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  1. I do plan to roll over my 401K to Vanguard. I don't think I will be able to persuade dh to do the same with EJ. 😆
  2. Who is the author? JL Collins? I see another...
  3. Yes, Vanguard has very low fees. EJ, because it is more actively managed, has higher fees. That may be partially why my ROTH is larger than dh's ROTH. EJ is never going to steer you towards low fee index funds. They are not profitable enough for EJ. I'm glad you like and trust your firm. Is it a national chain whose name you would be willing to share? ETA: EJ has made money for us, which is partially why dh is reluctant to change. Still, I'm not convinced they have my best interest at heart.
  4. We started with Edward Jones in 1995 when my fil passed away and we inherited some money. I chose a particular advisor because a smart friend of mine used him and liked him. Eventually, his business grew enough that he moved us off to his associate. Then we moved 2x and wanted a local advisor. Then I didn’t like one advisor we had and moved to another. We stay with Edward Jones because dh doesn’t want to change. Here is a book recommendation. How to Retire With Enough Money (and How to Know What Enough Is) by Teresa Ghilarducci. It’s 116 pages long. Here are 2 quotes: On page 16 (this is in reference to 401K managers but this applies to EJ as well): They manage money in a professional manner, but they are conflicted, they further the interests of the financial institution, not you. On page 75: Fiduciary loyalty essentially means an ethical obligation to you, the customer. There have been times over the years that I felt pressured to do something that I did not think was in my best interest. For example, I felt that our advisor highlighted the pros of long-term care insurance and downplayed the cons. I will say that sometimes I feel pressured, but dh feels the advisor is just giving us information. With EJ, your fees are hidden. For a few years, the law required that they inform you of your fees, but that is not the case anymore and I have to specifically ask for the information. Our fees are $1000+ per year. About 6 years ago, dh and I started ROTH IRAs. His is with EJ. Mine is with Vanguard. We contribute he same amount each year, but my account is considerably larger than his. If I had to do it all over again, I would not choose EJ because they do not have a fiduciary responsibility. I would choose a fee-only certified financial planner with a fiduciary responsibility. YMMV.
  5. It is my understanding that AA was allowed to fly in 100 passengers per week. They were going to fly in 25 passengers 4 days/wk and have cargo only 3 days/wk. I work as a programmer. When I started in 1989, I started with AA. My client is still AA. I got this info from my client. I imagine it's difficult to make any money on a 15hr flight LAX-SYD with 3 pilots and 10 flight attendants and 25 or zero passengers. Not sure how many seats are on that plane. I used to be able to look that kind of thing up, but I've lost the ability. I have no idea how profitable cargo is.
  6. Willy Nilly was in my signature as I panicked through high school. As much as the badges are ridiculous, I appreciate this forum every day. (Mostly) intelligent conversation and no blinking advertisements. I have never found anything else like it. Count me grateful.
  7. I would go part-time because I find I enjoy my job more when I work less. I find work/life balance suits me better at 20hr/wk instead of 40hr/wk. I want to be able to got o fitness classes, college classes, etc now, not later. Dh is 9.5yrs older than me. He retired last year. I don't want to be working full-time but I do want employer sponsored health care, so here I am. Fortunately, I work from home, I'm not that busy, I have some flexibility, and I've been doing the job long enough that no one wants to lose me.
  8. I want to replace my glass shower doors because they are clear glass, and I am tired of cleaning/squeegeeing them. I am a low maintenance kind of girl. There are 2 options: "rain" - which is textured "tranquility" - which is smooth and frosted Which is best to hide water spots? Thanks!
  9. I'm boycotting Gillette (or whoever the dominant razor maker is these days) In Europe, only prostitutes shave. (My sister once told me this) Are you a prostitute?
  10. Congrats to you. Keep it up. I decided to eat wfpb about 8 years ago since my weight and cholesterol were creeping up and up (thank you menopause). I find it helpful to maintaining a healthy weight and bloodwork.
  11. I have successfully used clear iodine purchased inexpensively at the local pharmacy to remove age spots on my face. I had to apply it 2x a day for months.
  12. The word especially pronounced expecially drives me nuts.
  13. I went to visit a friend in Australia about 2 years ago. She's lived there for 20 some years. She asked me to bring Cheerios and peanut butter m&ms.
  14. Thank you! This makes me feel better. Interesting that our financial planner didn't share any information like that. Our financial planner suggested it over and over for a while. I did not like the idea of paying monthly for years and years for something I may never need. Or might involve a lot of red tape and an elder attorney to get when I did need it. From my research, I learned that many LTC companies raised rates and/or paid less than promised. And if they raise rates regularly, you are screwed. Either keep paying or all that money would be gone. We chose to sock the money away ourselves. Every time we visit our financial planner and she tells me how much money I'll die with, I say that's my LTC insurance.
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