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  1. Many hugs to your daughter and you as you help her. I can't imagine what she is going through. You, as well.
  2. McKays is a treasure that I miss! And I definitely agree with the other suggestions as well.
  3. In Nashville, the full scale replica of the Parthenon is amazing, both inside and out.
  4. That has to be hard to have things revealed by the media. Do others see it and bother her with questions about gma?
  5. Thankfully, the company will pay for the packers and movers.
  6. Dh is doing what he can but he's working 10 hours days and much of it is from people who work during the day. It's insane. I don't remember it being this insane as it has been in the past.
  7. Hate, hate, hate it. So much to do. I should be grateful that we've got contracts on our house here and one in Ohio. But our buyers are so slow at responding to the inspection counter we gave them and everyone wants something from me NOW. Just needing to vent.
  8. I would get your attorney's guidance on this.
  9. When we've lived in military towns, we saw a lot of young marriages among the enlisted folks. When not in military towns, it was very rare unless they were super religious.
  10. It's early... recruitment doesn't usually start until school starts. I wouldn't stress over it yet. Usually, packs meet all-together for meetings (once a month) and activities. Dens typically meet weekly. But this can vary, depending on the needs of the pack/dens.
  11. Do you have TSA Precheck, which would put you in a much shorter security line?
  12. I like Aruba Aloe. It really stays on and doesn't wash away as quickly as other brands. They have several different sunscreens, as well as after-sun products. And most of their products are Reef Safe.
  13. My nephew just got his, in Virginia, like you. The court thing is being waived in his county right now. He was mailed his permanent license.
  14. What time are we supposed to show up?
  15. I wouldn't be silent about your mother's abusive behavior towards your daughter. And yes, it is absolutely abusive.
  16. I would tell your DD that it is perfectly acceptable to block Grandma's number on her phone. Neither you or your DD deserve this unwarranted behavior of your mom's.
  17. I love that you've been able to add some humor to your daily lives right now. Sometimes, laughter really is the best medicine.
  18. Dh just had a conference in Orlando canceled.
  19. I love the Pointsguy. Some of his articles have been helpful to me in the past.
  20. Last year, they were available early around here (early August), so I got it then. We have international travel planned in early Sept so if it's available before then, I'll go ahead & do it.
  21. So many hugs for you and your hubby.
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