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  1. I remember when I was teaching about 20 years ago and a student asked me if I had a telephone growing up. The funny thing was, I grew up in Kenya and where we lived we did not have a telephone in our house.....I wasn't sure how to answer that!
  2. DawnM

    RV rental?

    See above, already looked into it. There isn't a medical team. They have a couple of doctors, but not a team. And I am 99% Sure they would say, "If you feel up to it, go!"
  3. I have been given a quote. It would "pay for itself" in 8 years. We plan to stay in the house 15 (until retirement) at least, so it would be cost effective, just not up front.
  4. Does that mean you are not wanting to move anymore?
  5. If you got plenty of sun hitting your roof? My husband has wanted to do it since we lived in CA, but we never have. Anyone here gone solar?
  6. DawnM

    RV rental?

    They have done the wheelchair and help before. It is just really taxing on them. And my mom hates to fly. And it is a 4.5 hour direct flight, not 2 hours. They don't have "providers" they live in an ind. housing at a retirement center, like Sun City type place in SC. They are in assisted living.
  7. DawnM

    RV rental?

    Thanks, I will take a look
  8. DawnM

    RV rental?

    My mother's 5 sisters and brothers and their entire families live fairly close to me (within 3 hours) that is about 30 people plus the 3rd generation down, which I am not even including. So, no. And my kids are getting to the point where they have jobs or internships or school and can't take off like they used to.
  9. DawnM

    RV rental?

    As mentioned, they aren't flying well either.
  10. I am sorry. And I get it, at least part of it. I miss what I had.
  11. Quick dry doesn't hold everything in as well, but thanks. And honestly, I don't mind having more than one suit, I actually prefer it.
  12. Ok, I know some people enjoy traveling this way. I struggle to sleep on demand, so napping when I am not tired or trying to sleep while I am wound up would be a problem. So would driving when everyone else in the car is asleep and it is dark outside in the middle of the night. But that is me.
  13. Can you make it driving all night (even with taking turns?). Can you function the next day having driven all night? Those are more the questions to ask than how the kids will do.
  14. A "thing?" I have no idea. But in this humid climate, things don't dry overnight, and I hate putting on a wet suit, so yes, I would like at least 2, probably closer to 3. I currently have 1 and a half. Two bottoms and one top that kind of fits me (it shows a little too much up top for my taste). I suppose I can start with just one more top and add when i feel like adding. But I plan to swim every single day that I can this summer.
  15. Only quoting this part so it tags you. WHOAH! That is crazy.
  16. Oh, and two doctors have said I have arthritis in my knee......I am still in great denial.....stupid doctors, what do they know? One even took an X-ray.....but nope, I do not have it.
  17. Packing, moving, and more packing. #NeverEndingPacking Today: 1. pack up more kitchen, leaving only essentials ✅ 2. take rest of the living room furniture to storage ✅ 3. Take dressers and nightstands and bases of beds to storage- no room in storage 4. Take a load to Goodwill- didn't get done, only 2 things need to go, so we can wait 5. Get rid of basketball hoop in driveway ( I have offered it for free on a FB site, someone says he is coming) ✅ 6. Make a list/schedule for CLEANING up so we aren't overwhelmed next weekend when the house has to be spotless. I thought of hiring it out, but it involves baseboards and fridges and cabinets, things cleaners want top dollar for......and I have kids! 😋. ✅ Praying the sellers allow us to either move in a day or two early OR at least store some stuff in their garage. We are waiting to hear as it will impact what goes over to storage today and whether we need a 3rd storage unit or not.
  18. Do you remember the scientific name he gave you? Was it accurate?
  19. I had a lovely conversation with my aunt in my dreams last night. She was my favorite aunt, more like a mom to me, I spent all my holidays with them when my parents were overseas. I miss her so much. Last night I dreamed we had a great conversation. It was weird because I knew she was dead, but we talked anyway. We had a phone conversation and then I went over to her house and talked to her. Then she was gone and I talked to my cousin (her daughter) and we both talked about how much we missed her. Dreams are so weird, but I was glad I had it.
  20. Good grief people, how are you all losing weight? My goal for this summer is to find something that WORKS and get started. So far, nothing is working.
  21. Well, my favorite food is Curry, so a curry dinner with mango chutney and Chapatis would be heavenly.....but since I don't even get to eat it, it probably won't matter.
  22. Do the swim shorts from other places last as long? That is what I am worried about. My LE seem to last forever.
  23. And my girlfriends from high school and I have been going to the beach together every May since we turned 40, so 13 years now. And this past May we all joked that we now need prune juice or a little "extra help" in that area. It is sad. Oh, and I book the place usually and for the past 3 years, I can't get a place that has stairs because 3 of our group can't do stairs anymore due to knee or other health issues.
  24. Dh and I always joke that in our 20s nine PM was the start of our evening. It was the time we and our friends were heading out to do things. Now, 9pm is time to start thinking about heading to bed. In our 30s we started having kids. We were sleep deprived, but we could manage. In our 40s, sleep became far more important, and we got to bed by 10pm. And we didn't function well without 7-8 hours.
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