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  1. well It was a few years ago ( 10 year or more) and technology has advanced a lot since then. There are also a lot more options of curriculum now then there were because I didn't know what I was doing I followed The Well Trained Mind as closely as I could with adaptions for Ds disability. He was 10 when I started homeschooling him We did critical thinking and logic puzzles. He really shone at this- I almost always came out with the wrong answer . The only drawback on teaching your child logic is they then win any argument hands down. telling me all the falicies that I was using etc. was great practice for him I guess. We used Saxon Math for math - right the way through to advanced math. though he didn't complete advanced math as he started Open University courses when he was 16 as his pathway to University ( Australian universities don't do transcripts you have to prove that the student can work at university level) We did the whole series of How things work- readers digest were the publishers, for middle school science , I read and scribed for him through the whole lot We did Apoligea Science for high school - which we both hated, but I couldn't find /didn't know where to look/ for something that was secular and a homeschool option. We just skipped some paragraphs. It also had a funny way of rounding numbers for the chemistry book that drove ds bonkers. I ended up contacting the publisher over it and they gave me some long winded response that meant nothing to either of us. I read the whole lot to him. we did mostly discussions for answers in the biology etc, and he never had a problem with the writing of math so I was happy just accepting math only answers for the physics and chemistry with oral discussion. ( I have to say I have regretted strongly not recording myself reading as I had to then read the first 2 Apologia books to my next 4 children. they are not thin books) for History we did it completely wtm style. in middle school with SOTW combined with Kingfisher History Encyclopedia plus reading list that corresponds with it. I found abridged books for as many as I could and read aloud the rest. for highs school we used Speivogel Western Civilization - me reading it all aloud. we used the discussion questions as writing topics, me scribing. We dropped history at 16 and just continued on with the literature great books as we ran out of hours in a day when he started the University level units. We also did a course of great books of famous mathematicians/scientists starting off with Euclid , Archimedes and so on - ds absolutely loved this I couldn't understand how he could firstly read it and secondly understand it. but he loved it. Interestingly enough he started being able to read about then and read these to himself. I am sure there are audio books of these available now. Someone on this forum told me there is a service available which will have volunteers read and record texts etc for students with disabilities . I don't remember the name of the service. somebody on the forum may know it though
  2. I haven't read any of the replies. so the thread may have changed direction. and I hardly ever come to this section of the forum as I feel too inadequate but I had a very similar situation. A child with an IQ way higher than mine. Who was very quick to grasp math/ science things and who loved physics, a under-educated me ( left school after year 10 ) who had never even taken physics. I also had to do a lot of scribing and reading aloud as he has Dyslexia and Dysgraphia I taught my son how to learn. He had to teach himself. He had to teach me. The most effective way to learn something is to have to teach it to someone else. He did that. And while all the year 12 physics he taught me went straight out my other ear. he retained it. We had a math tutor for exactly 2 sessions, just to help ds with a particular thing. It was when he was studying a university level unit to get into University. It was a frustrating time for both of us. Him frustrated at the wanting to learn at a faster rate, me frustrated by my inadequacies He use to say that he got to university in spite of me. But now that he is working he has said that he realized at university that most other students didn't now how to learn, they were use to teachers telling them and struggled at university because of that.
  3. for my ds16 at the moment we are doing a subject blizs. Just concentrating on 2 subjects a day to finish them off before the end of the year. We have managed to finish spelling ( forever) and IEW. We are now focusing on Maths and Science. I am in a bit of a panic because ds will probably be going to TAFE next year so this will be his last year of being homeschooled and I really want him to have some things tidied up
  4. just about all kitchen sinks in Australia have a stainless steal drainboard attached .
  5. how did you know I was rummaging the pantry for chocolate. the only thing I can find are Fredo frogs 😞 not the same
  6. ARGH The bees swarmed. a lovely big swarm, positioned perfectly in the apricot tree, balled up so nicely. twins were busy on ipads. ( cannot leave them unsupervised for a second and DH is overseas having adventures so home alone) I made a made dash out positioned the empty hive right underneath did the classic sharp pull on the branch and jerk the the whole swarm hit the ground about 2 cm away from the hive - ARGH leaped up into the air and who knows where they are now 😪 I now have that feeling of jumping up and down or smacking my head into a wall I am so hopeless when it comes to dimensions - in fact I am pretty hopeless at everything
  7. I would eat it myself. But I love fruit cake. if I was really worried I would warm up the cake in the oven and serve it with custard. I have never heard of putting a fruit cake in the fridge. They store very well being wrapped in paper then foil on the shelf.
  8. HUGS as a parent of a child with ODD amongst other things I can only offer you huge hugs. It is so hard sometimes
  9. deleted as it probably wasnt helpful at all
  10. mstah3121. I know you are trying to be helpful but you come across as very bossy
  11. I have no advice but wanted to send you some Huge hugs.
  12. raking bark form under gum trees to reduce fire hazard. thought I could leave the twins playing LEGO for 10 minutes while I raked the tree beside the bee hive while the bees were still inactive ( very early in the morning). came back inside to find that they had decided it would be fun to poor cups of water all over the cast iron combustion stove . I was not happy collect kinderling and wood - light stove to dry it out twins have to follow me around for the rest of the morning while I rake bark and load it into a trailer and while I stack wood. clean both bathrooms, vacuum whole house 4 loads laundry washed, hung out and brought in change 2 beds small bit of gardening cook pasta and veggies for tea do some more of my course this evening
  13. Tram then train then bus ride home. Will be home this evening
  14. Well I wrote stench at first but thought I would reword just in case some people like the smell.
  15. And my ds16 works as a production line worker at a micro brewery. Interestingly most of the people there don't drink. I guess working with the smell of beer all day would turn you off drinking
  16. No. Australia's background is not religious immigrants but rather a convict colony. Rum was a currency for a short while. Lots of drinking is socally acceptable and indeed mostly expected. Unfortunately it is something Australians are well known for
  17. Stella. Thank you From another non drinking Aussie opposed to the drinking culture here.
  18. It is working. He noticed it straight away. He was very angry with me. for this child he seems to think that it isn’t him doing something wrong, rather he hasn’t been tricky enough.
  19. We did it. I got twins and I to the bus at 3.30 am for trip to Melbourne for twin 2 post op check up. Usually Dh helps get twins ready and drops us off at the bus stop. Usually I leave one twin home. Dh is in Nepal with dd atm. I did however have to leave ds 16 home alone. I won’t be home until tomorrow. I have no problems leaving him home. I am just very worried about a bushfire starting up in our area and driving age here is 18. I am sure I am just a silly worried old chook.
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