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  1. church ✅ Finish getting the tree up and decorated ✅ Clean up college boy's stuff in the living room and dining room Purchase a nice kitchen table set I found at the local thrift store- decided to save the $$ and wait Laundry ✅
  2. There is definitely something there.
  3. Not everyone's dream, my two older kids hate iPhones.
  4. OH CRUD, this thread is over 6 months old. Sorry. it was resurrected and I didn't check the date.
  5. I had to force my now 21 year old to get a cell phone at 15. He didn't want it. But we needed to get a hold of him for pick up, etc.....he got a flip phone first. He didn't want a smart phone. He now has a smartphone, a computer, and various other electronic gadgets. My 15 year old, on the other hand, wanted a smart phone around age 10. We said no for about a year after that. Then he went to a B&M school and he got a phone.
  6. ] What gadget did you buy him?
  7. Interesting 3rd post. Have you read through the thread? What experiences have you had with your own children on this topic?
  8. I had it in 2001. I do have dryer eyes, but not a huge problem. I also do see halos on lights now, which I didn't see before. And I have a weird light issue on rear brake lights. I can see the pattern of the lights behind the red cover. I never used to see the actual lights behind the covers. I had it done by Dr. Maloney in Los Angeles, who was ranked the best at the time, I have no idea about now. And he gave a huge discount to public school employees. I think his mom had been a teacher or something. He used to be on that show "Extreme Makeover."
  9. We just say, "Happy Gotcha Day, we are so glad you are ours" and that is it,. We don't do a cake or anything. And I admit, I often forget the day. I got him the day before the rest of the group their child and often I see "Happy Gotcha Day" the day everyone else got their child.....oops. I was adopted and "Gotcha Day" was not a thing when I was younger. None of us think it is that big of a deal.
  10. I would go a step further and say that no one responds well to punitive punishments. All consequences should be restorative in my opinion.
  11. No, online isn't an option. It is literally this one class giving him rigors. Other classes (for Son #2 I assume we are discussing) are not the issue. Yes, we know there are bad professors. He doesn't want to take time off and academically he is overall very strong, as long as the profs stick to their syllabus and don't go rogue!
  12. LONG story short, he was left with very few openings for the class offerings due to late registration. And he was more picky about times than professors since he drives 35-45 min. each way. He will have to repeat it, and I think it replaces the F, but it won't be in time to apply to his intended major. We discussed some options last night. We will see. I feel bad for him. As far as the $$, this is our local state college, $7,500/year including all fees, so not horrible, he can "afford" a repeat class if he needs it. We are ok with that.
  13. Agreed, and sometimes they still need more help than coaching, so we keep helping until they are ready. It really is ok.
  14. Yup! Right there with you, on all you have said.
  15. I am late to this party (as usual these days), but I have struggled with this. Oldest has ASD and I probably help him more than some of you think I should. I am ok with that. He is considering dropping our of college. There isn't anything locally of worth for him, and he just can't seem to handle being away from home. We don't know what lies ahead. He does still have his scholarship and grades are ok, so he could take a gap year and go back, but we will see. Middle has ADD and is struggling in local college. He has a bad professor (verbal due dates, changes things all the time, and for a child with rather severe ADD, this is tough), and then he missed the final drop date. He is failing the class. He petitioned and they said no. Most parents would say, "well, there is a hard lesson learned" but for my kid, that may not be true. He may miss the deadline next time. We just don't know. I am posting these things in hopes that someone can feel encouraged and better about their own situation, I am not posting to gain any parenting advice. We all are learning when to let go and when to hold tight.
  16. Work ✅ Pick up Kohl's order ✅ Pick up Walgreen order--- it isn't ready Stop at grocery store for a few things---leaving for the weekend Talk to AP about being a reference and why I need to find a new job- didn't get the chance today Dinner out with son ✅
  17. DawnM

    Job Interviews

    Interesting that you would mention this. That thought crossed my mind. A little while after she called to tell me I didn't get it, I emailed her and thanked her for letting me know and somewhere in there mentioned that I was still very interested and if anything changed to please let me know.
  18. DawnM

    Job Interviews

    You may have reminded her of her sister, who she hated. YOu just never know.
  19. DawnM

    Job Interviews

    I was 2nd. I have no idea why. It could be that the other person spoke the predominant language of the community. It could be they wanted a male. I just have no way of knowing. The principal told my friend (one of my references) that they were so impressed with me and that I "blew them away" with my answers. Not sure I could have done better than that. #2 I honestly am not expecting anything. I got a bit flustered when the admin was so rude to me.
  20. DawnM

    Job Interviews

    School #1 called today. I did NOT get it. I am in shock. Everything pointed to an offer. I really wanted it. Phooey.
  21. I gave my sons some credit for their Eagle projects, but I don't remember what I counted it as.
  22. DawnM

    Job Interviews

    Ok, so, interview today was going along swimmingly until the Assistant Principal came in about half way through and was a bit of a wet blanket. She made me feel like nothing I did was right, nothing I said was what she wanted to hear, etc.... BUT, I do think today's school (I will call it school #2) was not my first choice. It is further, in a bad traffic route, and just didn't give me the same "you belong here" vibe. That said, I would still take it if offered and it is my only offer. School #1 called one of my references today and told them they were "blown away" by my interview. I assume that means they will be making an offer. And I hope I didn't give them false pretenses that I am better than I am. 😜 And school #1 is my first choice. I could definitely see myself working there. Keep your fingers crossed, prayers coming, whatever juju you got!
  23. DawnM

    Job Interviews

    It is much closer, pays more, and will get me perks I don't currently have. I have 500 students currently, the new job is 325. There are also some leadership issues I can't wait to get away from. I know it exists everywhere, but I have worked in public education over 20 years now and haven't ever had it this bad. I would say more, but I know this board is public.
  24. I have off today. I am SO ANGRY at myself. I scheduled a dermatologist appt for this am, on my day off, 20 miles away, over near my work! I tried to cancel yesterday but the online program wouldn't let me. ARGH! Doctor's appt Help oldest with his final paper for the quarter (I know way more than I will ever care to know about Art History!) Launder and put away towels run a few errands while I am over on that side of town Color my hair!
  25. We have had Thanksgiving for 10 years with another family. We have loved it every year, but my kids begged to not go last year, and I welcomed the opportunity to make it a low key, quite, simple Thansgiving at home. We said we were going out of town, and that was the original plan, but plans changed and we ended up alone, at home, and didn't tell our friends. I don't really consider it lying, since it was true at the time we said it. And I don't consider your plan lying. Your SIL has asked that you make it. There ya go.
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