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  1. I doubt that they could be flexible on pay if it's through a program. They need to ensure the au pair is going to have a minimum salary.
  2. And this is one reason I wouldn't become a landlord. I have a child with a disability, so I get it to a degree. But landlords have made an investment that they should be allowed to protect.
  3. Why on earth are deposits not required for service animals? There is still the risk of damage. No landlord should have to assume the cost of fixing the extra wear & tear, etc of any animal.
  4. Landlords should NOT be required to allow pets. And further, if a potential one says it's ADA, you can actually require that the show that it was trained to perform the specific duties needed. I didn't think you could but a lawyer explained to my sister that she could ask and then require proof. If it's truly a trained service animal, they do have proof.
  5. They let you know if there are substitutions and you can approve/not approve them. Mine have always been accurate, with substitutions maybe once every couple of months. I go every week. I don't get my meats or produce or specialty foods there. I get the basics, mostly non-perishables, paper products, toiletries, cleaning products, etc. I can't remember the last time I've actually gone in the store.
  6. I do Walmart pick up, where I just pre-order everything and pick it up outside during my time slot.
  7. Most teens I know work "under the table" mowing lawns, pet sitting, working for family/friends. They're too busy with extracurriculars to have a more steady job.
  8. Canned fruit, cooked spinach, those lovely jello molds, Hamburger Helper.
  9. It depends on whether or not the roads are privately owned. In our neighborhood, the town is only responsible for the main road. It is the only one under their jurisdiction. They would not maintain the other roads if the hoa stopped as the hoa, not the town, own those roads.
  10. We will NEVER buy a home in a neighborhood that does not have an HOA. We love we don't have to worry about our neighbors painting their houses gaudy colors or leaving disabled vehicles in their front yards. We like that the neighborhood looks nice as you come in, with nicely landscaped entrances. The amenities have varied, depending on where we live, but typically have included things like landscaping, garbage pick-up, plowing, and at least a playground/park area. Love having a pool but that's not always been possible due to options offered in the area. Pricing really varies based on location, needs, and amenities. There can also be other factors. There are pros and cons to having an HOA or not. HOAs are not inherently bad but they are not for everyone.
  11. The style have are thick, too hot for summer, but they have many styles.
  12. Interesting... I didn't have a curfew in my dorm some 30+ years ago. I don't think that's a common thing today. Maybe at private religious schools...
  13. I like HUE for non-workout clothing. They have a variety of styles, with different types of fabric. I've seen them at Belk's, Nordstrom and on Amazon.
  14. Those are REALLY good prices. Snag them.
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