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  1. Happy Birthday Robin!! Hope you have a lovely day! I finished The Hunger by Alma Katsu. I ended up giving it 2 and a half stars. The premise was good but there was too much backstory on too many characters and it just ended up feeling really scattered to me. Can't believe we are down to the last 6 weeks of 2019! This year hasn't been a very good reading year for me - I have started and then given up on more books than I have actually finished. I'm hoping next year will be better.
  2. I'd like to be invited - mine are 31, 30, 29, 27, 25, 24, 22, 20, almost 19, 15, and 13.
  3. I've been super happy with these Under Armour no show
  4. You're right! Not sure how I confused those two? lol Thanks for the catch, Kareni!
  5. Hello all! @Robin M looking forward to browsing through all the links! @Negin Beautiful photos! I would love to have a plant-filled patio like that. And hooray to have a diagnosis - now you can concentrate on healing! The only Wendell Berry I've read was Peace Like a River and it was sooo good. Maybe try that one? Last week I finished: Don't Look Now a short story by Daphne du Maurier - it was ok. Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King on audio. The narration was terrific although the story didn't appeal to me. Guts by Raina Telgemeier. Middle grade graphic novel - somewhat autobiographical of the author's struggles when she was 9-11. My teens and I have enjoyed her other books and this one is no exception. Poor girl, she really struggled as a child. Down a Dark Hall by Lois Duncan. Updated edition of an earlier story. I liked how this went down a different trail (or a hall, haha) than what I expected. I've handed it over to my 13yo to see what she thinks. Right now I'm in the middle of The Hunger by Alma Katsu. It's a version of the Donner Party story but along with the bad decisions and starvation, something is stalking and killing off members of their group.
  6. I have to finish two knitted Christmas stockings for my son and dil. I'm currently halfway through the triangle one Triangle and Reindeer Stockings. I also plan on knitting a Gramps Gramps Cardigan for my 14yo nephew. He asked me to knit one for him! I'm super excited about that. 🙂 I'm going to knit it in a solid color - no contrasting collar and button band. I love seeing everyone's crafts on these threads! @mlktwins your needlepoint is lovely!
  7. 81% and by the end they ALL started looking familiar.
  8. Hi everyone! Love the poem, Robin - Halloween snuck up on me this year. I still need to buy some candy for the trick-or-treaters. Beautiful pics, Negin! I really enjoy seeing them each week. I am almost done with my scary book for the month - Doctor Sleep by Stephen King. I didn't realize this was a continuation of The Shining until a couple months ago - ha! King sure can keep me turning the pages. I have about 100 left to go. Also reading Becoming by Michelle Obama and am pleasantly surprised at how well she writes. Reading on my kindle so I'm not sure how far I am; she has just met Barack so I guess I'm still near the beginning.
  9. I love your whole post but thank you for saying this specifically (the bolded) - it really is important to remember because I think we are conditioned to think the main problem is not trying hard enough. 🤨
  10. Congratulations! You are amazing!! Losing weight is such a mental battle for me and it has only gotten more difficult as I have gotten older so I very much admire your determination. You must feel so great!!
  11. He's beautiful!! Glad you are both ok - congratulations!
  12. @Negin Beautiful!! and short stories aren't usually my thing, either. I actually finished a book this week! Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: A Therapist, Her Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed by Lori Gottleib. It was ok. I found it to drag on and on when she was talking about her clients but picked up when she spoke of her own life, mostly. I stayed up late last night reading The Silent Companions by Laura Purcell. A newly widowed bride goes to live at her dead husband's family estate and bad things happen. I'm intrigued so far and am not sure how the author is going to resolve things. Kinda spooky but no outright scares. Looking forward to going through the links!
  13. Hello everyone! Looking forward to going through all the links as I haven't found a spooky read yet for this month. @Junie try Persuasion next - I think it is the most enjoyable of Jane Austen's books!
  14. I have the Speed Queen AWN4 + model. I bought it back in 2016 and haven't had any problems with it, it gets our laundry clean, and it's quick! This is the one I have Speed Queen washer.
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