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Dual enrollment - what type of classes did your students do or will do?

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I have a daughter who may be starting dual enrollment this fall. I am just curious for what other classes other people are using. My daughter wants to take criminology which would be an elective for her (or if we were going with the crazy new Florida major deal, it would be part of her major). She can try two classes and drop without any penalties so that is how we are planning on doing that.

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This past year (11th grade), my daughter took the following classes at the community college. (The CC is on a quarter system).


two quarters of Composition

one quarter of World Literature

one quarter of College Algebra

one quarter of Trigonometry

two quarters of basic Geology (with Lab)

one quarter of Rocks and Minerals (with Lab)


This coming year, she'll be taking the following community college classes in the first quarter:


Environmental Science (with Lab)

Latino/Latina Literature

(possibly) Art History


These classes will be in addition to AP Latin, AP Statistics, and Greek. We plan for her to take more community college classes in the 2nd and 3rd quarters; however, those schedules are not yet available.




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My ds took mythology and logic his first semester, sociology and precalc his second, and has just signed up for his 3rd. He'll be taking Russian, the short story, astronomy, and ethics. I requested that he take logic because I hadn't had time to teach it. 2nd semester I requested that he take at least one math or science class. Other than that, he has chosen what sounds interesting to him. I think he's made some good choices. He also took 2 AP English tests so he won't have to take Freshman English.

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We can only take up to 11 credits per semester (have to pay, not free) if we go the dual enrollment route. Ds will take Am Gov to cover history, and Spanish 1. He will graduate in Dec, then enroll full time, taking Span 2 and a few other things. That way, he can get all his high school requirements for the college he wants, and do a little extra to save us some $ down the road (a credit at CC is $97, a credit at his college of choice is close to $500!).

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Older daughter took these during her 2 dual-enrollment years:


Anatomy and Physiology (2 semesters)

English Composition

Human Development through the Lifespan

Abnormal Psychology

Statistics in the Social Sciences


Aspects of Aging

Child Psychology

Intro to Sociology


She knew what she wanted to do when she got to college so all of her dual enrollment classes were either requirements for her chosen major or related topics that would strengthen her knowledge base for that major.



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DS can only take 11 hours TOTAL or he will be considered a transfer student instead of an incoming freshman...not good for pharmacy school application! Besides, we have to pay the full tuition. He's taking Spanish both semesters this year and probably Calculus in the spring. (which brings us to the magic number of 11)

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Dd#2, who just graduated, did dual enrollment throughout her senior year. Fall of '07, we had her pick her first 2 CC classes. She chose English Comp and Intro Theater. In Jan '08 she took Intermediate Algebra and an aerobics class. Currently, she's taking Public Speaking. By the end of summer she will have completed her first semester of college.


In September she will be attending CC as a regular college student taking Spanish I, American Government, Psychology. She works part-time during school semesters and is bipolar. Her academic advisor suggested and we agreed, that she only do 3 classes this fall to gradually get her feet wet with full-time college. Depending on how that goes, we'll decide if she will take 3 or 4 classes for the following semester.


This dd is leaning towards getting a 4-year degree before possibly working as a personal (exercise) trainer and she wants to have extra emphasis/study on public speaking while in college.

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My oldest is also considering a major in Criminal Justice!


She's about to start her second year at the community college. The first year, she took College Composition I & II, United States History I & II, and College Success Skills (a how-to-study course). This year, she's taking British Literature, Psychology, Sociology, and Public Speaking.


She's trying to decide now if she wants to continue after high school and get her associate's degree and then transfer to a 4 year college, or if she wants to go straight to the 4 year college. She's really on the fence, as she's suddenly nervous about leaving home. We told her that the choice is up to her and we'll support either decision.

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our dual enrollment program is free.


dd did four years of 'high school' at home and is taking this two years to get an AA before she heads off to Europe with a backpack and starts living real life.


ds did 3 years of hs at home and it taking advantage of free cc before attending a 4 year school.


dd classes last year:

Writing 101

ASL 101,

a film class



history of american theatre

ASL 102,




ASL 103


a lit class



Arabic 101


Writing 101

Engineering Oreintation


Arabic 102


Math 97 (college algebra)




Math 115 (pre-calc)

Foreign Policy


Both will (attempt to) get an AA and move forward. We can take up to 18 credits a quarter.



kate in seattle

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This is our third time around with dual enrollment and it is a lot stricter this time. It is still free though.


We have our 9th grader (14 year-olds) test to see what they can get into as far as the math goes. We never wanted our freshman to go to a class where there was a lot of discussion. Math, Science and Foreign Language are pretty harmless that way. We wanted their first exposure to classroom work /discussions (and tests) to be a positive one and not with people that could potentially be 6 years older than them and more established in their opinions. We wanted that part of their brain to have time to jell. So we waited until they were older to allow English/ History/ Philosophy, etc.


It has been such a positive experience for our family. We had our oldest ds transfer as a junior to UCLA. He was only 19, but it was so great that he missed all the freshman shenanigans. He is the one that mentioned, "Man, those freshman are immature!!" I just chuckled as he was only a year older. He had been back-packing in Europe all summer, so maybe that was where he was coming from.


Our dd went to the CC nursing school and plans to transfer after a year of work. I loved the extra years spent at home able to get them ready for the real world and roommates and cooking. We did all that before, but because they understood that they were going to really need it they seemed to listen more attentively.

Isn't this a fun life??

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Guest Katia

Community College classes the dd I have at home right now:


Last year in 10th grade: Choir and Theatre


Will do this year in 11th grade: Choir, Theatre and Swimming


Planning for 12th grade: Choir, Theatre, Swimming and Math

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And she had her heart set on one so we trusted that she would get in. I went to the schools website and learned what courses she'd need to take her first 2 years. The school also had a website of courses from our CC that transfers and the course number equivalents so we put together her schedule using that and it worked great. She now has a semester of classes under her belt. If you know your dd is going to a college in Florida and their CC pretty much reciprocate everything than maybe you can find something like I did to help select courses that will transfer and count towards those first 2 years.

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