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  1. I would sort of pull the plant gently up out of the pot a little. If it looks very dry I might stand the whole thing in a container of water for a while. If it looks very root bound I would repot. If it looks absolutely soaked I might add some more drain holes
  2. I didn't know people did it. So I guess you could say I didn't know it was offensive by default. I live under a shell I think
  3. Are you after different curiculum for each subject or a whole package type thing?
  4. I draw the line at wildlife in meat. As I have hunting sons we have had this. Now they know I do not want ANY live wildlife in meat in the kitchen. I also don't like strange thing in the freezer. If there are strange things in the freezer they have to be double bagged. Yes ds23 I am talking to you. And if I ever find a bag of frozen rabbit heads again I will cook them up for you.
  5. You g adults are so fun. I have had 2 young adults explain to me about the importance of colour separation before washing. And one ds ring me up to lecture me on the importance of using condoms. That was a very interesting conversation. He was pretty intense. Called them "unwrap and cover" and wanted me to make sure all his siblings knew about them. (Um yes I even showed you where to buy them)
  6. Up at 3am with twin 1 to catch the 3.50am bus and start the 6 hour public transport trip to Melbourne. Go to the zoo with twin 1 for an hour or so. The zoo is literally beside the children's hospital. Very convenient. Spend the rest of the afternoon in the hotel so twin 1 can rest his leg. Found out ds15 came second in the state finals for his fruit cake Tomorrow morning twin 1 has post op check up and we will then hop right back on the train then bus for the trip home
  7. We grow most of our own food. Catapillers on broccoli is pretty normal. I just pay my kids 5 cents per catapiller they find on their plate and keep eating. I can only imagine the amount of pesticides they must use to have catapiller fee broccoli. Though I am thinking about trying insect nets just for the brasicas
  8. I cannot have them as I have a great big cowlick and my hair would stick up awfully . My hair is all waist length. Almost half of it is grey. I am mid 40s
  9. I come from a family of dyslexics, I have stealth dyslexia and I have 3 children with profound dyslexia. We have done intensive phonics instruction for many many years. My kids really struggled with spelling . My oldest, an aerospace engineer still spells we as wea - because ea has a long e sound. He cannot even recognise that it looks wrong. My goal shifted to around 10 being able to touch type, and know how to spell well enough to use spell checker.
  10. huge hugs to you and your family. I can only help by describing what we do in our family. I hope it is helpful to you situation one as you might know my twins came to live with us when they were 3 1/2. Before that they were foster children with disrupted placements etc. They are extremely close, closer I feel than normal twins ( I have younger twin brothers) as the only constant they have had in their whole lives is each other. Last year and this year twin one has had to have surgery that has involved several days away from twin 2. We worked with their psychologist to plan how to do this. As the twins are young and have ID this was a little challenging - what has helped is that either twin could ask to ring the other one at any time and we would facilitate this. they are getting better at being apart for a few days. The other thing that helps is we have a very predictable routine both at home and when at the hospital. My twins do better with a very regulated routine each day. they feel safer if they know exactly what comes next and when they are separate they know exactly what the other twin is doing . situation two Twin one has bonded more with DH than me. DH is Canadian and has an aged mother who lives in Canada - she is 97 and DH has had to make rush trips to Canada 3 times in the last 2 years. Twin one doesn't handle this very well at all. He becomes both physically and verbally aggressive towards me, and then when he thinks he is alone he sobs and sobs. the only thing that we have found that helps is DH phones him every day at around the same time. It is very hard sometimes to reach out and know how help a child who has experienced trauma. the effects are lifelong.
  11. Colour can affect people’s moods etc. my grandmother cannot be long in a room painted a specific shade of purple. She will very quickly get a migraine and start vomiting. however . Would think there may be other major contributing factors in your ds depression
  12. I personally felt sorry that her father turned up. In the weeks before the wedding he had run off with another woman. His daughter was still very much angry with him for what he had just done.
  13. you can attend a wedding of a relative who has another relative who is disfellowshiped who is present. I had this happen to me. My brother married someone who's father was disfellowshiped. He was at the wedding, he was not part of the wedding party and nobody not directly related to him spoke to him.
  14. you can leave the JW church without being disfellowshiped. Disfellowshiped is a form of punishment, a casting out. you can leave or even just become inactive. it would not have any of the shunning by family
  15. I was engaged then married 3 months later- though I didn't have a party. DH and I knew each other for just under a year
  16. Here traditionally people had engagement parties and wedding showers were unheard of.
  17. but she hasn't said she if she did or didn't attend the wedding ( this was guessing and speculation amongst the posters). she said it was a lot more complex than that.
  18. just a note regarding the dog We got our children pets when they were teens... then found out that as they leave home the pets stayed behind. we now have ( are stuck with) a cockatiel and budgies
  19. calisivirus has really helped here. I am pretty sure they are developing the next virus to help eliminate them for when they build up resistance to the calisivirus. rabbits are one of the most destructive species to be brought to Australia - right there with foxes, cats and cane toads
  20. I noted that part as well. even the EX who we all know is a big jerk is on Scarlett's side in this.
  21. hang on - I don't think she said if she did or didn't attend. wasn't that people guessing?
  22. you don't know what the situation was. you are speculating then trying to stir up arguments for your speculation
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