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  1. MA just got on the bandwagon too. 5 $1 million payouts, plus 5 $300K college scholarships for the under-18 set.
  2. I have these 'no bake' carrot slices I make - they are gluten-free (I think you can get gluten-free oats, yes?) and vegan to boot (the 'cream cheese' frosting is cashews and coconut cream) - and I think delicious. I think I might like them better than actual carrot cake - they are thin and very moist rather than thick and cakey. Also, the only sweetener is dates, the carrots themselves, a tablespoon of maple syrup, and just a wee bit of stevia. I have never been ambitious enough to soak or boil the cashews. Comes out fine just grinding them up, lol. I think the original recipe had less li
  3. I'll toss in one more vote for trying a UU church. Or maybe even UCC. My church is affiliated with both (see, we really can't make up our minds...) Neither the UUs nor the UCCs have a creed, and both are congregationally organized churches (as in, there's no hierarchy, so one congregation can be quite different from the next - each congregation manages itself). A lot of UU congregations have 'refugees' from strict religions who are looking for a spiritual community but don't want to hear the words 'God' or 'Jesus'. It's like that's the one religion that Shall Not Be Mentioned. That's
  4. That's a shame. Ours must not have that qualifier, or the people I know who got them wouldn't have qualified.
  5. I know a number of people who have gotten free wheelchairs (even some pretty nice ones) for free through a state durable medical equipment exchange. People who don't need them anymore donate to the group, you call the group and they'll pass on one that is as close as possible to your needs. This has been life-changing for people I know who either are waiting for their insurance to approve or won't approve one at all. Not sure if your state has one, maybe Google 'your state durable medical equipment exchange'?
  6. Word. See my post above in response to Ksera's reminding me about the third spectrum I'd totally forgotten about!
  7. Yes, thanks for that. Indeed I am also trying to wrap my head around this. One of mine (ironically the only one who's cishet) says she's asexual and is trying to decide if she is also aromantic - hasn't decided yet. Any grandchildren I get will be adopted... 😅
  8. It is an identity as well, but on a different spectrum. I am no expert, but since I'm constantly being schooled on all the new lingo, my current understanding is thus-ish... Attraction spectrum (who you want to have nookie with) - heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, pansexual Gender spectrum (who you feel like you 'are') - female (cis or trans), male (cis or trans), nonbinary, genderqueer or genderfluid (are these last two the same??) There are likely more. I think I overheard someone saying there are 17 different genders now? But above is what I've got my head around (
  9. Just a note - asexual has to do with attraction, not gender identity. Someone asexual can identify as cisfemale or cismale, or nonbinary or trans. Ah, the things I didn't use to know in such detail.
  10. Yes. Quite a few. Until, say, 10 years ago, I'd say zero. But now ... so very many (all young adults).
  11. Just like happened with the Polio and Smallpox vaccines - those diseases have become much more sneaky and prevalent since the vaccines for them came out, and after global mass vaccination campaigns now are even a bigger problem than before. Can people not learn from history? Oh, wait...
  12. And lol, one could see neo-paganism as Europeans going back to their roots and throwing off the shackles of an introduced religion from the middle-east... 😉 😅
  13. And Buddhism is actually more of a philosophy than a religion, since it does not posit the existence of either a God/creator nor a soul.
  14. "Huns" was a slur for the Germans in ... WW1? Not saying it makes sense, but... Here's a Wiki article that attempts to explain it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_terms_used_for_Germans#Hun_(pejorative)
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