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  1. I'm sorry, yes that's stupid. While I probably wouldn't have thought of it in the moment, I agree picking a song to express your displeasure at being asked to sing would be fun. My top 5: AC/DC's Highway to Hell This is one of my favorites, FYI - liberal use of the F word - I've no more F****s to give. It's a catchy little diddy. The Clash's- Should I stay or should I go Tears for Fears - Mad World - it's so 2020. and finally, always a crowd favorite - Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody - you could have inspired a sing-a-long. None appropriate for fi
  2. Oh, you all are not helping. I've been eyeing the Falster for a while and had convinced myself they weren't worth the price. The saving grace is that they're out of my size in the color I want right now.
  3. I'd try Jet Pens for many of those things. I don't have any specific recommendations, but they might have a lot of what you need.
  4. That all sounds so familiar. (((hugs))) If I had any other advice, it would be to separate her finances from his - at least as far as possible. I'd also look for some resources on financial abuse - it is a form of abuse. She may not be ready to admit that, but maybe that could help you guide your conversations.
  5. I agree, stop giving advice. The only thing I would add is that the dh is the one calling the financial shots and she has no say, then she might be in a financially abusive situation. I've BTDT but I would never ask family for advice because I knew my ex-dh would never follow it and I was angry and ashamed at his behavior. He would have been the one asking for advice, which were often fishing for money calls.
  6. I'd have William de Warrene, first earl of Surrey- he was at the Battle of Hastings - I need to hear the real scoop J. Holland - one of my ancestors b. in 1791 and he was a bad*ss Penelope, Queen of Ithaca - I want to believe she was real Matilda, almost queen of England Thorfinn Karlsefni - because I want to know the truth of the interactions between the indigenous people of North America and the Icelanders
  7. Another option if the class if offered next semester is to drop it now and take it alone the next. He might find it doable if wasn't trying to complete other difficult courses too. Of course, I'd look into how that might affect financial aid. My son also is just ready to be done, but had to take 6 credits for qualify for fin aid.
  8. Two good things: I finished my master's in July I'm in a stable wonderful relationship with a man that adores me and I adore him. The rest: Pretty much crap - lots of stuff not Covid related that I can't post, but it's been a heck of a year for both of us, many things that won't get resolved soon. Thankfully we have each other.
  9. A couple of things to consider with Mizzou - which you probably already have. MO higher education budget cuts have been extreme in the last few years. Mizzou always gets hit hard by those cuts - although the vet/ag program is probably pretty secure. It has a long-standing good reputation and I noticed they were hiring for that college over the summer - not sure what fields, but vet/ag related. So I'd make sure the people, programs she needs are fairly secure. I'd also ask if Columbia has access to those outreach, internship programs or would she need to travel to KC or St. Louis to
  10. My dream house is in the town where I currently live. We don't need acrage, but a double lot would be nice. It would have books everywhere - my boyfriend is also a book hoarder by trade and hobby. Besides that it would look like a museum with antiques and historical reproductions everywhere - he bought me a sword when I finished my master's - we just need more antiques. probably an late 1800s early 1900s historic home with original trim and real hardwood floors. Or a 1920s bungalow with a finished attic space. Fenced back yard so I could get a dog, detached garage with a loft, so we
  11. It's been so long, it may have been this one. I picked it up from a local teacher's supply store. CBD apparently has it too. I used the activities as a starting point for more in depth conversations.
  12. I did a workbook on conflict resolution with ds when he was in late elementary. The reason was because ex-dh had anger issues, not with me, but didn't know how to listen well to others. I wanted to make sure ds knew how to listen and resolve instead of just have a knee jerk reaction. Seems to have work, ds is one of the easiest people to talk to. The others were modeled.
  13. I was probably that way with part of ex-dh's family for some time. I come from a small quiet family, they were neither small nor quiet. It took years before I felt like they would even listen to me. People can also pick up vibes of not being liked and it can affect their interactions. I agree with maybe trying to interact with them elsewhere, someplace where he maybe more himself. I probably wouldn't have that talk, but I would probably ask her how she feels about him. The whole "I just want to make sure you're happy" conversation.
  14. My professors are still holding office hours via Zoom. In fact, the class I TA for, the instructor has made it a graded assignment to meet with both me (as TA) and her during the semester. The purpose is to attempt building some of that rapport. Aside from that, emailing questions are good. Not just things you can find on the syllabus but things like "I like what you said in lecture about ______, can I ____________(talk more about it/ask a few questions/learn more, etc). Most professors I know are really mourning the in person student interaction. They are busy, but the interacting
  15. My other question would be what do they consider other related subjects? I would think a true humanities course would touch on some philosophy and art history as well. There are plenty of virtual museum tours now. You could add in historical and art museum tours. As for philosophy, I'm not sure, but at least touching on ethics would work well with US history. I don't have any direct book recommendations, however.
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