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  1. Mothersweets

    Book a Week 2018 - BW21: Bookish Birthdays

    I got a raven, too!
  2. Mothersweets

    Losing another sister...

    I'm so sorry. 😞
  3. Mothersweets

    PBS Little Women

    It was in the first episode at the party - Meg and Jo are in the "retiring room" and are talking, Meg goes and gathers her skirts up a bit and it looks as though she is just sitting down, but no, she is using a chamberpot. It's subtle but that's what she's doing.
  4. Mothersweets

    Book a Week 2018 - BW21: Bookish Birthdays

    Glad to hear your car will be ok! Hmmmm, the link Robin gives in the first post has a lovely pic of the author. It must have been taken when she was very young. Sigrid doesn't look very happy here, does she?
  5. Mothersweets

    PBS Little Women

    I've read the book a couple times and really like the 1994 version with Susan Sarandon and Winona Ryder. I heard about this version a few months ago and was looking forward to it - the sets and costuming looked pretty good! I watched the first episode last week and was disappointed. The pacing seemed weird, the characters of the girls weren't shown very well, and I didn't like how they made Marmee like Louisa May Alcott's irl mother instead of keeping her as she was in the book. Also, what did they do to Amy?! The actress who played her looks 25 AND they made Amy's character into a scheming, soulless, brat. 😞 I did like the casting of Jo, Meg, Beth, and Laurie and his tutor. I thought about watching this week but my daughters wanted to watch the VMAs instead (BTS!) and I figured I wasn't really missing anything. Did I?
  6. Mothersweets

    Book a Week 2018 - BW21: Bookish Birthdays

    I had a hard time this week with my reading. I have several books from the library that I have to hurry and read and one of them is Grey Mask by Patricia Wentworth. It's #1 in the Miss Silver series and Miss Silver isn't in it very often. The other characters I'm having a hard time liking or caring about them and they just go on and on and on and on. I'm thinking of ditching this one and jumping ahead to #13 as it seems to be highly rated. What do y'all think? I did pick up and read The Rosie Project over the last two days. Fun story and the main character reminded me of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. I love Kristin Lavransdatter and enjoyed the article you linked, Robin. I never realized how beautiful Sigrid Undset was or that she lived in the US for a bit. Neat!
  7. Mothersweets

    Any royal wedding watchers?

    Kathy, I watched on youtube on the link given earlier - I don't have cable either. I searched and searched but couldn't find anything WITH commentary which surprised me! If you end up finding something, please share!
  8. Mothersweets

    Any royal wedding watchers?

    I was surprised, too! The dress was lovely but the fitting didn't look that great.
  9. Mothersweets

    Any royal wedding watchers?

    That would be ideal for events like this!
  10. Mothersweets

    Any royal wedding watchers?

    😄Yeah, they aren't missing any detail, are they? Right now I'm watching the Today replay and the ceremony itself has been lovely - the music is so beautiful! But I want to know who everyone is! I need commentary!!
  11. Mothersweets

    Any royal wedding watchers?

    I missed watching this live - where is the best place to watch the replay? And who had the best commentary? I tried watching the link above but there isn't any commentary and I had to keep stopping and googling to figure out who everyone was. Like, I recognized Fergie but didn't know who the young man was with her. And who was the older couple right after - the lady in yellow and the gentleman in the morning suit?
  12. Mothersweets

    Goodness! What a week! (YA job news)

    Wonderful news!
  13. Mothersweets

    It has happened

    Sounds like you have a good plan going! Have a delightful day!
  14. Mothersweets

    West Cork true crime podcast free on Audible through May 9

    Thank you for reminding of this! I had listened to the first few episodes and haven't gotten back to it. It's been very good!
  15. Mothersweets

    Any sock knitters here?

    I'm a sock knitter and everyone's given you great advice! Jump in and do it - it isn't as scary as it seems. Be sure to come back and show us your socks!
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