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  1. sounds terrific ๐Ÿ™‚ I remember when I took my older ones out of school. What I did was start off with 3 core subjects then each week add a new subject. that way we still had the routine of "school" they weren't bored and it wasn't overwhelming. They still had hours more free time a day than when they were at school so deschooling was not an issue for me. We did school work year round with breaks on especially nice days for trips to the beach etc.
  2. come on. you were asking for advice from experienced homeschoolers for curriculum that a child with learning difficulties could use completely independently and somehow teach themselves .Oh, and this curriculum was to be free. Everyone said basically the same thing THIS SCENARIO WILL NOT WORK Your didn't like what you heard from people who have been working with this for many years. you were not happy with the reality of what we were saying and you telling us off for stating FACTS has upset you. I so wish I could throw a computer and an Ipad at my children, give them a bunch of curriculum, go off and leave them for a few years and have educated people walk out of their bedroom... it is not going to happen ever.
  3. mid year as well A hit with the twins has been All About Spelling. We are going VERY slowly. only doing 4 words per day. but they can now hear then form a 3 letter word with the magnets sound it out and write it down. This is absolutely amazing for them. misses ๐Ÿ˜ž All About Reading. We completed AAR1 last year. I then sold it (big mistake) and started AAR2. the twins have completely freaked out about looking at multi syllable words in the readers and practice sheets. they will not even try to read them. They complain that the words are too long and the stories are too long. to them it is a huge jump in levels. one that they cannot do just yet. I also am a little confused why AAR has gone straight to multi syllable words instead of teaching bossy "e" and long vowels as do most other phonics programs at this stage. So we are having a break, and doing Fitzroy readers with me modifying the workbooks ( sa they cannot write yet), plus some jolly phonics , and ittle phonics readers from multiple sources with DS15 IEW is a hit as is Balance Benders and Vocab From Classical Roots 5 not so many misses with him ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. I ended up getting some stuff I got the enrichment studies. we are currently getting the soundbites - which I think run out in month or so so the women composers will be able to be started right when the other one finishes - the twins really enjoy soundbites . I do use their monthly freebees as well ๐Ÿ™‚ I also got the mammoth math - all the history cards the volcano animal classification game some of the real world learners math stuff writing through history copywork for next year and the word family bundle I was a bit disappointed with the bonus vouchers as they were mostly American focused stuff that I am not interested in.
  5. these are the people who I deeply despise. to me the word HATE conveys some sort of negative action on my part
  6. nobody I hate. Hate is a too strong emotion for me to hold onto for a long time some people I dislike and some I deeply despise
  7. This is what I discovered when I looked it up. I had a misconception about silent treatment. to me it meant that one person wasn't talking to the other for a short while - instead of having an argument they would just stop speaking for a while - not in a passive aggressive way but rather I am not talking to you at the moment and I am not even going to be in the same room for a few hours until we calm down kind of way. When I looked it up I found out I had a complete misconception and it is much worse and very manipulative.
  8. morning twins school work afternoon school work with Ds15 surprise visit form ds23 - he gave me some shark fillets (Flake) from a shark he caught Sunday night.
  9. apparently the silent treatment has been classified as a form of domestic abuse I was a bit surprised to hear that as I thought that it isn't pleasant but a heck way better than physical aggression. seems I was under the wrong impression hmm. after looking it up I see that some people carry the silent treatment to a completely different level to what I have heard about/seen
  10. I wasn't telling you if it was all right. I was giving you some first hand experience of teaching children. not telling you what to do but rather giving you information form an angle you mightn't have thought of to share with your friend. That is the whole point of asking for advice on a public forum. not to just hear what you want to hear but get different experience to make better informed choices. ๐Ÿคจ sorry you got your nose out of joint. I didnt mean to cause offense by the way here you are not allowed to leave a child home alone until they are 12. that was the reason I was so shocked at the idea
  11. I have done thing in the past like pay for an online course thinking it would be for the school year only to find out that I have just enrolled a child in something that will not line up with our school year at all and will be hard to fit in with summer holidays and camping trips. ๐Ÿ˜ž
  12. that is the tricky thing with things based in America where they run a funny school year and AUS where we go by the calendar year.
  13. some things I did with my competitive older boys when they were that age quick math facts with a timer- seeing if they can beat their last score. Saxon has some great math fact sheets for use with a timer seeing how many Latin flashcards he can get through in a time limit racing me to see if they can get their grammar lesson (or whatever) completed correctly before I finish hanging out the laundry ( or clean the toilet or whatever) - winner gets to tickle the other - this was a very big hit with my older boys and I got some housework done as well
  14. I am quite shocked that someone would think of trying to get a 9 year old special needs child who is struggling in some areas to teach themselves alone with nobody to teach or even do supervising. 9 year olds cannot really work independently without some guidance A child that is "somewhat behind" needs even more help. A child with special needs needs intensive help. I say this not only as a mother of many special needs children whom I have home schooled but also as a primary school teacher who has worked with many 9 year olds is it even legal to leave a 9 year old home alone
  15. Bibloplan has a 15% off voucher I didn't notice anything from 7 Sisters.
  16. there are coupon codes for discounts form their contributors
  17. First check if you are even allowed to remove the tree. Here in Aus if you live in any sort of town or City you need a permit to remove any tree that is a native . Rural areas come under different regulations.
  18. nope never discussed ever with people who I mix with HOWEVER my neighbour rang me up the other week to tell me that my rooster crowing is interfering with him having relations with his girlfriend - Seeing as his girlfriend is currently doing some volunteer work in Africa for a few months and the neighbour is my neighbour right here in Australia I was pretty speechless for a few seconds.. ...
  19. I just watched Kings in Grass Castles over the last 2 nights. - Very enjoyable
  20. DS15 uses Siri to answer questions on what words mean etc. like how we of an older generation would use a dictionary
  21. Reading Eggs and Star Fall for twins I Had an OT once recommended a program called School Writing that you use a stylus for - we didn't have room on the ipad to fit it though.
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