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  1. Actually, a friend of mine just mailed me a book that might be good for what you are looking for. I am not familiar with the author, and I haven't started reading it. I just got it today, but it looks interesting. It's called Confronting Christianity by Rebecca McLaughlin. One thing to keep in mind about Lewis' Mere Christianity is that it was written in a different era. The truths don't change, but some of it might seem a little cringy and not exactly PC. I'm honestly not a fan of Tim Keller's writing at all, but he does have some good books aimed at those who are questioning. Not exactly a podcast, but there is a lot of audio of Ravi Zacharias online. I consider him to be possible the greatest apologist of our time. He's super interesting to listen to.
  2. The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones is excellent for this IMO. There is a forward by Tim Keller in which he states that the book should be required reading for every seminary student.
  3. DD has requested the forms to request the deferral, but she is still undecided. She did not make a single new friend last year. Not one. So there is no one to sit by at lunch or anything like that. I think that's one of my concerns (among many). Actually, the whole sitting by someone at lunch won't even be a thing this year at her college. I think all dining options are take out only. That's kind of my point. This is not going to be a year conducive to making friends. It's complicated, of course. I can't get in to all the issues playing in to this. New development: she is sick right now. Pediatrician thinks it's COVID, so we got a test this afternoon. If she's positive, I doubt she'll be able to attend at least the first week of classes, so she'll be behind from the get go. Not good. I need to find out the details how many days post symptoms students are required to quarantine. Everything is just complicated and depressing and scary right now--for everyone.
  4. the forums need a logical fallacy button
  5. I think one of the problems we are having (and why people are alarmed at what they see as "silencing") is that the private companies like Youtube and other social media platforms haven't done much policing up until recently. Consider the alarming rise of paganism and white supremacy among young white men in our country. These young men have been recruited on many different platforms. Here is a link to consider for those who say "that's not the way it's done" regarding debate. Maybe not much in the past, but the last time there was a pandemic of this magnitude, there was no internet, no social media, etc. Perhaps now is the time to change the way the scientific community interacts with lay people.
  6. Scholarship office replied to my email. They will allow a deferral for one semester for special circumstances, study abroad, internships, etc. So we would have to have a special circumstance. I'm leaving it up to dd to decide. She has severe ADHD (inattentive). She has documentation with office of accessibility and also is part of a program that supports (coaching) students with disabilities. Part of the reason we got her into that program was because of how much she struggled with the online classes last spring. So that would be our special circumstance. We personally know of 2 students in recent years on scholarship who took an entire year off, and the university held the scholarships for them. I got an email from that coaching program that said the uni will announce class modalities on Aug 1. The options they listed--we had never even heard of them. Here are the possibilities: (if any of y'all can shed some light on this, I'd be greatly appreciative.) "On August 1st, the University will publish the course modalities for Fall. Please review your Fall 2020 schedule to determine how your class will be offered: 1) Face to Face, 2) Online (synchronous, asynchronous or mixed), 3) blended or 4) HyFlex. I will be available next week to discuss any changes or answer questions, just email or text me for an appointment. "
  7. Just wanted to pop in with an update. My pain is completely GONE. I quit tea and nightshades Friday afternoon. Sunday was much better. Monday morning I woke up in pain again--pretty bad, but it abated after little while. Tuesday--zero pain. Today--zero pain. I will not drink tea for a few more weeks to make sure this sticks. If the pain comes back, I'll have to see a doctor. If I stay pain free, I may reintroduce a glass of tea every once in a while to see if I can tolerate it at all. @Harpymom,THANK YOU! Each of you who posted--thank you for caring enough to take the time to help me think this through. I'm very grateful for this community.
  8. It wasn't about the data. It was never about the data. It was about not censoring opposing opinions. But y'all win. I admit defeat to C's mad debating skillz.
  9. BINGO! This is what y'all are really all about! Goodnight!
  10. That "strange media" would be CNN. A quick Google search will verify.
  11. I totally agree with you! These are extraordinary times. And perhaps that is why I think silencing these doctors in not the right move.
  12. There is absolutely a place for this in academia. Universities host debates all the time over lesser issues. This needs to be one. One of the medical schools or perhaps the AMA could sponsor it.
  13. really? okay. I'm not saying that specifically only the people on this thread are afraid of something. Man...yall are more literal than me! lol
  14. HUH? not following you. I think you are honing in on some minutia of my comment instead of taking the whole counsel of it.
  15. um the same media that thinks Sean Penn is someone I should listen to about politics. He's been given lots of air time in the past.
  16. Her specific comment was ad hominem. It has nothing to do with whether what Coorelano said was an accurate assessment of the woman's character. This is the place of real debate. Real debate would determine her credibility. Not any of us here just speculating about her. Debate has certain rules. If she can't keep the rules, she's disqualified. Why not give her the chance? What are you all afraid of? If she can't defend her position logically, she loses. And we have better information. This absolutely should happen. I watched her clip. She said she was willing to die on this hill. Somebody give her the chance. ETA: for the record, I'm very leery of this group. I just firmly believe that silencing those with whom we disagree (even under the guise of protecting health) is facist.
  17. you didn't read that list did you? That's ok. I didn't expect anyone to. sad. Very sad. Especially for a classical ed forum. Those beliefs have nothing to do with whether or not the drug works. Nothing at all. I'm sure their school of thought could find someone else to represent them in a debate. Again what is everyone afraid of?
  18. You debate the IDEA or the anecdotal evidence. The person's character or unorthodox beliefs (which last I checked you are free to practice any religion you choose in our country w/out discrimination) would not come into play. The second it does, it ceases to be a true debate. What is everyone afraid of? Someone help me out? Is Corraleno"s reply a logical fallacy? I need to brush up. but I'm thinking this is a logical fallacy. Sorry. totally don't mean to offend. I may be on the spectrum, and I'm EXTREMELY left brained. @Corraleno run through this list. I know I'm going to make people mad. But this more than ever is needed in our discourse. are common errors in,evidence that supports their claim. Slippery Slope maybe? This one's better.
  19. Apologies if this has been said already. I didn't read every comment. Not lay people. Why not have a major news outlet give them some prime time air? Have someone interview them. Bring them (and their anecdotal evidence) INTO THE LIGHT. Engage them. Have a publicized debate with scientists on the opposing side. Why not? I totally agree that silencing these people serves no constructive purpose. How many of you have your kids study logic and debate? Isn't this a classical ed site? That's exactly what is needed right now.
  20. From what I'm reading on our uni's website, a student can withdraw for a semester or two and still be considered a student of said university. But more than a year and you have to reapply? I think I'm understanding that correctly. I'm hoping that means my dd could elect to sit out a year and keep her scholarship.
  21. I have either heard or read SWB talking about gap years. She said it wouldn't affect scholarship offers. She actually recommended it--going ahead and getting accepted, taking the scholarship then asking for a deferral. Maybe I'm not remembering all that correctly. Or I wonder if this is a recent change due to the pandemic. Will your student be an incoming freshman?
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