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  1. "My" team won their first game, despite me being "coach."
  2. Yes, welcome! But please note, if you do continue with the Booya tradition, there is no H. See, the Original Booya Babe, the one who started it all, said so. Thus, it is so. #noh
  3. It will remind you of how much you have grown over the years.
  4. Awesome! I didn't even realize it was up on Amazon already, lol! Let me know what you think, and if there are any other resources that would be helpful to you.
  5. I see numbers too. I'm on my phone, if that matters.
  6. So, should I have Gymnast completely skip the Reading part 2 of the test? She's not doing it anyway because she says she can't read (she's certainly not at the level on this test) and she's really not trying to read it. I've decided to just do the core test, then do the Cogat. I need to mail these back soon.
  7. No one is making it up, lol! Both are correct, and the same person will use both expressions so it's not necessarily regional.
  8. I picked up the soccer uniforms and coaching manual and contacted all the parents on "my roster" last night. Does that mean I'm officially the coach????
  9. I studied psychology (APA) and education (also APA) and was very happy there were separate graders for the English lit class. I did not want to have to learn a whole other writing format just to teach the class, lol!
  10. See, I wind up repeating things when I take forever to write one post. Yeah, the template...
  11. You have kids...duh. People would constantly apologize to me for "getting in my personal space." I'm like, what's that? I teach prek, I have no personal space. (It got so bad, I once had a random kid from my class sit on my lap, and when I looked down, I wondered when he got there...). Ah, yes, in that case, writing more papers requiring documentation is good. I'd just do one really well, and that can take all year. Wait, you taught English, right? I know when I taught American lit a couple of years ago, it literally took all year of monthly papers for most of the kids to do...I think MLA...well. So, question: I thought that the style used had to do with the department - science uses a particular style, social science, etc. (I can't think of the right words right now...). Right? So, yeah, one style taught well should do it. Which I see you said later. Tell ds18 to get a template online and follow it for whatever style he needs to use. The templates will have where to place the title, headings and such, and will help him format correctly until he has it ingrained.
  12. Ugh, I've had that happen on an fb page. I shared a live I had done about whether bilingual adults regretted being bilingual. It was to start a conversation in a bilingual group, and followed along the vein of some questions that had been asked. It was taken down and I was told the same thing. I wasn't promoting anything at all either, except a conversation...
  13. You really think so? I've found that most college classes requiring writing point in the direction of which style to use and the resources because there are different styles. Even in grad school, they were teaching formatting because people come from different backgrounds. They even gave websites that would help format, but said to double check them because format rules would change and the websites couldn't always keep up. I mean, it's a good idea to practice different formats, but I don't think there is a huge disadvantage if a student is really proficient in one and learns another style in college (rather than learning all of them in one year). If you go in that direction, maybe spend a couple of months on each style, but it's really not enough to become proficient in any of them. (In my opinion.)
  14. That's the type of food Gymnast requests, too. 🙄
  15. And, apparently, I'm also a soccer coach now. I'm left wondering how the heck that happened...
  16. I think it's interesting how we have at least three writers in this thread, all doing different things. I just (self) published another family resource. This one is a drawing translation notebook. It was in my head for a while, so I had to knock it out. Now I need to get to writing the next in the series of my beginning Spanish classes.
  17. The plants should be fine. Here's info for the tomatoes: Dumbbells are more convenient in my opinion because you can just switch to the size you need without changing weights on a bar. But, I usually use them during recorded workouts when I need to change up quickly. On the other hand, the bar is more flexible because you can mix and match to get the exact weight you want. I guess I'm no help.
  18. My dad has a security camera that was recording at the time. I'm surprised nothing hit the truck either!
  19. Apparently, a shed blew away, leaving a pile of stuff on the foundation. And the high winds broke some large tree branches, but not near the house or patio (they think the dog may have hid on the patio)! Some neighbors have some damage (a large tree branch landed on an RV, and three trees fell in another neighbor's yard). My parents are walking the neighborhood today to check out how are things.
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