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  1. I think it may depend on the child. My profound dyslexic children have really benefited form dictation. - thought I do let them use a computer for all written work. It is instrumental for them to develop paragraph awareness. they don't have to come up with original text - just write down what I dictate to them. this takes some of those complex steps out of the process of writing - sort of the reverse of them scribing their thought to me for me to write. It also greatly assists in their ability to take notes. ds15 still does dictation at least 3 times a week.
  2. we school year round. and always have. one thing we do do however is a lighter schedule in the summer and spend a lot of time at teh beach. An important thing we do do is any day that is over 38oC is a no school day. but ds15 doesn't anymore He did when younger but once he worked out what other school kids were doing he won't - suits me
  3. if you are visiting my house and it is a drought and we are low on water PLEASE FLUSH. I cannot stand the thought of going to the toilet with a non related person's wee sitting in it. when we are really really low on water we shave the shower water in a bucket to sue to flush the toilet. the leaving it to mellow thing makes stains on the toilet bowel that require cleaners and WATER to clean. better to recycle some pre-used water to flush instead. We do the if you are male go behind a tree as well
  4. We have solar but are still on the grid. We sell the excess power to the power company. We get a cheque of around $1000 per year. we have a solar hot water system separately. It is a combined solar plus kitchen combustion stove heat up. So there is hot water all year round. we are also very power aware and turn off things when not in use
  5. so so sorry for your loss glad you made it. Huge hugs I miscarried at 12 weeks over 16 years ago. I miscarried on the toilet at home. I remember being extremely sad when the septic tank was emptied a few years later. It was like I had lost my baby all over again. I have never ever told anyone this as I thought people would think me ridiculous
  6. Hi Macyelm, welcome to the forum I am in Victoria - the state that is the least regulated . Sorry I cannot help you with the history question
  7. I have had all 4 wisdom teeth removed the top ones in my early 20s and the bottom ones in my early 30s. I had no problems with the top teeth. I got dry socket in one of the bottom ones - it was a bad remove, the dentist had to cut a part of my jaw to get the tooth out. half way thought the tooth removal the dentist started to think he wouldn't be able to remove the tooth. he suggested I may need to drive 250km to a hospital that had a dental surgeon to have the tooth surgically removed under a general ( I live remote, the dentist was visiting my area). I said keep pulling so he got the dental assistant to hold my head while he pulled it out. the stitches came out that evening and the gum shrank so they could not stitch it back up. The pain was bad. I was given some very strong pain medication - so strong that the walls were moving - sort of wobbling etc. I only took 3 tablets because I started to get a very strong urge to take lots and I thought it was not a good thing. After that I just didn't eat for a week as when food hit that dry socket it was unbearable. I think I swished salty water in my mouth a few times a day to help with the healing and reduce chances of infection. After a week it didn't hurt anymore though I had to be careful about food getting stuck in the hole for a little while.
  8. they are also fantastic mixed with icing sugar - just the passionfruit and icing sugar then put onto of a vanilla cake.
  9. the purple ones are yellow inside
  10. I love passionfruit. we grow the purple one and the golden one. they are both lovely- note the vine only lives for between 5-7 years. Both of ours died last summer int eh drought. I have replanted though. the banana passionfruit doesn't taste as nice it is excellent served with sponge cake or pavlova. spread over the top of the whipped cream
  11. I agree about video reviews, especially the ones where they actually flip through the text so I can have a good look at them
  12. I like the Critical thinking Co books. you can join their mailing list and they send you a puzzle ever week for free per age group. the puzzles are from a range of their products so you can try them out and see if you would like to get the whole book.
  13. undies apparently the mesh is very abrasive and very very uncomfortable
  14. we have a self propelled with 2 legs. a whole gaggle of them Geese
  15. send all the rain here please. all the water dams here are completely empty for the 3rd year running. we are in the middle of winter when we are meant to get huge amount of rain but instead we are just getting passing showers. I am hoping that the drought doesn't just keep on keeping on.
  16. we got one. but our property is all slopes. pushing it up hill was very hard work.
  17. saw these on the news the other day. I though they were a brilliant idea and so visible for emergency workers
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