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  1. Well, that's reassuring, as so far a vaguely sore arm and maybe very-low-grade headache are all I've gotten...
  2. Flapping now! 😂 Just did 'arm day' this morning - wonder if that would make things better or worse?
  3. Good to know! Just got my first shot 🥳 so far so good, but it's only been about an hour and a half - we'll have to see how things go over the next day or so!
  4. You can't take a national chart (the one you linked) and say that is in any way representative of the situation in Michigan, which was the subject at hand. Did you eyeball the chart Mel sent along with the other stuff you quoted. You say things are at the same level as last summer, but a quick glance at this chart shows that they were running around .5 K cases and now they're at over 3.5, which is about the same as the peak surge last winter, and we don't know yet if this is a new peak or if it could keep going up. Okay, that's just cases, you say, what about hospitalization
  5. Dh and I are on opposite sides of an age cutoff, so he got to go before me. I have my first appointment Saturday (Pfizer). Yay! Crossing my fingers that all goes well! Dh barely had a sore arm (also Pfizer) - my kids have actually all had at least their first vaccinations (yes, they have more co-morbidities than I) and two had more of a reaction than Dh (one Pfizer, two Moderna)... my parents have had Moderna x2, and I think the biggest reaction was my dad's second. My one kid who's fully vaccinated had their biggest reaction after Pfizer #1.
  6. My mom always swore by potatoes and carrots cooked together (like, boiled together in a pot, then mashed a bit, with salt) as a great electrolyte replacement that was good for tummy troubles.
  7. Sorry, couldn't help butting in on the language nerd conversation... I'm learning Mandarin Chinese right now, which does not have any articles. There is a way to say 'a' something, but it's literally 'one (measure word/unit) something', and roughly equivalent to the indefinite, not definite, article. If you want to specifically refer to something, you'd use something more like a demonstrative 'this' or 'that'. Both are optional unless you want the emphasis. I think unlike Russian (which I know very, very little about, but I think is an inflected language with lots of cases??) Chin
  8. This is different from university to university and from major to major. Usually humanities and some other majors require four semesters of foreign language classes, and if you can test out of them (usually AP or high CLEP score) you have also fulfilled that requirement. Often Engineering/Math/CompSci type majors exempt the language requirement, but again, depends on the school. At many universities it's hard to find classes beyond those first four semesters in languages other than Spanish and maybe French. German is likely about as hard to find as Italian, especially past basic gr
  9. Lol, I really liked The Grand Hotel (version from Spain, set early 20th century) and High Seas (set just post WW2). Light murder mystery type plot, except one mystery per season, rather than per episode. Light romance as well. Both on Netflix.
  10. How clean is clean? I have recommendations that I'd rate about a PG-13. Occasional non-graphic adult scenes, not-so-bloody (Agatha Christie level) deaths, light cussing.
  11. Omg, this has been annoying the heck out of me for a while now. I can usually make it go away if I move my mouse to hover over 'Community' but it's huge and startling and super annoying. It definitely shouldn't show up just because my mouse accidentally hovered toward the top of the screen. Windows 10/Chrome.
  12. I love Reed's Extra Ginger Beer - real ginger and sweetened with stevia.
  13. I agree. White is a stupid term. And yes, it's not a term used to exclude, but to include. White has nothing to do with actual skin color, but with who is in the 'in' group, who has the power. Irish people, some of the most melanin lacking people on the planet, were once not considered white. People are still arguing about whether Jews or Arabs are 'white' or not. Are Iranians (the actual, historical Aryans) considered white? Or the actual humans living in the Caucasus mountains? It also then, no matter what the current 'polite' language is, sets this imaginary, arbitrary, 'white' cate
  14. Maybe this is why I keep being perplexed about people from the cities not being used to animals. Especially skunks. There are lots of skunks in Boston proper. And to your list I'd add raccoons and 'possums. Now that I'm out in the 'burbs of Boston, there is of course even more. Yes, bears, which are new since I was a kid. There wasn't as much large fauna in the area when I was young - seems to have come with the resurgence of the deer population, and also I think they purposefully reintroduced the turkey and beaver. Bears and coyotes weren't really around at all, and the deer were v
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