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  1. You do have to look at % positive but you also have to take into account testing criteria. 5% is fine if you are only those you have reason to suspect have covid19 but terrible if you are do widespread testing of anyone with any flu like symptoms.
  2. I think someone may have said this but; we know the drug works against malaria, we know Malaria is a huge killer. Unless there is an essentially unlimited supply of the stuff without hiking the price up we should not be messing with the supply without proof.
  3. And the death rate in the US is pretty damn high even with the measures taken.
  4. Yep. I am sure Trump is sometimes right (and since I am not in the US I can't tell more than that). But Trump is not a doctor, a chemist or a medical researcher. I take political advice from politicians, plumbing advice from plumbers and medical advice from medical people.
  5. Then things are very relaxed here. I had to apply for permission for my child to not attend school. In my city except for 2 years in the middle the options are state school (NZ) or homeschool. For those two years there is also a private school but financially it is not reachable for most families. Other parts of the country are more varied but although there is the odd Montessori class attached to o a state school (or there was 20 years ago) the only publically funded schools are the state schools and although each teacher and class is different the curriculum and overarching approach is the same in all Edit. I forgot there are a couple of religious schools. They are state integrated special characters schools which means the charge a small fee (was $10 a week at the one my kids attended) and can teach the state curriculum with a religious overtone.
  6. You are right. I have been coming here 9 years (but didn't start homeschooling until 3 years ago) and there has been a shift from homeschoolers most of who had high academic standards. Now sometimes I am not sure I would describe it as a homeschooling board.
  7. NZ schools started back this week. Ds13 says it is mostly no group activities, no looking over people's shoulders to help (teacher and kids), mostly running in PE (though NZ schools always do cross country at this time of year anyway) and lots of hand sanitising. If the primary schools did away with shared tables and resources and group work and focused on the 3 Rs ds11 might be prepared to try school.
  8. I don't think she meant they shouldn't see a doctor just that if they really do believe "my body my choice" and take needless risks then the logical follow up would be "my illness my problem". But the usual approach seems more "my choice, your problem". This is understandable but does not help an overburdened health system or protect staff. Most other self induced problems are not catching. AIDS is catching but I have never heard of anyone catching from a patient except perhaps if the patient got violent and stabbed them with a dirty needle.
  9. I think you don't go whether it is inside or outside. MIL will want to hug the kids, the cousins will want to play together and you will end up stressed and grumpy and quite likely have a row with at least one person.
  10. Are there any other alternatives to this school? I just worry that while they say it is OK to do her own thing not the first time some kid notices they are doing something that looks more fun they will change their mind. I know may ACE schools use cubicles but they don't have doors from what I have heard and little kids are curious.
  11. Get the 2 that can read to watch magic school bus in Spanish with English subtitles. Science, Spanish and reading practice in one go.
  12. It had my flu shot seated in my car in the carpark at my medical practice.
  13. My kids found the young kids making long winded not very relevant comments (normal for 5 to 7 year olds) to be too irritating with Athena's even though the course was good.
  14. Ds13 did the beta testing for the self based. He was so slow he did both versions and liked the second better - the first was just like usin the textbook and doing alcamus but the second was more interactive. I thought they would be a bit cheaper than the full version but not cheap as they do involve some teacher help. I don't see them taking off without some price advantage.
  15. Mental illness? It has become apparent my unpleasant neighbour with the lovely wife has dementia.
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