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  1. Im not exactly sure what ground flax is
  2. Thanks! This is almost exactly the recipe I used, except for grinding the oats, it called for quick cooking oats, but they just crumbled apart. Maybe because I didn't let them sit before cooking?
  3. Doing some research, does anyone make black bean burgers without egg? Can you share your recipe? Thanks!
  4. The lantern is inflatable?
  5. Do you have any solar powered gadget, charger etc, that you really like?
  6. We just bought this one from Amazon. We haven't used it yet, but the guy who delivered it said he had one and they like it. We just want to run the outdoor freezers with it if we need to. https://www.amazon.com/Honda-2200-Watt-120-Volt-Portable-Generator/dp/B079YF1HF6/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=honda+generator&qid=1607103405&sr=8-2
  7. Ooh, Walmart has the skateboard swing, we bought one in the spring! Soccer net? Spike ball? Some kind of movie making kit? When our six ranged 2-12 a popular activity was to "write" and film movies. The older ones would lead and we even have a movie where they dressed the 2 year old up in an alligator halloween costume and made him the monster destroying a wooden block town 😆 Inside fort kit?
  8. I saw this, but in my research saw him listed with a different agency, so not sure which one is the current 🧐
  9. In July 2018 we drove our daughter to Nashville to go to a con in the hopes of getting a chance to sit in on a talk with Frank Welker. Well, she got a lot more than that. Right before his talk we bumped into him outside the bathroom! She was wearing a tshirt she had made celebrating 50 years of Frank welker, and he told her how great her shirt was, gave her a hug and said see you in there. She also got to shake hands with Gray Griffin who was waiting for him outside the bathroom. She was utterly gobsmacked speechless. We had gone just as I she could be in the same building as he was and then t
  10. Codenames sounds like a good match. My kids also recommend Splendor, Blockus, and for a different spin Quiddler. My kids love games and love when people ask for suggestions! Oh, and they said your son might like Save Dr. Lucky and Gloom. Quiddler and Gloom are card games.
  11. We heat with a wood stove and have a fuel oil furnace for back up, or when we won't be home, but my cookstove is electric. I would like to put solar panels on our house, but the cost is prohibitive for us. So I am looking for other ways to incorporate solar. Do you bring your outdoor lights inside to use, or are they dedicated outside lights. What kind did you buy and are you happy with them? We have phones and lap tops that are constantly being charged since there are so many of us, so was wondering if there was a way to spread that out a little bit.
  12. I'm sorry for this. That has to be so demoralizing.
  13. Thanks, I wondered about that too, but they put some kind of new motor in it, I guess the good thing about it being so old is that it is super simple, no electronics, computers, etc, so they just had to find something that would match I guess. My dh buys the belt for it at Autozone every year!
  14. Aaaaand now our furnace is out. Dh did everything he could but it ended up needing a new motor, $400. Grateful the guy could fix it since it is over 40 years old! But still just one more thing. Dh has fixed and/or replaced so many things this year, I am just weary.
  15. How are his books? I try to be conservative with what I suggest to them. They are just really really wanting some new exciting stuff to read
  16. Do you have solar power anything? We aren't really able to do like the big panels on our house thing right now, but I see advertisements for them all of the time, as well as ads for little solar things, like phone chargers and stuff. I have also heard of people who use outdoor solar lights inside. So I was just curious what other people are doing for solar power.
  17. Do you let your teenagers choose the types of music they listen too?
  18. I have a couple of teenage daughters who are looking for some "older" books, but I am not impressed by what they have found so far. Has anyone read any Ted Dekker aimed at kids and teenagers? His website lists him as a christian author, but some of the synopsis I have read seem really creepy, which I think they would enjoy to a certain level but not too grisley/graphic etc. Thanks!
  19. I think I have decided to do 2-3 posts a week. One about menu planning and/or budgeting, then one or two with recipes and/or cooking techniques. You guys have been so helpful! Thanks for all of the help!
  20. Thanks! Just ordered a new leotard for $6!
  21. I have to admit it was not a situation I had thought about before I read your story
  22. Your blog is so honest and open. You are so brave to be so vulnerable. You are a hero
  23. I am looking for some help writing the description part of my blog to maximize searchability, https://snappymeals.blogspot.com/ This is a passion project of mine, not something I am trying to make money from, just trying to put something helpful into the world. I am crash course learning about blogs (learned how to link to other peoples blogs and not have it be a huge string of letters today! Yay!) but everything I try to write just sounds weird and forced. If anyone is interested in looking at my blog and offering some tips, I really appreciate it! Thanks!
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