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  1. I have given her my google voice number and she has texted me a few times already, so hopefully.
  2. There are 2 students in particular I feel just sick about leaving. One in particular has some major trauma in her background and for some reason, she just latched on to me and we connected on a deeper level than I connect with most students. She has come into my office every day for this entire school year and cried about me leaving. I KNOW she would leave for high school in a few months anyway, but to her, those few months were everything. I wasn't able to pack up everything yesterday so I will go in today for a few hours. It is a teacher workday, so no students will be there. And THEN I will be done.
  3. and I thought I would feel differently than I do. Leaving is harder than I thought it would be. There are several I have become friends with and several students who are very upset about my leaving. I didn't know it would be like this. I still feel this is the best decision for me and my family, but I have had some tears and I have been sad. I hope I can make it through today without breaking down. I am reminded of the following quote. “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” A.A. Milne (Winnie-the-Pooh)
  4. I just did it for my dad and it came back with a 46% chance of not surviving. Doesn't surprise me. He won't get the vaccine and won't wear a mask unless. he has to. I have given up. Meanwhile, my personal risk came back as .26% if I get it. I am fully vaccinates and wear a mask.
  5. Kids are getting married early in our former homeschool group. At least I think it is early. They are getting married at 19-23 in large percentages. We have not encouraged or discouraged our sons, but we have told them it is best to finish training and have a career first. But none of them seem to want to marry young, so I am glad. My husband and I were 28 and 29 when we married. He was 28. He did go to grad school after we married and I supported us for a couple of years, but I was working full time and we wanted him to get it before kids came along.
  6. 12gb for the year? We probably use more data than you do. We use Red Pocket. They have varying plans, so one of those might work for you. We pay $30 for the first line and $20 for each subsequent line per month, and get unlimited talk/text/data. The data throttles after 10gb (per line) but we are fine with that. 4 lines, $90/mo.
  7. after looking at this: https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/living-room-trends-for-2021-36850773 I think anything goes, which is what I love to see......you do you. the orange and navy is a bit much for me, but I like some color too. I also like muted, serene coastal decor...... I don't care too much about what is "in" although for resale I care.
  8. Thanks. I am not sure a sectional would look right in there.
  9. If I get an L shaped sofa, it will come past the half wall area and stick out. There is only about 4' there of half wall.
  10. The TV will not be mounted. This is a temporary solution, the TV will go on a stand. I really wanted furniture recommendations more than anything, not arrangement. The TV MUST go on the short wall area, the large wall space already has pictures which took a painstakingly long time to put up and we love seeing them from the foyer area. They will not be moved.
  11. Nope. Doesn't play pool, and remember we just got rid of the pool table to create his apartment! Not to mention, he can't really stand up well. And nope, doesn't play cards or games and isn't interested. And he has friends, but no one here in NC. Plus, he honestly doesn't have all of his faculties these days. He is in a lot of pain. He has a TV in his apartment, the issue isn't really the TV, it is him commandeering that room/space. I am not hosting get togethers at my house for him. He went to a men's bible study on Fri AM one time and I thought that would be a good group for him, but he couldn't hear anything they were saying and doesn't want to go back.
  12. Right, that is the furniture that the previous owner had, it was staged with that. We had an old set in there for a while but it didn't look good at all, so now we have nothing.
  13. I am sure that is why, it is just that we won't sit with him in there while he is watching his shows. UGH. It's ok, we are trying to come up with a solution that will allow us a space on the main floor as well.
  14. Thanks. We will not be mounting the TV though. It is not a room I wish to keep a TV in long term. I really was wondering about the cost though......Just not sure it is worth $4,000 for the sofa and chair and then I still need to get a rug, possibly an additional loveseat, etc..... I am leaning away from it now....I just can't justify it, even though it is really a cool idea.
  15. The room is 12x17, but with two archway openings, one where the stairs are and one that you see there in the photo.
  16. we have already spent a lot of time decorating our long wall. We have those scrabble tiles with everyone's names on them that took forever to put up because we had to measure and level each one, so that isn't coming down! I can't post a pic because all of our names are there. So, a TV has to go on the other space, but prob not on the wall, it can go on a long table.
  17. I have posted before that I can't figure out what I want in there, and currently it has no furniture. So, it is a clean slate. I want to start using that space, although we aren't formal people, we are more casual folks. We are a bit irritated that my dad seems to have commandeered the family room, but that is for another post. 🙄 He sits in there and watches shows we have NO interest in so we avoid going in there with him. It is becoming a daily thing but I really don't know how to stop it. He doesn't understand why we don't want to watch those shows with him. He has a TV in his apartment, but he rarely uses that TV anymore. So, here are some of our thoughts: 1. sofa and two chairs 2. love seat and two chairs 3. 4 chairs and no sofa, with a large round coffee table in the middle 4. Other.....??? We want to have it as a hang out room with a TV, books, comfy sitting area. Here are a couple of pics of the room when it was the listing two years ago. That is not our furniture, although we kept the chairs. They are NOT comfortable to hang out on for long, they are more like chairs for a dining room table. I want comfy chairs. It is a rectangular room, open on two sides, and a "pass through" room so I can't clog it up too much.
  18. I was also very cute and bubbly. I am not so much anymore. Age sucks.
  19. I used to get every job I interviewed for. Seriously. I was so full of, "I can conquer to world" energy and optimism......I wasn't flighty, I was still realistic, but I believed differently. Now I am a jaded old fart who knows I can save only those who want to save themselves.
  20. So sorry. This is how it was when my dad fell a couple of weeks ago. It is HORRIBLE. And I have a friend's ex who has just died of covid today. They have 3 children together. This is getting worse and worse and honestly, no one seems to care anymore. It is awful.
  21. I will let you know tonight when we cook it up. 😄
  22. When they were younger, yes. Now? The older ones hate singing together and my Aspie hates singing in general.
  23. DS1- Aspie- he says no, but who knows DS2- I fully expect he will marry and have kids DS3- He wants kids DS4- Well, he is 3......🤣
  24. When my dad fell 2 week ago it was a nightmare at the hospital. They barely gave him care, and sent him home with a cracked skull because they had no beds.
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