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  1. It depends on whether or not the roads are privately owned. In our neighborhood, the town is only responsible for the main road. It is the only one under their jurisdiction. They would not maintain the other roads if the hoa stopped as the hoa, not the town, own those roads.
  2. We will NEVER buy a home in a neighborhood that does not have an HOA. We love we don't have to worry about our neighbors painting their houses gaudy colors or leaving disabled vehicles in their front yards. We like that the neighborhood looks nice as you come in, with nicely landscaped entrances. The amenities have varied, depending on where we live, but typically have included things like landscaping, garbage pick-up, plowing, and at least a playground/park area. Love having a pool but that's not always been possible due to options offered in the area. Pricing really varies based on location, needs, and amenities. There can also be other factors. There are pros and cons to having an HOA or not. HOAs are not inherently bad but they are not for everyone.
  3. The style have are thick, too hot for summer, but they have many styles.
  4. Interesting... I didn't have a curfew in my dorm some 30+ years ago. I don't think that's a common thing today. Maybe at private religious schools...
  5. I like HUE for non-workout clothing. They have a variety of styles, with different types of fabric. I've seen them at Belk's, Nordstrom and on Amazon.
  6. Those are REALLY good prices. Snag them.
  7. I think dessert only is fine. Just make sure the party isn't during normal meal times. Have it mid-afternoon, for example, between lunch and dinner.
  8. People do, though... It's weird.
  9. GO, you need the respite. It will make you more refreshed when you get back.
  10. No curfews, they are adults. Out of mutual respect, we all tell each other if we're going to be out late. And text each other if it's going to change significantly. They are just expected to come in quietly and not disturb those who are sleeping. We've never had to address a noise problem.
  11. We never had limits... but you did need to eat dinner with us if you were home.
  12. I'd have been horrified and so embarrassed if my parents had driven me to my prom. My kids rented a limo with a few couples. UberX is also a great idea.
  13. Short term, yes. It'd have to have a definite end time when the other spouse would join the spouse that moved. I'd stay for up to a year to let a child graduate. If they had more than one year, they'd be going to a new school.
  14. No. I stopped a long time ago when he said he didn't want sandwiches anymore. He wanted to Lean Cuisine type meals. Since our last move, he buys at the cafeteria at work 3-4 days/week and goes out 1-2 days/week, depending on what's going on and who's there. Works just fine for me as I don't have to think about it and it's what he wants to do.
  15. We almost always paid for social things. I wanted them out and being so social, so yes, we paid. They might choose to spend more than we gave them on extra snacks or something. Ours did do chores but not an exorbitant amount. I think it's a personal thing too, no right or wrong answer. Mine are now responsible young adults.
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