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  1. It sounds a bit like someone I met once who called baking potatoes "dry roasting".
  2. My father had a mitral valve replacement in his late 60's. He seems to have recovered well. He claims he never had rheumatic fever but really who knows - it can seem minor. I hope it is not genetic although there was some talk that it could be.
  3. My ds10 has finally got an ASD1 diagnosis. We have so many similarities. Mostly we hate being mucked about - like being told to do something one way one day and another the next. It is not just the change aspect of it. Also tone of voice - sounding angry to others or rude when that is not the intent. We tend to pay more attention to the actual words rather than tone or non verbal. I am terrible at faces and names but not sure that isn't something else - I remember stuff about people just not their name or what they look like.
  4. I was thinking if the child was on the verge of a mental breakdown or physical collapse taking time out over rides academics. If you want to travel a couple of months then academics trumps travel.
  5. If I could find something affordable for history we could both stand I would do it so we could learn together. We looked at time4learning which was very try and I watched some free trials for the animated history one whose name I can't remember - the characters narrating would have driven me mad. If they have a trial I might try just the middle school history bits. I can't imagine just sticking my kid in front of a computer doing it or time4learning all day though.
  6. It also depends on the reason. If your child is going to be damaged if they don"t take time off then what the school does or does not do becomes less important.
  7. You could just start FLL2 and WWE1 and double up some of the lessons and drop any that don't work for you. It is probably better to do something slightly easy while you snuggle on the couch than ask him to do workbook work after a full days school. I'm fact you may be better just reading a lot and talking a lot for a couple of years then trying something when he is is older.
  8. Where are you? I can't see it working the US but I could probably swing it in NZ. Is there any chance you could get the equivalent of our health school? If he is depressed or something that might work.
  9. By age 6 my son could read things like the Beginners Bible, the big print Zac Powers Books, Magic treehouse books etc. He was at the advanced end though. The standard was green level PM readers. Ds12 was about a year ahead I think but that is still not bad given that most kids start school not knowing the full alphabet. The only weakness I have seen is the kids who seem to be OK for the first couple of years but are actually dyslexic (we need another sweep and more investment there) and kids who are hovering at the minimum with a lot of effort who could really use more help. Most kids will learn to read whatever method you use. Some need particular methods and some will need long term support.
  10. Just as a contrast. I work from 6 to 9 am while the kids sleep/read/watch screens. Then I eat while they do music and hygiene stuff. They do maths and writing with me there (fairly hands on for ds10 whose main ASD issue is low frustration threshold and bad handling of it). Then we do science or history and go for a walk (15 to 30 mins). Tues we have early lunch and a music lesson instead. Mon and Thurs I go to work and the kids do more watching screens - I would like to insist on documentaries but it doesn't work unless I am watching so I say some have to be loosely educational. We we get another hour after lunch then work and ballet. Mon we have tap and judo from 5.30 to 7.30. Fri we sometimes have a homeschool thing late afternoon. Kids go to bed at 8.30 so I can have a break before working from 9.30 to 11.30. Often I just fall asleep on the couch and end up working at 3 am. It is not what I want but school doesn't work for ds10. Ds12 is just having a break and will start high school next year a couple of blocks away.
  11. If there had been no mention of a cash prize then getting second would have been enough but a cash prize was promised for second prize and that is what he should get. I would be interested in knowing how many cash prizes were substituted.
  12. For those in states that cancel drivers licences if you aren't insured. Are they easy to get back. I can see someone living in a city and not needing to drive being annoyed about having to pay insurance so they can drive once a year. I can also see a greater need for insurance in the US as in NZ a good chunk of our registration fee is ACC changes (accident compensation corporation) which covers medical costs as a result of an accident or injury - and they will pay for private care.
  13. This is one of the reasons ds10 and ds12 haven't had a birthday for two years. When the kids are really little it is easy but the older they are the more stressful it gets.
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