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  1. We didn't go to Atlanta and went to a nearby town instead. We visited a park there we've never been to because I read it had a great walking trail. Turns out it has a fabulous veterans museum as well. Lunch was one of my favorites, Chicken Salad Chick! We went to Sam's Club to see if we might be interested in a membership and not really sure we would be. Went to Target, too. We just finished dinner (Salmon, salad, and rolls), and did a clean out of the fridge since the garbage goes out tonight. \ Ds is playing D&D online, so we may watch a movie.
  2. SKL, you are not a lousy parent for letting a child get the grade she earned. You are actually being the best kind of parent!
  3. I'm so very sorry for your losses. Thank you for sharing your heart and the importance of eternal decisions. May God give you the peace and comfort you need!!
  4. Good morning, Scout! I'm so glad your dd got the schedule and teacher she wanted! I pray all goes well with the shot and your blood sugar levels from it. I slept in a bit today but woke up a few times last night. breakfast dh and I go out for the day ds will go to swim with his friend dinner tidy house laundry this evening pay bills/update checking
  5. Scout, praying all goes well for your dd to get in the class! How's your mom? We're back from church. Not sure we want to go all the way into Atlanta tomorrow or not. The traffic can be a bit much up there at times. We'll do something, just not sure where or what yet.
  6. Hi, again! It's 72 and sunny here! So the laptop had something jarred loose with ds throwing it into his backpack for traveling. We have a computer bag to keep it safe, but he didn't want to take several bags. I've already picked it up. I actually went and tutored one of my students in person. Dh and I went out to lunch, and we're planning a day up in Atlanta tomorrow.
  7. Good morning! I hope everyone is well! We had a good time seeing my dad and dd. I went with my dad to his follow up with the oncologist. He is still cancer free, but his blood pressure was high. He's seeing his primary doctor today about that. My classes are cancelled for today. Our laptop is having a major issue, and I can't lead the classes on our desktop with no microphone or webcam. I fed Callie and did the online bible study groups. meals take the laptop to the local repair shop redo lesson plans moving into next week decide what else we'll do toda
  8. SKL, we desperately need a cleaning binge, especially if we end up moving this summer. It will make it easier. Welcome, Condessa! Classes are done. I'm almost through packing, and the boys are ready to go. I won't be on here in the morning if someone else will start the thread. "See" you guys later!
  9. Good morning! I had a busy but fun day and never made it back on here. Dh is off work this week. I fed Callie. meals teach 4 classes on Zoom finish laundry pack to go out of town today go to TN
  10. Good morning! Hope everyone has a great day with what is left of the weekend! breakfast church lunch out go tutor in person some of my Algebra 1 students who are struggling visit with my sister dinner laundry
  11. Dinner is done, and I've watched some Netflix. My sister in north Atlanta called and is coming down tomorrow afternoon to spend the night!
  12. Happy birthday to your ds, Reader!! I talked with ds about his dual enrollment classes, and he'll have too much work due the following Monday to take a trip later in the week. We're already going to TN Monday night and Tuesday. Dh and I might look at leaving him here and us going or doing day trips. I've got the lesson plans done for the math classes next week.
  13. We've loved the show! Dh thinks the twins are how they are bringing XMen into MCU now that Disney owns them. And he thought Agnes was Agatha had something to do with it all along, even after last week. Ds has theories about the book they showed in the basement. He wonders if it belonged to Ralph and Agatha turned him into the rabbit and took it, and if it's a book that has how to bring people back from the dead, alter reality, and such. I can't remember what he called it. They both wonder if Mephisto is behind it all using Agatha.
  14. Good morning! Scout, I pray things go well with the rehab for your mom!! Done: breakfast, looked on airbnb some for a possible short trip later next week (dh is off school next week) lesson plans for next week tidy house laundry read in book considering for book club look more at a short trip next week watch stuff/play a game or two
  15. ate lunch watched Wanda Vision with ds graded some quizzes and homework sent by email
  16. Good morning! I slept better last night but still work up at least a couple times. Thankfully, I was able to go back to sleep. The usuals are done, and I'm about to get in the shower. Co-op is today. After this, there will only be 4 left (we meet every other week). We started this co-op 9 years ago with about 10 families and about 20 kids. We now have 38 families and 80 kids with a long waiting list. I'm sad to leave it but thankful they all helped make a dream I had come true. get ready breakfast co-op lunch out relax a bit this afternoon figure out
  17. I don't have trouble going to sleep but staying asleep. Am I wrong that melatonin doesn't really help that?
  18. Kelly, so glad that turned out okay! Reader, sorry you have that situation with your sister. I have one sister that I get more frustrated with than the other, and I have to hold my tongue often. Most of the co-op stuff is packed up. I didn't sleep well last night, so I will try to go to bed earlier.
  19. So glad you have power, Reader! Breakfast out was great. tutored the student worked some on chemistry, still need to write out my final notes will cook dinner soon (ds went to a movie day at church and out to eat afterwards; some schools here are on break this week) ground beef stroganoff for them and make my own concoction for the noodles for myself
  20. Good morning! It's supposed to rain most of the day here. I'm going to breakfast with a friend who has a birthday this weekend. meals buy some supplies for co-op tutor 1 student in person prep chemistry test review for co-op pack up for co-op
  21. All classes finished I think I've settled on my statistics class activity. showered/dressed, still need to dry hair and do make up paid bills and updated checking ledger eating out dinner (so much easier on Wednesdays)
  22. SKL, I'm so glad you got that resolved! Kelly, let us see photos when she's got some. breakfast and lunch done two Zoom math classes done did a bit more research for my statistics class (combing the internet for ideas to create misleading graphs in class with data that's quick to produce)
  23. Good morning! How is everyone is the path of the winter storm? The usuals are done. meals 4 math classes on Zoom school with ds pay bills/update checking records prep for co-op classes church
  24. I couldn't go back to sleep. We had a few snow flurries this morning, so that's unusual here. Glad everyone is doing okay!
  25. Good morning! Praying everyone had a safe and warm night! The usuals are done, and I might try going back to sleep. My morning tutoring student cancelled. meals school with ds tutor 1 student in person continue co-op class prep tidy house
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