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  1. Yes, that's the Paula. She had posted on the old WTM forum and I had copied the post. I can't find it right now though. Someone had asked if it was okay if their 4 year old was just outside digging in the dirt. Of course it was, and Paula put it in a lesson plan, ie, educationese. It was a classic post, written around 2004 or so...
  2. I never wanted a rabbit. It's like having a big hamster, and I've had one of those before for 4 years or so. I knew how much work it would be. Gymnast has been doing okay with taking care of it though, although we do have to remind her to clean the cage. We let her out for a time everyday, but since this isn't our furniture and she's destructive, we close all the doors and have to keep an eye on her. Cats are definitely easier! Wish we had kept ours and got rid of the rabbit. The rabbit looks like a giant guinea pig; in fact, guinea pig in Spanish is "conejillo de guinea" which basically means "little rabbit of Guinea." Her name is Carrots Furryfoot, or Zanahorias Patapeludas. She has several nicknames to include: Cuddles, Fluffy, Snuggles, and one other I can't remember.
  3. When I worked in b & m prek in a public school (while still homeschooling my kids), I'd have the older grade teachers walking in and commenting about how the kids only played all day, insinuating I didn't work much. I finally put up the prek standards (correlated with the future kindergarten standards) being covered (they were already in the posted required lesson plans) on a large sheet every week on the bulletin board. That was the language they understood. Does anyone else remember Paula's lesson plan for "Digging in the Dirt?" Back in 2004 or so... I think I have it around here somewhere...
  4. We are going to the living history museum for the Renaissance Fair today. It is 3 acres of different villages and a lot of walking.
  5. I'm pretty sure for an accurate demonstration, the table was SUPPOSED to fly... I still read that as Sir-Poops-a-lot... Reading these tales takes me back to January 25 of this year when dh brought Dancer's bunny to our house and I said absolutely not. It is still here, and I still don't want it. You got a Bunny Booya! Ever since the rabbit, I've been in a "we're not replacing them as they die" mood. I'm tired of animals. Yep, I fell asleep too!
  6. Although, I actually think there are quite a few more to go.
  7. One class for the grades together (ie, Tk-3 is together)?
  8. What is the new law, and how has your work doubled? 😩
  9. You may have to placate the fool story with a small snack to tide it over.
  10. Coffee grinds in a pot. Boil. Strain with coffee filters into a bowl or your cup. We haven't had a coffee maker in years.
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