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  1. Yeah, a lot of kids had huge trouble in that CompSci class. They weren't lying that for most kids it would have been a really bad idea to skip. I hate to say it, but I think some of it is that if you find the logic of programming intuitive, it's just a heck of a lot easier that if you don't. . (Well, true of many other subjects too, but seems a lot of people who don't find it intuitive or even really like it are going into it because. .. money). But that was definitely a weeder class...
  2. My dd21 also had some classes that were too easy freshman year. She could've skipped both intro CompSci and Physics based on her AP scores, but the former was taught in a different language than the AP (C vs Java), and she thought her AP Physics class was lame, even though she did fine on the test. She could've skipped both. At least she decided to skip the first semester of Calc, because she felt her AP Calc class (AB) had been rigorous, and that did end up being the right call. But you never know. She'd been advised that most people who skipped the first CompSci class had trouble later because of the language difference, but she found the differences minor and intuitive - sometimes there's no way to know how it will go in advance. Dd18, being a transfer, is heading into the deep end with mostly junior-level classes. But she's only taking four 3cr classes, plus a 1cr transfer seminar. The class she's liking the least is the junior-year writing class, which is Business Communications - she has to write memos and cover letters! Seems straightforward to me, but she's grumbling, lol. No complaints about the Accounting classes so far, though...
  3. Yeah, sorry, I have no clue. 😕 That's why I hadn't responded earlier, as I thought it was likely the case that my experiences didn't overlap much with his interests... Hopefully someone else knows more than me?? At least your thread is bumped! 😉 ETA: I know there are at least a few posters on the boards who have lived in Arabic countries and speak Arabic. Maybe add "Arabic" to your title above - they may not think to look in here?
  4. I've participated in a lot of foreign student exchange programs from many different angles (student, host, chaperone), but I have no idea what 'the government program' is, or how it might work,or anything about the application - and I have no experience with Arabic-speaking countries - where I'm guessing your ds would be headed? Do you have any more general questions? What country or countries is he thinking of heading to? Will he stay with a host family, live in a dorm, attend a local school or some kind of language institute run by the US govt (since this is a govt program?)
  5. Team workout today at OT. First we did a run/row where one person rowed 200m, then tagged the person on the tread to switch. Then we did an endurance block on the treads (with long pushes), lifted heavy stuff on the floor, then went back for a second team run/row where the person on the rower did 1 minute all-outs, then tagged the tread to switch - goal was to rack up at least as many meters on the rower as the first run/row. We beat it by a bit over 20m! And now I'm tired, lol.
  6. Shorthand for where I work out ... they actually always abbreviate it OTF, but I'm apparently too lazy to bother with the third letter, lol. It's Orangetheory Fitness.
  7. Do the transformation challenge! That's what finally kickstarted my weight loss after saying I needed to do lose 30 lbs. for, well, years at that point. I knew what I needed to do, but I needed the kick in the butt to actually do it. OT had an 8-week transformation challenge last January. I signed up - didn't even pay the slightest attention to what prizes there might be. I guessed maybe a gift card and some OT swag? Well, by the end I'd lost a bit over 16 lbs, and I came in 2nd place. And, turns out that there were, in fact, big bucks involved! I totally thought I'd misheard when they told me I'd won $500!! (And first place was, indeed $1000 - and I lost by less than a pound - to someone who'd just had a baby! Isn't that cheating? 😉). Now I'm actually past my original goal weight (have lost a bit over 35 lbs total). I just needed to get rolling. So you can do it!!!! And even if you don't win money, if it gets you motivated, you've still won. Do they also have 2nd and 3rd place prizes?
  8. So, apparently no menopause for me yet - guess what arrived yesterday. But apparently I have found an excellent new exercise regime - get unexpected overnight guests when your house is a complete disaster zone. I had about a week's notice. So, got 10K steps on Weds when I did laundry over at my brother's ('cause our machine broke and it took a month to schedule delivery for a new one -arrives tomorrow), and as things got even more frantic, over 11K Friday, 16K (!) yesterday, which included OT, mad cleaning, and a trip to the Fine Arts Museum, and over 13K today, and that didn't even include any OT. That was just doing stuff with them. I hit 10K around 2pm... But the house is clean, except for the rooms where I stashed things... That's mostly 'stuff' the three college dds just left strewn about. I'm going to tell them either throw it out, donate it, or take it with them, but out of my house it all must go...
  9. I'm also only 5'4"! I've always carried my weight 'well' - as in, I gain it all over evenly so it isn't that noticeable. I had a ton in my arms and legs and butt, but even at my heaviest my gut was reasonably flat - thanks, 10+ years of Pilates. (at least this go-round; just after babies I was darned squishy in the middle - I didn't even know where my ab muscles were - it was to fix that that I started the Pilates). But carrying weight 'well' can also mean it can creep on without your noticing. It helps me a ton to weigh myself every morning (although doing that I can see that my weight fluctuates a lot - 1-3 lbs - from day to day. I use the number in the middle and only pay attention to 'new' numbers in either direction).
  10. I'm only two years younger than you - I'm ready to be done!! 🙃
  11. I'll agree too. I did love The Sparrow by itself, but the second book is really the second half of the same story, and has a much more satisfying resolution than what is effectively ending in the middle.
  12. Took a rest day yesterday, except for house cleaning (having overnight guests tomorrow! 😱) and stacking more cord wood with dh. Got a morning OT workout in today. Evil Friday the 13th theme, 13 reps of everything on the floor, then they kept interrupting what we were doing to have us do 13 burpees! On the treads it was all 1-minute all-outs (with short rests between). Whew!
  13. Totally misread that! At my age even the thought of a 2-yo makes me tired! I also have 3 dds, but they're all grown now. One thing I have been very good about is the staying away from sugar, but I do allow myself popcorn... I pop it myself, though, in a bit of oil with salt and I've started adding that nutritional yeast stuff. I'm still hovering just above 130, but my original goal was to break 140, so this is the lowest weight since kids. If I get into the 120s it will stun me, but I'm not really actively working towards it at this point. I don't want my face to get too drawn - I know that can happen as one ages... I've got reasonable muscles and big b00ks, so that's most of that bit of extra weight, right?? I also know I'm carrying more around my waist - I don't have a belly - my ab muscles hold it all in pretty flat, but apparently having twins and being middle aged and being somewhere menopausal is keeping my waist from hitting that lovely number I had in my 20s... As far as menopause, my cycles are finally spacing out, like very recently, but now I have no idea if or when or how long... annoying! I'm going in for a physical later this month - can they tell by hormone levels if I'm done or close to it???? But I also had that thought that I should lose the weight before I'd hit menopause and start that phase of life at a healthy weight since it is supposed to be so much harder after... I've got naturally broad shoulders - in the 80s, I took out all the shoulder pads or they made me look like a linebacker. I really have to add some Pilates back in. That's probably what I need to trim my waist just a little bit more...
  14. LOL. I'm thinking of rereading The Goblin Emperor next year - since I've already read the print, and you say the audio is very good, maybe I'll give it a go as an audio this time!
  15. Can't speak for Rose, but I listened to the audio for Rabbit Cake, and it was very good! The narrator was great. Goblin Emperor OTOH (not that you asked...) I'd say print. There's a lot of Goblin/Elven language and honorifics that go by in the book that are a bit confusing, and the print version has an oh-so-helpful glossary at the end. I'm a big audiobook fan, but that's one where I'd say stick to print...
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