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  1. So I have given it some thought. the only approach that I can think of is the direct approach. "I was going to the laundry and I mistakenly opened the wrong door. I saw a unsecured loaded gun................"
  2. I agree. laws make things so much easier for everyone Here guns are not allowed to be stored loaded- they can only be loaded right before shooting them. ammunition and guns have to be stored separatly and guns need to be in a locked gunsafe. Guns lying around are just an accident waiting to happen. right up on the gun regulations here as ds15 just sat his gun safety course leaving a loaded gun lying around in a kids bedroom would result in both parents having a criminal gun record - not being able to ever work in any government job ever. Children probably removed by child protection and all weapons confiscated.
  3. I have used some pages form the Primer level- I am using them as extra worksheets for the twins on things they need more practice in. We are also using their readers as the twins have a habit of just memorizing text so I keep swapping books
  4. What a strange custom. I had never heard of it before Here we just invite whatever relatives we want to. except funerals I get on much better with some relatives because we are not forced to see each other. just a phone call every 5 years or so.
  5. but why? I don't understand I wouldn't invite some obnoxious person form up the road so why would I invite some obnoxious relative? Just because they are a relative doesn't mean they need red carpet and free invites to everything. I don't understand this concept
  6. if the relative is so awful why do you invite her in the first place?
  7. Maybe it would be better to focus on what you as an individual can do to reduced your impact on the environment instead of worrying what the future may hold - the middle class lifestyle dream is what has got the world in such a terrible mess if more and more individuals did some of these things then there would be a huge difference on the world minimize their plastic use to as low as possible go on regular pick up rubbish in the environment compost as much as can possibly be composted reduce use of earths resources as much as you as an individual can produce own electricity that is not carbon based grow as much veggies as you can not use air conditioners heat only parts of house necessary (depending on your climate of course) plant 140 trees and shrubs per person in their household stop buying junk that you don't need it is the actions of individuals that add up to make a change for better or worse. My country is currently having the worst drought since records have been kept. which is basically 150 years or so... not really long enough to see if there is a pattern or not really. definitely not long enough to prove global warming. but I believe that the world is being destroyed rapidly by people living a very wasteful middle class lifestyle based on consumerism.
  8. I am in Australia - lots of dry weather and very often drought. Most rural properties in Australia have water tanks to collect the water off the roof - if it is a bad drought then the tanks may be filled by truck. here it is the normal. There won't be oil in rain water unless it is coming off the roof and some people have filters in their system to remove leaves etc.
  9. is it possible to get a water tank and collect rain water off your roof? that is the only water source we have, collected rain water off our roof. I realize it may not be possible in your area but just trying to think out different solutions
  10. why can you not drink your tap water?
  11. the twins new Occupational Therapist came for very fist visit today. she specializes in Yoga I have never done Yoga before I am not very good at it - not even the sitting with legs crossed and back straight .......... but especially not the shoulder stands
  12. I have always made fruit salad a few hours before , then sprinkled it lightly with sugar. and let it sit. some juice comes out of the fruit because of the sugar. it also stops the banana discoloring. just before serving I mix in some cream. not vegan I know but that is how I have made it and the only way I have ever seen it made. I wouldn't call it dressing though.
  13. she isn't saying that her children will not be reading - rather she said they will be reading science , history and other assigned reading. Just the great books literature is going to be a read aloud. This is fantastic. Some of those books can be intimidating to primary age students. This is a great way for them to become familiar with great literature and not daunted by it when they are in upper grades of high school
  14. I am finding IEW is working for my ds15 with profound dyslexia. We have been using it for about a year. Before that he could not really write a sentence that expressed a well developed thought. Now he can write a paragraph. He is getting really really good at taking notes . We haven't moved on to much writing form the notes yet. though he can change the notes to make a very funny paragraph. the absolutely biggest help to him is doing all his writing on the computer with spell check and grammar helper switched on If he gets the word wrong the computer gives him immediate feedback and he corrects it straight away. For spelling AAS is working wonders - again we do it all an the computer- he is in book 6, we do not use the tiles We have done years and years of grammar , mostly orally. we do the purple Grammar For the Well Trained Mind book 2 times a week and Vocab form Classical roots 3 times a week with my older boys I did Rod And Staff- started with the 4th book for my then 10 year old ( that is when I pulled him out of school). It wasn't babyish and has heaps of repetition each year all the topics are gone over and over. it is pretty religious though. for reading I have abridged books of our literature list. He is funny about books the font has to be just right and there needs to be occasional pictures to help him with the meaning of the text otherwise he has great difficulty reading. He is not as bad as his older brother though who had to have a certain type of paper as well
  15. we did the literature as read alouds right up till year 9 When my older children were younger and still lived at home ( where did the years go) I use to read while they were eating their dinner- I am a fast eater.
  16. every year I read sections of TWTM I then have a page with headings for each subject I fill in what curriculum I am going to use for each subject under the heading I make sure I have all the books I need an d purchase some if needed I then get distracted by all the other options and purchase some unneeded extras that I thought looked excellent at the time I put all the books for the year into piles including the books I will assign as readers and that is it
  17. both my in-laws on different occasions had a sausage taken out of the bread that they were biting by kookaburras
  18. partly it is due to my location - I will have to travel 100's of km to a facility that can do the scan. I live remote. Partly it is because he has only had the one seizure so kids that are having them more often are bumped up the waiting list. Usually here in Australia a child who has only one seizure doesn't have any further investigation. I was told that 2 is usually the minimum before it is looked into . It is only because of the twins very complex medical history that it is going to be investigated further.
  19. you should try having some Australian Magpies in nesting season they swoop people. they are very large a bit bigger than a crow. people wear hats or bike helmets with eyes drawn on them to go outside if they have a magpie nesting near them
  20. I am not sure - But I had a discussion with the twins peadiatrician just on Thursday. twin 2 is waiting for an EEG for his seizure that he had at the end of January The peadiatrician basically said that a child can have a seizure as a one off no explanation event. An EEG will see if there are abnormal brain patterns happening and may indicate if the child is likely to have more seizures. he said that a child can have a seizure when part of the brain gets overloaded and shuts down, this causes the rest of the brain to overload and different parts to shut down and reset. He also said Children with FASD are more prone to having seizures that an atypical child sorry I am not really much help but I found this information interesting
  21. we burn them after removing them
  22. outside jobs day today went for a 4 km walk collected 2 wheelbarrows cow manure for compost bin started emptying compost bin into the veggie garden planted a patch of cauliflowers fertilized with bird manure and mulched cauliflower patch weeded lettuce patch and carrot patch dug 2 big holes put fresh soil in and planted 2 rose bushes cleaned ash out of lounge-room fireplace filled woodbox planted a patch of spinach seed dwarf peas and beetroot tidied front verandah and paving area dragged branches to a bonfire pile ready for burning 3 loads of laundry washed and hung out - brought in but not folded had visitors cooked leftover roast beef in gravy with vegetables for tea. also made some self saucing chocolate pudding for desert. tired in a comfortable feeling like I have accomplished things kind of way
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