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  1. The thing that bothers me is how much money the administration seems to be pocketing. There is a huge difference between what the parents get and what the school gets.
  2. It is Zyrtec that I have been taking. I went to the doctor and I have a sinus infection too so I have antibiotics now. I will look for Allegra at the store? You recommend that? I do not like Flonase only because I cannot stand liquid up my nose. Thank you!
  3. In most places, it is against the law. It is considered a motor vehicle and they are not supposed to do that without a license. In other places, golf carts are simply banned from the roads and sidewalks.
  4. I have been feeling quite down lately. I wake up with a head ache and sinuses throbbing. I sneeze and blow my nose all day long. I go back and lay in bed. I had all these ideas of things we would do this summer but now, we are getting to almost four weeks of summer break and cannot really do anything. It is only 9:15am and I have already had to go back to bed once due to my throbbing head and sinuses. I have been taking allergy medicines, but other than making me more tired, they have not helped. I am going to head to the doctor today, again. But I am certain she will just say allergies again and pick up more allergy medicine. Any suggestions to help me? I am finally starting to crack emotionally over how miserable I feel all the time.
  5. This was our experience with Horizon's prealgebra. It was disjointed. It would give problems for a topic before introducing the topic.
  6. I cannot find the Little Golden Books that the correct title?
  7. I just ordered this based on your recommendation! Thanks!
  8. Just drop writing for the year. He does not need it at all. Do a couple Bravewriter classes or something else if you want. Get him some of those creative writing journals and let him have at it (my children have ones from Usborne and DK, but there are lots of them out there). But he will be fine to go a year without any specific writing program. There is an entire world between IEW and Bravewriter on your own. If you really want to use a program, pick something less labor intensive for both of you. I have seen so much for writing programs that are less confining than IEW but less abstract than Bravewriter.
  9. For my child who struggled, once he went through all the lessons, I enrolled them in something called "fitness swim." I just wanted both them to become strong swimmers. Plus, two weeks with your parents would be nice. I wish I could do that. You won't get this time back. Your husband sounds very busy anyway.
  10. I think if someone does not want to see texts at night, they should set the phone to do not disturb. I simply do not send texts late at night because I know some people will not do that. But since this is your child, I would show your child how to set it to do not disturb. He might not realize it will keep the vibrations away.
  11. No, I would not likely to have. If something major came up, I would not want them to hold me to saying I asked for no repairs. There were minor little repairs here and there and I felt they were not worrying about. They also never asked for anything early.
  12. I am so bothered. Seriously..I never had allergies until recent years and I cannot sleep through the night without a "sinus attack." I am miserable from this.
  13. Maybe we could teach kids how to cook in school when they grow up. I mean..all through school. Seriously..I want to learn how to make fresh vegetables from scratch. I want to make things from fresh veggies. I can make vegetable soup. I can eat fresh veggies. That is it. Sometimes, I will see someone cooking something super yummy looking, usually someone who is from the eastern part of this world, and I want to know how to make the food. I try to hint "wow, that looks so good! I would love to know how to make it" and "I wish I could make something like that." No one ever offers to teach me. Cooking shows...they don't help me. Even western food cook books skip over "simple" steps that they just assume everyone knows. If kids get as fluent in cooking as they are expected to in anything else growing up (I know the results differ greatly from child to child, but give the kids a chance to even try) then maybe people will grow a garden and cook what comes out of it.
  14. I am sorry if I skimmed too much. BUT..your 11 yr old needs swim lessons. I would not care what my dh said. That is safety. That is like allowing your 11 yr old a seat belt. I would not worry about swim lessons for the 4 yr old. Take both kids to your parents house and do the lessons. That is a good price. I would keep both kids with you at your parents house for the two weeks. Of course, I am assuming they don't live a very long distance, like 12 hr drive. But if they live just a few hours away, I would suggest going for the two weeks. My husband and I are having big fights and power struggles this weekend. I can see our weekend is going to end on a sour note. So I am not the best to give advice on any of the rest mentioned. But the swim lessons are a life saving thing..a need, not a want.
  15. Also consider this..when we bought this house..we asked for NO repairs. Sometimes, a buyer is just like that. They don't want to ask for repairs. I did not want to. So, I would not have provided a list.
  16. Because if the termite inspection shows something, they would back out of the purchase. Sometimes, something shows up where someone would not want to finish the purchase as a result.
  17. 1) switching around a lot is not a good idea, especially in math. It is possible that he simply does not wish to do math than the actual curriculum. 2) I notice that you went from Rod and Staff to CLE, which are quite similar. IF you feel it might not be a fit, then consider a complete change. Since you said your son is gifted, and I am assuming he is advanced if you are working on 3rd grade level and he is 6 yrs old, then perhaps try Beast Academy. You could easily order one set, which covers only a quarter of a year, and let him try. And if he likes it, buy more. If he does not, then consider Singapore Math.
  18. My son raised by more than 20 index points by only studying with the Barrons the summer before junior year.
  19. Their birthdays are in September so I could really give it until September, but I am doubting he will make friends in the meantime because of the nature of the ASD for him. Her party is going to be over the summer.
  20. I have this Dyson battery operated one from Christmas. I don't know how I lived without it before! I HATED my Dyson plug in. I do have a plug in one upstairs still, not Dyson. I gave away my Dyson plug in as I hated it that much.
  21. Daughter has plenty of friends and wants to have a birthday party. Son's birthday is just 18 days before hers. Now that he hears her planning hers, he has taken to planning his. He has ASD and no friends. I mean, NO friends at all. There is no one to invite, no one. Daughter hand made invitations and gave them to friends already, even though the date has not been picked. I already heard from most of the parents (there are only 7 kids on the list and a couple are siblings) and let them know she still has a little time for her birthday but we do plan to have one. I found out when they are available. We will do the party over the summer. Now son has listed off a boy who lives in the neighborhood who is clearly not his friend but son thinks he is. He also listed off a boy who is the son of someone I did some business with last year. He only met the boy for a short bit when I was meeting with them. He also listed a cousin who he met last year but lives no where near us. And it is not a close cousin so even though he has sent a letter to this cousin, there was no mail back. I don't know what to do. I do not want him to grow up and remember that we let his siblings have parties and not him. But, there is no one to invite! And apparently, they do not consider "family parties" to be real parties.
  22. I do not know why anyone is arguing over whether teens will break rules or not or if they, as teens, broke rules. Many teens will break rules, not all. Many people on this board broke rules as kids, but not all. Many people exceed the speed limit or break bigger laws, like theft, drugs, murder, etc. If you get caught in the real world, there are consequences. IF a parent catches a teen breaking a rule, there need to be consequences. Any parent who sets down a rule and then when they find out the teen is breaking it just responds with "oh well, I broke rules too" and that is it, is simply not parenting. If you are doing that, you are your child's friend, not a parent.
  23. She said "has service" in the original post.
  24. I support LGBTQ rights. BUT..I support women's rights too (but am prolife and anti-divorce). Thing is...the whole point of separating women's and men's sports is because gender genetic bodies have different muscle and such make up. It is not okay to have people who are genetically men compete in the women's divisions. If this is going to continue, then the whole women's division and men's division separation might as well come to an end. The only thing that should be considered when dividing up the genders for sports is DNA.
  25. I defied my parents, sure, but access to a cell phone, newish one with an activated plan, takes a lot more than defiance. It takes another adult who has purchased a phone for her and set up and paid for a plan. That needs to be investigated big time. This is not just an issue of sneaking extra Mario or Minecraft after hours. This is an actual cell phone with a plan. This is a pretty big deal to where it came from.
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