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  1. QueenCat

    Carry-on question...

    Water bottle needs to be empty.
  2. QueenCat

    How much should I pay?

    Teen/college student? Or someone who does this as a side job? Professional landscaper? People who do it as a side job or are landscapers will tell you what the charge is for the services. For an older teen/college student, in our area, it would be around $12-15/hour.
  3. I think it's fine to leave a child there to watch movies and eat junk with grandpa. The employee made a funny joke, I think that was sweet of him.
  4. Yep, dh broke the flange and other piping. Subfloor had to be torn up, pipes replaced. Would have been cheaper to start with a plumber.
  5. That's sad for the groom. Just note that cheap weddings don't necessarily lead to happy marriages either... I see no correlation in real life even though there are "internet" stories that try to say that expensive weddings correlate with shorter marriages...
  6. QueenCat

    Struggling with being left out

    HUgs, I'd be very hurt in this situation. And that's why I do think parents should have some input, to make sure the bride/groom didn't miss someone so important.
  7. A lot of federal workers will have monetary issues for awhile if the shutdown continues. They always get back pay, even if they didn't work during that time as essential personnel, so it's temporary but definitely difficult. Federal contractors do NOT get back pay unless they work for a really awesome company that still pays during a shutdown but most of those can't afford to do that, especially the smaller ones.
  8. Honestly, I'd be hurt if my husband reacted in a negative to something that I was "giddy" about giving him.
  9. This! He could have gotten a deal. Maybe he saved some money on the side. Be happy, he is very excited about getting you something special. Appreciate it, don't say a word, and wear it when your arthritis isn't acting up.
  10. Great idea, since it's not a far drive.
  11. I'd go for either brunch with some time after. leaving 2-3 OR go mid-afternoon (2-3) & stay for dinner.
  12. QueenCat

    Sounds like SWB could use some support, guys

    Hugs and prayers going up.
  13. We do tend to do this with hospital stays but not with rehab.
  14. My mom's in rehab right now. I don't live near enough to visit daily or even every other day. My sister visits her for an hour a day. From what I can tell, that is very normal. There are things to do that can keep the patients social. I can't imagine someone being there 24/7. I personally think that's crazy in a rehab setting. So different than the hospital. If I lived near my mom, I'd likely visit for about an hour "most days," longer on the weekend.
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