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  1. Just an ordinary day Twin 2 had a meltdown over math. He had to count bugs in jars and work out which jar had the most. All jars had less than 10. Took 30 minutes for him to calm down. He then had a meltdown over drawing a picture of a character in a book of his choice instead of doing a written book report. He taught his twin brother what snigger and a snarky smile mean then had a meltdown when twin 1 demonstrated his understanding by sniggering at him. Took him an hour to calm down over that one. Self regulation has always been a problem. Planted some seeds in the greenhouse
  2. from watching various youtube homesteading channels it seems it is a thing in USA. they pack day old chickens into a box and mail them express they also seem to do turkeys, ducklings , and geese. I don't think it is something that is done in Australia. edited to add I think homesteading is the USA term for what we would call living self sufficiently , or living off the land
  3. when I was little my parents said those exact things, and they did stop and whatever child was taken out of the car, given a few smacks on the bottom, put back in the car and we all kept driving. My parents also had a strap hanging on the kitchen wall that they would use frequently . it was the way things were back in those days.
  4. not long after We were placed with the twins, and they were still in their very bad trauma state I had to take them on public transport to meet up with case manager who was then going to escort me to a access visit.. it was a 4 hour trip by public transport. both twins started screaming, and one started self harming ( punching and slapping himself in the face). the bus driver wanted to put us out in the side of the highway. this was on a stretch that was at least 30 km from the nearest town. I was so shocked that I just laughed and treated it like he was joking... it was an awful awful expe
  5. When I first started home schooling, many years ago I started with a grade 5, 3 and prep students. We did history together, starting with ancients, using SOTW. It was everyone's favourite subject. Everyone was at their own level for all other subjects.
  6. thank you Rachel, that is so sweet of you . I try to get things that I can either source in Australia OR I email the company and beg for them to make a PDF available for international uses. Sometimes they have one and sometimes I look for an alternate curriculum
  7. The families I am referring to have already disengaged by middleschool. They are already begenning their journey to becoming dysfunctional adults.
  8. Apparently having sex is a right of an adult I think having children is too easy. Often the people who have their children removed because of neglect didn't plan on having children. The children are just the result of their not bothering to prevent them from being conceived in the first place.
  9. There is no solution Some people should not have children. But eugenics is not the solution either.
  10. In the past Australia tried to fix this as well. There were children living in very poor conditions, they were removed from their families and placed with famines that were better off, of course most of the children were indigenous, and we ended up with what is now called the stolen generation. A whole generation of people who were removed by do-gooders
  11. Australia tries this, people are given everything, housing, training, support, free daycare, money to live on, free methadone drugs, free medical. And you know what the result is, a circle of children growing up that then have children and they then need all the external support To keep their own children There is no easy answer or any solution
  12. a church group should not be the organisation responsible. Their track record is APPALLING
  13. It is a very complex issue. there are many angles to look at, and no clear answer. It seems that whatever solution is tried doesn't really work it is felt here in Australia that a child is best left with their parent and lots of support is thrown at the parent to try and help them get their act together. this includes parenting programs, free daycare for the child, putting parents on free methadone if it is felt needed, providing subsidized housing, support services etc. certainly the outcome of a child in foster care is often very grim, and there is never ever a success story of a chil
  14. try shipping from overseas. a friend and I did a combined order from rainbow resources. the shipping to Australia was over $200 au I was going to buy some math manipulative that would have been great for assisting twins . the shipping on a $100us item was going to be $150 us. pushed it way out of our budget
  15. all of a sudden is commonly used here in Australia like in All of a sudden there was a crash. I just asked my Canadian DH, Yep, He uses All of a sudden all the time to and according to him it is very common in Canada. his example... I was walking on the track and all of a sudden a branch fell.
  16. 😲 looks terrible glad you are all alright
  17. for high school I did different things for different kids I did some of Spievogel Western Civilization. I really liked this - I was more enthusiastic about this than my children I have to say I tried SWB history of the world books, but they didn't work for us the main thing I did was make a reading list of The Great Books - 8 books a year I think that tied into both the history year that we were up to and their interests sort of. So Oldest DS did science or math great books etc. By year 10ish, we changed over to either Open University units or TAFE courses
  18. not data, but I had bronchitis every year from age 3 to 13. I have scared lungs from it I had Ross River Virus - resulted in long term wrist and foot pain similar to arthritis My Brother had Glandular Fever ( I believe what you call Mono or something ) when he was 13 - resulted in Chronic Fatigue that lasted 15 years
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