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  1. For a bonded cleaner around here, you will pay $35/40 per hour. You can get some not bonded for less but if they damage something, they won't have insurance to cover the damage. And if they get hurt on your property, YOUR homeowners insurance will be dealing with it unless you want to pay for that out of pocket.
  2. It's a hard question. If you feel the degree would enrich your life, do it. Especially if the cost would not be a huge burden for your family.
  3. In our school system, we educate. I long-term sub. I get this week off, hence being on here during the day. The kids get there at 8:45am. I'm actively teaching by 9:05. They have breaks from me for resource (art, music, etc) and lunch. They also get 30 minutes for recess. Other than that, they are in the classroom learning. We stop to pack up at 3:25pm. That makes for It's insulting to hear that the primary purpose of the school is daycare. I realize that some schools have issues that make it harder for teachers to teach as much as needed. I do not believe, though, that most school don't teach.
  4. Did you sign a contract stating that you'd give 30 days notice? If not, they can't hold you to that.
  5. To me, the whole sign is for interns. It doesn't need to state interns on every line to imply it.
  6. That's how dh conducts interviews. He has a panel of 2-3 for most of them. He sets aside a day & has his admin. assistant set all of the top contenders for that day. By that time, they've already had two phone interviews (one with the admin. asst, confirming certain things; the other with one of the others on the panel). If they got past those two, then they're a contender. Usually, there are only 3-5, so if you want to stay in the running, you need to be available on the given day. Actually, if it's more than 3, then they'll be two days very close together. If you're among the first calls, you'll have a choice. You are told during the phone interview what the day will be, should you be selected, which is typically 2 weeks, maybe 3 later. You'll be invited 7-10 days prior.
  7. I was helping one of my kids look at their options yesterday. I was surprised to see some decent options, but I know they vary by state.
  8. With DC, you can get most places using the Metro (subway). It's safe. As far as where, really look at what would be important to you "to do" with each of the trips. Do those things fit your budget? England/Scotland/Ireland could be too much for your budget, with flights. DC would probably get you the most bang for your buck.
  9. Much of what you'll need to pay will be based on where you live. Just like rates for babysitting fluctuate based on the area you live in, so will this kind of thing.
  10. If you ban the 15 y.o. from your house, the dad will KNOW it was you that reported. And it doesn't sound like you want to. Your family might be the best thing for the kid.
  11. Would the dad be able to figure out it was you who turned his son in? Or would the son? Would there be retribution?
  12. I was wondering that too. Why on earth would the fil know how much she spent on something? My only thought was that her husband complained to his father about it. Which she needs to nip in the bud, if that's the case.
  13. Halloween night will be spent sitting with neighbors, drinking wine, and handing out treats. Weekend adult party will be full of fun costumes, good food, and great drinks (all theme related). It's a night for an Uber, so dh can have some drinks too. I'm going as "Candy Corn," and my dh will be dressed as a "Candy Corn Inspector."
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