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  1. I don't think it sounds super creepy, just lonely and awkward. I agree that a boundary is necessary. As for giving out phone # to students who want help, I would just people in the future that she prefers to have communication by email. I'm a TA and was a group tutor in my undergraduate. We never gave out our phone numbers to students. I know at least in my undergrad that was a requirement, so there was a record of communication. My school email is set up to provide notifications on my phone anyway, so I get it right away, but there is not the urgency to respond right away.
  2. I had one as part of my hodgkin's lymphoma treatment, but it was back in the early 1990s. Mine hurt - like badly, partially because the physician ended up nicking the inside of the bone on one side. Agreed about the pressure. I agree about looking into what pain relievers can be taken and probably practice some meditative thoughts to focus on during the procedure. As a friend, I would encourage you to plan something nice for them afterward, maybe after a day or two. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but pressure type pain is hard for me. I recently had a tooth pulled and it was much the same type of pain. I do imagine the procedure has improved since the 1990s. (hugs to your friend)
  3. The people that I wouldn't mind dropping by never would, they would at least text first. We tend to live upstairs and I cannot hear someone at the door anyway, the doorbell doesn't always work. We keep such odd schedules that it would be hard for people to know our routine anyway. Of course, I don't like to talk on the phone either. I have three people I will talk to on the phone, and two of those I live with most of the time.
  4. These are great ideas, thanks. I hope to go camping a bit this fall and need some quick food items.
  5. I'm biased as medieval historian, but I would suggest medieval history. I'm cannot make specific book/provider recommendations, but the medieval era is understudied, imo. The development of the church and the development of the European continent are important concepts that shape many of our beliefs today. Also, many college students never take a medieval class, so at least a high school class would be helpful.
  6. I'd heard this, but wasn't sure if it were true. Glad to hear it is. One of my former history professors played in a rock band for a few years. He then went on to get his PhD in History focused on European Military history and Russian history. The local paper just did an article on him about his attendance at Woodstock.
  7. The only people who I know that never drank were recovering alcoholics or Baptist. This is not a knock on one particular denomination, but the Baptist churches I attended preached against alcohol usage. On our campus there was a Baptist Student Union. I never attended, but I would be surprised if members were drinking at all, much less during Bible study. My parents, who were not strictly religious, rarely drank. I think the bottle of Boone's Farm sat in their fridge for a year at time. As a teenager, I remember being surprised at how allowed alcohol was in other christian denominations.
  8. I am so sorry for your family's loss.
  9. A quality sword will be better balanced and constructed. If it is sharpened, the edge will problem hold longer. - You could argue they don't need a sharpened sword, they do sell them with dull edges. My friend, who is a medievalist and a former SCA member, has several swords which are just gorgeous and period correct. Most of them were investment pieces that did stand up to fighting and lots of play use. Museum Replicas is one company that sells good quality swords. as a disclaimer, my rule of thumb is that about that age, dc should start considering quality of items as well as price/value. A sword is something that could last a lifetime and, if their interest continues, become an heirloom item that means something to them down the road, rather than a toy to be cast off once the bling wears off. Although I still have a plastic sword that ds bought when he was about 7.
  10. Yes, I'm in the market for a sword myself. At 16 I wanted to buy my son one, a katana, not a broadsword, but I was broke. I would check the Ren Faire requirements. Ours no longer allows weapons of any kind, even if peace tied. My caveat would be that he buys a quality one, even if that means waiting if it's more expensive.
  11. We recently had our 14 1/2 lab euthanized. It was absolutely time and I miss her a lot. Yet, there is no way I could consider a new dog (old or young) now. This person is an idiot because they don't recognize your grief. I would either ghost them or simply say that your grief is too raw to consider another pet right now. If they can't respect that, then I'd block them.
  12. I would have student consider switching to Turkish towels. They take much less time to dry, will absorb as much water, and the linked ones can double as beach towels. Also on lighting, check with the school requirements. I remember hearing some dorms don't allow LED bulbs, and it seems so many of the back-to-school lamps now are LED.
  13. Lost *sigh*. I have never been able to watch again because I hated the ending so badly. Shows I do like: Supernatural, Firefly, Hell on Wheels, and Doctor Who (although I am seasons behind). New shows I've watched recently: Kingdom (Korean zombie series) - done very well, The Boys - dark & gritty, not for everyone, but I do love Karl Urban.
  14. I buy from thrift and antique stores. I purposely wanted mismatched vintage looking silverware. Sometimes you can find sets that look like they came from grandmother's china hutch - complete with box. My mom found some on ebay as well. And I am a long fork user, those are harder to find.
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