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  1. I would have student consider switching to Turkish towels. They take much less time to dry, will absorb as much water, and the linked ones can double as beach towels. Also on lighting, check with the school requirements. I remember hearing some dorms don't allow LED bulbs, and it seems so many of the back-to-school lamps now are LED.
  2. Lost *sigh*. I have never been able to watch again because I hated the ending so badly. Shows I do like: Supernatural, Firefly, Hell on Wheels, and Doctor Who (although I am seasons behind). New shows I've watched recently: Kingdom (Korean zombie series) - done very well, The Boys - dark & gritty, not for everyone, but I do love Karl Urban.
  3. I buy from thrift and antique stores. I purposely wanted mismatched vintage looking silverware. Sometimes you can find sets that look like they came from grandmother's china hutch - complete with box. My mom found some on ebay as well. And I am a long fork user, those are harder to find.
  4. The words "12" and "told 3 times" are mostly the issue. 12 year olds are like toddlers in that they need micro-steps and conditioning to change ingrained habits. I agree with a bright note on the wall behind the toilet and gentle reminders when he forgets.
  5. I would recommend visiting a dental school if possible for a second opinion and perhaps more affordable pricing. My mom got dentures a few years ago after having a partial for years. She dislikes the dentures, she finds that she cannot chew many foods, it took a while before they felt comfortable as well. She does like the easy care and she smile is beautiful, but she's also 82. I can't imagine being young and having dentures if there are other possible solutions. I spent most of the last year visiting our sort-of local dental school. I have many fillings, two teeth pulled (thanks to radiation tx years ago), and my two front teeth got crowns. I broke my two front teeth out as a kid and they sorely needed to be redone. My crowns were $500 each, yes, only $500. I had an estimate about a decade ago for $5000 for both of them. I had had a root canal on one of those teeth years ago. The challenge with a dental school is that you may not be able to get in for a while. At least my school has emergency walk ins on some days. Honestly, I was shocked at the price difference.
  6. I would pull out all the diplomacy you have before contacting a lawyer. I would contact her again by phone and explain that not refunding your fee is unacceptable, explain the mere hours it was before she booted your kid from the APPROPRIATE age level class, and in a real "bless your heart" way explain that she will rue the day she stole your money. If she did not respond to my "diplomacy," I would pull out the christian male-head of household thing and have your dh call her and let her explain it to him. I would also spread it all over social media, in a logical and reserved manner, just to be *itchy if she didn't respond to either of your requests. Then, I would contact a lawyer. You can't use Jesus to justify stealing money, I think he would be totally against that. *sigh*
  7. I dealt with this about a month or two ago. In my case, I think it was low iron, although a stressor could have exacerbated the issue. My hair is long and thick and it was disconcerting. It seems to have waned since I started on iron.
  8. I would scan them, but I would also keep the originals. You can buy archival boxes to keep photos and negatives in that you don't want to display. Gaylord Archival is the company that the archives I've worked in use for their supplies.
  9. I would research medieval history, something I already do. It would, however, include travel to England for research, and I would just research, not teach classes. Then I would build upon that knowledge and continue to learn more languages, probably 1 a year. This is something I'm planning already as well. To my Latin and (very rusty) French, I would add Old Norse, Norwegian, German, Anglo-Saxon, and Old French. In addition to historical research, I would write fiction, maybe delve into historical fiction. I would definitely finish the rough drafts I have - at least a few that are worthy. I would live where I do now and have a retreat somewhere when I needed a break.
  10. 1. My son did no outside classes for a number of reasons. Accreditation was not an issue. 2. The creation of the document was not difficult. I followed a word template - which is probably posted on here somewhere. The tracking of information was something that I tried to stay consistent with over time. I opted to arrange his by subject and it was not questioned in the least. 3. No, my son had no problem getting into college. He does not attend a selective university, however, so there were some hoops - like the Common App - that we did not have to go through. Getting into a college may not be an issue, but how to pay for it - through aid or loans - can be the bigger issue. 4. I kept up with records as I am quite detail-oriented and treated it like a job. I was the primary educator and administrator and made sure I took time to do both. I created a binder or folder for each year, complete with a simple syllabus, a course schedule (which always got modified), and how those credits would look. I also read this board a lot, read through what are now pinned posts at the top of this board, and continued to ask questions. I worked to make sure each class had a valid grade and how many credits awarded by the end. I did not automatically give As because my ds didn't deserve them for all classes. Some issues I might consider are: 1. do you need an accredited program? Is that the best use of your finances or could that money be put away for college? 2. What level of college is he looking to attend? Community college, state U, local U, Ivies? There are plenty of ways to outsource individual classes - reading through the pinned posts on this board might be helpful.
  11. I used the phrase quite frequently in the 80s. I remember when the new Sherlock came out, I so wanted them to use that line.
  12. I have a proclick binding machine. Search on this board and there are several discussion about it from previous years. You can use actual proclick coils or 3:1 coils, which I bought from The 3:1 coils can go up to 400 pages, but for a young child, I wouldn't expect them to handle work large and probably divide it into at least 2 volumes. I have binded many things over the years, so my machine was a worthwhile investment. I still use on occasion. It was one of my best homeschooling purchases ever.
  13. I would expect to sort of know a work schedule, but not require him to be accountable for the car beyond that. As a college student on summer break myself, I know that things come up. Friends text, want to get together on the fly. I would expect that. So, it's not like if he wasn't at work that he had to be home. I agree, the illegal activity is another issue altogether.
  14. I'm over 50 and associate it with LGBT. If it's a rainbow on a little girl's shirt, then I think girl's motif. When ds was little, he had a rainbow painted on his wall. At that point, I thought my son enjoyed rainbows, which he did.
  15. Probably 1995. I remember having to find a pay phone when I called then-dh to tell him I had cancer. I was too devastated to drive home at that point. I think he had one then. Later he worked for a cell phone company so I had a phone by 1995. I don't remember what kind, for a while it was his hand me downs. So I've had a cell phone for probably 25 years. Yikes! We got rid of our landline about 2008, I think. We currently have a landline, but it's my mom's phone, I never answer it or use it.
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