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  1. The fires in my area were mostly started by dry lightning
  2. I think the profile for a fire bug is high iq, in 20s , Unemployed and disengaged from society
  3. There was a town meeting last evening. The incident controller said that the fires will continue to burn until either there is nothing left to burn or we get 200mm rain within a week period. We are not going to get the rain. he also explained the order of things that the emergency services are working on. They are not going to be working on protecting my area at all. There are not enough people to protect it, it is a collection of spread out properties in dense bush. They type of bush is highly flammable( tea tree and banksia scrub with mahogany gum trees) that is influenced by sea breezes making it very difficult for firefighting. So he said the people in my area need to monitor the fire behaviour very carefully, watch the direction of the wind and get out quickly before bad fire days. We knew this about our area already.
  4. All is well here. We have come home for a few days. Friday will be the next bad fire day. We will evacuate again then as it is too risky to stay at home.
  5. Victoria, and specifically east gippsland has the most dangerous fire conditions in the world, due to the way weather patterns behave. We have a few days of hot north winds that push the fire in one direction then a very strong change that turns the long side flank into the new front. in primary school we are taught what to do in bush fires, every year we are sent information on making bushfire plans etc. there are large bushfires every year. It is all part of summer living in the bush in Australia. the key difference this year is We have had a drought for 3 years. It is the driest on record. Moisture readings in the bush just before the fires started was so low that they thought the machines were broken, it was less than 10% and some areas less than 2%. This means that when the usual fires started they ripped through the extremely dry bush very quickly. The fires also are not slowing down at night, but still burning, so normal firefighting of backburning and bulldozing at night in front of the fire cannot be done in many areas safely
  6. I agree. my sons are not volunteers though. They are paid remote area firefighters with all the wildfire training and a few years of experience, however, these fires are on a whole different level to normal summer bushfires.
  7. He was in a G-wagon DELWP fully fitted with sprinklers and flash over blankets. Still no one wants to be in conditions like that
  8. This is a photo he took in the afternoon yesterday
  9. It got very bad towards Eden during the early hours of the morning. The southerly is driving the fires over the border. ds25 and all his crew have had to evacuate to Bombala he spent most of the afternoon/early evening in total darkness, sitting in a grass paddock not knowing where the fire was but knowing it was going to go right over them any minute.
  10. We were very lucky today. Many areas around us were burned out, but we had such thick smoke, visibility less than 10 metres that it suppressed the fire. We still have a house for today so does my son. Though the fire is within 1 km of my son’s house. The fires are still there, just in my area they went in a north easterly direction instead of south, for today
  11. We are still ok. The wind hasn’t arrived here yet, though just one town over they have wind and a running fire. poor ds22 is not well. His blood carbon level was apparently 20 when he started work yesterday and when he finished it was 80 normal should be below 10. He said all the crew was the same levels, but they are back at work again today. At least he could talk again this morning. Last night when I rang him he was just coughing and struggling to talk.
  12. She is trying Traralgon now. There was nothing in Sale
  13. ds 25 just got evacuated out of the remote location he works at. He works from Bendoc . The fire is starting to run that way. They have taken all the firefighters out completely. They are driving in convoy to Bombala. I haven’t heard from ds21 today, he is out there somewhere working on the fires around Orbost my sister managed to get through the horrendous evacuation traffic to a safe location to find there is no accomodation at all. She is now trying locations a further 200 km away she has 3 small children please pray for my family. We are scared
  14. They have just declared a state of disaster for our area
  15. We are back in Orbost. we were told it is a defendable town. There will be a town information meeting tomorrow morning
  16. From a psychological point of view it is interesting how to pack expecting to loose everything. I found I had packed a full bag with my oldest gardening clothes. Stress and panic makes you do silly things The first day we took important paperwork , one change of clothes and small valuables. the second day we took clothes and food today I took some of the treasures my kids made when they were little. And the silky chooks dh took a full load of tools from his shed all my neighbours are evacuating as well
  17. Update from me we have finished house prep for the fire. Though there is always something else that can be done. Grass mowed to dirt. Everything raked and raked multiple times. Loose bark pullled off gumtrees. Flower gardens mowed to the ground then raked to bare earth. Under house raked and hosed down ( we have a raised on stumps house) all pot plants on verandah removed, all outside chairs etc removed . Things hosed down. We have run out of time for doing anything else
  18. Just checking in To update. We spent all day clearing vegetation completly to the ground and making a mineral break (bare earth) around the house. Our property is undefendable, but maybe the fire will go past. We can live in hope. The weather will be very bad again on Saturday. Fire scientist has predicted that our area will be burned out by the end of Saturday. We are not staying at our house, just return g tomorrow to do some more clearing. Sorry about all the errors. I am typing fast as my phone is just about flat
  19. We have no power and will not have power for days.
  20. There are still many fires all around us, but it is cooler and the wind has shifted. It is going to be bad until their is either nothing left to burn or we have 100 mm of rain. As there doesn't seem like any chance of rain for a very long time wil will be living with fires most likely until there is nothing left to burn
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