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  1. Are you going to deschool? 6 months of playing maths games and reading maths stories would do just as well as a curriculum.
  2. Combing. Use conditioner to stun them a bit and comb in sections. Repeat daily for about 3 weeks. Do a dry comb in the morning or a brisk brush with hair hanging down as well. Sterilise combs and brushes. After the first time I only changed towels and pillowcases. I use chemicals though now the kids are older. Kids
  3. I don't think "do this work while I lie down" would fly in my house though it would be my non ASD 12 year old who would watch something else.
  4. Sounds like gars to me. Ds10 showed probable type 1 on that at 6 but it was too scattered and the wouldn't diagnose because gifted would also explain the problems. Last Friday he scored a 9 on the ADOS with the same scatter and they diagnosed. Pity about those 4 years when the schools claimed he was deliberately behaving badly then expelled him. Keep the bad days firmly in mind when you fill it in.
  5. If you have employed her for 4 days a week she needs to be able to count on being paid for those days each week. If she can't then you can't really expect her to hold that time for you. It is fine to say term only especially as she has kids. In this case you forgot about the week so you pay her. If all your kids are sick you pay but if even one is well she cares for that one. She doesn't care for really sick kids but kids nearly better but wouldn't be sent to preschool are fine. I am not surprised a mother of four can't entertain a 3 year old. It sounds like you have unusual kids. Her kids were probably complaint kids who entertained themselves or watched TV. I know a number of people with 4 + kids I would have manage ds10 when he was 3. It may be easier to send the one and three year old to some kind of childcare a couple of times a week.
  6. NZ $. The exchange rate varies but at the moment the NZ $ is weak. We are told this is a good thing but not when you want to buy books or courses from the US. Apparently NZ Lamb is cheaper in the UK than NZ. The argument is we have to pay at least the export rate or it is not worth them selling to us. Funnily when the milk and meat prices drop overseas this very rarely results in a drop in NZ Prices. Apparently then we are supposed to do our bit to support farmers by paying higher prices. We don't drink much milk or eat huge amounts of meat though.
  7. With the joy of science does video add anything or is audio fine?
  8. It is your first year - did you deschool? Also WWE only takes a few minutes so just do it whether she is keen or not the move on with your day. After Christmas you can reassess. You could look at Treasured Conversations.
  9. Normal for an 8.5 year old varies hugely. I can't read it on my phone but he looks to be at the upper end. He is certainly ahead of my 10.5 year old.
  10. NZ is more like this. Petrol varies a little depending on demand but since a large part of the price is tax it is not huge. Milk is set by export price but there are some places that sell cheaper as loss leader or short dated- the cheapest is supermarket brand which I think is about $3.60 for 2 litres ($7.20 a gallon). Bear in mind we live in the dairy capital of the world. But isn't massive variation the norm in the US?
  11. I don't know your age but it seems that as you get older allergies you had a a young child come back. I seem to know a lot of people who were sensitive to milk/gluten/nuts in early childhood, could eat them from mid teens to late 40's then started to get problems again and had to change their diet.
  12. Do they also believe that a woman can't get pregnant through rape therefore pregnancy is proof of consent. How can bleeding be a moral failing?
  13. I think it depends where you are. In NZ asthma is so common it is often the starting point.
  14. I hope it goes well for you and the child but what the hell are they thinking. I can see that you and your husband could have police checks waived but not house inspections, training and some sort of meeting and assessment of your other children. Plus a cool down after training
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