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  1. Greater Hampton Roads, Va area.... Our state health dept and governor have encouraged people to wear them outside when NOT exercising and unable to maintain social distancing. I can't even imagine being expected to wear them when biking or walking for exercise but we can do it at safe distances. Inside, as of yesterday, we are required to wear them in stores, restaurants when not at our table, etc. Up until yesterday, it was about 50/50 when we went out. We'll see how it goes when we leave the house tomorrow.
  2. Here, they can charge $5 if you go to them, $10 if they come to you. Not something to make a living off of.
  3. Hubby is a foodie... I just want to be on an uncrowded beach. We both love history and balance our trips between lots of history and the beach.
  4. We've been riding ours a lot more lately. I think people are looking for ways to exercise and get outside while social distancing.
  5. True. Some concepts will likely be more rushed than the teachers would like. Our school calendars aren't changing much from last year.
  6. BareNecessities and HerRoom both sell great quality suits, with many selections by bra size.
  7. I think that teachers will be integrating it in to the beginning of the next sequential course. With things like science, they will likely just not get the material.
  8. If it's done through a student's "home" school, yes, to blended. I've been the supervising teacher of a room full of students all taking VV classes in an high school in Virginia. These students typically took 3 courses "in-class" and 1 VV class per semester. Some did 2 &2. We did all block scheduling, but the VV classes were often for the full year.
  9. In the same area but we get eons of little tiny frogs, no turtles. I did see a huge turtle today, though, while bike riding.
  10. Since moving here, with now "adult" children, I've made friends in our neighborhood and via book club. I started the book club via Meet Up, although once we had enough members, we moved off of it. That group melded together quickly and has become far more than a book club. 5 of us have really become a social group with our husbands. 3 of the younger ladies do a lot together with their husbands/young kids. It's been great. Some of us have even traveled together. When I was younger, I mostly met people in the neighborhood and through kids activities. We've always had a least one great friendship in each neighborhood we've lived in. All of this said, I have a high need to socialize, so I work very hard at meeting people when we move & spend time cultivating friendships.
  11. Do not let yourself be bullied or guilted into something you don't want to do. You deserve more respect from your dh than you are getting. You've told him it's fine to go without you. If my dh didn't respect me on this, we'd have a marital problem.
  12. This is shocking to me. What church hasn't been checking on their members throughout this? Very sad on so many different levels.
  13. I've heard of Morristown 😉
  14. Yes! Not much snow, though. Can definitely get nice housing for decent prices in Clarksville. Clarksville is great for homeschooling.
  15. Our county just announced that the county budget is being slashed 5-10%, including the school system's portion of the budget. They've indicated that it will be around 20 teachers and many para-educators with 5% and closer to 40 teachers slashed with 10%. They are looking at cutting fine arts and other resource classes (art, PE, music, library, computer) so that there are less classroom teachers cut. Since this would cost elementary teachers their planning time, if the kids don't have resource, they are also looking at a 4-day school week with Fridays off for planning & meetings. They won't be able to cut classroom size. Nothing is firm, but they will approve a budget the first week of June and then start putting plans into place.
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