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  1. They do not do that where we live. Where we live, if a teen is trying to kill himself and does not want to go to the ER because he just wants to die, they won't make him go. It is not an option here to force him to go.
  2. If he passed out, then we could take his body to the ER and hope he lives long enough. So despite admitting to the police that he overdosed and wanted to kill himself, they told him it was his choice, he could do what he wanted.
  3. Telehealth for after he took the pills. He refused to go to the ER so when 911 was called, they refused to transport him unless he gave consent. Also, we were not the ones who called 911. He told a friend he did this and they sent the police out. Then the police told him and us that because he is 17 yrs old, he can choose to go to the ER. But as far as being suicidal goes, they only were willing to do telehealth. They have a "mobile crisis unit" and that unit only does telehealth. So if you call the suicide crisis line and tell them you are suicidal and have overdosed, they offer you a telehealth visit. We have a thing with the county. And all the private places are full. None of the local hospitals have mental health units but there are free standing places for mental health-all full.
  4. In the town I live, suicide attempts only get you a telehealth visit. Can you imagine if someone we’re having a stroke or heart attack and they said let’s just do telehealth? Because we were only allowed a telehealth visit despite our calling people and calling the police and everything, our child was only offered a telehealth visit and put on a waitlist for that. fortunately the entire bottle of pills managed to process through a system and he slept for a long time in but eventually did wake up. No because he didn’t want to do the telehealth visit, we never even got that much. mental healthcare in this country is so screwed up but I wonder if it’s any better anywhere else in the world.
  5. We have Echos. We have the kids versions too. They have been great. They are not portable though.
  6. We have Legos in the dining room, Legos in the media room, Legos in the bedrooms, legos in the living room, legos on the stairs....... <sigh> I completely get you limiting the space! At this point though, we have reduced where legos can be. But it is a work in progress. I am quite impressed you have managed to keep it to the bedroom!
  7. I thought I read somewhere that the workbook is just extra but not really used for Dimensions 7 and 8. I cannot find the posts now. Should I buy the workbook? Starting with 7A. Thank you!
  8. For a 12 yr old, just move on to level B. I know if we started from scratch now, with my 12 yr old, who only turned 12 this month, having never done anything before (I did not tell them we had done anything before anyway, they did not ask), they recommended level B.
  9. In order to be in the 6th grade class, you have to pay $150. They say that in the spring there will be a retreat, however, you have to pay for the retreat. I think you have to pay anyway as I had to pay extra for the middle school retreat that he didn’t get to go to because even though he is in 6th grade, the middle school retreat was not for 6th graders. When I asked what the money was for, they said they order pizza and such for the get togethers. They also handed out t-shirts. There are 13 classes total and then two additional classes where they have free time to play games or such. So I guess that breaks down to $10 per class to cover pizza and soda and whatever games they play and such, as well as the shirt.
  10. Apparently, what they call middle school is 7th and 8th grade only, not 6th grade. 6th grade is called something else. And then 5th grade and below is called something else. In the beginning of this year, I would sign my 6th grader up for middle school stuff only to be told it is not for him, with no explanation that the stuff for 6th grade has a different name. Realize, I had to pay $150 just for him to take the 6th grade Sunday School class. I wanted him to be able to be involved in the activities, but he has not been. Then I find out, today basically, that the $150 is to pay for the outside activities. Well, the youth pastor they fired had been inviting us to those activities.
  11. Most of the churches in our area have dropped having children's programs. I signed my children up for the children's program at a church we went to before, but I was never thrilled with. It is not bad or anything, but it definitely is not my picture of a church. No one knows each other, no one talks to each other. It is exactly what my husband loves. However, he does not go, not at all, not ever. The kids love the kids program. But the adults are quite snotty. They clearly play favorites with the kids. it is obvious something else is going on. For example, I will get an email out of the blue stating there is a change of venue and we will meet at the ministry center. I find out, after sifting through stuff and really, after the fact, that where was some sort of event or get together at the ministry that day, that might or might not have been meant for my 6th grader. It seems like everyone else knows. Then someone who works there says at one point "we covered this in the parent meeting." I asked what parent meeting, I do not know anything of a parent meeting. Someone sends me a calendar of events. There is no explanation to anything on there. Looking back, I did get an email one week on a Saturday from the church that was clearly a mass email that said "looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday!" and that was it, no time, no place, no idea that there was an event. I thought they were referring to just coming to church. Turns out, that email was sent the day before the parent meeting. I should mention, they did fire the youth pastor right after the school year started. They also charge money to be in the children's programs, but my child has been omitted because ..I don't know why. To top it off, when you go to their website from the phone, it says to go to the app. I go to the app and none of this stuff is listed. Finally, a few days ago, I figure out that the website has one calendar and the app has a different one. So someone has made a mistake and nothing is lined up. For example, the app lists no Sunday school for 6th graders. What Sunday schools they do have (maybe 10 of them, all for adults) all start at 9:30am or 11am. The website lists a middle school Sunday School that starts at 10am and has no Sunday Schools (not the adult ones) at all starting at 9:30am. They all start at 10am. Also, turns out, there is a children's choir. But it is not on their website. It seems to be by invite only. But when I found out about it because my daughter wants to do it, I mentioned that it would be great if they started doing a children's choir like they did before Covid, I was actually told there is one, at 10am. Again, not on their website. I said "oh, is it by invite only then?" and the person said it was open to everyone. But if it is open to everyone, why is the only way to find out about it is to go directly to a higher up and be verbally told about it? These are just some of the confusing things. Oh yeah, and the main pastor very immaturely posted someone on FB complaining about someone being angry with him, saying he is not going to name names, and went on to whine about it (whining really is the only word I could come up with to describe his demeanor) and talking about how calm his home was growing up with his parents and he does not know how to cope with someone being angry at him as it has never happened before. This guy is at least 60 yrs old. He has white hair, and very little hair at that, and I am guessing is actually in his 70's, and posting this to FB within a couple days of firing the youth pastor stating how he doesn't know how to cope with this nameless person getting angry with him. SO...the kids love the program, what they get of it anyway. And I want them to have a church life. And when I look around to other churches in the area, either they still have not resumed their children's programs or they have limited enrollment and are already full. But I dread going and I feel miffed when I do go due to how negative everyone there is. My listing of the problems there is just a sampling. People just snap, nit pick, clearly have their own cliques which I am not a part of. The kids act just like their parents. My husband says to just stop going, it is a waste of time, but my husband is not a Christian. So I am totally alone in this. I want to raise the children as Christians, which is what my husband and I agreed too. By the way, he is not "wanting" me to stop taking them. He is just being dismissive and wants me to not mention to him anymore the problems going on. I have already asked around to other parents for what churches they recommend and it seems that no one I know has returned to church since Covid.
  12. Yeah, I guess you are right. I am forcing biology on to my children even though they do not like it. I resorted to outsourced classes which is more fun so they are not complaining much so far. But maybe they do not need it. I go back and forth on the suggestion of interest led science, which I believe came from you. But maybe I should drop it.
  13. I cannot even imagine there would be a way to work the evolution topic in to every single topic of science. I mean, learning about the parts of an atom and then trying to toss in something about evolution and tie it in to the atoms? Then the next lesson on chemical reactions and trying to tie that in to evolution? I think it sounds like it crossed over in to an obsession (thinking ASD now) if someone cannot study something if it is not one topic, like evolution. And how could anyone grasp evolution if they cannot learn basic biology first? Or dive deeply in to biology, if they cannot learn chemistry or physics? Even for my children with ASD, while I accept that they might obsess on one topic, I still make them learn about other topics as well. I remind, for example, my son who wants to be en engineer, that he has to learn things like math, physics, and chemistry in order to be able to be an engineer some day. He also never wants to read anything except whatever non-fiction book he is obsessing on, but I still make him read what we are reading for literature.
  14. One went straight to Jacob's Algebra and that went very well. Another, we did Dolciani. But with Dimensions out now, I am considering doing that instead with my current child. He is almost done with 6B now.
  15. I would like to say something that says to enjoy the good and what they have now, and also acknowledges the losses and cherishes the memories of what we no longer have. It can include biblical things or philosophical, or just great quotes from others.
  16. I am wanting to send a Christmas card that honors my parents. I have seen some nice cards on Etsy, but they seem more of a send to someone who recently had a loss. I am thinking of making my own and writing something on it to the effect of...cherish Christmas with your loved ones now and honor the memories of the ones you no longer have...but I do not want it to sound depressing. I want it to be more of the flavor of "make new memories and keep the old" type thing. Any suggestions?
  17. I am sorry. I have had a few days to reflect and I can see you are very sad and going through a lot right now. The night after we had this exchange, I dreamt that I sent my children back to school and I was just done with home schooling. I am sorry for all you are going through.
  18. I look ahead in the textbook and think of how I want to present the topics. Then, I teach until I get to an arrow. I sometimes teach double amounts. I like to get ahead in the textbook and then use the workbook for review. We play math games, play with money, play with MUS blocks, etc, on the side. We drill with flash cards, but with the older kids, I had some good computer games for math. I do not supplement with anything from SM anymore. I might buy a fun Minecraft math book or use Keys to.....books.
  19. I do not use the HIG. I have never used it. I have held it and looked it over and I felt it brought nothing to the table for me. I love Singapore Math. You do need to drill math facts on the side, but I would rather drill math facts my own way than have it written in to the curriculum. I have tried other programs but always come back to Singapore Math, US edition, and love it.
  20. I had posted first that I had to give up my career to save my marriage, and then I posted that it was okay that I gave up income to spend more time with my family, and this is on the heels of my dad dying. I was just musing that it was ok in the end. I loved my career and resented the loss of it for a long time. I sometimes look to others who can freely do so much, spend money, buy things, travel, etc, and feel jealous and think if only I had my income too, not to mention the freedom I used to have and the identity people have in their careers. In the end, at this point in time (I might feel different tomorrow), I am okay with it.
  21. Good, I am glad. Because you are the one who attacked me, just because I said I had to give up my career for my marriage. And then on the heels of my dad's death, I am okay with giving up income to have more time with my family..that put you in to a huge hissy fit about how terrible I am and to complete attack me and tear me down. You have no right to treat people how you treat them.
  22. Why are you on a homeschool board, talking about regretting homeschooling, and then getting all angry and judgey when someone else is not feeling the same why? And you do not own this thread or any other thread. SWB does.
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