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  1. I usually offer water, and if they'll be out there a while, it's in a cooler for them to help themselves.
  2. QueenCat

    Wedding Venue Deposit

    It's normal around here. For most event venues, for any kind of event, they expect a 30-50% non-refundable deposit 30-45 days out. And the rest is due 14-21 days out. Why non-refundable? People are wishy-washy, it's too risky to give refunds that close to the date as it can be hard to fill the spot, even for a popular place.
  3. QueenCat

    Teacher not grading math papers

    At the high school I work, the math teacher puts the key on the board. Students let her know which ones they need to go over. The grade is either 100 for completing it or 0 for not. If she sees that you tried, then you get the 100. This is very normal.
  4. $5/day and then round up to the nearest $50.
  5. I don't recall setting aside time to discuss it. Things like that just come up during the course of everyday life.
  6. QueenCat

    Asking young adults to contribute to household

    I love your idea of a 4-year plan! And it's very reasonable when you are working with an adult with ASD. I just might discuss this concept with my dh and then with my son.
  7. QueenCat

    Asking young adults to contribute to household

    Normally, I would agree, but it sounds like Beth's son spends a lot of time online. They would lose control over taking it away if he were paying for it.
  8. QueenCat

    Asking young adults to contribute to household

    If he doesn't start school until August, working over the summer should be a requirement. And no "I'm not into that" excuses." Coming from a mom of a young adult with Aspergers. If we give them excuses for everything, what happens when we are no longer "here?" And really, it IS in their best interest, as a person, to live on their own, long before they hit 35-40 years old.
  9. QueenCat

    Asking young adults to contribute to household

    Yes to all of this. Even if the job isn't what he wants/likes or will challenge him socially, he needs to do something. Sleep schedules are OFTEN based on work schedules, not the other way around.
  10. QueenCat

    Can my mortgage company do this?

    That is normal for the final payment.
  11. QueenCat

    Age of adulthood - 25?

    Nope and I think they should lower the drinking age to 18 UNLESS they're willing to raise the age to enter the military to 21. It's absurd that a soldier can get sent to the sandbox but not get a beer.
  12. QueenCat

    Being suspended from school

    A break from the students and teachers whose learning environment is compromised by that student. That said, your concerns are legitimate. The problem our school administrators have is that if the principal reports an issue to the parents, they rarely do anything significant to ensure the behavior stops, leaving principals with little recourse if the student has already had several bouts with ISS (in school suspension). In ISS, they do get to do their classwork.....
  13. Other things to consider....... What are the norms of the bride's family? You know your family's norms for this kind of thing. If your norms don't include out of town guests, but the bride's family culture does include them, there will be a lot of hurt feelings if you don't invite the out of town guests.
  14. QueenCat

    Paying monthly bills with credit card

    Yes, except the Mortgage, as our mortgage company doesn't allow it. We rack up huge points on our Marriott Rewards card, getting around 6-8 hotel nights free every year, sometimes more. We do carry a little cash, but not much.
  15. Out of town guests are normally invited to the rehearsal dinner, even if there are a lot of them. Yes, if a member of the wedding party is bringing a date to the wedding, that person should be invited to the rehearsal dinner. I have been at rehearsal dinners where almost everyone that came to the wedding was invited because most were out of town guests. They were more relaxing and fun.
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