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  1. Right? I think when I do up these bags and future ones, I'm going to make them unisex. I know as a teen, I would have liked a lip balm but still been disappointed I didn't get a flashlight. 🙂
  2. Oh, I'd definitely cry later and be shaken up for a few days. Everyone in my life must be really kind, because it's really upsetting to me when someone is nasty. I'm just saying...you can't help how you felt when he yelled like that. But don't let that feeling have too much influence over what you do next.
  3. That police officer is an idiot and your neighbor is a bully (and also probably really scared of dogs). Your sweet dog doesn't deserve to be sent away because of that. It would cause terrible trauma to your dog, to your kids, and to you. There are plenty of other good solutions. (And thank you for saying that you don't feel ganged up on--it's gracious of you. I know we're all saying the same thing!) Definitely have some sort of second layer of protection to keep your dog from getting out the door if he is a bolter. Train him to sit before he goes out. I don't think this has been suggested yet, so I'll throw it out there--we ONLY take our dog outside on a leash, unless we're in a fenced yard or dog park. It's not a big deal. You may just have to get in the habit. If the dog wants to be outside with the kids, put him on a long tether. You can attach it to a stake in the yard or to a tree. (Just please, please do not leave him tethered without someone with him. He can get tangled or even strung up and choke.) I understand that the guy scared you, but do your best to ignore him. Don't let him have any power over you.
  4. I had the same trouble with a fire box, even using a dessicant canister. I think I need to recharge the canister more often.
  5. I thought this show did an excellent job illustrating how difficult it can be for a woman to escape an abuser. The acting and casting were top-notch. Nice to see Andie MacDowell again! If you've seen it, let me know what you thought. No spoilers please for those who might just be starting the show. (Or at least warn in large letters, SPOILER AHEAD!!) 🙂
  6. Speaking of D&D and minifigs, these custom minifigs are so fun! We have a couple. https://anvl.co/custom-miniatures
  7. I'm thinking I might do flashlights for all, guys and girls, especially since it's a campfire event, but I'd like to do something similar at Christmas, so please keep the ideas coming!!! These are great.
  8. Okay then. Everyone must be perfectly consistent in their beliefs and actions to do any good with their charitable dollars? Sorry, not buying it. 🙂 I don't vote, and I don't think a. that makes me a thief or b. that negates any good that my charitable giving might accomplish. When I provided information to women outside of abortion clinics, I had a list of perhaps twenty organizations willing to provide material aid and other assistance to pregnant women and young children. Every one of them was run by pro-life people. I did exhaustive searches for these types of agencies in each area in which I lived. I was very thorough. This would have been about a decade ago, but I don't remember seeing any pro-choice organizations that provided equivalent assistance. (This was excluding government agencies and food pantries, which are often but not always run by churches). Just anecdotal, but that was my experience both on the West Coast and in the Midwest. ETA: And your characterization of pro-lifers as "giving a few diapers" isn't what I've seen among active pro-lifers. I've seen sacrificial, generous giving by people who usually weren't well off themselves. I don't know as much about nominal pro-lifers.
  9. I'm thinking about putting together treat bags for the youth at our church's Fall Party / campfire. I'd like to do Halloween candy, plus some food items like granola bars, since some of our kids live in food insecure households. But I also want to include something fun. 🙂 The girls are easy--I could do lip balm, nice pens, etc., but I'm drawing a blank when it comes to the guys. Must be inexpensive and suitable for 6th through 12th grade. Thanks for your help!
  10. Sure. I was referring to private charities. And part of what they do is help women sign up for all the help they can get. It can be complicated. You may be right about the voting. It's a fair criticism, but doesn't negate all the good done by pro-life individuals and organizations.
  11. There is no rush in telling anybody anything. Praying for you. ❤️
  12. Hope you feel better very soon. Praying now for you and for your daughter-in-law’s dad.
  13. I'm so sorry, Scarlett.
  14. I do not believe a woman's value is in any way, shape, or form dependent on her ability to carry babies. I've dealt with infertility and miscarriage myself. I do believe that *all* human beings have value, regardless of their environment, their intellectual or physical development, or their degree of dependence. Yes, sometimes a mother's needs must be secondary to those of her child. That's what happens when there are two human beings to consider. Absolutely we should do more to meet women's needs, and in my experience, it's pro-life people who provide--largely with their own funds-- supplies, referrals, legal aid, medical help, etc. to pregnant women and babies. We can and should do much more for women and older children as well and I would be happy to see my tax dollars contribute to that.
  15. The fetus had methamphetamine, amphetamine and another drug in his or her brain and liver. But the baby also had some type of abnormality and a uterine infection was also present. There is no way of telling for sure what caused the baby's death, but as I understand it, those drugs are not usually fatal to the fetus. And of course there is no indication whatsoever that the woman intended her child's death. (And, as a previous poster pointed out, it would have been legally permissible for her to abort the baby.)
  16. In all fairness, I haven't seen a single person in this thread justifying the decision. As for why it was brought into the conversation, you'd have to ask the posters who, by the fourth post, were immediately making broad mischaracterizations about pro-life people and the pro-life movement. That's what we were pushing back on. I could have let it go, but it's getting to be a constant refrain here. Pro-life women are brainwashed, trained, dangerous, terrifying, out for complete control. It's just not true of the vast majority of actively pro-life people I have personally known.
  17. What do the kids think about it? Do they enjoy the toys?
  18. Fancy or handmade notecards Bookmarks Fun socks
  19. Pretty sure breast-feeding infants feed off their mother's body. In any case, I don't think one's degree of dependence on others or their environment should determine their value or their right to life. The use of "parasite" is deliberately dehumanizing language. I try to be very careful to be intellectually honest. I think my comparison is sound, if not exact, or I wouldn't have made it. I understand you disagree.
  20. @Frances, thanks for explaining your comment. You are always gracious.
  21. I never meant to say or imply it's "about me," and I'm sorry if I gave that impression. But absolutely, when someone makes the claim that pro-lifers will "stop at nothing for complete control" and that their "true desired end result has been the control and punishment of women," I'm not just going to be silent and not defend those who hold their pro-life position based not on politics or on a desire to control women, but on a genuine concern for the protection of human beings. I think I said the decision was wrong. [ETA: Sorry, it was only implied, not directly stated.] If not, I'll say it again. The decision was wrong. Women who miscarry shouldn't be jailed.
  22. I understand your sentiment, because I feel the same way about well-meaning pro-choice laws that remove all legal protection for almost 890,000 human beings a year in the U.S. alone. I appreciate you giving my intentions the benefit of the doubt. It helps the conversation. 🙂
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