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What did you use as a diploma certificate?

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For the actual homeschool group ceremony, for consistency, each student was handed by the parent an identical blank piece of white paper rolled up and tied with a ribbon.


It was up to each individual family if/how they wanted to handle an official parent-awarded diploma to their student.


Like the previous posters, we got a lovely one from Homeschool Diploma (which you, the parent sign) and had it sitting on our student's table for the reception held immediately after the homeschool group graduation ceremony. Or, like Regentrude above, get fancy blank certificate paper and print on your own printer at home and sign it -- also a very nice option.


Congratulations on your soon-to-be graduate! :) Be sure to take plenty of tissues to your graduation ceremony! ;) It is a bittersweet moment. Warmest regards, Lori D.

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Fancy paper with embossed border pattern from Staples + my home printer


I did this too. I didn't like the wording of any of the diplomas I found online. I used them as a model and made my own.


I also bought a padded diploma cover so it looks all professional. :)

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