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  1. I would not be against a young couple sharing a room at a young age. In this case, however, they've only been together a few weeks and that alone would make me say no. I can see allowing a couple that had been together for a longer period of time to share. A few weeks? Nope, I wouldn't pay for a boyfriend to tag along yet. I can understand the hesitations because of setting the appearance, creating opportunity, even if you know they're already having s*x.
  2. As of yesterday my county has a 22% one dose rate & a 19.7% fully vaccinated rate. My country is semi-rural, conservative. IMO, it's not just a conservative divide but more about education levels. Everyone I know from the university is vaccinated. The mindset that Covid is really not that bad, that they won't get it, & it's my right not to wear a mask or get vaccinated seem to prevade public opinion (based upon local stories & social media commentary). I see a lot of denial and since they made it through the last year, they think they'll be fine. Just this week the entire NW region of the state issued a public health advisory. We'll see if that actually increases the number of people getting vaccines.
  3. My county has a 21% vaccine rate. Although I am vaccinated, as are those in my immediate family, I still mask when going out. I am immune compromised and it's been recommended that I avoid unvaxed people. I also live in an area where most people are no longer masking. I'm not worried, as much as cautious. The low vaccine rate is annoying and frustrating. My budget and space don't allow for stocking up. I have been buying an extra of vitamins and OTC meds. It's more to avoid having to go out just for that one thing. We generally shop Aldi, so they don't carry everything we need. As a student, I'm also concerned about things like ILL closing down again. In my discipline, a lot of what I need has to be ILL'd and I'm preparing for comps this fall - so all the reading.
  4. I've had this Levoit for about a month. I've noticed better air quality and am having fewer sinus issues. My concern is mostly with mildew. I use it in a room about 12 x 14. It's very quiet.
  5. Yes, reading these numbers has been very disheartening. I'm not surprised by my county, not really.
  6. My county health department has a facebook page with statistics that they publish once a week.
  7. 21.6% completing both doses, 19.6% completing one. We have a 14.55% positivity rate. Those numbers haven't shifted much in the last two months. I'm f-ing annoyed and it's really coloring the perception of where I live. We're running 45-50 hospitalizations for the last few weeks and 2 deaths in the last week.
  8. I generally wash my hair every other day. I wash with conditioner, then put in some leave-in conditioner. I use a turkish towel to keep my head wrapped up for at least 30 minutes. If I go out in the heat before it's dry, it's more likely to frizz. Washing with conditioner gets my scalp clean enough, yet there are some days I use shampoo- not sure why though 🙄. Everytime I do, it strips the moisture off my hair and makes it frizzy for days. I'm annoyed because I tried a shampoo someone gave me that was supposed to repair hair. My hair is still fly away and dry even after another conditioner wash. I'm experimenting with different leave in conditioners right now, some are more heavy than others. Right now I'm using Loreal Elvive Total Repair 5 protein recharge - it's good but tends to feel a bit flaky if you don't wash again on that 3rd day. Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie - this seems a bit heavy for my hair - I haven't used it for a while though. Yesterday, after reading this thread, I bought the Aussie Miracle Culrs leave in detangling- milk - I've used this before a long while ago, so I'll see how this one goes. On the off shampoo day I generally put my hair in a bun as it's long and gets in my face. I have successfully used a spray bottle of water to get my hair damp, then put in more light conditioner to help the curl bounce back.
  9. It was the same one I always used. This article from 2020 talks about some of the class action lawsuits against Deva Curl. I am NOT a part of that, but I did have itching & hair loss which I had not experienced in their products several years earlier.
  10. My budget is small, so I use the Aussie 3 min conditioner. I use conditioner mostly instead of shampoo. I haven't use a blow dryer since the 90s, and I use either a microfiber towel or Turkish towel on my hair. I only comb it when it's wet. I used to recommend Deva Curl. They apparently changed their formulation a few years ago, there are all kinds of comments if you google. Last time I used it, it really did not work well for my hair.
  11. At that price point, I'm expecting a scalp massage once you get to the shampoo. 😁 I can't afford that, but I might pay it once or twice. I have long, thick, curly hair. I gave up on hair dressers about 20 years ago (has it been that long!!!). I cut it myself, dry cut, curl by curl. My hair looks good yet it could look better. I've had so many bad haircuts before when curly hair cuts weren't really a thing.
  12. I remember the crock pot discussion in the aughts of this new century.
  13. Yes, it can depend upon active ingredients. We use Para/Defense II from the vet on my boyfriend's mother's cat. He has a flea allergy. For a cat that goes outside, you want one that kills fleas, ticks, and flea eggs. I am also hesitant to use cheaper brands, especially on cats - who seem more sensitive to chemicals.
  14. Yea!! Party like it's 2008!!!🎉 half of my posts were probably celebrity kilt pictures before the great Kilt-banning of whatever year that was. Another 1/4 were probably written in February when boredom and planning for fall take over.
  15. I am so sorry he experienced that. I hope he is okay now. Hugs to you all.
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