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  1. Yes. I get more annoyed with people who do it on purpose though. (especially names, but I won't get on my soapbox.)
  2. Did I mention Gymnast has a violin recital tonight? For your listening pleasure, she will playing "Lightly Row."
  3. The other thing that happened yesterday was I completely forgot how to say "one" in Mandarin. See, I was talking to one of the playdate dads who is French. We talk language a lot (his daughter is bilingual, too). I told the kids they had 5 minutes left in English, Spanish, Mandarin and German, and asked him how to say it in French. Got it! I don't remember why I wanted to recall "one" in Mandarin, but I couldn't do it, and could only recall it in Japanese, which I haven't spoken consistently for years. Oh! I was telling the dad that counting was similar in Hindi and Nepalese, as well as Japanese. Then I couldn't remember one in Mandarin. It was all quite strange. I finally remembered it (actually, one AND two escaped my brain. It happens that three shares the same word as Japanese) 20 minutes later while driving down the street as I asked Gymnast what it was. I'm telling you, strange. I still don't want to talk much. I'm glad my Spanish classes are done until first week of December (today was the last day), and very happy the ESL classes are scripted. I can't anymore.
  4. Thank goodness this is normal. I was beginning to worry... That must have been what I looked like yesterday when I was trying to express my opinion on a couple of things at a playdate. Thankfully, the people I was with know me, and probably chalked it up to an off day. Hopefully.
  5. I had a strange problem yesterday. This is what I told a friend: I'm doing a presentation for the online mom conference again (January), putting in a speaking proposal for the NMAEYC (March), and the state homeschool conference (June). I'm also writing the brand book, the family language course, and a workbook for the course. I have so many words in my head, I can barely communicate verbally anymore. This can't be normal. Is this normal?
  6. There are sweet tamales as well, without chile (peppers).
  7. See, my husband's aunt makes them, but she doesn't allow anyone near them to help, so I only somewhat know how to make them. That's okay. There's a great place down the street that makes the kind my dh eats (apparently, they're a bit different regionally), so I get those when we're not going to Albuquerque. Which is most of the time...(not going)...
  8. Now, my spring break homework assignment doesn't sound so bad. I had a class of prekers who had never played in the mud. I made it their homework assignment (written in the class newsletter!) to play in the mud over spring break. About 90% of them did (at least they said...). 😂
  9. Yep. My mom has done this for years, and she has nary a problem with her teeth. There were even books about ACV and healing benefits. I think my mom still has one of the originals... Reader can do both. She's an actress, being a princess.
  10. Dinner tonight, take 2:
  11. Dinner:, except with purple cabbage instead of green.
  12. This is what happens to most of our leftovers, too.
  13. Did you not notice the rolled eyes emoji at the end of my comment?
  14. You have not. Stop it. Dh mentioned wanting me to look up treadmills...thanks for the reminder...🙄
  15. Can you just do the tests until she starts getting a certain percentage, like 75-80%? Then start at that chapter.
  16. A couple of years overdue? No,but there are also no overdue fees, so... Yeah, I get it. Gymnast will be 9, and only now can I leave her at the part day school. If I'm a couple of minutes late picking her up, she's on the verge of tears (the first time she did cry). She may meltdown once she's in the car because she dislikes crying in front of other people. Anywhere else, she refuses to go unless she knows I'll be with her. Not in the vicinity, but there. I'm in the Chinese classes with her most of the time, but will let her know if I need to go take a walk. If I'm too long, I'll catch her peeking around the corners looking for me. It's actually a lot better than it used to be, though. I used to not be able to go to the bathroom without her looking for me...
  17. Library access would require me to find the really overdue books, or pay for them...😁
  18. Yeah, we only have 659 sq ft of total apartment, lol! I have to make sure the tree is in a corner that is least in the way, since the tree stays up so long... If you start feeling bad, make sure to go in and get checked. The only one I've read from that list is Up From Slavery. I keep wanting to read Skipping Christmas, but I need access...
  19. 1:30. Actually, I don't know if Chinese school will still be going on in May, lol! 😂 But, we can still drive down to see you and I' can figure out what's going on at whatever time.
  20. 3 if we don't stay for extracurricular; 4 if we stay. I considered recording it, but my phone was dying... we plan to do it again tomorrow. I was cozy in a very warm poncho and gloves, and my small old dog cuddled on my lap under the poncho with me. We put up decorations the Saturday after Thanksgiving. They stay up until at least Three Kings Day, but lately Gymnast likes them up for her birthday which is 2 days after that. We have small windows, so we really don't get tired of the lights because otherwise, our apartment is dark. We've kept up the tree through February before, because we were all too lazy to take it down!
  21. Nope, don't have it. But, Disney was paying people $1000 to watch 30 movies in 30 days on their channel (had to apply for the job and review), so maybe so many rave reviews are coming from them. With us at Chinese school? Dh turned half of our old charcoal grill into a firepit and he and Gymnast gathered wood from the river and started a fire. It was nice. They threw a couple of gigantic marshmallows in the fire and watched them convert into lava pillows, like the ones you see underwater. It was cool.
  22. I told you I'm tired. I forgot we were talking about image searches, lol!
  23. Whatever you find about me is probably what I SHOULD be doing, not what's actually getting done...
  24. If you only type in "Renai," all you get is an anime character. If you type in "Tam Renai," however, it's a little different...
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