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  1. @Negin I always love hearing about your travels - you are never boring! @Ali in OR Two of my teens and I read One of Us is Lying a year or so ago and we all liked it. I loved Prairie Fires (the Laura Ingalls Wilder book, right?)! I have been super busy lately and can only manage a chapter in bed before I fall asleep each night. Right now I am reading Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: A Therapist, Her Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed by Lori Gottlieb. She's an advice columnist, an author, and a therapist who takes us behind the scenes of a therapist's world. Really enjoying this even though I can only stay awake long enough for a little each night. One of the reasons I'm so busy nowadays is because I got a puppy! She's an English Cocker Spaniel and we named her Daphne. The pic is from a couple weeks ago but she is now almost 12 weeks old and weighs about 6 pounds. She's smart and also so so tiny! Our Jack Russell likes her and they've been getting along well. 🙂
  2. Is it type 2 diabetes? or type 1? My dd has type 1 and she has regular treats - she doesn't like the sugar-free ones and we just give her the correct amount of insulin to cover the carbs. I would just make sure whatever you send has a carb count on the packaging. 🙂
  3. I'm with you! The heat is just terrible this year (well, every year) and I wish I could force my family to move somewhere cold!!
  4. I'm so glad it is finally over! but disappointed that you didn't get all you deserve! At least you are free of him and can hopefully forget he exists (have you heard that new Taylor Swift song?) Best wishes Home'scool!
  5. Wearable Outfit Ideas and Women's Fashion for Real Life - JoLynne Shane Grace & Beauty fashion and beauty blog for women over 40 - Cyndi Spivey I like both of these ladies - they have relaxed, everyday clothing and also dressy stuff for special occasions, too. I think JoLynne is around 47? and Cyndi is over 50. Angie at Hot&Flashy mostly does makeup and skincare for over 50s but sometimes does fashion, too.
  6. addi rockets are my absolute favorites. Smooth joins, flexible cable, and a super pointy tip! Signature Needles - these are pricey but the Stilettos have an fabulously sharp and pointy tip and the cable is super nice and floppy BUT the join tends to catch a bit, ime, so between that and the price ($42) these take a backseat to the addi rockets. Also, the ones I have (a size 4 and a size 6 - got them for my birthday one year) are a fixed circular but I am not seeing them on their site - maybe they changed to only interchangeable needles? I also like Knitter's Pride Zing fixed circulars - the cord isn't as flexible as the others above but I like using these for knitting a basic sweater or maybe a blanket. The colors are really pretty and they are inexpensive. HiyaHiya sharps are nice and pointy and cheap but again, the cord isn't my fav. I have several Chiagoos and like them but the cord isn't as flexible as I prefer and I just don't reach for them for some reason. I've tried A LOT of needles over the years and I think we all develop our own preferences. What one knitter loves in a needle might end up being a deal-breaker for another knitter, kwim? Hope you find something you really like, mum! And I just found this neat site - maybe you will find it helpful? The Knitting Needle Guide
  7. Oh that IS a beautiful tree! I've always bought a real tree for Christmas but the expense of it year after year has been bothering me. My daughters have resisted the idea of a fake one but they aren't the ones paying for it! The one you linked might just tip the scales in my favor!
  8. Ok, I know these are pricey and even though I bought them on sale for $53, I would pay full price - they are THAT flattering on me. Curvy Sculpting High Rise Skinny Jeans I bought a size 10 - I'm 5'2" and 153 - and these fit so comfortably! The length is good, not ankle length like the model but not bunched up on me either. The high rise holds in my tummy without squeezing me to death and it feels great. They come in different washes, too.
  9. I have a lot of books on hold at the library and several that I need to finish. Looking forward to going through the links - legal and medical thrillers are usually a win for me. @RobinM I hope you feel better soon!
  10. Happy Birthday Amy! Hope you have a lovely day 🎂🎉🎁
  11. @Kareni - love the links! The haunted house one and the historical whodunits are calling to me. So many good books to look forward to!
  12. Everyone here is so talented! Love seeing all the projects. I have a jillion WIPs but joined a knit-a-long today, why not? lol. Sparkle Cardigan by Joji Locatelli is the pattern I'm knitting and I have 2 months to finish it.
  13. Hi everyone! Still haven't finished much lately. I started a couple books, read about 50 pages of each and lost interest. One of them was The Warlow Experiment - set in the late 1700s, a wealthy landowner sets up an experiment to see what happens when a man is kept in isolation for 7 years. All of the man's needs are met - food & drink, fresh clothing, comfortable bed, pen and paper, books, etc. - but no face to face human contact. Interesting premise, right? Well, the writing style was...monotone. And the few characters weren't very likable so I am returning it to the library and moving on. I have a couple thriller/horror books lined up so maybe one of them will grab my interest enough for me to finish. @tuesdayschild - so happy you liked Wives & Daughters!! and, yes, I was the one who recommended the Monica Dickens book - I plan on listening to another one of hers sometime in the future. Also, I have found Julie Klassen's novels to have intriguing premises but are written in a too modern voice and I end up being disappointed.
  14. @Robin M Happy Anniversary - love the pennies! @mumto2 the pics are great! what an interesting place to visit!
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