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  1. I don't think that op should force her Dd to play with the little girl. I am pointing out that that is life, there are people that nobody wants to play with. And those little girls get use to it very quickly. There is absolutely nothing worse than have someone playing with you the have them say I am only playing with you because my mum made me, or my mum bribed me to. That is way worse than being left alone.
  2. Believe me I was that other girl. I didn't have a friend in my street, in my school, in my town. Nothing dramatic about it. There are little girls that nobody wants to play with. They don't click with them, they don't fit in their social circle, they couldn't be bothered to make the little girl feel like a friend or a valued human. Those little girls get use to it. That is just the way life is. It is a fact.
  3. I was the other girl. Eventually You get use to keeping your own company and not having friends, and grow up to not need other people
  4. Well my Dd must have been looking at some other conspiracy theory because she thinks it is a secret ploy for Asians to buy up the houses.........
  5. rural areas are not moving very much faster. DD 20 is absolutely heartbroken that she still cannot go see her male friend. You are only allowed to see your boyfriend if you are intimate which she is not. and as both her and him are back to living with respective families, they cannot count each other as single and having a bubble. I have suggested to her that they both just have to exercise in the same general area and bump into each other. She think I am suggesting bending rules. ( called me a lawbreaker 🤣)
  6. I get my news from 5 news sources, abc radio,and these online sources. ABC, BBC, yahoo news, and 9 news. I check them multiple times a day DH gets his news from some propaganda site based in Canada. So we don't have anything to talk about any more. 😞
  7. I personaly know someone who was a resident not a citizen and had to go to court for something over 16 years ago. the Barrister told him that if he ended up with a suspended prison sentence of 12 months or even a 12 month good behaviour bond and then breached it , he would have a very high chance of being deported. also a permanent resident, non citizen, if they leave the country, say to go overseas to visit family. If they have had a criminal record they may be denied entry back into Australia
  8. Do you have pets inside? Do you have those oil burner things or those perfume spray things? Have you tried changing all cleaners to non perfume Have you tried airing out whole house every single day.
  9. Yes. 😂 My DH, who is Canadian carries a 2 litre bottle of ketchup in the car for the very odd time he gets fish and chips.
  10. I didn't think you are meant to drown your food with condaments. They contain exactly the right amount for a meat pie
  11. The law has existed for a long time. Any non citizen can be deported if they commit a crime that involves a 12 month or more prison sentence. It is not NZ specific. It has just become more focused in the media lately.
  12. well it is a great way to get rid of drug dealers... which is what most of them went to prison for. NZ should send him back AFTER he has finished his prison sentence. Life here is only something like 20 years.... it is ridiculously low
  13. same here We store ours in egg cartons in the cupboard. I write the date on them with pencil . that way I am always using the oldest eggs. I keep them for up to 4 weeks no problem.
  14. Human nature or American nature? I can think of many countries that have the majority of their population that care deeply about deaths and issues that don't affect them as individuals
  15. Victoria has got the turnaround for test results to less than 24 hours, apparently a lot of results are now available within 6 hours
  16. I just learned the same thing. I have to take the mail to the post office to be posted
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