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  1. I am in disbelief that what I am scoring is for grade 7. Please continue to teach your children writing. Especially things like periods. Good golly. That is all. ps. (Critterfixer is excused from that last post because we all know she has edited millions of pages already and is tired.)
  2. It is that time of year again! Time to score standardized tests. I have four hour shifts. So, I have the laptop on top of the exercise bike while I complete the training. Yes, I am actually moving the pedals with my feet.
  3. I usually tell families to just start with just one routine and speak the target language then. It is sometimes overwhelming to think to just begin speaking the other language all the time, so you can start small. We are an English/Spanish family, but are learning Mandarin. To get us in the habit of speaking the (very) little we know, I started Mandarin mornings. We are to speak Mandarin during breakfast time. That is the only obligatory time we speak Chinese (although it does find its way into other conversation in the day sometimes). I have my own tutor, so if I need information to extend our conversation, I ask and then am able to incorporate that into the routine. I see us doing this routine for a while, since our knowledge is so limited at the moment. I started a journal to help keep us consistent with speaking, and watching shows and discussing them, etc. It has worked out well so far.
  4. I slept 8 hours last night, and that includes the 56 minutes of awake/restlessness. That is all.
  5. The towers and main structure are saved. There are very good pictures of the inside available. It doesn't look if many, if any, stained glass windows were damaged. The huge rose one is still there. Some burning may continue for days though.
  6. My dad was stationed in Ft. Rucker, AL when I was really young, and we used to drive down to the FL beach all the time. I miss those times.
  7. They are saying they may not be able to save it. 😞
  8. I used to have a cat that I trained to walk on a leash. I was used to dogs and didn't know any better. You should have seen the looks I got when I took him to the vet. On a leash instead of a cage... And it's a 猫, ネコ, gato, BOOYA!
  9. I'm awake. My head feels muddled, but no real pain. I have nothing to do today. Except laundry, which we didn't get to yesterday. So, some time today I need to go to the laundromat. Preferably this morning because Gymnast has a violin lesson and other online class this afternoon. Oops, just realized she has a Magic Treehouse online class later this morning. Hmmm... I did a live on my FB page this morning, waking up Gymnast in Spanish. It was kinda funny because she didn't want to get up. It is part of my "series" of integrating language into daily routines.
  10. I've done nothing all day. Except nurse a migraine and bring down my blood pressure.
  11. I have an Audible credit. What should I spend it on? I'm considering something for Gymnast. Or maybe Rethinking School for me.
  12. I meant to answer you about that, but I went to get my bp meds, then took a nap, and when I woke up (10 minutes ago) my phone was dead.
  13. Oh, my goodness, I think you're right. Slash did one for me too a while back!
  14. I think we both need Susan to sort out our lives. On spreadsheets...
  15. I gave up and just ordered another Fitbit charger (cheaper on Amazon). I just cannot find the other one, and I need to get back on the ball with my steps. I accidentally opened time today, and wound up with a 6:30am Saturday class. I don't like to get up that early on Saturday. I have a Spanish class in 45 minutes. I still haven't finished inputting my class schedule for the fall. I have most of it written down, though. I need to help my husband clean the house. He's moving and shaking right now! I can't get my behind off the sofa, though. I want to finish the family language journal this weekend. I would like to work on this other book I have in mind. I still need to finish a copywork series. I've had my head in the journal for a couple of weeks though. I have a pile of books and papers sitting in front of me that I need to get through and put away. I have clutter everywhere. I think if I start in my bedroom, then move to what was Dancer's room and turn that into an office/play room, then I could finish the living room once and for all. The living room is where I am working, and where the pile of books and papers are. Welp, guess I'll go do...something...
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