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  1. In NZ there was a problem with leaking in houses which mainly occurred in stucco houses build in the 90's. Because of that stucco is treated with suspicion and can be an insurance issue. My 1970's place with some stucco seems to not trouble them much though. Maybe the same problems occurred over there
  2. I think if he is doing and enjoying hip hop and acrobatics there is not really a problem. Teams and competition are not that important whereas developing skills and fitness are.
  3. When I bought I chose between the two places available in my price range that had more than one bedroom. I did check the roof, electrics and plumbing but nothing else came into it.
  4. The problem is when you do have your own house or a pet friendly rental and then there is an earthquake or a fire or other unforseen change of circumstances. But no landlords should not be forced to take pets or children with the possible exception of guide dogs for the blind.
  5. kiwik


    I would either offer her a drink when I had one or abstain myself.
  6. I agree with this. If she can get a job that allows her to be home all day she is likely have to leave them all alone at night. The only way round this I can see it to offer free board to someone who can be there all night (paying someone will cost too much) and it is unlikely she has a big enough place for this. If she has a parent in town maybe the kids could sleep there if she could get night work. But that only works if her job skills work for that. If she has a better than minimum wage job she probably has to work office hours. She may be able to work towards working from home but it won't happen overnight. I work 30 hours mostly from home as a solo parent to 2 kids and it is really hard and I was very lucky to find the job. Eta. OK I assumed she was a single parent. If she isn't then there is more flexibility and I would really suggest her and her husband try and alter their work schedules so the child is not alone - of course this may be a bit of a long term aim Does he play well with his sister's or alone? If so maybe he could just play, read and watch stuff then do school either before or after work.
  7. And in NZ it is 14. If you took a 9 year out of school and left them at home alone you would be arrested. The other problem is he is behind which makes it harder for him to self direct. If there is absolutely no other choice she could try khan academy and you tube with a pile of picture books. Is it really legal to leave a 9 year old at home alone all day?
  8. kiwik


    Hate requires more energy than I have. There are a few people whose death I would not regret - but if I were there I would still try and save them. I dislike the principal of my son's school for a number of reasons but I don't wish him to be harmed. I would like him to learn more compassion but I don't really hope one of his kids develops major problems. Not often anyway. One day I will be indifferent but there is no point forgiving him as he thinks he has done nothing wrong.
  9. And in NZ. I didn't realise there was another way. Oh well.
  10. That would be why I get confused - it is the opposite.
  11. We are a bit less divided in NZ but I am aware at election time that nearly everyone at church supports the opposite party to me. I don't hide that I do but I avoid getting into discussions about it. I also don't hide that while I think abortion is awful for all concerned that I am Pro a woman having the choice to have an abortion. I just don't debate the subject. Could someone tell me which colour is which there? Her Blue is National (conservative) and red Labour (more liberal socially focussed).
  12. It is so sad though that we can't have a healthy vote and agree to disagree.
  13. Many immigrants here go back to their COO to get marriages arranged so it may be they have someone arranged for him. Whether he knows this or not is another question.
  14. You say you may have to work full time. I think spending 3 hours taking a day doing the school run would make it very hard to do a full time job and spend time for your family, 15 hours a week driving is another part time job. As for the Christian aspect I think some of the self righteous "everyone who doesn't go to our church is going to hell", "the Christchurch earthquakes were caused by gays" and "all Moslems are terrorists" attitudes by some of the kids at my son's Christian school make them people I don't really want my son friends with. I will not be looking at a Christian High School
  15. I was given a couple of slates the other day. They work quite well with blackboard chalk.
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