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  1. A person from Sri Lanka is well aware that Australia knows about the ethnic cleansing and genocide that happened just a few years ago in their country. We took many of the refugees from that genocide. We Aussies wouldn’t need to stereotype, we would just state facts.
  2. The message is currently yellow, it was orange overnight.
  3. do you mean a singlet? We all wear them in winter under our clothes . never in summer though. way to hot
  4. All well here. We went to watch and act during the night, but are back to advice today as the weather is cooler. They are doing another row of backburns today closer, to try and stop the previous backburns that got out of control yesterday. Lots of helicopters flying over, including some chinooks much to the twins delight. We have had a roadblock on the main road, immediately after our road turn off for the last 2 weeks. the road is closed, though they are letting farmers in to feed animals . They now have 3 police cars there. I don’t have any idea why they need 3 police cars, there is hardly any traffic to stop. Funnily the other day they dropped off one of those portable toilets there for the police at the roadblock.
  5. Well even US citizens I know who have chosen to live in Australia and are not tourists come across as full of themselves. I am only writing this as this thread is specifically asking for international opinions. I am not trying to offend or insult, and would normally not express this outside my head .
  6. Because it is not interpreted as confidence, but rather as being full of themselves. i am sad to say but every person from USA that I have met in real life has come across as full of themselves, not as confident. This of course doesn’t apply to people I have met online. Maybe only a certain type of US citizen comes on holidays to my part of Australia
  7. Her daughters are both in university now, so technically not homeschooling any more
  8. I have opinions on all nationalities, and Australians as a group as well. Quite frankly I am ashamed by the swearing drunk Aussie international image.
  9. Please don’t take offence, but you asked they come across as full of themselves, tyrants, bullies, As one of my dis said when he was younger. America is like Rome, they just take whatever they want from the rest of the world, destroy countries they don’t like and steal any ideas and technology they want and claim it was their own.
  10. No idea what is going on with vicemergancy. When you are feeling stressed and anxious it is easy to form incorrect theories. DH current theory is that they are trying to keep us on the dark about the extent of the fires close to us because it was a Backburn gone wrong. My theory is it is too smoky to get helicopters or planes up to see the extent of the fires.
  11. When there is a lot of ash it is a lot harder to breath than when there is just smoke. The ash stings your eyes. After a very short walk, say to the clothes line, you find yourself panting and your chest feels tight.
  12. The thing we are finding very stressful is the lack of ability to find out what is going on with the fires. We have taken to looking at Sentinel Hotspots. It updates every time the satellite does a pass over us, and shows a hotspot colour coded according to how recent it is, not how hot it is. It doesn’t show where it is already burned. And overlays the hotspots over a google map. It is showing fire way closer to us than the VicEmergency fact we woke up this morning to see a completely new much closer to us big fire that is not on VicEmergency app at all. when we went to bed last night grey ash was falling, this morning it is smoky with visibility of about 15 m
  13. A friend who homeschooled her 2 children a similar age to my oldest , lost her house. She lived inSarsfield , a town that was devastated last week. Only a few houses remain. It is only really a few towns over.
  14. Bother, bother, bother. Backburns done over the last week to the east and north east of us have escaped and are now the new front, moving steadily closer. One of them is right on the coast influenced by sea breezes . Most of our wind at this time of the year is an easterly to north easterly.
  15. We are ok.. the backburn firebreaks held. We have returned home. I have no idea why the iPad is writing in the right hand side of the page
  16. They have a nanny, yes? Ithink it pretty normal for people who have nannies to leave their children for extended periods.
  17. I would get rid of the sectional completely. move the play stuff for little kids where it was, then put some desks near the window. I would have some workspace at the bar. What a great spot for doing art and science i would add a comfy reading seat in a corner
  18. Ds 22 just came by, he said he doesn’t think the fires will get to us tomorrow, it all depends on the wind Hope he is right
  19. Thank you for thinking about me 🥰 we will be evacuating early tomorrow morning. We have just spent the last few days chopping down trees, raking, clearing scrub, raking, ripping out 30 years of tree planting in the vain hope that it might save our house. It was really hard. We had blue wrens scolding us 😢. Twins hugging shrubs saying goodbye to them . 😢 Some relatives and my oldest ds took time off work and came and helped. We would not have been able to do it all ourselves.
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