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  1. QueenCat

    how much is too much? in-laws visiting

    Every couple of months would be fine if they're staying with us. More is fine if they're at a hotel.
  2. QueenCat

    Dinner Party Invite -- Should we Go??

    I would go unless I really couldn't. It's a kind gesture on the part of a neighbor and will give you a way to meet more neighbors. Just go over and ask if it's an adult or family affair.
  3. QueenCat

    Neighborhood Kid Drama, WWYD?

    It's far more likely to blow over if you don't say anything to the parents or kids. Love the water balloon fight idea...
  4. QueenCat

    In your opinion, are men quicker to remarry?

    Under 60? Younger than expected? I'd fall apart if my dh died too. I can't even imagine losing him but know that one of us "will" die first. I would never plan on finding someone else but I've known several people that thought that way too & then were stunned when they found someone new.
  5. QueenCat

    In your opinion, are men quicker to remarry?

    I don't think any of us really know what we'll do until it happens. We might think "never," but then find ourselves widowed young and finding someone without trying...
  6. QueenCat

    Hyundai vs Honda?

    A big part of that is fitting the car to the driver. There are cars that are great for dh and not so great for me, and vice-versa. It's not so much a brand thing but how our bodies fit thing.
  7. QueenCat

    Hyundai vs Honda?

    Hyundais are also good quality cars that will last a very long time if well-cared for.
  8. I'm stunned her lawyer didn't do this prior to the hearing.
  9. QueenCat

    Technical school certificate question

    I agree. My son is on the spectrum. The evaluation that determined his diagnosis was far more encompassing than a written test or even forms filled out by the parents & person being evaluated.
  10. QueenCat

    Technical school certificate question

    That's actually pretty normal for technology. It's constantly changing so one needs to continually update their skills. That said, if you're good with tech stuff, once you have the basics, it's easier to get the other skills as they become the "new" thing. However, this program sounds like it's not really going to help much with even short-term job prospects. If he had several CompTIA certs, he would be much more marketable to employers. Although my son has a bachelors, he also has several of these certs. He self-studied for them, but I do see how being out with people could help your son with his social skills right now.
  11. QueenCat

    Hard News: Our Beloved Boardie, Greta

    So many hugs to you Greta.
  12. QueenCat

    Do men shake your hand?

    I really don't see men who handshake not shaking women's hands. It's not the norm in any of the places (mostly South) that I've lived in over the past couple of decades. Women and men both extend their hands for a shake. I'd be offended if a man shook dh's and not mine. I'd find it downright rude. I get the religious views to a point but I'm not lesser than my husband. Don't shake his if you aren't going to shake mine.
  13. QueenCat

    Unarmed security guard jobs for ds

    Yes! And driving schools will work with adults, even those that already have their license. We had one do refreshers and "new area" practice with our son with ASD. He was 22 at the time.
  14. QueenCat

    Cheating with coworker? What do you say?

    No easy option. Especially not knowing the personality of the wife who is worried. If my husband hired a PI to investigate me, we'd have major trust issues going forward. And vice-versa. But women and men do cheat & sometimes you've just got to investigate when the signs are there.
  15. QueenCat

    Anyone doing any prep for Florence?

    On 64, it's from Hampton to the outskirts of Richmond. 60-70 miles. But it hasn't been enacted at this point.
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