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  1. Loved it! I had the best professor for Number Theory in college. Fond memories.
  2. I haven't read the bottle in a while. I love their almond soap. Dh loves peppermint soap and used the peppermint toothpaste for a while. I tried it as shampoo but, yeah, tangles. One guy told me he uses it to shampoo his dogs. He suggested I shampoo with it then use my regular shampoo. Thanks. I'll just use my regular shampoo. I used to put it in a soap dispenser container, but it would clog up and one time it clogged, so I pushed harder, and it shot out into my eye. Very painful. Now, I just leave it in the bottle it comes in. Not as decorative, but I don't care.
  3. We have a King Tempurpedic. It wasn't cheap - $4000 included mattress, box spring, mattress pad in 2012. Dh wanted it for his back. I am a light sleeper and neither of us are awakened by the tossing and turning of the other now. It helps dh's back. The only negative is that it is heavy so if you want to just lift it to sweep under the bed, it takes 2 people. We hired help for the heavy stuff when we moved.
  4. FWIW, dh is also an introvert. He was not as enthusiastic as I was about moving here, but he is really enjoying being able to bike, swim, and play softball. He is artistic and will eventually try some of the offerings. Best wishes to you. You are a smart cookie. You will figure it out.
  5. How many years until retirement? Dh retired last summer and we downsized to a 55+ community. I am still working (from home) and may be for another 5 years when Medicare will become available to me. We are both enjoying the 55+ community. I go to outdoor water aerobics and another fitness class (in their theater with chairs placed 6 ft apart so you know where your space is). Dh joined the softball league. There are people walking, biking, playing pickleball, tennis, lawn bowling, corn hole. There is wood shop, fiber arts, quilting, jewelry making, pottery, stained glass, model railro
  6. Unfortunately, I don't seem to get email notifications anymore. It was fixed a while ago, but then reverted. 😝 I've given up on that one for a while.
  7. I was told "Comcast and email providers with .rr. in them in particular seem to have had issues with this". This describes me. Does it describe you?
  8. I had trouble as well, but the WTM tech fixed it pretty quick. Two thumbs up.
  9. Congratulations, Jann. It sounds like a good move for your with paying cash and lowering expenses, privacy and nearby services for your dd, You are a blessing to your dd and dgs. We just moved last week to a 55+ community about 45min away. We sold our house of 16 years in 2 days as well. One of the best things about moving is the purge. Dh collects more than I do, and he did a great job of cleaning out. There is very low inventory here, and we wound up expanding our search criteria in order to find a new place. We also paid cash which is really, really nice at our ages. This was t
  10. I am looking for a small (5 cu ft) chest freezer for my garage. I don't remember the brand I had at my old house, but I had to defrost it often due to ice build-up. Does anyone have a small chest freezer in their garage that doesn't ice up so much? What brand is it? Bonus points if you know where you got it. I'm a terrible shopper.
  11. I have an Android. I have some choir learning CDs that I have managed to stick in the old computer (new one has no CD drive), somehow get on the computer, then somehow copy to my phone. I have a long list of instructions I follow to do that. It won't let me rename anything so it's kind of a guess when I want to listen to one of them as the names they use may or may not be accurate. I use Google Play Music. Of course, now, it says I have to connect to the internet. WTH? Probably never mind. It's not really worth the hassle.
  12. Pretend I am a phone idiot. How do I get Three Fans or something similar on my phone? I know my Sleep Mates will die one day...
  13. I have 2 ancient (25+ year old) Sleep Mates. One in the bedroom and one in my office to block out the sirens, barking dogs next door, screaming children next door.
  14. My brother lives in Brookhaven, and we met at the Flying Biscuit last month on our way through Atlanta. I had blueberry pancakes. Yum.
  15. It doesn't seem silly to me. It seems accurate. I write a number of checks per month. Hairdresser, chiropractor, lawn guy, repairmen, auto mechanic, pest control, church. Some would take credit cards, some don't. I also write down every credit card charge. That way, when I get the bill, the money has already been accounted for in the checkbook. ETA: To be clear, I use Quicken. The paper checkbook register gets entered into Quicken. I balance the checkbook there. So, I use my checkbook more as scrap paper before I enter it into Quicken. I don't want to have to boot up the
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