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  1. And it is the reason some principals in my city are rabidly anti home schooling.
  2. Mine are only casually diagnosed. I usually don"t have really severe headaches but I have nausea and brain fog both the day I have the headache and the day after. I often have mild visual disturbance but a couple of times all the lights have gone purple and there have been huge black spots surrounded by rainbows (but purple tinted). It was scary but quite amazing. I just hate the inability to deal with anything unexpected. I can function as long as I can just work on auto pilot but when I have to make a decision or solve a problem I just stand there like a toy that has run out of batteries.
  3. I am just fascinated by the way things vary in other countries (not just the US). NZ is so small population wise and young country wise we are boringly consistent. I think you give good advice and the person who said money spent on moving has a very good point. Maybe the first few pay checks could go to getting legal advice? It sounds like a perfect job for now and also a way of getting back in the workforce in case you need more work later. Well done!
  4. Ironically I think it would have worked better when I was a kid as we spent our time at our desks working quietly. Now the kids move about and talk so much is is bedlam.
  5. Sorry but any teacher would not be happy for you to send stuff in for them to do when they have finished class work. Many teachers would prefer the parents just accept whatever they are told and do whatever the teacher says. And many teachers don't like kids even reading in down time. If you said good teachers .... I would agree though.
  6. I am asthmatic. I have always breathed partly through my mouth and partly through my nose. When I just breathe through my nose I don't get enough air.
  7. Eek. So in some states if the husband got his high income paid into a separate account while his wife looked after their kids he could give he minimal amounts for housekeeping then walk away with all the unspent money? Sounds Victorian.
  8. Me too. I have been to churches and other groups that had name tags. It did help and it is only your first name.
  9. Surely it is joint in case of divorce anyway? Is it not 50/50 where you are. Keeping it apart seems a good idea in this case though.
  10. It is too late now you have to take them all. You cannot say yes to the 4 year old and the 8 year old and no to the 10 year old. And if you do then it may be the last time the babysitter agrees to care for him.
  11. If I allowed 500 a year they could do one dance class all year 4 10 week terms) or maybe one sport such as soccer and one term of swimming. They couldn't do music as well. Ds12 has been expensive but right now is not as he is doing 1 hour of Judo a week (average $70 a term) and archery which is fairly cheap so probably only $400 a year if he doesn't do competitions or gradings. He needs to do more but he is in an everything is too much work phase and has PE at school. Ds10 who is homeschooled will be doing 3 dance classes and a subsidised group music lesson at about 500 a term. The dance counts as PE and therapy. It was cheaper when they were little and did sports through school which were cheaper and very much have a game once a week no practice. And preschool dance and gym are cheaper. But you can assume one activity at the cheaper end of the scale will use your entire $400 budget.
  12. Buy new shoes. The ones I wear are $270 in New Zealand and although they wear well I think they are coming up to 4 years and are less supportive than I need and pretty ugly. The rest I would put towards bills.
  13. It entirely depends on where you go. My son does Judo and they only have one class a week he can go to. There is a second for his age but it is invitation only. When I went to Aikido there were 2, 1.5 hour classes a week and I did both but when I did Karate at bigger places it was by the month and you could go to multiple classes. Twice a week is good, three times is probably better.
  14. Yes. If I buy a book that is the gift and all that would be expected. I only buy cards if it instead of a gift and so do most people in my family. I think the whole thing is rude. I don't mind people asking for contributions for a big item though. If everyone contributes $10 to $50 anonymously according to finances it can make a big difference if you need to get a new washing machine or something. I also don't mind the bring a packet of nappies though I would object to a whole box. I also don't mind the donate to X in lieu of flowers or a gift.
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