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  1. there are lots of potatoes in the shops in Melbourne and not much else according to both my DS26 and DD20 ( in separate areas)
  2. exactly, we were told by the government to get 2 weeks extra food. we and just about every other Aussie did what we were told. they shops couldn't restock quickly enough, resulting in only a few things left on the shelves causing some to think that tehre wasn't going to be anymore stock coming, and a rush to buy the last few things. I personally have to drive 100 km to shops. When I go there I typically get 3-4 weeks worth of food. now there is no flour , rice, pasta etc to be had after driving 100 km. it is not like we or the rest of our rural areas can drive 100 km every day to check if there is food available. if there is flour or something we are definatly going to grab a few weeks worth. it is not hording, it is being sensible and making sure we have some food. plus the town 100 km away with the shops now has confirmed cases. We will not be going back there for a while.
  3. 2 confirmed cases in town over from me.
  4. you are more than welcome to the bower birds they are a very big pest. we get some every winter, but at the moment we seem to have a huge flock of them, I guess they have been driven out of the bush by the fires. Dh has also been training the border collie to chase them out of the orchard. They have stripped just about the whole orchard bare, not that the fruit was much with all the drought etc....
  5. DH has a dental appointment 100 km away. It will most likely be our last chance to go shopping. If there is any left. Also chook food etc Twins have speech pathology. I wonder how long she will continue to come Last day of TAFE for ds16 as they are closing down this afternoon The stupid bower birds have found our veggie garden. They have eaten most of the lettuces etc. We have 6 foot fences round the outside to keep out kangaroos, and now DH is trying to net in the whole top. It is a big job as it is the size if a tennis court
  6. ds16 got home from TAFE just now. He said TAFE is probably closing end of day tomorrow
  7. that is good. it would be very hard to isolate on campus
  8. Is your Dd on campus? Or does she have accommodation away from uni?
  9. It won't let me read it, a pay wall I guess
  10. They have run out of some chemical essential to the processing
  11. My Dd is at Swinburne Not all of her work can be done at home, it has a large workshop component The uni is still trying to work out the details but stated that nobody will be penalised while they work this out
  12. Dd just rang me. Her university just contacted her and told her to not go to class tomorrow. Do not hand on the models for her assignments etc. The uni is going to be off campus, online studies. With mostly portfolio work. She just ordered a A3 printer so she can upload her portfolio from her accommodation I am so relieved, she travels to uni by tram during peek hour, it goes right past the high school that has closed because a student tested positive last week
  13. Vic just announced they have temporarily run out of test kits
  14. went next town over ( 80km ) for twins swimming lessons and weekly shopping. ( quite possibly the last time for a while) It was total bedlam in the shops. everyone had huge trolleys of stuff, lots of items not available, including pasta, flour, sugar, women products, rice, canned tomatoes and beans, dry lentils and soup mixes. the checkout person told me that there was a big line up waiting before the shop opened at 7 am. I saw one lady loading up on laundry detergent My dd messaged me and said she was out shopping as well ( in Melbourne) and saw people clearing shelves of all juice, taking every packet of toothpaste etc. on a disturbing note, twin 1 kept picking up items in the shops and kissing them then putting them back on the shelf. I was just about having a fit trying to get him to stop doing this....the more I explained why it is not a good idea or told him to stop the more he did it.... He is the one that went through a stage of running his hands over public toilets then licking them. ARGH.
  15. We have it twice a week. My version that nobody would recognise. Once with spaghetti and once with (drill bit) pasta. Otherwise known as spirals
  16. school next to the Uni my dd goes to is closed. She decided to not go to her classes tomorrow. She found out from her landlord that the local to her supermarkets are having a run on feminine sanitary items, so dd thought she better go straight over and buy whatever she could - contributing to the run I guess.
  17. A river cruise ship in Egypt has 12 staff who have tested positive.
  18. I guess if they don't test any of the passanger then the numbers don't go up.
  19. I think mostly to reduce the amount of prescription medicines that paid by public funding, there for reducing the cost being bought locally then sold overseas
  20. Ah is that what it is. I thought maybe they might be foreign nationals
  21. I thought L was the more deadly as well
  22. StellaM hopefully an encouraging tbought Labs in Australia have been doing animal testing for vaccine for over a week. If the modelling is right and August is the worst month here they may be by then close to human use. The labs are going 24/7 at the moment
  23. I guess the cultural differences come in here as well. Us Aussies are still in recovery mode from the worst bushfire our country has ever seen. The predictions were spot on. The government warnings were mostly followed. It saved countless lives. And now when we are told stock up on 2 weeks food, prepare for the possability of quarantine I for one are taking it seriously. I am not panicking. I don't have a stockpile of t paper. But I am following the events unfolding in the world, and reading up on the Spanish flue
  24. Spoke to other 2 ds They are still actively working on fires. And are exhausted. They both have been exposed to significant amounts of smoke over the last 4 months. One told me he would love 14 days of quarantine. I think I convinced him to at least get a packet of panadol. The other, a keen hunter told me he has well over 200kg of frozen meat.. And has never been fond of veggies anyway.
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