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  1. I have never been required to do long division fast. It is useful to know but only dinosaurs like me use it instead of their phone.
  2. Any chance someone at the party stole the whole lot?
  3. But she is not just risking her own health. Think of smoking. If a person smokes and they live by themself and only smoke at home then they are risking their own health. If they smoke at work, on the bus, in the park, when pregnant they are inflicting their choice on others. With Covid (or any infectious disease,) the more cases in the community the higher the risk for everyone including those not engaging in risky behaviour. Some people say high risk people should just stay home so as not to inconvenience others but perhaps those engaging in risky behaviour should not be allowed to visit
  4. It is not quite the same but my kids' dad stopped visiting when the oldest was 4 and he still remembers him. I say I love your dad and he is s good person but sometimes people do things we wish the didn't. We can't control that but we have to accept their reasons make sense to them. I would say Pastor X wasn't pretending to like you and he wasn't pretending to be Christian. Sometime even normally good people lose their way and behave badly. It is sad for them and it is sad for us but all we can do if pray and hope they will find their way home again. Now what shall we have for puddin
  5. There are doctors who are overweight and of doctors who smoke and doctors who drink too much. That doesn't mean that these things are safe just that doctors are human and do stupid things like the rest of us.
  6. But she has been saying she was doing as they suggested. Can you give her phone numbers for a financial advisor, a marriage counsellor and a divorce lawyer and suggest she calls one of them. Otherwise just be sympathetic but not involved.
  7. If you use algebra like this it is a lot easier.
  8. New Zealand can't do it. Half out primary teachers seem scared of maths. The first time they get someone who has actually studied maths at degree level is high school and it is likely to be senior high school before the get a teacher with a maths degree.
  9. I just used guess and check. Do it with Paul is 5 and 10. 10 is closer to working. Try 8 Nope, try 9. Bingo.
  10. And parents who will be evicted if they can't work because the are living week to week will be forced to leave kids home alone or keep an older child home as well. Here if your work requires you to get a medical certificate they are supposed to pay for it but I have never been asked for one. I have given a couple if the doctor thought I needed to be off a week or so. No one had ever asked me for proof my child was sick or has had live treatment either. We don't have live clinics anyway. I know some of the schools in some areas have the kids go outside and comb their hair vigoro
  11. As someone who was always just given whatever was cheapest I would be prepared to pay a reasonable amount if it meant she was confident and happy to wear it in public
  12. I can't get too uptight about it. There are way more important things right now. I would make it clear you disapprove and then use it as an excuse to be less involved with her. Otherwise you will make yourself miserable while not making any difference to her behaviour.
  13. Don't imagine how the other neighbours would feel. I am sick of the election. We have enough to deal with without the nastiness displayed with some politicians. And I am sick of the lies and posturing. And I am getting a headache.
  14. Both sets of grandparents, one of my great grandmothers and my mother's cousin Alice. I know that is 6 but too bad.
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