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  1. Mine is about 3 feet wide and one foot deep. From other people's the size you recommend putting drawers or put out units in the bottom half seems to work best.
  2. I am assuming they can afford to do without her income? I would never advise a woman to totally give up work though. Marriages fail and it is a hell of a lot easier to get back on your feet if you haven't been out of the workforce for years. Although are your schools open yet? Because the older 2 will be at school soon won't they? And then maybe she could afford to send the little one to daycare.
  3. Well she is refusing to spank the kid as the mum suggests. The other punishments sound like things that were done with her so she may know no other way. The fact she is asking for advice and appears to be listening suggests she is able to learn.
  4. The year 7 up are quite different from lower down and are designed so kids who didn't use MEP in primary can pick it up easily.
  5. I could never bring myself to write in a book. Luckily I have never been asked to commit such an act of vanda!ism.
  6. I was taught to always have it on the left even if it means flipping the whole equation first.
  7. Some advanced kids even out by third because the school does not permit them to keep advancing so they give up and either dumb themselves down, become the class clown or develop behavioural problems. Some level out because they never were advanced just hothoused.
  8. Yes. I have two kids who test at the top of the gifted scale and neither of the really read early. They learned easily when they started school at 5 but their reading before that was mostly memorisation.
  9. One of the main characteristics of giftedness is asynchronous development. A child that reads 5 years ahead is quite likely to write and spell at chronological age which in this case means not at all. If when she is 7 she is not yet at 7 year old level at spelling then worry then.
  10. Reviews aren't generally that reliable. You get 3 stars and you find the only one star is someone who thought they were buying something different or had it stolen from their letterbox. Or 5 star reviews where no-one reviewed a product more than a week after buying it.
  11. It actually reads as having both. Some subjects are self paced but most you enrol for the semester or both semesters. I signed ds12 up for one semester of middle school Latin in the hope it will keep us both accountable and the owner said it is one of the few courses they also offer a self paced version for.
  12. I don't know. I have only seen it used in negative way - as in precocious brat.
  13. I always used to picture people just throwing the remainders away. 3 lots of 12 puppies and stick this left over one in the shredder. But then you can't have 12 1/3 puppies.
  14. The NZ school year is four 10 week terms with 2 weeks between and 6 weeks off over summer. I have a kid at school so we stick to that. There are statutory holidays that use up some though. If we are doing a US based course we have th that over our summer break.
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