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  1. Reading Eggs and Star Fall for twins I Had an OT once recommended a program called School Writing that you use a stylus for - we didn't have room on the ipad to fit it though.
  2. I am in exactly the same boat. I have the history cards and the volcano game in my cart but cannot find anything else I want to make up a bundle. I am toying with adding the Enrichment Studies composers as Enrichment studies will add some fine art pages if you show them you have bought their product Was hoping someone on here has bought something that they think is fabulous and would recommend it so I can fill the basket enough to get everything at bundle price
  3. Here the price seems to correspond to the amount of protein . the higher the protein content the higher the cost. But the higher the protein the less the dog needs to eat so it works out more economical to get the one with higher protein. this is here usually a product that is advertising as working dog formula.
  4. Mind you I have only really looked closely at K and Primer level- some of the artwork we have used from it was Russian. I use TGATB randomly for some extra worksheets for the twins on stuff we are doing . We enjoy looking at the artwork and reading the questions of things to look for. I also get the twins to read those very simple little reading books. they use the same words that are in their other readers and I need a range of the same level readers because they tend to memorize text instead of read. we skip what we don't want and just use what we want. the price is so cheep that it is a great resource for some extra for struggling learners like my twins that need to go sideways not forwards with their learning. We skip all the religious parts. Much easier to do with this curriculum than it was with ROD And Staff for my older children. ( which by the way my older children renamed rotten stuff)
  5. thank you everyone for trying to help me. I really appreciate your efforts. we will try and muddle through with the books we have now sorry I was so poor at trying to express what I was after and what DS needs are.
  6. We have a bedroom that needs to be walked through to another bedroom. We call it the dressing room and have it set up as one.
  7. how old is your daughter? is she still in her teens. $9 per hour for a few hours work for a mid teen seems OK but not for an adult. My DS15 works on a production line 2 days a week canning beer- he earns $14 per hour. people on the same production line who are age 20 and over earn $20 per hour. It is expected by the community as a whole ( therefore the AUS government that sets the minimum wages ) that a mid teen is still being supported by family but an adult has bills to pay
  8. Here in Aus the minimum wage for someone age 20 and over is just under $20/h. There is a scale to work out the wages for people younger than 20. Many jobs have an award wage. People can look up their job and check they are getting the correct wage. this system works fine. Sure things cost more in Australia than in America but mostly that has to do with location/transport not only around Aus but around the world and population numbers locally. I think it fine if we have to pay slightly more for things like clothes if it means that the people who make them get paid enough to live off. and it is good to buy a little less anyway - much better for the planet
  9. Lori - don't blame yourself - you tried to help with the information I provided.
  10. we will not watch any of the DVDs He refuses to watch DVDs in any subject. Including IEW etc. I am frustrated that MUS doesn't even give you an option to buy the teacher book without the overpriced DVD. DS doesn't even watch movies. the whole page of student workbook/worksheet is all text, the whole thing. if I flick through the book there is sometimes a small diagram but a page full of word problems.
  11. I thought I would give an update on how we are going. We are pretty disappointed so far - hope it improves. we are finding that the first 2 whole chapters are all just written work and a major focus on symbol memorization - something that DS is finding extremely disappointing He was really hoping that there would be a LOT more math like pages of triangles to work out the angles of etc. a quick flick through the book shows that there seems to be hardly any actual diagrams without a full page or written text. His words " this isn't math it seems more like a type of explode the code book" He is referring to the endless fill in the blanks and word to symbol match ups I am feeling completely ripped off as it was $160 Au - we were covering way more geometry just doing Saxon Algebra 1 with me swapping out adding more diagramming problems than is in this text Sigh! I was so hoping to have a math program that He could just work through instead of me having to make up the other half of the curriculum with diagrams etc for him to practice on and without me having to sit beside him to read the text. He was so hoping to have a subject that he could do without me having to read him the text. I am starting to think what I was after doesn't exist . .............. We feel stuck with this now as it was so ridiculously expensive I know that geometry could be a strong point for him but he needs to be working with visuals (even diagrams of visuals) not text
  12. When my Grandmother turned 60 she announced to the whole family that she was finally old enough to speak her mind - she is almost 90 now and still speaking her mind.
  13. DH has Multiple Chemical Sensitivities . When he was at his worst he could only come inside for meals and a couple of hours in the evening. he slept outside on the veranda for 4 years. How we modified our house included -building a special bedroom that has floor to ceiling windows on 3 sides of the room. hardwood floors , an organic cotton inner-spring mattress - bedding of only natural fibers nothing unnecessary in the bedroom including no chest of draws etc that store any clothing etc. -ripping up the flooring in the house to completely eliminate partial board and putting down hardwood flooring that was finished with expensive finishing form Europe _ cannot remember the name of it -painting the whole house inside with BIO paint -completely getting rid of gas for cooking -using specialized laundry detergent and shampoo for the whole family All this took about 4 years and we had a lot of help form my family. We also isolate ourselves pretty much from other people as the products they use cause reactions in DH with all this DH had a marked improvement in his energy levels
  14. Chronic Fatigue or possibly Multiple Chemical Sensitivities are 2 things that come to my mind My DH has Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. he was a zombie for many years until we could modify our living environment My Brother had Chronic Fatigue as a young teen after having Glandular Fever ( I think you call it mono or something over there) it took him about 15 years to recover each year a little better than the year before . He had to be very careful to not overtax himself for a few years
  15. noit even mid year here in Australia - school year here goes from end of January to mid December
  16. I have had 2 different cleaning ladies I told them up front in the interview that I was paying $20 per hour and I wanted 2 hours of cleaning. I gave them a list of things I wanted done in that time and a few things that they could do if they had completed the list and had some time left over.
  17. I don't keep track but it would be heaps. it is 20 km just to go to the local small town. just under 100 km each way to go to the twins swimming lessons each week. - plus the 100 or so km each way to specialists etc every few weeks. I sometimes feel that I spend half of every month traveling. I take public transport for the medical appointments to Melbourne ( 400 km away) last year we went there 14 times just for twin 1
  18. I taught myself to french braid when I was 13. and have wore my hip length hair in one ever since. I put it in an ordinary braid to sleep and then french braid it int eh morning - no tangles at all. if she watches some YouTube videos on braiding she might be able to manage it herself
  19. is there a Nurse- on - Call available where you live? if there is I would give them a call they can advise you on if you need to go straight to emergency or can wait to see a GP
  20. What led you to homeschool? as we were already homeschooling the older 3 it was natural to home school my daughter as well -- How was your child homeschooled in the high school years? (Did you use WTM as a guide? Did your child take out of the home, online classes, or college classes?) We followed WTM pretty closely She did some university level units at age 17 as her pathway to University -- What did your child do after graduating? What is your child doing now? DD now lives in Melbourne and is in her second year in a Bachelor of Industrial Design (honors)
  21. What led you to homeschool? third son was removed from School when we took the older two out. He has profound Dyslexia as well as Discalculia -- How was your child homeschooled in the high school years? (Did you use WTM as a guide? Did your child take out of the home, online classes, or college classes?) We followed WTM with modifications. Lots of modifications -- What did your child do after graduating? What is your child doing now? He didn't really graduate from homeschooling as he was having such difficulty with academics that we decided it would be best to go straight into Tertiary studies. He started A Diploma of Conservation and Land Management at age 16 He completed an interview for enrollment. (Plus the course coordinator was very impressed with his older brother)- he completed it just a few days before turning 18 - the youngest ever in our state. He started work the day he turned 18 as a remote area firefighter. He now works for the same department as an introduced species pest officer (for Southern Ark project)
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