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  1. Me too. I can function on none for a day of two and four for a week. I have functioned for the past four years on four hours sleep most nights. But I am not function well under the surface. I struggle to make complex decisions and I forget appointments.
  2. Yeah here it is 2 weeks for the entire household and the infected kid and his family would me moved to a quarantine facility.
  3. They obviously cannot have the kids without you until the kids are old enough to drive themselves home.
  4. Hugs (with one of those but walls they made in Europe somewhere) and prayers.
  5. Yeah I did a quick conversion for NZ. That would be 10,000 dead rather than under 30. It could still happen here and given how incestuous we are we would probably know half of them or know someone who did. That is scary. Which isn't helpful. It has to get better soon.
  6. My kids literally just had their first dose of the vaccine. Even ds12 who is afraid of needles and has ASD (the stubborn type) agreed that it was the socially responsible thing to do.
  7. Yes but I was sure my oldest was just bright until he tested . I knew his brother probably was because there isn't usually a big spread between full siblings but since his development was behind his brother's I wasn't expecting his score. That was probably the ASD effect. Neither of them are accelerated except in maths though but then the oldest has mostly been at school and the youngest has other issues.
  8. Does sitting the exam in a local school mean your result is counted in their statistics? I believed that can be a problem some places here.
  9. If he is missing a lot self paced with parental oversight might be the only option. If apprenticeships there are anything like here it is vital he gets his anxiety and depression under control first or he is likely to be destroyed.
  10. Some things aren't that fun. You just have to do them.
  11. I agree too. By saying it is only hard work you are saying to the struggling child who spends hours doing what a gifted child does in 10 minutes that it is their fault for not working harder. Honestly is it realistic to think any child can win a gold medal at something if the work hard enough? Sure all Olympic athletes work really hard but they also have the right physique and good co-ordination and the right ratio of fast and slow twitch muscle fibres etc. It is a bit like the argument that anyone can make it big in the US and get rich therefore those that don't see lazy and shouldn't be helped. My kids know they are smart. It is better they know that than think the other kids are stupid. They also know that no one is good at everything.
  12. That seems quite reasonable to me. Until about 2 years ago all exams in NZ high schools had a few like that. I am really nervous that I won't find a school willing to let ds do exams as that is the only way he can qualify for university entrance before he is 20.
  13. Although the right of a child to go against the group and the teacher is not a real one. Either the child does as everyone else does or the child is made to feel like an outcast. Even when the issue is handled kindly and well their will always be kids who look at them funny or bully them because 'my dad says you ...' And a shy child really doesn't want to stand out in any way. On a similar vein in the 1970's I sang the NZ national anthem at school precisely once when the governor general came to visit (though since none of us knew it we had to learn it and practice it first - I think I was round 11). Some time between then and when my kids started school they became obsessed with singing it at assembly and prize giving. Not sure why though.
  14. I always thought it was one of the myths we get told about the US.
  15. I am just so intimately grateful that they are not as unhinged as I was that I am not too upset. I am going to try that "did you mean to be rude?" As ds12 has ASD and like me doesn 't realise how his time of voice sounds.
  16. My son did 1A as and after school project at 5. I wouldn't say going through it quickly at nearly 6 is surprising. You don't need to do every problem or you can skip the workbook altogether if you have the text with problem sets. Or you replace it with one of the more challenging Singapore workbooks. I only used a bit because of the cost of getting them though.
  17. My son's have a friend whose father runs a server so that is pretty safe.
  18. They could make a reality TV show about it? I have never seen the point of Jeopardy but I know it is well watched. Surely it would still be watched with a new, less known host.
  19. I can't see why sheep dip is a good way to treat a virus. Incredibly toxic sheep dip.
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