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  1. Not the only person by a long shot. I don't have animals in the house at all.
  2. Ah I see, sorry. I have great difficulty so. Etimes with translation from American English to Australian English and miss finer details
  3. ??? It can be caused by other things Twin 1 has ODD - it is part of the indicator that he has FASD. it isn't fun at all . I am getting sick of being yelled at
  4. Argh. I cannot get the photo to attach. You can see the fabric in the corner of the pink fabric photo
  5. The bridesmaids in this fabric with the borrelleo jackets in pink
  6. We bought the material yesterday as well. Will post pictures when the daylight is good
  7. We are practising the bodice on some fabric I have at hand. Dd wants to make sure the back isn't below brastrap level.
  8. I am so so sorry for your loss 😞 I remember you well hugs
  9. do you know anyone brought up in an orphanage? I do. my father spent time in an orphanage. he killed himself when he was 20. My aunt was brought up in an orphanage. she was repeatedly raped by the priest there. she killed herself in her 30s I also know people who are in and have been through foster care both systems are completely broken and the only solution that I can come up with is mandatory sterilization for people who take drugs and people who have had a child removed.
  10. Bridesmaid patterns, the long dress one, with the cute little jacket
  11. snake didn't come back and ducklings are safe for now 🙂
  12. Just had a thought re hats. People here wear hats to horse racing like in UK, Not weddings though. In summer mostly people where hats to outdoor things just for sun protection
  13. Well the snake has just gone down a mouse hole nearby, so hopefully it is hunting mice instead We have a shovel right there for when it comes back in sight
  14. Not cute but defiantly a distraction. There is a red belly trying to get into the pen that has 5 wild black ducklings that the ranger next door rescued and asked Dd to raise for him. We are finding it quite a distraction. 😳
  15. Ok, I did some more googli g and I think the "advanced" shows level of qualification (looked at a university site) Though I could be completely wrong...
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