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  1. As a landlord I wouldn't have so much problem with pets if the tennents would keep them outside. But there is no way to enforce that.
  2. thank you My DH built it. He built the whole house 😊
  3. Critical Thinking Co. for some great puzzle and logic books manipulatives - last year we bought some knights to use as math manipulatives - it tied in with our medieval studies and the twins thought they were way more exciting then wooden blocks educational literacy and math games audio of great classical books Blue Planet documentaries nature kits if they will tie into your science - something like fossils, gemstone collection, or human body kits microscope year pass to the museum whiteboard Montessori wooden letters
  4. I will try to upload a photo of my kitchen.
  5. I would so love to do this for the twins but shipping to Australia is just too much green with envy
  6. Not extreme at all. I know someone who has her companion service animal inside with her. it is a goat. a friend of one of my older boys had a pet rabbit in her rental house with her. When she left some of the electrical wiring had to be replaced because it loved chewing the insulation off wires.
  7. glad the day is done. I am exhausted stacked a mountain of split fire wood into the woodshed. It took the whole morning. It was a very big pile vacuumed entire house 2 loads of laundry washed hung out, brought in and folded scrubbed both bathrooms washed all floors dusted whole house 1 hour gardening cooked lamb roast with veggies for tea
  8. serve tea or coffee or something else instead of alcohol to everyone? would avoid the conflict
  9. I live in a country where the drinking age is 18. my 4 oldest children have all left home at around 18. I no longer have control over what they do with their lives. the time to teach them about family expectations happens long before they turn 18 and leave home. they all know my standards . what they do when they are not at home is their responsibility - I only drink water and DH has a beer about 3 times a week that is it.
  10. I have watched a YouTube thingy from someone called pepper and pine - she buys the most beautiful artwork supplies and science equipment. She does a Montessori or Steiner or something along those lines. If I am ever thinking of spending some money I have a look at her YouTube for some ideas
  11. if there were less pets in the world there would be a heck of a lot less resources needing to be used. it is not essential to life to have a pet. if you cannot afford to have your own place or have a pet friendly rental then you don't need a pet. just as simple as that.
  12. the landlord OWNS the property. they are the one who has worked and saved hard to BUY the property. They are the one who has to do the maintenance between tennents to make the property rent-able.
  13. o landlords should NOT have to allow pets. I am a landlord of 1 house/ We have a no pet policy. we have made an exception ONCE for a tennent that promised that their dog was an outside only dog - only for them to then bring the dog in to have pups and keep the pups inside. We don't charge enough rent to replace floors and walls because of people who cannot keep their animals outside. My niece though her giant dog was a half human and of course it should be inside her rental house. all the plaster had to be replaced in the living room when she moved out of her rental house because the dog not only urinated against some walls but chewed the plaster off one wall when everyone was at work Why should landlords be forced to have animals in THEIR houses? Why?
  14. Ah - I must have miss heard. thanks for correcting my error 🙂
  15. maybe it was a particular type of rat. But the documentary definitely said that the rats they were discussing did not have bladders
  16. government agency technical error found and fixed. Someone working in the NDIS had put twin 1s birth date as 1900. Which had caused huge trouble with their computer processing system. as I don't get to see any paperwork until the very finish of the process I was unaware of this silly error. This has only taken 2 weeks and about a dozen phone calls to work out
  17. the very first thing that came to my mind is a private investigator DH was on workcover for a work injury. We had private investigators doing things like that trying to see if they could spy him doing anything active. Some of them even came to the house and spoke to us. They eventually paid the neighbour to SPY on us. but DH was genuinely very ill and they couldn't "find" anything incriminating. the neighbour must have felt guilty and before the shifted away they came over to apologizes. My sister once had a crying baby at night that she couldn't settle. She put it in the car and drove around and around the block for about an hour. the police pulled her over thinking she was casing a house. they were very apologetic once they understood she was just trying to get the baby to sleep. One of the police officers told her that he drives to get one of his littlies asleep too.
  18. twins school in morning mad rush to tidy kitchen lounge room before psychologist visit twins psychologist Phone call to government agency - always frustrating DS15 schoolwork most of afternoon phone calls to multiple government agencies technical departments ---- hate it when they say this is the first time we have had this technical problem with the system---means they don't know how to fix it. Sigh do evening chores - bring in washing, collect firewood for next day lay lounge-room fire. start heating up the kitchen fire to cook tea I seem to have no energy today with brain fog.
  19. DH uses bacon fat in the mouse trap. He puts it in the trap then sort of singes the fat to make it stick better and increase the aroma I am a sook and cannot stand touching mouse traps so I use ratsack in the roof it is extremely effective. the only drawback is that if the mouse dies outside then an owl may eat it and die as well. I was watching a documentary on something totally unrelated the other day and learned that rats do not have a bladder. they are constantly leaking urine and that is why there is always a dirty smelly trail where rats regularly pass.
  20. sounds terrific 🙂 I remember when I took my older ones out of school. What I did was start off with 3 core subjects then each week add a new subject. that way we still had the routine of "school" they weren't bored and it wasn't overwhelming. They still had hours more free time a day than when they were at school so deschooling was not an issue for me. We did school work year round with breaks on especially nice days for trips to the beach etc.
  21. come on. you were asking for advice from experienced homeschoolers for curriculum that a child with learning difficulties could use completely independently and somehow teach themselves .Oh, and this curriculum was to be free. Everyone said basically the same thing THIS SCENARIO WILL NOT WORK Your didn't like what you heard from people who have been working with this for many years. you were not happy with the reality of what we were saying and you telling us off for stating FACTS has upset you. I so wish I could throw a computer and an Ipad at my children, give them a bunch of curriculum, go off and leave them for a few years and have educated people walk out of their bedroom... it is not going to happen ever.
  22. mid year as well A hit with the twins has been All About Spelling. We are going VERY slowly. only doing 4 words per day. but they can now hear then form a 3 letter word with the magnets sound it out and write it down. This is absolutely amazing for them. misses 😞 All About Reading. We completed AAR1 last year. I then sold it (big mistake) and started AAR2. the twins have completely freaked out about looking at multi syllable words in the readers and practice sheets. they will not even try to read them. They complain that the words are too long and the stories are too long. to them it is a huge jump in levels. one that they cannot do just yet. I also am a little confused why AAR has gone straight to multi syllable words instead of teaching bossy "e" and long vowels as do most other phonics programs at this stage. So we are having a break, and doing Fitzroy readers with me modifying the workbooks ( sa they cannot write yet), plus some jolly phonics , and ittle phonics readers from multiple sources with DS15 IEW is a hit as is Balance Benders and Vocab From Classical Roots 5 not so many misses with him 🙂
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