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  1. With a problem like that I suspect they are assuming calculator use. Can she estimate it mentally?
  2. kiwik

    Is requiring this "to be fine" reasonable?

    Do buy an emergency locator beacon.
  3. kiwik

    Is requiring this "to be fine" reasonable?

    I thought it meant sleeping in your car. Mace is illegal her but I am assuming it comes in a smallish container and maybe bear spray too? I am just struggling to imaging going hiking with the kids with a loaded gun or taser in my hands/in a holster. I can see it in my pack but in that case by the time you get it out it may be too later
  4. kiwik

    Wwyd? In law stuff

    Besides the kid can't cope with changes of plans. Not knowing you are going out and then having it sprung on you is also a problem It sounds like your child falls through the cracks in the system. I don't suppose it helps but having a self contained classroom sounds nice. Here you are mainstreamed until highschool unless you are very severe (think non verbal, minimal or non responsive and in a wheelchair with low IQ). The school's can't usually get funding for aides unless the child is about level 2/3 ASD (or equivalent if some other condition) so they muddle through (and kids miss a lot of school) or they pass the problem on to another school by expelling them.
  5. kiwik

    Wwyd? In law stuff

    Maybe it would be easier for all concerned if you explained to D's that SIL couldn't have him over for a while for medical reasons. I understand the problems with planning though luckily now ds9 doesn't have the stress of school he copes with changes better because a lot of people don't understand.
  6. Keep the scout badges. He may want them to show his kids later. If not we actually sell a lot of scout badges to collectors and a full set may be worth money one day. Keep some camping gear as it is possible someone will want to camp or need it when beds are short.
  7. With the music example B is either a jerk, has limited social abilities or is a teenager.
  8. kiwik

    Team sports. to continue or quit.

    From the point of view of someone with a probably ASD child and may friends with autistic kids I find it even harder to understand the approach you used. However if it worked for your family and he is happily doing something else I guess it is just differences in families. It also depends a lot on local approach to sports I guess.
  9. kiwik

    Do any of you buy used living room furniture?

    All my furniture including beds was bought used. Bedbugs are not that common in NZ though. I think I would think differently if they were. Is there somewhere you can take furniture and get it treated before taking it home?
  10. Would simply announcing that at 13 your son needed to sleep in his own bed in his own room and working together to come up with a transition plan help? The first step could be putting a bolster down the middle of the bed.
  11. kiwik

    Help me with television control

    Have read the rest now. You may have to let things go a bit while you deal with other stuff.
  12. kiwik

    Help me with television control

    This. He knows you will be livid and punish him this way and he knows his siblings will tattle on him and he will be caught. The present lure of the TV and the positive feedback it gives is stronger than his ability to change his behaviour. I would suggest he is not ready to be left at home to do work and next time needs to go with you or your husband.
  13. I would just send the boys with or without a parent as appropriate. I wouldn't bother taking the rest to watch. It is one time and I assume you have been to the rest. I would be fuming about being guilted into spending more that I can afford though.
  14. I am happy for my doctor to look stuff up. I would not be happy though if she had to start at the beginning and work though one page at a time because she hadn't memerised or learnt enough to narrow things down first. The guy in the quote can and should look it up but he needs to know what it looks like and be able to tell if it is correct I never memorised as many formulae as classmates because I see little point in memorising several formulae that are just different ways of writing the same thing - I memorise one then rearrange as needed. And why would you not want to know stuff anyway?
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