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  1. Good Morning!!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Blessed Good Friday to you all!! Busy day today because we are having Easter here tomorrow. DH has today off for the first time ever. Gotta clean the house, bake bread, go to the Afsa, bake another batch of lemon brownies and most importantly, go to the Good Friday Service tonight.
  2. I managed to do the dishes and sweep the floor without getting into the brownies. Whew!!! I get like a squillion points for self-control. You need to come visit me, Susan. Then I will give you lemon brownies!!!!
  3. Ummmm.... I am in severe need of an intervention. A lemon brownie intervention . I have to go back into the kitchen now and do the dishes and there’s still half a pan. I did brush my teeth, so hopefully that will help.
  4. Rachel, From Cardholder Services, calls me about my current credit card. She’s very sweet and perky.
  5. I am having a “not a great mom”, not “taking advantage of a teachable moment” moment. DD2 wanted to add more to her little essay on helium, so she copied directly out of the encyclopedia. Well, it’s almost 4:00 and I am tired and if I were a good Mom I would sit down with her and the encyclopedia and work with her to come up with stuff that she understands and is truly in her own words. I just nicely told her she couldn’t copy. She erased and left. I feel bad, but I am tired and working with her is such a struggle. She has learning problems that are just.... tremendous. She tries hard and I should have helped her, but I know that working with her on this will be a huge undertaking. Maybe we can revisit this some time when I am fresh.
  6. And..... the verdict on the lemon brownies....... drum roll please...... YUMMY!!!! Oh my goodness. They are delicious!!!
  7. I am back. I bought two beautiful heuchera. “Fire alarm” is the variety. Vivid reddish-purple leaves. Expensive, too. I hope I don’t kill them.
  8. Heather is here!!! 👏👏👏💕💕💕💕 Yay!!! It’s so good to see you!!!!
  9. Oh my goodness, my kids love that show. I think it’s hilarious. “Miscreant” is an insult that is bandied about frequently around here.
  10. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!!~D A Blessed Maundy Thursday to you all!!!! Not much going on today!!! Kids have school. I will try to start getting things ready for company on Saturday!! I need to run to the nursery and pick up another Coral Bells (heuchera) Don’t ask why. It’s too long to type and not a very interesting story anyhow, and I can’t believe i’m Driving 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back to pick up another gorgeous, expensive Coral Bells (heuchera), but I am.
  11. DS is spending the night at his friend’s house, so it’s just us and the girls tonight.❤️
  12. Ok, so, I made the glaze for the lemon brownies. It called for 4 T lemon zest. Holy cow. That’s an awful lot of lemons to zest. I didn’t do 4 T. I probably got close to 1 T and the glaze is plenty lemony.
  13. That sounds really meaningful. At our old church we had a number of candles lit at the beginning of the service. After each set of Scripture and music ended, one candle was extinguished. And then the last candle was walked out by one of the elders and the whole church was dark and we exited in silence.
  14. The laundry is all folded, children have been admonished to tidy up the tv room and now Ima go make dinner.
  15. Ok, so where are y’all??? Priorities, people!! Priorities!!!
  16. The lemon brownies are out of the oven and smell divine. I need to let them cool andnglaze them, though. I have half of the laundry folded.
  17. The lemon brownies are in the oven, I am snacking on butter and Nobody Is Taking This Thread Seriously!!
  18. I’m making these right now.... i’ll let y’all know if they’re any good.
  19. Trust me, I used to teach middle school and I actually directed two middle school plays, back in the day. I can just imagine three middle school Girls totally getting in to the witches scene in MacBeth, and oh what fun they would have with “Out damn spot!! Out!!”. Romeo and Juliet.... not so much. And girls can play boys parts. We did The Hobbit and had a girl play Thorin Oakenshield. She was amazing.
  20. 3. A Mom who can deal with a houseful of middle schoolers and do Shakespeare. (Just make sure you do a tragedy. Middle schoolers would love MacBeth or Hamlet. They would get all weird with something with a comedy/love play.)
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