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  1. My thoughts exactly! I wear a nightshirt or sweats/leggings around the house in the evening. Nada once I hit the bed. So much more comfortable for sleeping.
  2. Thank you!!! Ds is 2e as well. Makes it so hard for people to understand his weaknesses.
  3. That is good to hear on masking. Just found out dh will have a work trip up there in the next few weeks. I'll definitely ask about the realtor recs once we have firm confirmation.
  4. Adult child. The only services he gets are VocRehab. He doesn't have/need waivers/respite/transportation, etc. In VA & TN, VocRehab was separate from the other things. He gets interview/social skills/executive functioning help. He's done two internship programs that they've set up. One in his degree field, the other at the library. He is very academic (college grad) but doesn't have the ability to navigate the social nuances of a job without beginning support. He's considered to have moderate Aspergers.
  5. Another ? We'll probably be visiting soon. What is it like as far mask wearing in the area? Not looking at discussing what should or shouldn't be happening, just want to know what "is."
  6. One other thing I need to explore is services for adults with mild disabilities. He was too mild in TN but qualifies for some in VA.
  7. So much to learn! I appreciate all of this help. The job is with his current employer so he already has some contacts up there. He's been helping with this project for a while. I know it's on or near Wright Patterson. Just not sure if the company has a building off of the base or they are on the base. Here, they have offices both on and off...
  8. I'm not opposed to this type of living, although it would be different. I love neighborhoods that aren't all the same. I just don't want to be the one in the fixer upper. Some cosmetic changes are fine.
  9. I'm hoping that someone dh works with, that is already up there, will be able to help us find a good realtor. Fortunately, I've always been the kind of person to embrace new places and adventures.
  10. That is definitely not something that I'm familiar with. We've never had local income taxes, only state/federal. And now to learn about townships and cities. Is it obvious in figuring out which is which?
  11. More and more places to check out... I knew I could count on the hive. I'm noticing that property taxes are high there...
  12. I haven't heard of most of those. More to check out!
  13. Beavercreek is one my dh mentioned. We like neighborhoods but not congestion. Newer is better as we are not into remodeling, but would for the right house, if it were in the budget to pay someone to do it. Socializing is important so we're definitely into communities that promote "community" and it not just being about kids. We like to be outside but love museums and such, so I like that Columbus isn't too far away. Looks like it's not too far to Cincinnati either. For day trips...
  14. We've done it but only condos/houses. I wouldn't do a room in a house where the owners lived. But I wouldn't do that anytime. Just personal preference. We're typically staying a week, so we need full spaces.
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