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  1. My ds took the ACT three times this past spring/summer, and each time scores were back in 10-11 days.
  2. I'm sorry that you're struggling with health issues and not able to do so many things you'd like to. And I'm even more dismayed that your kids are so incredible dismissive of you and your health issues. I'm saying this with kindness....Why are you not setting boundaries with them and just saying no to what you are unable to do? You are a human being with the right to decide what you can commit to. You do not owe them unlimited babysitting, or frankly, any babysitting if you aren't able. It doesn't matter what you did when your kids were young, or what other people do, or what her parents did. You can set boundaries that are healthy and functional for you. And you must, if you want to safeguard your own declining health. You can do it in a loving way, but you don't need to give them long explanations or try to get understanding from them. No is a complete sentence. "No, I'm not able to do that." Repeat as many times as necessary. And don't accept browbeating and guilt-tripping from them. They are adults who are responsible for their own family. (((Stephanie))). I hope you are able to work through this and enjoy having their family nearby.
  3. We bought our dining room charis at Target about 5 years ago, and they have been quite sturdy - they get daily use and nothing has loosened or broken yet.
  4. Lisa, I'm so glad your son is home with your support and access to good medical care. How scary for you! I'm continuing to pray for him.
  5. If you want a front loader, I have been very happy with our LG.
  6. That moulding should match the cabinets. You could, reasonably, ask the contractor to replace that with moulding that matches the cabinets more closely. Or if you don't want to mess with that, just paint it a dark brown that is close. Same for the moulding around the stair banister. It's a lovely space and exciting that it will be done soon!
  7. Congratulations! She's a beautiful bride.
  8. Congratulations on your accomplishment! You should definitely throw your own party, it's definitely worth celebrating!
  9. Great poll! Just adding a couple of things to my responses. The day after my second dose, I felt like I was getting a fever. But there was no fever! So I just call it a general cruddy feeling. But not enough to keep me from normal life. My husband had a sore arm and some fatigue after both shots, probably a bit more after the second. Very minimal. My kids (ages 16, 16, 19, 21) have all had one shot, and their only side effect was a sore arm.
  10. That is great money for a 14 yo to be making. But it sounds stressful and I don't know what I would require - you know the situation and your teen best. I do think it's a great learning opportunity for thinking through decisions, which is something teens need to learn! Our approach in these kind of situations is to give our kids some parameters, but also give them some decision making opportunities within those parameters. So in this situation, some options might be: * you require him to umpire, but work together to decide how many games he will do. Talk about what is good about the job, what is tolerable, what is difficult, Help him strategize how to handle difficult situations, how to tolerate the bad parts. Talk about how to know whether earning a lot of money is worth putting up with things you don't like (sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't!). * You require him to umpire unless he can find an alternate job. Help him think about other options, and look around a little bit. Help him gather information about possible wages, hours, opportunities with other jobs. * You require him to save a certain percentage of the money he earns, but let him decide what to do with the rest. Or require that he start paying for some things in his life, like activities with friends, fun/extra snacks, or hobbies. I think it is a great benefit for teens to earn money and have some financial responsibilities. It doesn't need to be a lot, but it gives them some agency and opportunity to make decisions. It also gives you the opportunity to help them learn about finances with real decisions. We're also found great benefit in our kids having jobs where they learn to answer to a boss, work within the system of their workplace, think through their time priorities, and learn new skills. Also, I just read through you initial post again and saw the "thinks he'll get scholarships and won't want a car". That's pretty...unrealistic. He may not necessarily want to keep a job he dislikes based on those long term goals, and that's okay. But it may be a good time to start talking about some real world numbers to help him understand what kind of expenses he may have in college? Even if he gets scholarships, they may be partial, and there are still living expenses (unless you plan to pay for everything for him until he's out of college). That doesn't mean he must start saving a lot of money right now, but 14/15 is a good time for teens to start understanding what kind of responsibilities they will need to develop over their high school and college years.
  11. We are very close to/on the edge of the total eclipse path. Woot! So we will probably watch from home or go down to Indy where dh's brother lives, as they are definitely in the total eclipse path. Of course, by 2024 all my kids will be done homeschooling, so I'll have to convince (rather than require) others in my family to be excited about it. 🤪
  12. I am thinking about the gardening interest as well - does she have any opportunity for gardening in any way where she is at? Containers inside even? Especially since it's spring, could you bring her things she could "garden" with and help her with keeping them up if needed? I think you're a very gracious daughter and you are wise to be honest with your feelings and try to work through them/reframe rather than letting them negatively impact below the surface. Anyone who has elderly parents knows that the relationships can be complicated and difficult to navigate. 💙
  13. I got my second Pfizer shot this past Tuesday. I was tired, had a headache and sore arm, and felt a little cruddy and "brain foggy" Tuesday & Wednesday. But no fever at all. Woke up Thursday feeling great!
  14. eaglei, I'm so sorry to hear of your husband's sudden passing! May the Lord hold you close and give you much peace and comfort.
  15. I think it is definitely doable, especially if the student didn't prep much prior to the first test. My ds was able to raise his sat 100+ points from first test to second test. Prior to the first exam he had done some prep with Khan Academy. In between the two exams he did an SAT Prep class with Mr D Math, worked through the Princeton Review SAT Prep book, and did several practice exams. Do you have a ballpark idea of what you think he's realistically capable of scoring? My son's first test score was below what I though he was capable of (based on my realistic assessment of him after homeschooling for 10+ years, not a pipe dream!), so that was strong motivation to push the extensive test prep and having him take it a second time.
  16. 💙 Praying for your whole family today. You are grieving a huge loss, be gentle with yourself in this hard season. ((((hugs))))
  17. I'm in NE Indiana and just so...frustrated. We pretended everything was "normal...fine" for too long. The governor's moving in the right direction but way too slowly. I expect most of Indiana's counties to be red by next week. On a positive note, both of my boys' universities have handled this pretty well, just hoping they can make it two more weeks to the planned end of on-campus instruction.
  18. Indiana COVID dashboard is a good resource: https://www.coronavirus.in.gov/ Bloomington area (Monroe County) looks better than a lot of IN right now, but generally speaking Indiana is in trouble. Not as bad as IL & IA yet, butI'm very worried. 🤔
  19. Just repeat after me.... stay away from the comments....stay away from the comments....(this is me talking to myself EVERY time I start reading comments. It's never good 😧).
  20. We like these Adidas duffel bags: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B073JTWVNW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1&psc=1. Reasonable cost, they hold a lot, and seem to be holding up well. I don't like duffels with wheels because the frame takes away one of the big advantages of the duffel bag - packing compactly together in a vehicle.
  21. Feeling so unloved here in Indiana. 😉😂
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