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  1. I double cleanse at night. First I use Banila Co Clean it Zero cleansing balm. It's great for removing zinc oxide sunscreen. Then I use Hada Labo hydrating foaming facial cleanser to remove any oily residue. Then I apply a watery urea moisture lotion that's made in Japan. Next comes The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 5%. This is until I can get back in with my dermatologist. I really want to use Refissa again. A layer of Hyaluronic Acid by The Ordinary or Hada Labo. Then a moisturizer to occlude the HA. My favorite sunscreen for face/neck is Shunly. I order it from Cost
  2. Ok sorry not sorry. I have created some lego masterpieces back in the day, and that in no way equates to the horror of the Hemnes dresser. If I had creative freedom with the Hemnes dresser as one has with Legos, I would have earned that degree. I could have created a work of art. 😂 But alas there is no creative license with IKEA. I’m picturing that half assembled dresser rn in an art museum exhibit. It was worthy. To be contemplated. The universal struggle of the human race in the unfinished Hemnes dresser. eta my dh civil/ME was never in to Lego! Weird.
  3. If you earned a degree, I totally flunked out based on a Hemnes dresser several years ago. Malm 3 drawer—I got a solid C. Hemnes nightstands—A+. But that Hemnes dresser was worth way more credit hours, and I failed miserably. Totally offset the A+ on the low credit hours night stands. I had to call in the mechanical/civil engineer husband to fix the dresser. No degree for me! 😂
  4. This may be completely irrelevant, but I’ve been concerned for years that she and her identical twin might have PCOS. I’ve asked my own gynecologist about their symptoms (mainly that they can go months without a period), and I’ve been told it’s nothing to worry about at their age. I think the last time I asked was when they were 20 or 21. They have both expressed interest in seeing an endocrinologist in the past year—completely aside from the IIH. They struggle with seeing their peers eat and drink like crap, never exercise, and never gain a pound while they eat half as much, work out regu
  5. So she has moved past anger and that DRIVE is kicking in. She started texting me earlier. She's invited me to online support groups, sending me links to articles about other conditions that are linked like hypoparathyroidism, Epstein Barr, etc. This is very encouraging to me because sometimes her fear of doctors and procedures makes her just want to stick her head in the sand. She did acknowledge that she thinks lifting may trigger migraine type headaches, so she is going to back off this week and just do some cardio. I know she's not completely done mourning. There will be ha
  6. I’m going to see her this week to discuss what she needs from me. I’m not the type to swoop in and take over, but I do like to have all my ducks in a row in case it’s needed. Did I mention she’s VERY STRONG WILLED? 😂 She has no trouble setting boundaries or telling me how she really feels about something. But so far she has wanted me involved—wanted me at appointments, etc. I expect she’ll actually want me more involved at this point because it frees her up to focus more on her studies. About your second part...this is what I’m hoping for. I hate the thought of more tests and doctor visi
  7. I’m going to suggest that to her because I’m just a firm believer in getting second opinions. I’m working on getting some names of specialists here. There is no one else where she lives, so she’d have to come here. It’s just a 2 hour drive.
  8. you are NOT bothering me. I'll take all the info I can get. 🙂 I was just googling about the weight lifting and it does exacerbate symptoms in some people. I'm just going to mention for her to pay attention to that.
  9. adding that to my list of questions to ask a doctor. Is it ok for her to lift? If she's not having headaches or nausea, she is go, go, go.
  10. I'm mulling all of this over. I'm going to start a list of phone calls to make, apps to get, etc. Initial lumbar puncture is to determine pressure level--and I'm sure they will drain some to reduce pressure. I think the first thing they try is a a diuretic like Diamox. The doctor suggested she lose 10% of her body weight. Supposedly that can help. But I want a second opinion on that, too. She's nowhere close to obesity (which is a risk factor for this). She's a healthy, curvy size 6 who likes to lift. She goes to the gym several times a week.
  11. !!! This has been on my mind because my cousin's dd had this. She went to New York for surgery. Does chiari show up on MRI with contrast?
  12. @Tap thank you for reminding me of spoon theory! I will absolutely share that with her. Thank you for sharing your experience. This is going to be so important to my dd. It's going to be really hard for her to adjust, but she's not alone in this.
  13. Thank you all so much for being here and offering your help. I've been on the road today for 11 hours. It was a great vacay, but I'm headed to bed...exhausted but grateful. I will check in again tomorrow. No promises that I will be up before 10 am. 😉 Y'all have been such an encouragement to me tonight. Thank you. I feel much less alone.
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