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  1. I fear there are not enough exemptions and not enough money for the buyback. If you are a serious collector with a weopon worth 10's of thousands in your collection and are offered less than 1000 in the buyback it is going to breed illwill. These are responsible law abiding people who resent being made criminals overnight and will probably follow the law but remember we don't know how many guns there are in NZ so if purchases that haven't been seen are buried no-one would know. I would hate to see her lose the next election due to the backlash. If they hold the weopons they consficate until after the enquiry finishes it may help. It is nice to see someone actually act decisively though isn't it?
  2. About the same here. Well I do in theory give $10 a month spending money. Ds11 spends it almost before he gets it and ds9 never spends it. When ds11 goes to high school next year things may change though.
  3. How attached are you to sleeping? It is 9.30 PM here and I will work from 10.30 to 1.30 AM then get up about 7.
  4. Don't know that it helps socially but my son with ASD/sensory tendencies is finding ballet and tap to meet his needs at the moment. With people but not team, compete against yourself, music but no shouting.
  5. Keen. We don't have a lot of choice here but both my mother and my son find them supportive.
  6. I am pretty sure we were going to change gun laws last time. Though maybe we did as at some point it changed from registering the gun to registering the owner. So now we have a better idea of who legally owns guns but not what or how many. On the other hand we didn't have the current prime minister then. Women with young babies have a low tolerance for gun violence.
  7. And our last one was a lone crazy gunman is a small town with about 1/5 the death toll. And I remember that was pretty surreal when I turned on the TV. We don't do this stuff here. It makes me angry. Many of the people were refugees who trusted they would have a better life here. The least we should have done was kept away mad gunmen. It is hard enough to move halfway across the world to live in a place where you are misunderstood without not being able to pray safely.
  8. I used level 3 as a after schooling course with my eldest and it worked well. It didn't take with my youngest who homeschools though. But he doesn't really like anything much with writing.
  9. Yes Prodigy does have a lot of filler which has always been my objections to such programmes too but at the moment filler that is somewhat educational is OK. I would love to get him to watch documentaries instead but he needs me there for that. Maybe next year.
  10. We tried Beast Academy online when it first came out but we could have another go. He was finding it either two easy or too hard but he has matured. I am happy with maths and teaching maths and he learns maths easily though not quite the same as Ds11 and I. I have SM CWP 3, Borac plus a couple of other things. I think I am really using Prodigy as a check list.
  11. Mmm now you have mentioned it I have heard that. That is a valid point. He is not opposed to doing maths just listening to anybody explain. I have a bunch of MM topic books I used for afterschooling his brother plus a New Zealand text book. Maybe I could combine them. I think I may have to accept he is not a very linear learner (I have known this for years but it gets more obvious not less). The one thing he consistently likes is word problems so maybe I will try and add more in. He can still do Prodigy along with music practice while I check emails.
  12. I don't really want to use a computer programme at all. It is just that he is sort of resistant to being taught. He was a couple of years ahead when he left school so the assessment probably isn't far off. We wouldn't using it to teach just find weak spots to work on rather that go through stuff he already knows. But yes what you are saying is what I thought. Maybe I will buy MM 4A and just test him out of some sections.
  13. It would not be legal here. You might get away with leaving the 13 year old (it is not below 14 without reasonable supervision which at 13 can be phone calls and a neighbour available for emergencies) but leaving the younger child with the older would be unacceptable as babysitters must be over 14. Do either of you kids know what to do if the other chokes/gets concussed/gets stung and/or has an allergic reaction? Yes it is really unlikely but imagine how you would feel if something happened and the other one felt responsible. I see the appeal though.
  14. For ease I am going to use US grades. I have a child who learns easily but doesn't really like to be taught or to drill. Last year he quit Prodigy because it asked him questions on time and measurement too often (it helped a bit when I got him switched from the US system to metric though). A few weeks ago he asked to work on those topics so he could play again. We did and he did. He now gets 100% on those and he has been reassessed and put up a grade (he is still the same 2 years ahead). I am considering just letting him keep on until hits another road block and then using MM worksheets to cover that - rinse and repeat. At least until he gets to where he can do MEP7 which was I think the end of 5th for my oldest. My younger is older for grade so will be older than ds11 but he is also less persistent. I have to work 30 hours a week and am single with 2 kids so him being happy to do maths by himself (we will do games together though) would help and not feeling rushed seems to help him a lot. I would love to do full classical but after 18 months I think it has to be maths as above for now, Wordsmith Apprentice with me but later becoming beside me plus as much reading and exercise as we can manage. He does tap and ballet now and they are helping a lot with self regulation. I hope to add more formal history and science in next year or the year after (Feb to Dec year in NZ). Can I have feedback because I am really conflicted.
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