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  1. Aren't you in the low 120s already? How much leaner do you have to get? I have decent back definition at this point, I've also now started liking wearing tanks - used to be I would never, ever, ever wear anything sleeveless! I would love a bit more ab tightening. I've got just a smidge of definition, but it's still covered by some squidgey fat, lol. I just saw some Latin Dance based workouts advertised that caught my eye - both because I've always wanted to learn Latin Dance moves (the coach is a retired professional Latin Dancer, so it's real technique taught), it sounds fun, an
  2. Yeah, I don't think I'll ever get that steel-gray look (which I think can look really good!). I don't have any 'gray' hairs - just white ones and almost black ones. Which makes the white ones really easy to find - they're sparkly! I may pluck some of the more obvious ones, but that's obviously not a long-term solution, lol! My dad seems to have mostly gone more white around the temples with some random white hairs mixed in in back - that looks to be the pattern I am emulating... Maybe partly, but probably much more from all the strength training that's part of the OT workouts - and
  3. LOL. Verymuch not blonde. Were you looking at the lady behind me? For some reason in both pics I'm in hot pink... More like a Snow White coloring going on over here. I've got my dad's coloring - he's still got about 80% almost-black hair at over 80, so I sure hope my graying (or more like whitening - my hair apparently doesn't do things half-way) goes at that rate too, 'cause I'm too lazy to color my hair...
  4. Or, you could do a middle route at a university where some but not all the classes will be accepted. At a place like MIT, they don't accept them because their intro courses are likely at a higher level than the CC and they're just not equivalent. Entering junior classes at a place like that would likely be a bad idea even if they allowed it - which is a big reason, I think, that they don't. State university will be less challenging, but if he's not an avid student, can be a good way to git 'er done and get on to the rest of life. Really, it depends on what kind of kid he is, not so
  5. We have the pros, and I haven't noticed any smell, but perhaps I'm not particularly sensitive. And I do often put on lip balm... if you have a lip balm in a scent you like, give it a try! The first time I put it on with a mask (not a Happy Mask but a different brand), I was wondering how they got the mask to have such a nice minty fresh smell, lol!
  6. @soror and @Ali in OR, my sleeps been stinky too, though it's likely much my own fault. I got into some bad habits this summer when I had no reason to be up in the morning. Now I have to be up before 9 a couple of days (I know you're all laughing now...), and from W-Su dh had to be up at 6 and I had trouble getting back to sleep. It would help if I started going to bed earlier, but that's the bad habit I have to break... My Fitbit is still being wonky. Some days it's good and some days it's nuts, and it only manages to track my sleep properly maybe once a week. I don't think it's act
  7. Yeah, if I were shooting the rapids or ocean kayaking, it would be different! Quiet river kayaking, otoh... if I did the kayak version of a power walk, maybe, but my novice steering skills would likely put myself and other boaters in jeopardy if I tried to put on speed! As it was, db and I almost bonked boats a few times. As a rower, I find it perplexing that my lower body is just sitting there doing nothing, lol! When I row, my legs are actually doing the bulk of the work... ETA: Not that I didn't enjoy the floating lawn chair aspect of it! It was quite a nice outing. Just seems a
  8. LOL, in those pics I have on a black hat with my hair in a ponytail, so I don't think my hair is visible - but your powers of intuition are strong - I think of my hair as very dark brown, but most people tell me it's black... It has some reddish highlights in bright sun, but there are some strands of white highlighting it now too...
  9. I have found that if I put mint lip balm on my lips before donning the mask, it smells all fresh and minty. And lol, I did not find this out because I was trying to get rid of any odor, I just have dry lips and knew I couldn't put it on later if I felt the need.
  10. Lol, thanks. I gain my weight all over and had really fat arms before I lost the weight. I am unreasonably giddy about having some definition in my arms! 😂 Speaking of water sports and fat arms, found some old pics a friend sent of me rowing; these are a few years old, when I was almost 40 lbs heavier...
  11. I went kayaking today for the first time! With my brother, who owns the kayaks; he finally got two. 😄 It was a lovely day, lots of people on the river! As I suspected, I have a hard time thinking of that as 'exercise', it's more like a floating lawn chair, lol. But lovely and relaxing! Db took some pics! The bridge in front of me is where the first battle of the Revolutionary War was fought. And thought I'd throw in some Canada Geese... A lot of the leaves are starting to turn here, but I notice not where these pics were taken...
  12. In Middle School I used and liked, for my various kids (but not all of these for the same kid, lol), Ellen McHenry's The Elements and Carbon Chemistry, Mr. Q Advanced Chemistry, Exploring the Way Life Works, CPO Life Science, Earth Science, and Physics: A First Course (all three CPO).
  13. I'm tutoring two kids, 6th/7th grade, one boy, one girl, whose mom wants reading suggestions. These are crisis schoolers using the online option whose mom wants them to have extra support with English, so they are still doing other schoolwork (and I'm assuming reading), so I don't want to necessarily kill them with analysis or make things too weighty, but I'm looking for suggestions that will engage them but still offer a bit more complex vocabulary and sentence structure than a lot of the modern fare (although if there's contemporary stuff that's really good and has come out since I had my o
  14. It's been a long time here too. I have some vague memory that it's not consistent - like Sentence Composing for Elementary has more of the correct terms than Story Grammar, but at the Middle School level the Sentence Composing books don't have it and Grammar for Middle School does. I know Grammar for Middle School does because I've used it more recently with some tutoring students.
  15. That's actually what I did - I dumped my first major about two years in and there wasn't enough time to pivot without adding an extra year, so I submitted a proposal for an interdisciplinary major and graduated on time... he might have to get really creative at this late date, but it's certainly worth looking into. I'd also look into what someone else said about getting them to waive or substitute the requirement for that particular class. They do want people to graduate, and if you ask they're often more flexible than you'd think. I worry about my dn who is a junior and still hasn't ta
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