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  1. I just did, and they no longer make the ones I have, boo! But they do list these as being benzoyl peroxide resistant, which is similar to bleach friendly: https://www.target.com/c/casaluna-bath/benzoyl-peroxide-resistant/-/N-5xo9wZl0dal
  2. I love my bleachable gray towels from Target.
  3. For those who, like me, don't enjoy cooking, I *highly* recommend Marie Callender frozen pies. They always get raves. The fruit ones (except pumpkin) are even vegan! The cream and meringue ones are just thaw and serve and the other ones require baking. My husband's family always tells everyone what to bring and it makes things so easy! Usually it's just a category: bring a green salad, a fruit salad, a hot vegetable side, a pie, some cookies, some rolls, etc. The person doing the assigning takes into account who is coming from a distance, who doesn't like to cook, etc. It's not a big deal. My saintly mother never wants anyone to bring anything. ❤️ We have to offer and even then we get pushback. Often at church events we will say "Everyone with last names starting with A-L bring a side; everyone with last names M-Z bring a dessert." And then the church provides the main dish and drinks.
  4. That's an oddly condescending thing to say, period.
  5. He is absolutely gorgeous and very lucky to be with you. Congratulations!
  6. Sonya was the worst, no question.
  7. Praying for your sister, Katie. ❤️
  8. When I was in 5th grade or so, one of my friends brought a sign to school that said "ERA Now." I thought it was odd and vaguely other-ish / liberal. Now, I'm like, you go girl, for being so passionate and courageous as a child, whether I agreed or not. They were a nice family. 🙂 My brother dated her sister for a while. Anyway...Schlafy. I definitely agree with her on Roe v. Wade. Not a fan of her views on immigration or of the politicians she has endorsed. Evidently she feared that the ERA would cause women to be drafted? I don't think *anyone* should have to register for Selective Service. But that's a whole other issue. Interested to hear people's thoughts.
  9. I tried it but I couldn't get past the style of acting. Maybe it's an acquired taste?
  10. If one of us is feeling really bad, we can often get in the same day or the next morning.
  11. You're never too old for a ballerina music box. It's the kind of thing people keep and treasure. Maybe you'd want to consider one with a more "grown-up" exterior, so she would still enjoy it as a teen? Maybe this white wooden one or this silver one which can be personalized? Gotz dolls are lovely, too.
  12. One of my sister's kids once dropped a full glass of purple grape juice on the kitchen floor and the splatter went everywhere, including the textured ceiling. My mom had a bit of trouble getting the purple spots off, I can tell you. I think she may have resorted to bleach. But she was super nice about it all. Grandkids do no wrong. ❤️ So sorry, Terabith. I feel your pain!!
  13. I'd comfortable skipping the bloodwork with such a young and healthy dog, if your vet is okay with it. So sorry for his broken tooth and for your postponed vacation! He's a beautiful boy.
  14. I know a family who had success using the alarms, but you said you tried that... I also know a family whose children wet the bed when they ate items containing orange dye. There is a specific orange dye which is available as an over the counter mediation to numb the urinary tract during infections, and I wonder if there is a connection. Of course, I don't imagine your son is eating orange dyed food daily. I wish I could be more helpful! That must be so difficult for him.
  15. So. I've eating a 99.5% vegetarian diet for several months. (The .5% is for eating a little bit of meat that my picky family was going to throw in the trash.) I'm headed for menopause and have been having light periods, months apart. So I slacked off with my iron supplements. Basically stopped taking them because I am lazy and absent-minded. 😬 My period came back with an endometriosis-fueled vengeance last week. Evidently you can't make up quickly for lost iron stores. I was making dinner on Friday and suddenly I got all sweaty and dizzy and my hands and feet started shaking. I texted DH to come upstairs and he said I was white as a sheet. So dumb. I realized I've been wanting to sleep even more than usual, too, and have been having headaches. I did eat some beef in desperation. I'll have to change my siggie for now. Any ideas for getting iron stores back up quickly with vegetarian foods would be appreciated. I have Flintstones vitamins with iron, Floravital liquid iron, Post Raisin Bran (60% daily allowance of iron in one serving). I know I should eat Vitamin C rich foods when taking the supplements, right? Thanks!
  16. I was going to post this very thing! Are you in Indiana, by chance? 🙂
  17. You are so sweet. I looked in all the usual places for dog breed figures without luck, but if you're open to using stuffed animals, I was able to find almost all of those breeds as Beanie Babies on eBay. Including shipping, there is a Bassett for $7, a pug for $7, a terrier for $5, French Bulldog for $7.50, and a yellow lab for $6.50. There are also some that could pass for a black and white Havanese in the same price range. I can post links later if you want! Took my sleeping pill and am out of it. 🙂
  18. Right?!? The idea that I could *choose* to have a baby just by having sex while fertile is totally foreign to me.
  19. I am so very sorry. What a gorgeous boy. Deepest sympathy to you and your family.
  20. Deepest sympathy, @Jean in Newcastle. ❤️
  21. I was terrible to my mom when I was a teenager. I remember cursing at her at least once. I thought my dad was the best (and he was, but so was my mom!). She and my DH are my best friends in the world now. As soon as we didn't live together, things got better. ❤️
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