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Yes, NARHS helped me to get my son's Algebra and Physical Science work accredited for his placement into higher level courses in public high school for next year. From what I've read in this forum, most universities don't really care if the classes are accredited; however, if your child decides to go to public school, some public schools require accreditation or passing placement tests. Also, our public school requires specific accreditation authorities and would not accept the accreditation provided by Kolbe.  (My son was only halfway through Jurgensen Geometry in January, so he registered with Silicon Valley Online High School, which is accredited through AdvancED, and quickly completed the Geometry course for accreditation.) So when my son starts public school in August, he'll be placed in Algebra 2 (although he's taking Derek Owens' Algebra 2 class now, so he may be ready for Precalculus.) For NARHS, I only sent in his tests and textbook information. It was a very straightforward process. For courses using a textbook, NARHS requires the text to be completed. If the course is "homegrown," more information is needed. 


I hope this makes sense. I'm in a rush and can't proofread for content/errors. Please ask more questions if needed!

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What helped us was that the Georgia Department of Education lists the accreditation authorities it will accept for homeschoolers to receive credit for comparable public high school classes. Many, if not all, of the regional accreditation authorities are accepted and NARHS,if I recall correctly, is accredited by MSS - Middle States something, which is on the approved list. I learned that in order for my son to be eligible for the Hope scholarship in Georgia, which pays for tuition at a state university, his courses must receive accreditation. So if my son decides he prefers homeschooling after trying public school,I will use NARHS to receive the accreditation stamp of approval.

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