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  1. I asked dh who rang and he said it was a guy with a truck selling meat... He declined.
  2. Ahh, yes... Merriweather and first concerts. I'd forgotten about ice skating on the lakes. Mostly Kittamequendi for me. I probably spelled that wrong.
  3. In the firesafe lock box. The real question here would be, "which key is it?"
  4. The walking paths that could take you just about anywhere, at least on my side of town. The ColumBUS that took me others places, on my own by the time I was about 11.
  5. Michelle Obama Eliza Hamilton A woman who went West on the Oregon Trail. Jimmy Carter Loved ones who have passed away.
  6. Ugh... I have no idea if there are dirty dishes in either of my adult sons bedrooms... My youngest does quite a bit, maybe 30-45 mins a day, but it's not a struggle. Maybe with your extra income, you could hire a housecleaning company? Would that release stress? Only with safe practices, though.
  7. Me too... I didn't see the original post. Makes me worried about everyone being ok.
  8. Front gate manned, codes for secondary gates.
  9. So much depends on needs... and wants. We'll probably move in the next 6-12 months (thought that was possibly going to happen last year, I think I talked about that here). We're at 2500 sq. ft. It's not enough right now. I imagine sizing up a bit, to what we had before we moved here. Kids are adults but one will live with us for a long time. He has his bedroom plus the rec room for his couch/tv/desk, which his brother his temporarily sharing. We want a little bigger as we want a second guest room, so 4 bedrooms total. Plus a second study, as dh needs a dedicated one for when he's working; he's
  10. I love Ten Thousand Villages. When we lived in TN, I shopped at one of their stores often. Online is good too.
  11. There is a search mechanism on the DAR site. I used it awhile back and it was helpful. I don't remember exactly what I found there, though. I have an ancestor that came on one of the supply ships, in 1607, to Jamestown.
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