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  1. She is supposed to call at 9pm. And, as usual, she is late. I can only wait 15 min and then I have got to get a shower to get ready to get to the airport. She will be getting some choice words from me. We are obviously not her priority and she laughs everything off with a, "HAHA, I have just been SO BUSY." Her last email said, "I can meet on Saturday between 5-7pm and then not again until Monday, I am just so busy. How crazy is that?" Well MISSY, I am available NOW and only NOW or we will be calling your supervisor, how crazy is THAT? Stupid woman. I am at the end of my rope. And yes, we are willing to let them walk. We know the windows need replacing. We have already allotted for those windows at 3k. We will throw in another 2k towards other crap, but H-E-double hockey sticks NO to the beams. Walk if you must. We will lose, and they will lose, but I am not lowering the price $20k to fix beams that don't need fixing.
  2. Ok, so the latest? Their inspector told them the beam that runs across our attic is too small. It needs to be replaced. It has held up our roof just fine for 30 years but they want it replaced. That will require the entire roof to be lifted and scaffolded while a new beam is put in. They have known this for 2 solid weeks and have said nothing. They wouldn't even give us the report. They want it done within the next 9 days. They also would like a non-weight bearing beam in the basement replaced, requiring the flooring to be taken up completely in the office and laundry room. First of all, it will likely run between 10k-20k, and second of all it hasn't been an issue for 30 years, and third of all, it can't be done in 9 days, and fourth of all, just NO! That is just one of the repairs. The other is windows, which we were willing to negotiate. This house may not be selling at all. We may have to just have them walk. I am so sick to my stomach. And I am getting on a plane in 3 hours to take a red eye back. And our realtor doesn't have time to talk to us. She best make us a TOP PRIORITY or she is going to hear it from me. I am so fed up I could scream!
  3. Yeah, that still isn't enough for CPS, honestly. If you call the homeschool department of Ed in your state, they might investigate and could bring the parents up on charges, but I know in my state they just don't have the resources and time. Eating junk food is still eating, and if every parent who allowed their kids unlimited junk food got arrested, the jails would be full. Watching endless TV is the same thing. No set bedtime is not even a blip on their radar. They have beds and food, no neglect will be detected.
  4. Thank you all for respecting my JAWM. I just need July 1st to be DONE WITH and we can move on (I HOPE!) We have told her for the past 2 weeks we cannot fix things at this point and she knows it. She also told us she would be calling the mortar guy to fix our brick steps but she didn't follow through and when I asked if I should she wouldn't even give me the # and kept insisting it was better if she call because she had a working relationship with him. Her husband is a contractor and said he would replace the windows and assured us he had ordered them. He hadn't and had forgotten. We called several times about it. We honestly do not care if we credit them, we just need to know if that is ok and how much they are expecting.
  5. I hate spiritual abuse and this is exactly what this is. It preys on those who can't discern well and need an anchor to latch on to. And it destroys. I am so sorry. I hope you can reach her.
  6. BTW: I didn't count hours technically, I guessed as to whether they learned what they needed to learn and called it a day. I have two in college. I think I did ok.
  7. I think you can buy an MLS number for a flat fee? I think it is like $5k as I recall.
  8. This is what we are offering. Dh and I discussed briefly this am when we got the email. I am on the opposite coast right now, leaving on a red eye tonight. We think it will be $5k. Thankfully the buyer is handy like my DH and doesn't want to hire things out as he wants them done right (DH is the same way), so the repairs are less than they would be with a contractor. BUT, they knew about most of these repairs 2 weeks ago and DH could have done some of them or we could have been dickering over a credit back at that time. I am sure they will want $8k based on some of the list, but some of it is optional and cosmetic and we are not offering that amount.
  9. DawnM

    Is this weird?

    Guess I need to go back to the old saying: "All the world is queer save thee and me, and even thou art a little queer." --Robert Owen, 1828
  10. I used my son's Philmont trip as a PE credit. I counted his Eagle Project as an elective in finance and business management. Middle son got PE credit for playing league soccer. He also got Eagle Scout credits. I counted their Washington DC trip towards their American History credit, in addition to book work.
  11. I am not sure anyone can take it at this point. It would need to be someone who could come in and do several hours of research, talk to us at length, and get info at length from our current realtor, it isn't just a "take an hour and step in" kind of deal.
  12. DawnM

    Is this weird?

    I think I was clouded because they were my son's friend's parents and I was trying to play nice. Not a rookie, I promise. Way too old to be a rookie.
  13. DawnM

    Is this weird?

    And just to clarify about the church situation. They went to this church before we did. We were at another church. We started going about 18 months ago, when the separation was starting (I still didn't know about it then) but they went to the 11am service at that time and we went to the 9:30 service. We never saw them there until about a year ago when Dad and his new shack up honey started coming to the earlier service. They obviously are missing some key doctrinal tenets of our faith, but whatever. Mom stopped coming to the church at all at that point.
  14. DawnM

    Is this weird?

    Me? Nice.....or just plain STUPID? 😜 The dad doesn't speak to me anymore. I am sure if I tell the mom I will NOT be making these calls for her, she will stop speaking to me as well. I know way more than I want to know about both sides and I am disgusted. He is so permissive that his older son is dealing pot and a host of other crap. She is so controlling that the kids would get their phones taken away if their grades dipped to a B for their progress reports. I knew NONE of this last year. I knew my kid and their kid were friends. I thought they were normal. They went to our church, acted like they were sane, etc.....
  15. People here don't like FSBO houses so much. They don't seem to trust them. They seem to do better in lower priced homes, but not in mid to high priced homes. I think I would have sold better with a different realtor!
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