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  1. thank you for this link. I have put in my application
  2. Hugs. Sending positive thoughts for your father
  3. For me food growing and preservation and living as self sufficient as possible is a life choice . Not because I expect the world to end or anything
  4. I wash them once a week when I wash the sheets. I only put them on when I get up in the morning before leaving the bedroom
  5. we are using both. AAS in the mornings - we don't use the cards, but we do use the tiles in the afternoon we use Spell you see . we use it as a reinforcement and somehow the twins respond well to writing words in those boxes Because of my boys disabilities, we move at a very slow pace. In AAS we only do 5 words per day. and we half the lessons in Spell you see
  6. The elderly person needs to be getting a pension. Even a part pension
  7. I know that things are very different in Australia, but her you can hire a grannyflat from the government to put in your back yard for an elderly relative to live in. once they pass away or move into a nursing home then the granny flat is moved off to the next place. my neighbour had one for a whole when they were looking after their elderly neighbour before she passed. https://www.housing.vic.gov.au/public-housing-movable-units Anyway I thought I would post about it in case there is something similar over there and you hadn't heard of it before.
  8. hugs Sorry to hear your son hurt himself. not a wrist but one of my older boys broke his arm between the wrist and elbow at 10. He was going down a hill in a billycart and hit a tree. he had a green stick break. he had a cast for 6 weeks. his first cast only lasted 1 night and had to be redone. (it fell apart because he slept on it before it had set properly ). On the second cast he wrote his times tables. He thought he was cheating with his math. by the end of the 6 weeks he knew his times tables because he had been looking at them so much 🙂 it healed very well DS17 curre
  9. Sorry you still cannot get to Melbourne 😞 I think most people are annoyed about the Open tennis bring people in
  10. It is now up to 9 people associated with the Australian open Tennis that have tested positive. Every single person on those flights is now in strict quarantine. Some of the tennis players are making a big fuss. Even though they were told what would happen if they were on flights with positive cases they thought rules wouldn't apply to them. They thought they were some sort if special snowflakes or demigods or something. Lots of the tennis players are apparently keeping up their practice by hitting the ball against the walls in their hotel room. I can only imagine the state the walls will
  11. A random stranger. My oldest says it all the time
  12. we are all set. I have heaps of stuff left over from last year.. and the veggie garden is in full production. I am getting better at planning when to sew the seeds for a continuous supply of veggies.
  13. I move a lot during the night. But I have a crook hip and if I am motionless for too long it starts to ache.
  14. Do you mean a slat bed? Made with slats of wood? Is that what you guys call a platform bed? I have never had any other type of bed. DH made ours out of untreated local hardwood. We have an innerspring mattress on.
  15. Hugs I get the shame. We have had some awfully embarrassing to me public moments with my twins. I have had random strangers tell me off for being such a failure of a mother. If only they knew
  16. 2 of my older sons cut their own hair. One just buzzes it all short. The other cuts the front, sides and top. He figures he cannot reach the back and cannot see the back so leaves it long. (It looks terrible - like some rock star from the 80s)
  17. not an 12 egg omelette like a partner of a relative makes himself for lunch
  18. I received bushfire relief money through a very similar card last summer. Though I was directly affected by a raging bushfire and everyone in my area received a card after lining up and registering for it at an bushfire evacuation centre
  19. Also bunching spring onions, at least in milder climates can be cut right at ground level and the plant will regrow
  20. I think bunching onions are the same as spring onions. Some spring onions multiply by deviding and forming new plants right beside the other. This can be referred to as bunching.
  21. Only a GP can give the blood results, but they will often just ring and give them.
  22. I can only speculate that my son didn't ask any questions. And the doctor just read the pathology report.
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