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  1. I really enjoyed that link so so disappointed that Australia didn't do something similar. We had the potential to eliminate it
  2. I think the school plan looks fantastic 🙂 so excited that ds is back at home hugs
  3. We have geese. They keep it nicely trimmed, eat the weeds and fertilise as they go along.
  4. I read the thread from the bottom up I feel it is even worse than using Aus as a lapdog. It is looking like it is so USA can take over Aus export markets
  5. So because Australia initiated this China has punished us by wacking huge tarrifs on barley imports. an 80% tarrif. The barley is already mostly planted. Today it was announced that USA has quickly signed a deal with China to supply the barley. Thanks a million for standing by an ally. (not)
  6. coronavirus detected in worlds biggest refugee camp
  7. None We had Netflix for 3 months last year while twin 1 was in a wheelchair recovering from surgery
  8. I read that Germany has has 2 clusters at 2 different meat processing plants
  9. There are people living in tents along the river near me because their house burned down in the bush fires. Apparently a town approx 90 km east of me has 75 families living in tents because most of the town burned down
  10. Pop corn Rice, milk and honey Crackers and cheese Milo with milk Fruit, lots of fruit
  11. I would keep everything. The fridge wasn't turned off. It would have been going flat out, covering everything in cold air. Personally I would be more cross with the amount of electricity used
  12. i believe that some of it is also because of so much testing that they have picked up a few community spread with no known exposure here in Vic
  13. sending all my positive thoughts and well wishes to your whole family HUGE HUGS
  14. I not only had food aversions but developed food cravings. 4 pregnancies I craved crackers. I never eat them any other time. DH once joked he knew when I was pregnant when he opened the pantry and there were boxes and boxes of crackers. One pregnancy I craved lollies
  15. I agree with you. I think it a lot more humane than a tazer
  16. no I dont think you need to sift in yeast. I worded myself poorly. If you are changing plain flour to self raising flour by adding baking powder, or bicarb of soda, you need to sift it in. Yeast doesn't need this. I mostly make a well in the centre of the flour add the water then sprinkle the yeast on, wait for it to go frothy then mix in. so sorry for the confusion
  17. Sifting flour adds air making for a lighter cake. Sponge cakes require sifting the dry ingredients 3 times Sifting is also needed if you are adding spice etc or a raising agent to the flour
  18. I fear that our turn is still to come. We are mostly always a few months behind the rest of the world in everything
  19. The twins access the NDIS. I think it is $192.70 or something like that per hour for therapist. don’t rely on my word for making a desicion though as the twins play therapist is also a psychologist. having trouble with spelling today and the phone keeps changing everything so hopefully this is readable
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