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  1. Other considerations: Graduate student loans are all UNsubsidized and hold an higher interest rate than undergrad loans. Some graduate programs only offer TA/RA positions in the fall/spring sequence, so pay particular attention to deadlines. For instance, the deadline for TA positions for the 2021-2022 school year are due mid-February for my department. Is he ready for the graduate level work load? I know it can depend upon the program and their expectations, but grad school can be all consuming. I'm an adult, my son is graduating college this fall, but sometimes I feel very
  2. I'm glad that is working for you. I know how frustrating it can be. I try to remember that my son really thrives when he can follow his natural sleep cycle. Asking them to work right after getting up would be akin to waking up a daytime person at 2 a.m. and asking them to start work right away. Even I, as a non-morning person, need a long transition time from waking up to starting work. It can taking a lot of patience as parent to deal with it, though. I've had the opportunity to be out with my son at 3 a.m. and he's a vastly different person then, bright and lively. Night owl is a goo
  3. I enjoyed watching Amanda Gorman was fantastic, Lady Gaga surprised me with a beautiful rendition. I did enjoy the encouraging speeches. This morning I led my first breakout discussion section of the semester. I outline expectations to set the tone for the semester. I know full well, many of the students will never fulfill all my expectations and I may not fulfill all of mine, but the expectations are necessary none the less. Biden's speech aknowledged that our reality is much different than our ideal, but if we are to be a united nation, we must define and refine that ideal. Biden
  4. I tend to snooze members of my extended family on a regular basis. After 30 days they pop back up and, yup, in a few days they're back to posting things that make me roll my eyes. I did see one person start to talk differently about Covid after they caught it. So they're not so bad anymore.
  5. This is exactly what my dad did. He worked 2 pm to 10pm most of his career and loved it. My son is a night owl and still is. We were in a position to not try and change it because I'm not a morning person either. He's graduating college this semester and still stays up late. I also recommend trying to slowly shift cycles if absolutely necessary. I would also try to track how many hours of sleep is needed for him to be at his best. At that age, my ds needed 13 hours! I also worked hard not to create any unconscious stigma about his sleep schedule. It was easier because my dad was such
  6. On consideration might be whether she is interested in applied math or theorectical math. - don't ask me to define, I'm going off what my son (the math major) has talked about. Ds is more interested in theoretical math, so he's had to do more independent studies as his program has shifted toward applied in the last few years. Here's a forum post that might help with the difference. My son also has a lot of programming experience, so he'll probably end like Arch at Home discussed, a math major in a programming job.
  7. What about CDs? If she enjoyed piano, perhaps she would enjoy some classical CDs.
  8. The field of history is about evaluating evidence. Every semester, I guide undergraduates on analyzing primary sources, which is really about evaluating the evidence given. They learn skills that I remind them they can use to evaluate modern sources. History is not just facts, events and heck even dates in some cases, are subjective. I study medieval European history and you would think that field would be exhausted in the study of it. It's not. New evaluations of old sources, new sources being discovered, even archaeological evidence being discussed rewrites history. In the 60s and 70
  9. Here's what I could find. https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/treasury-issues-millions-of-second-economic-impact-payments-by-debit-card
  10. I voted not sure on the first, yes on the second, and no on the last. I am asplenic (no spleen) and have some issues from radiation tx many years ago. I'm closely watching recommendations for people in that group (large Facebook group of Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivors). Early recommendations were to wait a few months to see what side effects might happen, there was I believe some talk on which providers vaccine would be better. My town is still at the vaccinating health care workers phase and both I and my boyfriend are working from home. My bubble is very small, just 3 people who are also c
  11. I remember Ways of the World text being recommended here years ago when ds was in high school. We never used it, but I bought an older edition vol 1 and enjoyed reading some of it for myself. As to the World or West Civ, it could be a matter of preference. At the higher ed level, there seems to be a push for more world history rather than Western Civ. Most of the non-US historian jobs I've looked at in the past year want someone to teach World History surveys, not Western Civ. If you're concerned about having enough time to add in the US coverage, you could shorten your time frame to t
  12. If it were me, I'd give it up. I'm possibly looking at a one hour one day a week commute next fall for school and am not thrilled about it. I'd factor in weather and time of day. I have challenges driving at night and won't drive in perilous conditions. I'd consider what are your limits as far as what conditions you won't drive in/on, extra wear and tear on the car, how much it will disrupt home life - as in would you need child care, and how supportive your family is about the whole thing.
  13. Aw, they are all adorable.
  14. When ds had a similiar issue, I just let basically unschool a programming credit. There was no way I could oversee and no course really fit what he wanted to do. We didn't have a budget for expensive classes. To grade, he had to turn in projects of his own devising and explain them to me so I would understand. He also built a desktop computer as part of his credit (grandparents helped finance part of that project). While this won't work for every student, he is graduating college this semester as a math major with a lot of programming experience and will probably go into programming as a
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