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  1. I think your son needs to get his ducks in a row now. You can get a paternity test in a drug store, so that's easy peace of mind. He needs a day job that's conducive to raising a child and an apartment near his son's daycare. He needs to get everything in place before she lands on the next man and starts getting petty with access to the kid. In some situations, 50-50 custody means nobody pays child support. If she has an inkling it could go this way she might start putting more and more limits on his time with the baby. I don't think a judge could overlook a 4-midnight schedule if he wanted to. When did they ever have a chance at spending time as a family?
  2. I want this personal shopping cart, but I want it for $50 not $300. https://www.amazon.com/Scout-Cart-SCV1-Purpose-Folding/dp/B01H2BLUNA/ref=asc_df_B01H2BLUNA/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=198070151435&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=14551957340323972945&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1018704&hvtargid=pla-351473689635&psc=1
  3. I want to know how the flaky teacher got the other parents to back her up. It’s a little unsettling that they have you questioning something as basic as providing the service as advertised. I’m assuming you paid for this.
  4. I want that so bad my teeth hurt, but I want it at 1/3 the price. 😆
  5. It would be SO hard to push myself outside the door if I had shopping AND that much driving in one day. I don't care for either. Mustering that much will power is a LOT. DS famously accused me of not buying food because I just buy ingredients. 🤣 It can take me 6-8 months or longer to spend that much at Costco. I've actually gone in and purchased JUST a rotisserie chicken. I don't think I've ever used a second cart in my life. That's some serious next-level shopping. A friend of mine does this EVERY week. She hits Costco and BJs weekly. I have a shopping center with an Aldi, Trader Joe, and Costco in the same place, so sometimes I drive the entire 3 miles to get there. It seems so far when my nearest grocery store is a block away, but it's an ethnic market so we can't get everything we want there. We have changed our cooking somewhat because it's just SO convenient. DH thinks he can cook everything in a wok anyway. A Lidl opened less than a mile from me and the prices are comparable to Aldi, so I've been going there more. It's also less crowded, but there are just a lot of people here. It's never as simple of just walking quickly through the store. You can't really go faster than the person in front of you. I do really like bagging my own groceries, but that's mostly so I can be lazy when I get home and just not put away the pantry goods until I feel like it. I swear I need to own a shopping cart. I could wheel it around the store, into my wheelchair van, then into the house to unload. I could skip a lot of steps this way. Hmmmmm . . . is there a private version of the double decker small carts? I love those things.
  6. My first aquarium visit was in Monterey, so I was a bit spoiled. It's very nice. The National Aquarium in Baltimore is pretty great too, but no penguins. The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore has a wonderful African penguin exhibit. You could hit both in a day, if you do the aquarium from 9-12, have lunch for 30 minutes, drive to the zoo, and stay there from 1-4. ETA: You do NOT have to do the whole Penguin Encounters thing to get a really good look at the penguins. You can do that with a regular zoo admission. Also, since it's a conservation program is seems more ethical than some penguin exhibits.
  7. There are other people in my grocery store so, no, there is no doing a weeks worth of shopping and getting out of there in 15 minutes even if you are the model of efficiency. You might get away with getting a night's worth of groceries in 15 minutes if you go at the right time of day. Maybe 2-3 nights if you make really simple meals with very few ingredients. I'm the queen of the surgical strike, but my stores are either too big or too crowded for the timing to be completely up to me.
  8. Awww man, my grocery store is BORING. I've never seen a fight at a grocery store. I do agree that you should just shop early. Degenerates like to sleep in.
  9. UPDATE: They took the advice of the great and powerful Hive. They're getting married BEFORE they leave and doing the vow ceremony as planned in Scotland. They have a top secret court house wedding tomorrow. Only me, dh, and all of you know. They'll share their anniversary with Dh and me. Ok, it's off by ONE day, but close enough and the court house isn't open on Saturday. 🤣 We're very excited for them! Dh spent the day helping them move into their first apartment. Thanks for all the advice. It really helped a great deal.
  10. The tone of the installation certainly didn’t have a This is Great vibe. It had more of a Purity as the New Golden Calf feel. Those could have been my personal feelings projected on the display. It’s been over a month so I don’t remember the details.
  11. Oh man, this is a huge job. I'm sorry you all have to go through this. Did you get signed up on all of the patient portals? I've been known to take my computer to these things and make sure I'm all set up with access before I leave the building. I know with Johns Hopkins, it's really easy to get access IN the building, but nearly impossible once you leave.
  12. In hindsight, it would've been fine. It was the most fun interview I've ever had. They have a lot of candidates, and everyone there has a degree in horticulture, so it's probably a longshot for me, but the interview went really well. I added a fitbit and butterfly necklace to my boring wardrobe. I also have very unboring hair so they'll definitely remember me as "the redheaded one." We never actually left the office, but I did climb a circular staircase to get to it, so I was glad for the flats. My fingers are crossed but my expectations are managed. There's also no real stress because I HAVE a job. It would be novel to be the person in the room who is talking about plants the least. They were all wearing sweats/yoga pants and t-shirts which is ALL I want in life as a professional uniform. They emailed that afternoon asking for references. I should hear something next week. If they hire me, I think I'll buy the designer "garden tunic" from my other job to celebrate. I could wear it both places and it's cute and comfy. My ultimate plan to just start wearing black ballet shoes (not ballet flats; actual dance slippers) might work in both places. 😆 It would be funny having two jobs where I don't need to buy work clothes because one dresses me and the other lets me wear my yoga pants.
  13. I'm with @Farrar. It's not like you need to be strategic. You can't go wrong just showing up at the mall and wandering into the first museum you see. Filling three days would be so easy with this plan. Most of the museum food is crappy and overpriced, so on nice day a picnic is fun. There's so much right there on the mall that you don't HAVE to leave unless you're chasing specific interests. I'd put some thought into the food (maybe hop on the metro and have lunch in Chinatown) but the museums are easy. Wear your most trusty, comfy shoes and you're good. Dd scooters/bikes all over capital hill ALL THE TIME, so it might be fun to have that app loaded and ready to go.
  14. It was just an example of one that was produced and sold specifically for that purpose. It might have been engraved. I can't remember the details, but the entire exhibit was interesting. My daughter and I spend a while there. Wait! There's an online catalog. This is it: https://americanhistory.si.edu/collections/search/object/nmah_1911859
  15. There are so many dc museums that you can plan according to your interests. If you’re into plants, see the botanic gardens and the National arboretum. If you like religious architecture go to the basilica and the Franciscan Monastery with all the holy land replicas. You could let each person choose a thing and do museum-lunch-museum for three days. Is someone really into art? Or History? You can really personalize the trip. I thought the Girlhood exhibit at the American History museum was interesting . . . they actually had a purity ring on display and I’d never seen one IRL. I think Mt Vernon is a whole day and worth the trip. There’s a lot to do outside there if you want to avoid indoor crowds. This area takes Covid precautions seriously so plan to mask up indoors and watch for restricted hours and ticketed admittance to places where that wasn’t the norm before.
  16. I’d love to roll in with a woodland-colored tunic, dark leggings, and brown ankle boots, but I’ll play it safe. I’ll have my Fitbit on as a watch. Most of the time. I may throw on a necklace. It’ll be 90 degrees so I’m going to skip the scarf. If for some reason they want me to hike the grounds, my gardening/hiking boots are always in the van. That should tell them I’m serious. 🤣 Right now I’m at work and a little high of a decent amount of commission I just made with a 10 minute phone call, but I’d still rather be in plant world. I can do both for a while. I’m still burning pent up pandemic energy.
  17. at a nursery (plants, not people)? It’s an administrative position in the office. The day-to-day attire is outdoorsy/casual/practical but that won’t work as a first impression. Definitely no fussy designer duds like my current gig. Heels seem silly in this context. I’m thinking dress slacks, a feminine oxford that has shape but isn’t tight anywhere, and ballet flats. Does this say “I’m professional, but not too prissy to walk the grounds if necessary?” I could go with a skirt and heels (my gardening boots are always in the car) but It feels like too much. Any other ideas? There is a garden-themed tunic/dress at the shop in earth tones that’s probably perfect with boots but I don’t think I’m that brave. I eased into work with part time and I can definitely go full time. I don’t know what my odds are of landing this, but I find plants a LOT more interesting than designer clothing. My resume is eclectic and I really want to work outside of education for a while.
  18. Baltimore still has one. https://stores.healthmart.com/charlesmead/stores.aspx
  19. Have you watched Brooklyn 99? The Mindy Project gets hilariously, quotably funny, but you’ve got to hang in for almost a whole season before it pays off.
  20. I have a pair of Lands End all weather mocs that are 16 years old. They’re not fit for anything but gardening anymore, but they’re STILL comfortable and have life in them. I wouldn’t call them stylish, but at least they’re neutral, waterproof, and not sneakers. I also like to have a pair of black or navy vans.
  21. I waited forever seeing photos of everyone’s trendy homes for years. I didn’t think my boxy, crown molding-free house would ever be fashionable. But whadaya know. 60s architecture made a comeback after all 🤣 My crazy giant windows and simple lines are having their day. I’ll probably never mess with the brownish-cherryish cabinets because they’re solid wood, I’m really good shape, and would be insanely expensive to change. I just picked paint that made them look good. I DO want to switch out the cream linoleum, but there’s nothing wrong with it so it’s a real mental hurdle with me and a lot of the popular counter styles just don’t scream mid-century to me.
  22. The second is probably my favorite, but it doesn’t fit me, isn’t my style, and I think I just really like the nubby green silk trim.
  23. I’m at work thinking about this thread. 🤣.
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