and if not, it can be easily converted. Certainly easier than a CDC card). My French covid pass had three different bar codes, for different places… I hope she goes, I love Paris in the fall. Pack an umbrella 😉
  6. Title says it all. Landing page still states 3-8 weeks, which would be past deadlines. And yes, most scores were released today…
  7. I’m doing this with a younger child (maybe two or three younger children, TBD). I’m sort of inept at hands-on things, labs, experiments, etc. I mean I have two microscopes and a full complement of slides and can’t work either. So looking for more online labs or other simple fun things we can maybe layer on to the text/workbook we have. Any ideas?
  8. But thankfully you are on the job, debunking everything just by sheer power of your ego.
  9. I really don’t know what we’d do without you commenting on every post, Bill. Every morning I wake up, I check what you posted, and then immediately put down my horse paste. Keep up the good work,please.
  10. I really don’t. I’m running the numbers myself on some of these schools (doesn’t help that schools are not entirely transparent) and honestly once you back out the sports recruits (esp at smaller schools where they’re a larger percentage of student body) it just doesn’t make that much sense…but I’m not a mathy person… ETA that the calculations become interesting when it’s a smaller class. So I don’t think it applies to OP’s question…
  11. This rings so true. I think it’s a defense mechanism. Mine is taking a class now on a kind of a hot topic that EVEryOne has a view on. I tell him, love/hate are pretty basic emotions, everyone feels them—try to understand a bit, that’s the hard stuff. Anyway it’s way better now but sometimes I do think they try out these attitudes, they don’t really have them.
  12. It’s disrespectful to the OP for me to continue on this off topic tangent, so I will make this my last post here since I’ve nothing to contribute to the original post. But FWIW, medical trials in this country exist if someone is willing to pay for them. Ivermectin, alas, is too cheap. https://journals.lww.com/americantherapeutics/fulltext/2021/08000/ivermectin_for_prevention_and_treatment_of.7.aspx
  13. This is factually incorrect. And nobody appointed you forum tzar.
  14. First, I didn’t link to it. Second, there are actual doctors, around the world, treating with this medicine. Do you get to decide which “science” to believe? Incidentally, I find it humorous that the most “believe the science” people are quite prone to name calling.
  15. I mostly shop at ALDI. 15 min max. but, our grocery stores are boring. Overseas I spent quite a lot of time, including at the smaller discount stores.
  16. Ivermectin is not a quack cure. (And I’m not an antivaxer or anti masker either since I’m sure you will go there).
  17. I find her stuff strangely comforting and engaging without making huge intellectual demands, since I’m not finding myself currently available for that. what other writing has the same feel? FWIW, I like her WW2 stuff slightly better than the Brody stuff but it all works. I’m finishing Transcription on audio now and then I would have finished it all. many thanks 🙏
  18. Another vote for Uniqlo and adding Jcrew.
  19. It’s just that selective schools are not suffering for kids that have it together in that manner, that’s all.
  20. So if you get a health pass via an antigen test, like I did, yes, just good for three days. But they’re making it easier to get health pass via showing vaccine record, supposedly, and I imagine that pass would be unlimited in time. I would say getting a health pass via a test is super easy and costs around 20 euros, plus I needed a test to get back to theUS, so in retrospect it wasn’t that huge of a deal. happy to chat if you have more questions.
  21. Yep, I landed on a Sunday and hightailed from airport it to the one pharmacy that was open near the train station I needed. Tried to convert my American vaccine card but no luck, took a test and waited at cafe next door for result. Cafe wanted the pass but accepted my American vaccine card oddly after I explained it waiting for my pass any moment now! Every place I went there, restaurants, cafe, museums, required it. Not any of my hotels not any trains (I took 3 in order to drop DD off). That silly pass has three different scan codes. Sometimes they’d scan the wrong one, but mostly it was smooth sailing. It’s bizarre to need this piece of paper though. Phone, wallet, pass sanitaire, check check check🤣(the locals have it on their phones).
  22. I was expecting and was prepared, but I was not asked for my pass sanitaire on public transport (trains) in France when I dropped DD off...
  23. I don’t know about Northwestern specifically, but as I understand it the ED rate is not really 25% for the regular ED applicant, becauce legacies, sports recruits, etc, are also included in that ED pool. The ED rate is of course higher than RD, but not quite that much higher as the numbers would suggest.
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