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  1. The Outer Banks in NC are very nice but they are heavily booked for this summer. People are having a hard time finding rentals or motels (few hotels).
  2. I hope Ohio has a high rate of vaccinated by the time they lift the restrictions. We're visiting the Dayton area in mid-late June to get more familiar with the area. We're fully vaccinated, but I''m still more comfortable with others masking if they're not.
  3. I get the smooth luster with Brazilian Blowouts. Before tip, it's about $375 but that includes 3 months worth of shampoo, conditioner, and bonding spray.
  4. Why do you feel guilty? There is nothing wrong with a mom going away, even when it involves travel, without her husband and children. Go and enjoy the time with your siblings. And don't let anyone make you feel guilty. You wouldn't be doing anything wrong.
  5. I'm trying to figure out how that could be pronounced more than one way. Never mind... saw your response. I pronounce it like elves. No f in it for me.
  6. We've done bridge loans for a few months before. We're likely moving to OH in the next 4-6 months. I hope things calm down a little. There, houses are going under contract within 24 hours of listing. People that aren't local are buying houses sight unseen. That scares me. We'll probably buy first and then deal with selling our house. Hopefully, it'll be favorable for us on one end.
  7. Wow! That's all I can say... I actually do shop from Nordstrom's sometimes but I've never seen anything like these items when shopping.
  8. We gave both boys laptops for high school graduation. And the same for college graduation, as they needed new ones.
  9. That is why I like it when we travel internationally. His work phone isn't allowed to be taken out of the U.S. Hubby won't answer for every one that calls when we're on vacation but there are 2-3 people that he will answer for.
  10. Hugs to your daughter and her momma! I had very heavy periods in the beginning. So bad that I had to miss school as nothing would contain it for more than about 30 minutes on the first day or two.
  11. Another option would be Deep Creek Lake. My sister did a house rental there recently.
  12. Such a beautiful story.
  13. There is definitely some weightlifting going on!
  14. A few years ago, there was a thread about the Le Creuset line. I bought a couple for dh for gifts. Now he's addicted. They are great pans but so heavy. He says that's a good thing. I say he gets to cook even more. Which is fine, he's a better cook.
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