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  1. So, they were talking about a word choice in French? I would think translating would take care of that - after all, you translate for meaning. Or words referring to things we don't use anymore, like some kind of horse-drawn carriage or clothing item?
  2. I'm with the beach is boring (and maybe even slightly annoying) folks. And yeah, not a fan of sand on everything and I don't like to swim in saltwater or deal with waves. The whole rest of my family loves the beach so when we go I bring a book and sit under an umbrella and ignore the hordes. When the kids were little, dh was in charge of sand castles and bringing them to the water. If I'm going to enjoy any part of being at the ocean, it would be something like a cliff walk or exploring tidal pools, or walking along the beach in the evening when all the people are gone and looking fo
  3. That sounds really cool... Audio for really long classic books is a tactic I've used before. What English translation did they use, and when was it from? And I'm curious- archaic word use? Are they talking about why a translator would use an older word? I thought that there hadn't been any unabridged translations till fairly recently. I did go to the link, but I couldn't find info on the translation. ETA: and for the print version, while 600pp does seem less intimidating than 1200, I think cutting out half the book is ... a lot. Im not sure I could really feel like I read t
  4. I did not do Killgallon with my kids until after we'd done grammar, including different parts of speech, phrases and clauses. Thats when you get the bang for your buck, IMHO. I'm just now tutoring some ps middle school kids in English, and we started this fall with grammar and are just now getting to Killgallon. I knew it would be too frustrating, for me if not for them, lol, if we didn't have a shared vocabulary for the actual grammar. "Chunks" only gets you so far... that said, I find it a really good bridge to work on applied grammar and writing good sentences.
  5. Well, especially since they posted selfies and pics of themselves while actively doing all the bad things. Uh, are they arguing that Antifa got a whole ton of people in professional stage makeup to impersonate known neo-Nazis/white supremacists?
  6. I have slowed down a bit; I wanted to finish at least some of the reading challenges I set myself before the end of the year, so that ate into my new language time. But still plodding along with Chinese and Portuguese, and am dilettanting about with Dutch. I'd liked to refocus a bit more on the languages I'm learning; finding that Spanglish site (now renamed Lingua Llama) has been so much fun for chatting in Spanish and German (these are languages I already speak, so fun but not what I'd been trying to focus on!) and the Portuguese there kept having conflicts because of when the holidays fel
  7. Makes one wonder if the new strain being 70% more infectious just means this isn't as true anymore - that more/most people spread it some, rather than just a few infecting a lot?
  8. Dh just found out his boss has Covid. Fortunately dh hasn't been in the office since March. Boss is feeling crappy but well enough to call in to the weekly conference call/meeting for at least a bit. Hope he just has a mild case.
  9. You're making learning Mandarin seem downright simple! 😆
  10. Wow. So, in the class, were you learning the Cantonese associated with written Chinese, the spoken language, or (heaven forbid) both at once? :svengo:
  11. I have not studied Cantonese, just Mandarin, and that only recently. I recognize most of the characters on the right (in black - even though they're traditional, not simplified), and the associated pronunciations in parentheses (Mandarin pronunciation). Am I understanding the chart correctly in that, for standard written Chinese, Cantonese would pronounce the characters in black as the first pronunciation (already very different from Mandarin), but in actual everyday speech would use instead the words on the left, which use entirely different characters? This is fascinating. Thanks fo
  12. Well, not exactly, because written Chinese is ideographs, so differences in something like pronunciation are immaterial to the written language. But if grammar shifts too much, word order would get messed with. I'm also becoming fascinated by how it seems modern Chinese has added second syllables/characters to words which seem to help in getting the one-syllable word mixed up with other similar ones. Often when there is more context, the second syllable/character can be dropped. But I'm wondering if the added syllables are one of the things that could change a lot between dialects... I'm
  13. Yeah. This is while Maize is 100% correct that orthography =/= grammar, it gets all wibbly-wobbly mixed up because for many, if not most people, they somehow get cross-stored/referenced in the ol' brain.
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