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  1. I agree she should get credit for that. I LOVED the finale! What an amazing portrayal of grief this series has been.
  2. Good morning! I hope you guys will have a good weekend! meals SAT prep with ds meal plan and grocery shopping lesson planning for classes next week really need to clean some area out. I never got a game plan together on that. play a game or two watch something
  3. I didn't call Daddy before he turned off his phone for going to bed. I'll call in the morning. Dinner was pan seared pork chops and roasted veggies. Dh and I watched some Modern Family afterward. Such a funny show! Ds and I went over some SAT stuff.
  4. I had the phone call with the mom. I think we'll have some good ideas for book club. We watched WandaVision. Oh my!!! I loved this show. I had no idea what the scope of it would be, and I never expected it to leave me crying.
  5. Good afternoon! Co-op is done. Ds wasn't hungry, so we didn't get food out. He is in a study hall for part of the day since he is a senior and didn't need all the classes offered. The home ec class gave him a full plate of bacon. I want to watch WandaVision, but I'll wait on dh to get home.
  6. Good morning! The usuals are done. shower and get dressed breakfast and dinner (pick up lunch out after co-op) co-op phone call with a mom to discuss book club plans call my daddy (Yes, I still call him Daddy!) SAT work with ds tidy house pay bills/update checking
  7. Thanks for the tips, Ladies! Dh and I went out to eat dinner since ds is off playing D&D. Everything for my first three classes tomorrow is packed up. I'm finishing up the lesson prep for chemistry (oxidation states, redox reactions, Galvanic cells, oh my!)
  8. Kelly, I have never owned chickens, but you make me wonder what the appeal is. Reader, my dad is finally talking about getting a vaccine but not until the Johnson and Johnson one is available. Dh gets one Monday because he is a teacher. I didn't think about the possibility of me qualifying. I'll have to check into it. I went to my eye appointment only to find out I didn't have one. There was no doctor there today, and according to them, they wouldn't have even had the March schedules when I called to make my appointment. So weird! I made one for next Thursday. Picked up a few
  9. Good morning! The usuals are done except I haven't posted in the bible study groups yet. bible study groups meals pay bills, update checking eye doctor appointment for me tutor 1 student in person final co-op prep and pack everything up
  10. 2 Zoom sessions done and an extra phone call to clarify something with a student. Ds has had breakfast and is in the shower. I just had the last cookie from a birthday gift. My best friend follows Trim Healthy Mama and made me their cowboy cookie recipe. I love them! Here's the recipe. https://mrscriddleskitchen.com/cowboy-cookies/
  11. If your health insurance is that bad, you might want to look into Christian Healthcare Ministries. My sister has it and needed a full hysterectomy. Because she actually pays out of pocket first and gets reimbursed, she was able to get the cost of the surgery given to her ahead of time. I can't remember exact numbers, but it was going to be over 70,000 total and they cut it in half because she was paying out of pocket. They lowered it even further when she received the actual bill (still over 20,000), then she was reimbursed all but $500 from the healthcare ministry. She pays every
  12. Good morning! I never got back on last night because when I looked at my lessons for today I realized I had to get 4 tests and quizzes ready. I don't know how I ended up with all my classes taking them at the same time. That hasn't happened before. The usuals are done. meals teach 4 Zoom sessions school with ds prep for co-op classes (making progress, more to go) church lesson planning for tutoring tomorrow
  13. Good morning! I slept in again this morning. We had leftover casserole from taking breakfast to SS class, so dh has been packing that each morning. bible study groups online meals teach 2 students in person SAT stuff with ds work on co-op classes
  14. Ds and I didn't have time to sit down and go over any of the questions he missed, but we'll get to it tomorrow evening. I had an extra Zoom session with a student struggling a bit. I've worked on prepping my lessons for tomorrow. Good night!
  15. This was from practice test #5. So I looked at the section a bit more. The passage is adapted from an essay written in 1837. He specifically remembers a section of the test referring to women as "woman" in the singular. Is it possible they used another section of the same essay?
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