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  1. We have very small frogs with a very loud croak. We used to have a frog we called Roger. We never saw him, but he lived under our bedroom window.
  2. I had no nicknames. Other than “sugar pie” or “pumpkin”. My grandma called me “Joannie-Carolyn-Ruthie-Kristen”. She always had to go through the list before she came to me.😂
  3. I made it back from VBS. Didn’t have 4 chocolate chip cookies. Had an ice cream bar instead. Did I happen to mentiOn I have no self-control?
  4. I have to go to VBS now. Please pray for me that I don’t eat 4 chocolate chip cookies.😂
  5. I think i’ve Gained 5. This HRT is a mixed-bag. Hopefully it’ll keep away the UTIs and there are some, uhhhh, teA -related benefits, but my complexion looks like a 13 year old, I’m eating everything in site and my cycles have started again. I understand this is normal, but.... good grief.
  6. I’m thinking about picking up a little Greek, too. Just because. I enjoy language as an academic study. I don’t ever want to have to speak it.
  7. I’m reviewing Latin this summer. I got bogged down and quit last fall. So, this summer I picked up Henle again and started from the beginning. I’m going quickly, but it feels good. I need lots of review and I like it to settle in before I move on.
  8. Bribery. i also tie clean up time to something they like. For example, “It’s almost tv/snack/going to the park time, but nobody’s getting anything until this room is cleaned up and vacuumed.”
  9. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Humph Day!!! Solar guys are supposed to be coming back today. VBS went well last night. They’re serving dinner this year. Last night was taco Tuesday. They had a local restaurant come and serve street tacos. Very very yummy. I’m a small group leader for 6th grade. I got a really sweet group of adorable girls. And K and I (K is the other girls group leader for the Green Gadgets team) won the leaders round of three-way tug-o-war during recreation. I was pretty proud of myself. I’m just glad VBS is only three evenings this year instead of a whole week of mornings. That just wore me out. Oh, and in case anyone was concerned (😂), we are not using the “Roar” curriculum. I think someone from out church actually wrote this one. It’s about spies and finding clues about God’s love for us. Or something like that. No cultural appropriation. Just CIA appropriation.
  10. And they left. They had the wrong equipment and their boss had the stomach flu. Hmph. They say they will be back tomorrow.
  11. Solar guys are here. They’re supposed to finish today. As soon as we’re hooked up i’m Bumping the AC down to 55 degrees and putting on a coat.
  12. Can I come, if I bring a chair, a book and a pile of magazines and promise to be very very quiet??
  13. My version of running is watching the Olympics on tv.
  14. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Tuesday!!!! HOT!!!}🔥🔥🔥☀️☀️☀️☀️ VBS tonight!!!
  15. It’s 9:00, dad-nab it, and I still have to clean up the kitchen.
  16. Welcome to ITT, Kareni. Over the years the archives have become a repository of all the amazingly witty poems, songs, sayings and what-have-you that ITT Members have come up with. It’ll come in handy when the book and movie deal comes out. Hope to see you around ITT more. You seem to fit right in. Just remember that if you post at the top of the page, you have to Booya/h and we have a strict no dying policy. Whitehawk is the keeper of the handbook, so if you have any other policy related questions, see her.
  17. I’m back from VBS training. It’s a good exercise for me to hold my tongue.
  18. Social academics?? Now that’s a new one.😂😂😂
  19. Got me!! The town I live in is poor and the schools are horrible. Probably the kids aren’t learning much. Of course putting in the same schools that are failing them won’t do much good, but.... whatever. I think it’s a societal problem.
  20. It had a great sound track. And Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer were quite the hotties. And it was quite “instructive” for a bunch of extremely naive and sheltered girls in the 80’s. 😂😂😂
  21. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Monday!!!😩😩😩 Today is the first official day of Summer Vacation. But, everyone in this family will continue to slog their way through math. And DS will be taking an on-line driver’s ed course because the high school he will attend in the fall isn’t offering it anymore. And all the minions are mad at me because I am not allowing them to sink to the lowest common denominator this summer and do nothing. They have to make their beds every day and each person will be in charge of making lunch once a week. Gasp. I know, the horror. And we will be visiting the library weekly. Solar guys are coming to install today. As soon as we are hooked up I am going to pump the AC down to 60 degrees and bundle up. Just because I can.😂 VBS starts this week. It’ll be three evenings, instead of a week of mornings. Apparently the local school district is insisting most kids take summer school, so that is why our church is doing VBS at night. I am not complaining. VBS is not my favorite thing. At all. We have leader training tonight. VBS itself starts tomorrow night till Thursday night.
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