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  1. I really wish that if they were going to do the boosters restricted by age they could at least lower the age to 50 or so... 65 seems awfully high considering how many younger middle-aged people are getting sick...
  2. I keep hearing stories like this, which makes me wonder why people think 'natural immunity' is supposedly so strong.
  3. I also really like some of the Pampered Chef stuff I got years ago, especially some of the inexpensive items like the little scooper/scraper and their garlic press. Good quality and holds up. When my kids were moving out and setting up their own kitchens, I wanted to get them a few things, so I googled and found out you can just buy them from Pampered Chef online. No need for a party or any pressure. They also run sales. Just FYI... honestly that's the only MLM type company I've ever thought had useful stuff.
  4. We've always had indoor cats, many cats over many years, and have never declawed. We just clip their claws regularly and have scratching posts. Just because a cat lives indoors does not mean they'll destroy stuff.
  5. Just curious how NZ is differentiating 'close contact' from 'very close contact', since I know it's going to be different than how the US is defining it, where we have crazypants stuff like 'ate lunch unmasked within a few feet, but only for 14 rather than 15 minutes' or 'we rotate desks every 14 minutes so no one can ever say that they were more than 15 minutes next to someone...' I figure your definition might actually help assessing real Delta risks among non-household contacts vs the above nuttiness...
  6. I'm just saying, in that third link, in spite of the declared dress code, all of the women are in full evening dress, no jeans, and half the men have no jeans on either (though they range from full-on actual black-tie tux to white tux, to tux except apparently a long rather than bow-tie... but they forgot to swap the rented tux pants for denim...) Ah, the folks at Downton Abbey would faint at this hodgepodge (my tongue is firmly in my cheek here, in case that's not clear...) 🤪
  7. Okay, we get that you southerners all understand this. But this Yankee is still confused. Should I show up in a denim evening dress, like so: Or am I supposed to wear my evening dress over jeans, like so: Or y'all are just going to have to share some images of what this actually is, 'cause I'm still not sure how to mix 'black tie' with 'jeans' as a woman... 😂
  8. Never heard of it either. You say it tells you what to do? So you're saying, it's literally: rent the top half of a tux and leave the pants at home and put your jeans on instead? And sneakers instead of dress shoes, then? And it might be descriptive for the men, but what about the ladies? Black tie would imply a full length evening gown. So that, but put skinny jeans and sneakers underneath? Totally ruins the line. Should I try to hitch up the gown, or tuck it in somehow to show off the jeans half?? 🤔
  9. It's like a less deadly version of the Darwin award...
  10. Same answers for me. I will be at in-person, indoor church this weekend for the first time since the pandemic started. But masking is required and honestly knowing our congregation, I'd be really shocked if our vax rate among over-12s isn't close to 100%. And ETA: There won't be singing. I am considering going back to my fitness studio if they changed policy to either check to make sure everyone is vaxxed, OR require everyone to wear one (I'd be happier with both, but they're doing neither). I would mask myself. I was okay with the non-checking and non-masking of others with only myself masked this summer when cases here were super-low, but not since Delta's hit. I might be okay with that again once the wave has passed.
  11. Yep, here too. It's nuts, especially for the kids too young to be vaxxed.
  12. Well, exactly. Delta is a new beast, it is making many more kids sick themselves. And they are bringing it home, even to their vaxxed parents (another thing Delta has changed).
  13. I have a feeling she's asking how the heck people can get their kids under 12 vaxxed, since they should be included when we say ANYONE. I don't have kids under 12 anymore, but I've also been wondering why the Covid precautions in schools for kids under 12 this year seem to be no different from those for the older kids who can be vaxxed. It's some kind of magical thinking.
  14. I sure hope so. I'm kind of wanting a dose of Moderna to top off my Pfizer...
  15. Yes that's what stuck out to me... why mention that in particular as the big problem with ER clog... so many ivermectin ODs that the gunshot victims can't be seen. Like that's the next biggest group of acute cases. Who is shooting all these people???
  16. That's nuts. All the studies they are basing this on are pre-Delta, ending with data from Jan/Feb of this year. They need to look across the pond at the pediatric ICUs filling up.
  17. Running around with guns is a choice. I don't think this is, say, gang violence. How are there so many gunshot wounds in a rural ER that they're a bigger problem than anything else after Covid and apparently horse dewormer ODs? If they're all hunting accidents, and maybe they are, perhaps they need more range/target practice if they keep hitting their friends instead. Don't run around with a gun unless you can hit what you're aiming at... Maybe I just lack imagination. What do you think that quantity of gunshot wounds would be from?
  18. I just found out my cousin in Switzerland has it. She's a surgeon, but that's not how she got it. Her dd just started school, and an unvaxxed teacher gave it to her dd, who brought it home to the family. Cousin and her dh are vaxxed, but apparently she's still pretty sick. Hopefully a quick recovery. And an unvaxxed elementary teacher? Apparently we don't have an exclusive on dumb decisions...
  19. Okay, let's review what this article seems to be saying are overloading the ERs in rural Oklahoma... 1. Unvaxxed people with Covid (okay, this doesn't point this out specifically, but...) 2. People OD'ing on horse dewormer 3. People with gunshot wounds Not people, with strokes, heart attacks, appendcitis, car accidents - all three seem to be self-inflicted (in the case of the unvaxxed people, if they got vaxxed they might still get sick but they wouldn't be clogging the hospital ER...)
  20. I think if you're going to travel right now, an RV is the way to go. My friend went all over the country this summer in an RV, but she did say things changed in the last month when the Delta wave hit. Then she came back and started teaching high school - got a call about a kid in her class with Covid (her masked, him unmasked) on the first day... But I wouldn't get on a plane unless I absolutely had to... I'm going to church in person when we 'come back' after summer next week, but fortunately we'll all be masking.
  21. This. We're also in the orange turning red place. My dd20 called me last night at 5am sobbing because apparently her boyfriend was headed off to Florida to go to Disney with friends. She was so upset. Now, she just went to California to Disney herself, but that was months ago before the Delta wave hit, and California (so, masks required in the park), not the Florida dumpster-fire that is currently going on. And I still thought it was dumb. Fortunately, after actually getting all the way to the airport, he decided not to go and called her to come pick him up.
  22. Just went and looked - they are apparently Weider Speed Weights. I bought them years and years and years ago with good intentions, then they sat there gathering dust for oh, a decade. But then a few years ago I started going regularly to classes that incorporated weights, and since the pandemic sent me home I have been using them regularly, so glad I never decluttered them!! Here, I'll attach a pic...
  23. I have 5-25lb adjustable free weights - they don't take up any room at all - just the same as space as two regular dumbbells. I kind of want adjustable kettlebells too, but man are those spendy!
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