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  1. The classes are so visually overwhelming. Imagine having ADHD in that. New Zealand has also introduced what they call a modern learning environment. Classes of up to 100 in classrooms where people do lots of group work on the floor. But we do still get a 20 minute break in the morning and an hour at lunch which is nearly always outside. I would like smaller class sizes - just before I had kids there were aiming at less than 20 but the next bandwagon came and they decide 96 was better. I would quite like to reintroduce developmental play - when I was 5 in my first year of school
  2. I think it was meant to apply to artists, writers etc though not general teachers.
  3. In NZ we have a national curriculum but it doesn't really specify what, when or how to teach. They also keep changing their mind based on the "most recent research" which always seems to contradict the last "most recent research". There are teachers who have seen open plan instated, abolished and reinvent, phonics usec,vilified and now supposedly the only way, about 8 iterations of maths none of which have overcome the problem that half the teachers can't do maths. The playtimes, breaks and lack of testing are great and also the relatively short hours but try to be average to just bright me
  4. I do. I can pay the premiums much easier than I can come up with a big sum for a bill. I also have far and home contents insurance for the same reason.
  5. It took me 6 years to get CAHMS to refer me to the paediatrician to get an ASD diagnosis. Started at 4 finally got a diagnosis within 10 minutes of the seeing the guy when ds was 10
  6. But Lewelma like me is in NZ. We have a national state correspondence school (Te Kura) but it is only available free to a very small number of kids who meet specific criteria (my ASD kid who was expelled doesn't meet them for example). For everyone else it costs $7000 a year which is out of the price range of the vast majority of people. We do not have many options especially at high school level. My city has one private school that is for years 7 and 8 only plus a couple of state integrated religious schools (they are ex private church schools that joined with the state system in exchange
  7. Hi There I am interested in this but I am in New Zealand. I have purchased from here before and I think we used paypal and had it shipped to New Zealand Post's freight forwarding warehouse but don't feel at all awkward about saying it is too difficult. I was just looking at it on amazon today wondering if it was worth $60 for the first volume.
  8. My kids disliked it when they were younger. We are doing SOTW4 this year at nearly 12. I just read and do some books. So far history is pretty laid back here. I just don't have much time and DS isn't really a project person.
  9. In NZ there are no enforced standards but you have to submit an application for an exemption from school attendance and your child has to stay enrolled at school until it is approved. This does make people think a bit. Also the ministry of education does talk to the school. I think a lot of people never get past downloading the form. But we still have most of the same problems. You exemption can be declined though.
  10. Maybe just do the MM topic books in the areas he is weak. If you could do a homework support session every week or two next year as well it would be good.
  11. Since it is mostly the wealthier nations flying round the world speading it getting Covid under control in their own countries will help.
  12. I more or less do. But my child is advanced academically and ASD so our priorities are different. On the fourth day he does an hour or so by himself. I don't think I would do it if I didn't have to but it can be done.
  13. Our school year is Feb to Dec but he does English through Lantern English so he will start Level 2 in September.
  14. One year behind at 8 is not awful. Just keep chugging along. If they end up 2 years behind at 10 maybe buried they just stick 6 months to a year behind there are a lot of kids in that boat.
  15. I had my first at 38 and my second at 40. I felt older the second time.
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