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  1. 4 doctors appointments for twin 1 at the children’s hospital. He is now out of plaster, in an AFO and has a walking frame. Yay. As his foot is extremely weak he also has the wheelchair. So I am going to have fun with a wheelchair and a walking frame on public transport home tomorrow very fast trip to the zoo very stroppy twin 2. Argh. I so wish he could behave like an 8 year old out in public. It is so so embarrassing. He does it whenever he thinks he can get an audience. It works for him every time.
  2. Just have to say shovels are very useful when cooking on a campfire. Also I worked in a historical bakery a long time ago where giant wooden paddles, very similar to a shovel were used for putting the bread in and out of the huge, wood heated oven. So even shovels are an aid to cooking in some circumstances
  3. I wasn't saying rely on pictures, but rather it is another aid in the very early stages of reading.
  4. Looking through the book first and looking at the pictures are actually an early reading strategy. Teachers call it "getting your knowledge ready." It amongst other things, helps the child gain confidence in their ability to read.
  5. One thing I found helped me when I was going through a soul breaking stressful time of external stress (something there was no control over and was beyond chocolate) was the exact opposite of meditation. It was bombarding my brain with music, The Pirates of Penzance to be prosice . I wouldisten to it with headphones. Over and over again. It completely drowned out my ability to think and dwell on a problem so big. It stopped my from having a complete mental collapse. Afterwards (a year and a half afterwards the issue went on for more than a year) professionals have asked me how did I manage to keep so calm, how did I manage to get through it. It was that reverse meditation, those annoying pirates singing in my head.
  6. What a day up before 3am. travel with twins to Melbourneby public transport train was delayed twice. Once by a crazy person standing on the track who had to be removed by police. That took 30 minutes. then there was signal failure. Another 20 minutes. It really dragged out a long trip. It normally takes 6 hours. . DH came as we had to see a very special specialist and I couldn’t do it without help. DH wept. The twins were amazing. So so brave. The specialist was so amazing, he had a clown in the office to distract. I couldn’t believe it. DH is travelling home tonight. We are staying in hotel. twin 1 will have casts removed and come out of the wheelchair tomorrow. He is so looking forward to walk again.
  7. Several times a year I have dreams that then happen a few days later - sort of like telling the future - but I don't believe in telling the future. Mostly they are things that there was no way I could have known about beforehand. Like dreaming about going to the op - shop and they had cool heavy duty cake tins that were square in shape. Going to the op shop a week later and there is one exactly like I dreamed about, folded metal with seams on the outside ( which I then bought)
  8. I often dream that I am falling. Sometimes I physically jolt like landing hard enough to wake DH up. I have had this dream since I was a very young child. In my teens I asked my mum about it and she said when I was a baby I would crawl to the step and fall down. She had a pillow at the bottom that I would land on. Pre baby-gates being invented I guess.
  9. Update Thank you everyone so much for all your words of wisdom. it really helps to see something from many different angles. Helps me to see I am not overreacting I wrote an email to the Executive Officer and received a reply. He asked me to mail back the s$50 Sultan voucher and is taking the whole thing to the board meeting on Monday next week. He said he has a recommendation to put before the board to resolve the issue. So hopefully we have a positive outcome.
  10. Huge hugs to you and your family I don't really have any fast to implement short term things. Apart from working with the hospitals play therapist ( or lifestyle therapist or whatever they are called) sensory toys? tapping gently on the inside of the wrist? background classical music? singing? We work really really hard to reduce triggers - impossible in your situation.
  11. Same here. All children are seated while eating, always
  12. plus the sultanas are specialty vine dried expensive ones. So there would only be just over a KG of sultanas. I can buy regular Aussie sultanas for $8 kg at the local supermarket and even cheaper in ALDI.
  13. not sultanas, dried mixed fruit. It use to stipulate the brand had to be Sunbeam dried mixed fruit . it is good by itself, served with butter or served with custard
  14. true the people I have had come into my home to help have had their own ABN number. so they are their own business and I am just hiring them at an hourly rate - so no need for me to pay holidays, sick days, work-cover, tax or anything like that, just the hours I am employing them for. This has included a house cleaner (when I had one) and now a disability support worker for respite.
  15. I have only ever paid people for the actual time they are coming - not holidays. that is why part time workers get a higher hourly rate.
  16. there are several ways powerlines can start fires. I only know of 3 we had a fire start in a neighbouring property when wind blew a branch across the lines, bringing a line down that landed in dry grass and started a fire. if it has been dry for a while then there is a short shower of rain sparks can come out of the box thingy that is on some powerlines these sparks land on the ground and can start a fire if there is dry grass. In extreme heat, like Black Saturday in Victoria, the powerlines sag. if they are stretched over a long distance say up a very steep hill . they can sag enough to touch vegetation and start a fire. I believe this happened on Black Saturday. the heat was very extreme and unusual. some places something like 47oC. the power companies have since put in extra poles across the state in these types of locations to hopefully stop this happening again in my area they spray the power poles with fire retardant , and slash a wide area underneath them, and prune back branches that may fall in strong winds. I am right in the bush.
  17. I hope I have attached the rules and recipe I will try again fruit cake.pdf fruit cake .pdf
  18. well he competed in the local country show, and came first the prize there was $1. it is one of the few entries that go to a higher level. he then had to bake another cake for the regional judging. six other first prize winners from different regions enter that comp. He came first there and received $25. Then he went to the state finals at The Royal Melbourne Show. There are 8 entries there, one from each district. He came second there with a supposed prize of $100. the prize was listed as $200 for first. I will try and post the rules and recipe
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