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  1. Huge hugs. I can only imagine how scary it must be. Stay safe
  2. I have seen this family on youtube a couple of times, I remember when they adopted the child . I remember at the time feeling they were only adopting to increase their views and I guess increase their income by having more followers
  3. As most of you might remember ,I have relinquished a child that we were planning to have permanent care of ( equivalent to your foster to adopt) . It had to be done for the safety of the family. we sought advice from 3 different psychologists that all told us the same thing. That child needed to be placed somewhere where there are no animals or children. It was and continues to be soul shattering
  4. hopefully it will put light on the exploitation of adopted children so people can make money from youtube channels
  5. I agree completely It seems like the op mother will be able to pay rent and buy food. Internet and a mobile phone are luxuries and not essential. If my spouse started paying for his relatives bills so they can have a better lifestyle I quite frankly would be very upset. I have lived not much above the poverty line most of my life.
  6. Same, but I thought it a good thing. I have a family shared computer and DH and I share the email. I prefer not to receive the notification by email but it wasn't an option
  7. Is there a covid hotline there? Here there is a covid hotline you can ring that would be able to tell you how long you have to isolate for etc.
  8. It is true I have a nephew in Canada that is cousin to this niece. He is a police officer. He knows about it. Nothing will be done
  9. No idea. I only heard from my sil who was one of the relatives they didn't like and visited. So glad I don't live near them as I am sure I would be in the relatives they absolutely hate catogory
  10. Maybe the individualism of North America. For some it is just downright selfishness. My niece and her partner in Canada tested positive. They made a point of visiting any relative they weren't keen on, making sure to hug them, use the bathroom etc. Leave then phone them up 30 minutes later and tell them they tested positive. They are in Toronto. They also didn't self isolate but went shopping etc. They thought it all a big joke. That kind of behaviour would not be tolerated here in Australia. Here we would have no problem in dobbing them in for the protection of the community.
  11. Thank you The less developed really got me confused, south Korea and Singapore I would not call less developed. Edited to ask what is less developed in this context anyway? Asian? Not Western? Not USA?
  12. I don't know exactly how they do it, but every day when they announce any new cases they also announce how they got it, either related to an existing cluster, a person in isolation from arriving into the country or still tracing where they got it from. Of course a lot of people downloaded a contact tracing app. Also most of the country has been in lock down, including state borders closed, external borders closed etc. so not much contact happening
  13. Here. They trace every single case, test all the people a positive person has been in contact with
  14. Oh I hadn't hear about that. I thought it was rabbits in a cornoavirus vaccine lab trial that died, but now I am wondering if the person who told me was referring to this other virus killing rabbits
  15. the coronavirus vaccination trial that resulted in all the rabbits dying wasn't in Australia
  16. I heard that an animal trial on rabbits didn't go well either. All the rabbits died. I cannot post link though. I heard it from a non internet source
  17. I really enjoyed that link so so disappointed that Australia didn't do something similar. We had the potential to eliminate it
  18. I think the school plan looks fantastic 🙂 so excited that ds is back at home hugs
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