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  1. I agree. It is more like you are teaching it yourself with support but not having to set the pace or provide the feedback.
  2. Our last cat bolted when we opened the door so we started letting her out. She got hit by a car. In a month we are getting a Ragdoll. It is going to have the porch enclosed and be leash trained. We may enclose our very small garden later as well.
  3. You can have anything from 0 to 4. I just had them pulled out under a local, used a salt gargle for a week and took some paracetamol. Unless they are impacted it is nothing to fuss over.
  4. I guess there is just more to organise. That would be a nightmare with one at each school though. Your would be spending 3 hours a day getting kids ready for school. Ours are 9 to 3, 8.45 to 2.45 and 8.15 to 3.15.
  5. Why do parents not make a huge fuss and get things changed? Do most of them think it is a good thing?
  6. Wonder if he ever learnt to draw better.
  7. I used progigy as my main programme for a year. He was working all over the place so I set it a a particular grade. When he hit a part he couldn't we stopped and worked on that topic until he did, then he kept on until the next problem area. It helped us fill in holes and even things out a bit.
  8. We use it. Ds11 did 3 of the basic writing courses last year (sentence, paragraph and composition I think) and is doing English 1 this year. I find it helps me to have someone else setting and marling. I can then be the supporter to discuss and bounce ideas off. At the moment I too involved but I am easing back slowly.
  9. I guess so. But the same could be said in most of the countries where they do. Paid maternity leave is a"nice to have" but unpaid maternity leave is more a basic human right. Even if only for 6 months. Also one year maternity contracts are really good for first jobs or getting back into the workforce.p
  10. I have 2 4 place dinners sets one in cream stoneware and one cheap white stuff. I also have about 10 assorted toast plates from the second hand shop. They seem to work. I like the stoneware. It wasn't expensive but I liked to deep bowl shapes. But it all does the job.
  11. Why don't you guys have better maternity leave? NZ only got paid leave recently but we have had up to a year unpaid leave for a long time. I got 14 weeks paid leave (at about 80% on minimum wage which is low by international standards but it is a longer period now). It is having your job held that is the key though.
  12. Most kids don't like vaccinations and dislike many things that they need to do.
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