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  1. I'm a 2. If there are 3 lanes, I'm in the middle for most of the drive. Dh is a 2.5. If it's longer than 30 minutes, I'm probably reading & ignoring the drive.
  2. I used to use Mezzetta but then had to reduce my sugar intake. Rao's has 3 grams vs. Mezzeta's 5 grams per serving.
  3. Have they started a paper trail, in case he refuses? It can take time to do a formal eviction.
  4. Everywhere we've lived (five states), if it falls into your yard, you pay for it. The people whose tree fell would only be responsible for the part that fell in their own yard. They would have no responsibility for what fell into someone else's yard UNLESS they were notified in writing that the tree was dead & there was a risk of it falling onto someone else's property. Those letters are typically written by the homeowner who is concerned about it & it's verified as dead. We had someone write us a letter like that once, but we had already scheduled to have it taken down.
  5. Cooper's Hawk Wine (hence being a member of their 3 bottles per month club) Rao's Marinara (tasty & less sugar than most) DLM Crab Cakes ($12/each but cheaper than getting crab cakes in a restaurant)
  6. That is all I buy & my dh knows when it's been on sale. It's dropped to around $5/jar a few times in the past few months. I have A LOT of it right now.
  7. We lived in a different state in 2017 & had totality there, but I didn't know I was supposed to take the glasses OFF during the few minutes of totality so I didn't totally get. We were in totality yesterday & knew what to do. It was AMAZING. But I wouldn't have traveled for it. Well, not beyond the 10 minutes we drove to a friend's house to watch it while sipping on our eclipse cocktails.
  8. Per Room. I wouldn't expect a couple to pay twice as much as a single when they both have just one room. If there are not bathrooms in the hallways that singles can share, those sharing a room would need to share for showers. However, if you charge a couple double, I wouldn't expect them to share an ensuite bathroom, especially during the night/still sleeping.
  9. Hotels are booked in and near the totality. I wouldn't count on being able to find one.
  10. I'd look for a food truck. I've been to events with food trucks in which each guest was given a ticket for an entree & sides.
  11. I'm in three IRL book clubs. This is what we are reading in April. Good Bad Girl by Alice Feeney Democracy Awakening by Heather Cox Richardson The Burnout by Sophie Kinsella
  12. I would expect all of the above. Papers, lots of reading, quizzes, and projects. In class, lectures based on reading, some project & paper time, but some would need to be done at home. All reading done at home.
  13. Baltimore, Northern Virginia, Aruba, Minnesota, Nashville, Atlanta
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