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  1. QueenCat


    I LOVE your aunt.
  2. QueenCat


    Yes. Dh and I lived together for about 6 months before we got married. In the mid-80s, before it was so normal. My father had a very hard time with it. My mom a little. They still came to our home as they, without asking, didn't want to harm our relationship with them. When we visited them, without being told, we told them that we were happy to sleep in separate rooms. Mutual respect.
  3. QueenCat


    Actually, I think that might be a marriage ender for me. And there are very few things that I would consider to be a marriage ender. Primarily, infidelity or abuse...
  4. It depends... my family lives far enough away that they wouldn't do that (too much of a risk that we wouldn't be there). That said, when we lived near family, we'd call & say, in your 'hood, want company? Usually, the answer was yes. They did the same. Good friends that are also neighbors do that semi-regularly, as do I. We are often looking for a cup of joe or a glass of wine & some chatter. We all know that if we're busy, we just say so. No feelings hurt.
  5. A recent favorite at our church is a Caberet Evening. We had a soloist accompanied by a piano player. Wine and a nice meal. Time to socialize before and after the musical acts. Childcare was available (donations were a fundraiser as well).
  6. Oye, that sounds like a lot of crazy chaos right now. Dh works in Hampton, we live up the road in Williamsburg. Love the area!
  7. Den Chiefs are Boy Scouts that work with Cub Scout dens. Teaching & mentoring.
  8. I use trivets on my granite. They have patterns. I cannot even fathom how a pattern would transfer to the granite as it's not actually touching the granite. There are little pegs/feet on the bottoms of the trivets. I have two wooden ones with little rubberized feet. I have one metal one (patterned) with the same type of rubber feet.
  9. There's the fee for the plan itself. Not really a hidden fee. You pay the plan fee plus the amount per line. Our's with taxes, etc. is $220/month for 4 lines plus the house line (it's a Verizon line, about $25 of the total cost). I'd guess that we pay $195 before you add in the house phone. We have unlimited texting, calls, and 6K (I think) of data, which is plenty for us, we never use it all.
  10. Honestly, I think that with all that you are dealing with, you're stressed and overreacting. Which is normal! I don't think grandma did anything wrong. She said what seemed appropriate in the moment. Do I think it was the ideal answer? No, but I also don't think it's a big deal. Saying something to her would probably be making a mountain out of a molehill.
  11. Don't be so hard on yourself. I think that you accomplished quite a bit.
  12. All of these scammers make me crazy! It really makes me mad that they are able to convince people who are vulnerable to give up their money, identity info, etc.
  13. The BBQ place is Pierce's. They are great for take out too. Dh picks it up on his way home from work every few weeks. That is one great thing about Williamsburg; you can satisfy everyone's wants with the various choices.
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