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  1. I think that your nephew would be thrilled to do the work for that pay. Don't compare it to commercial rates as you aren't hire someone who is a "business".
  2. As a school secretary, she'll likely be working those teacher workdays. At least in the school systems around here.
  3. I just updated my post. Don't forget that there are 104 weekend days and some holidays in that 145 days.
  4. Standard school year is 180 days, so with 220 days, you would not have whole the summer off. 220 days equals out to 44 weeks (kids equals out to 36 weeks). You will probably have 2 weeks at Christmas, 1 week in the spring, and a smidgen of days that might make up another week. You would probably end up working 5ish weeks in the summer. And that is not likely to be negotiable. The week or two after school gets out, and a few weeks before school starts are very busy weeks at a school.
  5. Keep Williamsburg for a couple of days. So much to do. You could easily spend a full day plus some more in Colonial Williamsburg (CW), then a day divided between Jamestown and Yorktown. The hidden nuggets in CW are what really makes the place worth spending time in. And you still wouldn't come close to seeing it all. You can get a combo ticket for CW, Jamestown and Yorktown that will save you some $. When it gets closer, I can give you some specific tidbits for places to eat, etc that are worth it (and the tourist traps that aren't worth it). We've lived here for a few years, but I don't think we'll be here when you come.
  6. You just say "no." Your older child deserves your full attention on this trip.
  7. When I see them, I think of the other kids watching, wondering when their parent is going to show up at school & surprise them.
  8. If it doesn't hurt you financially, brings you pleasure, than ANY amount is fine. $2000 isn't that much too spend on decorating, especially since you mentioned window treatments.
  9. Rude. Registries are supposed to be suggestions that people can use if they want to. People can also get anything else for the recipient (baby, bride, etc) and the recipient should be grateful.
  10. What about a nicer Italian place, like Carabbas or Maggianos? They both have healthy food, as well as unhealthy food. And the quality is significantly better than Olive Garden (imo).
  11. Fairfarmhand is the OP. I highly doubt she started this thread as a "set-up." She is not that kind of person.
  12. We're doing the Southern Caribbean in a few weeks. Can't wait! I'm thinking dressy casual for the evenings/dinner (we're doing specialty dining at least 3 nights). During the day, it'll depend on the port. For some excursions, swim suit and cover up. For others, casual skirt/shorts & tees or sundresses.
  13. Yes and some only take credit cards.
  14. In addition to what others have said, please make sure she has a credit or debit card in case something unexpected happens & she needs to be able to buy more airport meals than expected.
  15. You are definitely in my thoughts! I've been on bed rest before; it isn't easy, but it is what is best for both you and the baby.
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