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  1. This. I can't even fathom a cause-effect connection between a secure upbringing and failure to work hard. Knowing how to work hard comes from learning how to work hard, which can happen in any kind of family.
  2. Puberty and time spent with positive role models is what will mature them, not a particular age or reduced exposure to video games. IME, boys tend to act 10 or 11 until they hit puberty, whether that's at 12 or at 15.
  3. I wouldn't do it. a) lying about his age will bother you b) your dh doesn't want you to do it c) in the unlikely situation that something went wrong, you'd have an under-approved-age kiddo with a vaccine reaction and a lot of explaining to do, insurance issues, legal issues, etc., etc. d) his immunity may have waned, but it may have not Instead, I'd a) give him daily doses of vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and maybe some quercetin - leading up to vacation and while there b) have him mask when appropriate c) have him use a Qtip to wipe nostrils with hydrogen peroxide after returning from public spaces
  4. You may want to research these supplements and effect on focus: DHA (omega 3). Options with higher DHA levels: Nordic Naturals Omega Focus. Nordic Naturals DHA Xtra. Nordic Naturals cod liver oil. zinc iron B12 P5P (pyridoxal-5-phosphate)
  5. Oh, got it. I totally misunderstood! I thought you meant you'd seen him on the porch, visited her, and then stopped to see him after you'd already talked to her. My mistake. Not weird at all!
  6. Not weird. Whose husband thought so? Your sister's? When I read it the first time, I thought you meant Joann's dh thought it was weird, and that didn't make sense to me, either. Now this? Maybe a little weird, LOL! I could see chatting him up if he were still outside, but going to his house to talk when he'd already gone back inside? Goodness, what an extrovert you are! What did you talk about?
  7. I sometimes think I have "Ask Me!" on my forehead. Even dh will ask me things about our dc, when he could easily just ask dc instead.
  8. Dc had a lengthy opportunity to compare the Surface Pro to the Apple iPad Pro. Dc had a Surface Pro (Costco deal) and dc's college provided the iPad Pros to students to use for a particular course and, if desired, for the rest of their years at the college. Dc used the Apple for the one course, as required, but then turned it back in; dc thought the Surface Pro was much better. I think there are several different versions of it, so you'd want to compare features carefully.
  9. It's not that his best wasn't good enough; it's that she wanted someone else. Nothing he did would have been good enough. It's not him; it's her.
  10. I doubt he wants to move home. More likely, he wants advice on getting divorced and custody issues. Regardless, I hope you get home in time to enjoy the baby for a while before dss leaves with him.
  11. That sounds wonderful! Good location, good salary, good co-workers, good management, and babies!!! Congratulations!
  12. My teen has a huge amount of reading and memorization to do for some other courses, so I'm trying to lighten the load a bit for US Government reading while still covering the details in depth. Usually, dc uses The Great Courses for lectures, but this time I'm considering Khan Academy. Dc has already read the founding documents, some of the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers, etc.; in addition to the lectures, quizzes, and tests Khan Academy has, I would add written assignments and some state government study. Any experience using Khan for US Government or AP US Government? Thoughts?
  13. Terabith, I was just wondering if they moved the little statue, or if he's hiding behind the plants. Is that the same statute to the left by the corner of the house?
  14. LOL, and your neighbors are whispering to each other again, "She's back! Don't be obvious, but look outside right now! She's taking another picture of our yard!"
  15. You have a good boss. I hope the manager can work out whatever he's going through. As hard as it is for everyone else to have to deal with his emotions, it must be even worse for him.
  16. Generally true, perhaps, but not always. I've known a couple of people who really did need the meds, but still abused them in college, taking multiple days worth of doses during all-nighters as they tried to complete term papers they had procrastinated starting. Super dangerous, but these were thrill seekers and didn't really care. They abused alcohol and other drugs, too, so it was just one problem among many. Anyway, since taking extras doses for papers meant they ran out of their pills early, they couldn't take them at all until refill time and would totally fall apart, getting further behind in school. Thankfully, that type of experience is not true for everyone with ADHD! Still, OP is wise to consider what other training or supports her ds may need in addition to meds and to try to get him on board now, while he's seeking help.
  17. Did the pediatrician order the genetic test or did you do that independently?
  18. Wow, so much commotion, and you missed the whole thing, lol! I'm glad you were ok.
  19. Wait, you can't just pop that into the middle of the story and leave it hanging there. Are you okay?
  20. It may vary by region. We didn't have a problem getting the location we wanted the last day of late registration, but there is far less demand this year because so many colleges in our state have gone test optional.
  21. I've homeschooled all three of my dc grades K-12. This is our last year.
  22. There are also late registration deadlines, and they charge an extra fee.
  23. Don't you think the answer would depend on WHY they are against the vaccine? People who don't want the vaccine are not a homogeneous group. If they are convinced it will cause those who get it to suffer long-term harm or if they think it's part of an international take-over of society, they likely would be against anyone getting it. However, if they just want to see long-term safety data before getting it, particularly for their dc, they may not care what choices others make, here or abroad, other than wanting everyone to have the freedom to choose for themselves.
  24. I taught my dc a bunch of rhymes and songs from my childhood. I remember using the "Great green gobs of greasy, grimy gopher guts" song to explain alliteration one day while a plumber was here. He probably thought I was crazy. When I was a kid instead of "knocked her on the bean..." that ended with "met her at the door with a Colt .44 and there ain't no teacher no more."
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