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  1. The beaches in Fl are fine in the heat of summer. Would that be an option? I mean it’s hot, but take an umbrella and there’s always a breeze. And the water to cool off, of course!
  2. Same! But those calories add up! I bought multi vitamin gummies at Costco, too. Didn’t realize til I got them home that the dosage is 6 gummies a day! That on top of the calcium gummies is a meal’s worth of calories! 😭
  3. I have trouble with big pills, too. I bought Kirkland brand gummies at Costco. I can’t remember what form of calcium it is. I decided even if it’s not the most absorbable form, it’s better than nothing. Do you take D3 with it?
  4. Thinking of you. Continuing to pray tonight.
  5. I wasn’t going to mention this before, but seeing this... Does your church have a specific, well thought out protocol for helping women in your situation? My church has a team dedicated to this. I’m praying you will find something similar—if not your own church then another one. It doesn’t even have to be local. The moms I mentioned both came to us (my church) from out of town. These moms happened to have good friends at my church that they confided in, so our mercy team intervened.
  6. I have been in contact with missionaries in the UK who then shared with me a church in Middlesex who is supporting South Asian Concerns “KCH oxygen appeal”. They are helping a hospital in Kachhwa (near Varanasi). The goal is to purchase one oxygen generating machine and 3 ventilators. It’s very easy to donate. I’ll delete if this isn’t allowed. eta: after reading @Dreamergalposts, the church I linked is having a time of corporate prayer for India Tues May 5 at 7:45 pm local time. There is a zoom link, but I will just set aside time to pray. New Life Suwarta Sangat http
  7. I quit keeping track! I lost my coloring sheet. Maybe I’ll print another out and start over.
  8. I am praying for you and your children. I know of 2 moms who were in very similar situations, and they are ok now. I know you are feeling hopeless, but you are going to get there. I will help if I can.
  9. That’s very interesting because it helps those like my dd who went into that very rigid lock step program. Except my kids have all had nearly all of their tuition covered by scholarships. Do scholarship recipients still get credited that money?
  10. That’s interesting. We’re an Auburn family. 🙂 The 25/75 percentile scores are 25-31. Freshmen entering Samuel Ginn College of Engineering average 29.6. I know they have a special summer session for STEM incoming freshmen who score below a certain threshold on the math portion (which shouldn’t be a factor when you consider what’s on the math portion of the ACT). Or maybe if student didn’t take calculus in hs?? I can’t remember. Its crash course to prep for Cal 1. It seems to be pretty successful. The students take an exam at the end to determine their placement. One of my dds actuall
  11. Ok I’m really curious now. What is the average ACT or SAT score for admission? I’m guessing this is how they gauge who needs remediation??
  12. They spend 3 years at CC before taking Cal 1? That’s like high school do over! Most STEM kids take cal 1 first semester of freshman year. How long are these kids in school total? Or maybe I misunderstood entirely—yeah pretty sure it’s me.
  13. I think I read this correctly...that California already has 2 years of free CC? I am curious how this works. Did 4 year institutions in California have to make changes to accommodate these students coming out of their 2 yrs of CC? One of my daughters majored in graphic design. It is a lock step program from day 1 semester 1. If dd had done 2 years of CC prior, it would have been a HUGE waste of credit hours and would not have lessened the financial burden by much at all. Also, she would have been at a severe disadvantage in being accepted into the program —it’s highly competitive and only 15 s
  14. I didn’t feel like you were attacking me personally—I promise. It felt like an attack on the choice to be a sahm, I think???? Or maybe that it’s not okay for a woman to depend on a man financially?? That women who do are foolish? I’m not exactly sure what I was trying to defend. 😂 You don’t owe me an apology at all. I shared my personal experience not because I was so vain as to think it was about me, but to say it’s absolutely possible for a woman to prepare for the future without a career and a matching 401k—to expand on my position that there are inherent risks for women either way (earlier
  15. This is not at all what I was implying nor is it the reason for the tangent to begin with. No woman should be made to feel less than or foolish or unwise for whatever choice she makes. I’m leaving so the tangent can end. 🙂 I have nothing of value to add to the discussion.
  16. I don’t have to have a career to plan for retirement. I have my own retirement account (and separate brokerage account only in my name) that has been funded by my husband’s income. Also life insurance is a thing. And attorneys in the case of that mid life crisis. And I do have a plan(s) in the event that suddenly dh disappears along with his income. None of it required me to have a career while my kids were young. Also, this IS a HOME SCHOOLING community or am I in the wrong place because it suddenly seems to have become very home schooling unfriendly. 😉
  17. I couldn’t read all the comments because I saw a “spoiler alert” lol There is so much I’ve already forgotten that I’m worried that if I start the new season, stuff won’t make sense. And then I also don’t want to re-subject myself to the pain of rewatching past episodes! Definitely have a love hate thing with this show. It’s crazy—I typically would NEVER watch something so stressful. My husband always wanted me to watch Blacklist with him and I refused. I’ve got enough stress hormones and adrenaline flowing through my body as it is, and yet I’ve been sucked into this “tale”. I’m doing this
  18. To the bolded. I don’t think this is the case. Or at least hasn’t been my experience. My credit score usually runs just a bit higher than my husband’s and my credit limits on revolving accounts in my name are WAY higher than his. If my husband’s income doesn’t factor in to this then how/why does AMEX and VISA keep upping my credit limits? I haven’t had a “career” since 1995.🧐😂 to the last part of your post—I totally agree. This is very true for my dear SIL. It should be every woman’s prerogative. I just disagree that it’s somehow more risky to not have a career while the kids are young. T
  19. That’s quite a sacrifice for a handful of hypotheticals. I get the insurance thing though.
  20. I am taking Naturebell brand 250mg twice a day. Noticeably smoother skin. I have Rosacea. I was having problems with flaking, roughness, and bumps. It doesn’t help the redness, but the other 3 issues are much better. And I started the supplement during a lazy stretch when I wasn’t doing ANYTHING topically for my skin, so i have to attribute it to the supplement. Ymmv of course! Topically, I use Hado Labo brand. Limited-time deal: Hada Labo Tokyo Skin Plumping Gel Cream 1.76 Fl Oz - with Super Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen - 24 Hour Moisture & visible Line Plumping Fragran
  21. @matripswhat are you currently using/doing for your skin? I’m with Regentrude and Wathe. I don’t think ingesting collagen can do any good. I took collagen for awhile for various things and didn’t notice any difference. I think a better approach is to (1) do something that stimulates collagen production in the skin—like a dermal roller or micro needling. (2) retinoids (check out what The Ordinary has—good stuff and it’s inexpensive) (3) hyaluronic acid—both topically and oral supplement. I started taking it orally a few months ago, and I DID notice a difference in my skin
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