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  1. I received half of what I asked for. I was prepared to consider that month of rent just a loss, but I'm glad I got something back. It's interesting to see how different institutions divided the money. Ds ended up getting more than twice of what I did and did not apply.
  2. You might have them contact the TomBihn company. They are making and donating masks.
  3. I wear it when I go out. My routine is very simply, concealer, blush, eye shadow and eye liner. I have naturally dark circles under my eyes, so I look horrid without concealer. I don't wear any foundation or lip products.
  4. My son is an adult college student. He was hoping to work this summer but doesn't want to risk the exposure. He lives with my 83 year old mother, so I'm glad he's being prudent. Thankfully, he's in a decent financial position that he doesn't need to work.
  5. Ds just got notice that he is getting money, no app but he is Pell grant eligible. My university required an app with requested amount, to offset Covid based expenses. Approval for full amount may not happen. I'm asking for my lost month of rent I paid for an empty apartment. We'll see.
  6. We've been fortunate that small business owners in our town have bandied together to provide alternatives to yelling at the police. Local restaurants are doing curbside or delivery, specialty shops are heavily promoting on facebook and doing personal front door deliveries. Even the bars are selling from their beer stock (no open containers) for curbside pickup. Even the antique stores are offering delivery. Not every business can survive this way, but it is good to see the unique marketing many are embracing.
  7. Students at my university are notorious for waiting until late to enroll. I can imagine they're going to waiting even later this year, which may lead to more classes being cancelled due to low enrollment.
  8. Yes, most of the professors I interact with have developed additional issues since moving online. Everything from Panopto crashing while trying to record content-heavy lectures, to multiple young children at home who are supposed to be doing school as well, which makes Internet bandwidth an issue if everyone is supposed to be online at the same time. Not to mention professors are not immune to the same fears and anxieties as their students. Personally, as a TA, I'm having a hard time juggling all the new online responsibilities with my own coursework, not to mention I've been sick myself for nearly 3 weeks (finally getting better!). I spend more time dealing with software compatibility issues - even for something as simple as ebook formats and zoom log in problems. State budget cuts have added to the uncertainty for fall.
  9. I've had something for the last 18 days, finally feeling semi-normal today. My boyfriend thinks he may have had a super mild case - severe exhaustion for two days. I've had shortness of breath (already an issue for me because I'm immune suppressed already), super fatigued, low-grade fever, everything got worse at night. I was not tested as they are limiting those here. I had the flu last year and this was very different and worse as it has lingered for so long. Was it Covid? I have no clue. I've been staying with my boyfriend as I didn't want to expose my son and my mother just in case.
  10. The website also says it can't factor mine. I don't have direct deposit set up. I'm also confused about the young adults. I file head of household and claim ds, not sure if I'll get money for him or not.
  11. I'm going to include more of my graphic shirts into my college TA attire. Add a cardigan and a scarf and it will work. Other changes? I don't know yet. I also need new glasses, that was already on the list.
  12. Ugh, yesterday our governor announced that there were going to be more higher education cuts, on top of extreme cuts we had a few years ago. This is going to hurt a lot of universities. He said community colleges would not be as affected. 😭
  13. I bought a microsoft surface go. It was on the list anyway and since the conference I was going to attend got cancelled, I used the returned funds to buy it. I've been wanting to switch to digital notetaking for my classes, seems like the perfect time to try.
  14. Ds needs 3 courses after this semester to finish his degree. They are all upper level major courses, so not all offered at once. He planned on going part time and finding a job this fall. I'm concerned about the university offering those courses and the availability of jobs period. He planned on getting a night stocking job at a grocery this summer, but now he's super concerned about virus exposure. He lives with my mom who is 83 and doesn't want to bring home anything to her. He's a math major with lots of computer science research, so I imagine he'll be okay down the road if he can finish his degree- I see tech still being important.
  15. Well, there is that too. That is absolutely true and a point I had not considered. I, for one, would like permission to just forget everything for a few days. I've also had a few students who want all the answers now when they don't seem to realize we're all troubleshooting problems as they arise.
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