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  1. Happy Easter everyone! I finished Open Season by C.J.Box. It's the first in a long-running mystery series about a game warden in Wyoming. I liked it!
  2. @tuesdayschild I have not - thanks for the heads up!
  3. Last week I finished an audiobook - Emily Goes to Exeter by Marion Chesney. Spinster housekeeper inherits a good amount of money and decides to travel and ends up playing matchmaker when things go awry. Fun, fluffy story and I want to read the next in the series. I'm currently in the middle of a couple of recommendations from last week's post and have a few more coming from the library that I'm looking forward to. @tuesdayschild I've enjoyed the Dering series by D. E. Stevenson, too! I think Bel Lamington was the last one I've read so it's about time to find another. 🙂
  4. Frindle Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days! The Mysterious Benedict Society Danny the Champion of the World - or almost anything else by Roald Dahl. Bunnicula The World According to Humphrey
  5. Hi everyone! I finished four books this week! Killers of the Flower Moon:the Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI by David Grann. Incredible story and one that I am sorry that more Americans don't know. The lengths white people went to in order to steal the wealth of the Osage was horrifying. The Good House by Ann Leary. This story follows Hildy Good, an alcoholic realtor in her hometown of fictional Wendover, Mass. Great characters and the narration by Mary Beth Hurt was terrific. The Stationery Shop by Marjan Kamali. Love story set in 1953 Tehran, Iran and America. Ma
  6. I've been looking for a new case, too! There are so many that I like that I'm having a hard time deciding. Should I get a cheap one? or spend a little extra and get something a little more unique? maybe a plain one? maybe something super colorful? Plain but then I could find a cute pop socket pretty and colorful unique and I can add my name to it simple but pretty pretty but my current case is very similar Sometimes I think there are too many choices, lol
  7. @JunieThank you! @Karenithe "50 Bad Book Covers" made my day!😂
  8. I think I'm a couple chapters ahead in CMC - I am relistening to it on audio and enjoying it so much! Love the spring theme this week, Robin 🙂 I've been doing a littlle bit of gardening in my backyard and want to enjoy the outdoors before the searing heat of summer (I live in Arizona). I also have a spring themed puzzle to work on
  9. A Charlotte Mason Companion is one that I enjoyed and found so readable even though I didn't necessarily follow her teachings.
  10. These are a few series that I've enjoyed: All Creatures Great and Small Her Royal Spyness Lady Fortescue Steps Out and a few single books that were terrific listens, imo: True Grit Agent to the Stars Stories From a Corfu Childhood by Gerald Durell this version of Dracula was fantastic!
  11. Thanks Kareni! Really loved the "Don't You Want to watch..." article 😂
  12. This has been true for me as well! I did finish The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd yesterday. Historical novel set in early 1800's Charleston, South Carolina that follows the lives of the daughter of a wealthy family and the enslaved woman she was "given" on her 11th birthday. The story goes back and forth between their two points of view and is based on the actual life of Sarah Grimke, one of the first female leaders in the abolition and suffragist movements in America. This was recommended to me by my aunt and I very much enjoyed it. It was also fascinating to learn how much of it
  13. @Kareni I received the postcards today! They're so pretty - thank you!
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